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NEW 2rgames Merch available here: http://goo.gl/gHefja The Unturned Bandits are back in business! Please leave a like if you wanna see more Bandit gameplay! ══════════════════════════ ☕ 2rgames - Game Begins After Coffee ☕ ══════════════════════════ ◆ 2nd Channel: http://youtube.com/2rgames2 ◆ Stream: http://twitch.tv/2rgames ◆ Twitter: http://twitter.com/2rgames ◆ Facebook: http://facebook.com/official2rgames ◆ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2rgames ══════════════════════════ 2rgames Unturned Server IP: | Port: 27015 Host: lyhmehosting.com This video is from Rozzy's POV.
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Text Comments (1914)
Blonde Loser (20 days ago)
I’ve finally found the song for the bandits intro. I’ve wanted to hear the full for so long!
jude pointing (1 month ago)
Bro his name is *Pablo Escaberry* lol
Juan Peñalver (1 month ago)
They can sálvage the Walls if they want to raid them XD
Gamer kids (1 month ago)
är ni svenskar
OveRLoaDED22 (3 months ago)
Its been so long...2 years? Fuck me..time passes fast.
GreenSheep (4 months ago)
xaeliverツ (4 months ago)
blårbär till salu jag fattar
Filip Bomark (4 months ago)
btw that sign on the roof of the white van says: Blueberries for sale
Filip Bomark (4 months ago)
that intro tho
Corey C (4 months ago)
Dude I love yo intro 😝😝😝
Lukemp4 (4 months ago)
I love the music in the intro... and I also love the intro
ItzRotkiv (4 months ago)
Blåbär till salu
Axel Svensson (5 months ago)
Ni är ju svenska för det stod blåbär till salu
Frits Legend (6 months ago)
Gillar hur ni skriver och pratade svenska i era video
stilau Gamer (7 months ago)
Arch Angel (7 months ago)
I wonder if Roze and Rozzy can make a friendly SERVER? Because I think that the PvP ruins this game, I mean, it was made for survival, and PvP is a hassle! I wanna survive from zombies not other players! So if they ever make a server where we don't have to roleplay and they're asking us to all go on one group or something I'm totally up for it!
FrizzBall (7 months ago)
2rgames why dosnt your channel have 100M subs? Your Vids Are Awsome as hek :o
aada4410 aada4410 (8 months ago)
I love their intros
Ameer Tuway11 (8 months ago)
Gurin 108 (8 months ago)
så coolt att träffa svenska youtubrar
Poke Love (8 months ago)
Pablo Escoberry xDDddd
Andrew Kalos (8 months ago)
10:48 mans name is hitmarker elite
chill face (8 months ago)
i actually paused to read the newspaper
LongName (8 months ago)
He should turn off zombied
Simon 1 (9 months ago)
Hahahaha! Blåbär till saluXD
Bread (9 months ago)
it this like NARCOS????? XD
The Crazed Patriots (9 months ago)
i really wonder the intro song
the redbackspider (9 months ago)
wtf they did the sign in swedish lol it says blueberry for sale
Terraria Pleb (9 months ago)
"blåbär till salu" :I
Artemis Byrne (9 months ago)
Patrick Ragnvaldsen (10 months ago)
Hallo nabo
Patrick Ragnvaldsen (10 months ago)
Jeg er norsk
Lassigamer (10 months ago)
I remember my first multiplayer unturned game now. I only played on a PEI PvE server back then because Washington wasn't out yet and neither was building on vehicles. There was no freeform building either. The admins were overly kind and freely spawned 100 of anything at your feet if you asked for it. They then invited me to build with them and that's the part I remember. The admins placed a metal floor in the wrong position and then me and 3 admins were shooting at it. Why was I even trying with my schofield?
lord james (10 months ago)
first rule of apocalypse vending don't kill your costumers
Jimmy Morales (10 months ago)
0:53 sut up ruze
Union Pacific Rants (10 months ago)
I actually read the newspaper.
Vinny Bean (10 months ago)
Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (instrumental - cover) for the intro song
Aquarius Mapping (10 months ago)
Azasen (10 months ago)
Wearing a blueberry shirt is the equivalent to wearing a shirt with cocaine on it XD
Estdr1ver (11 months ago)
1:30 lol
Nolte manns (11 months ago)
realy funny :D
SOS a1mb0t (11 months ago)
Blåbär till salu=Blueberries for sale
Engineer (11 months ago)
I'm Selling 100 Bluberis:)
Vortex Mapping (11 months ago)
What’s the intro music?
Dynga Racing (1 year ago)
they are from sverige
Cotton Hill (1 year ago)
I was on that server with you guys, renzo is my friend and he was getting supplies.
Tomáš Olearčin (1 year ago)
Does someone know song in intro please ?
Sofia Cababat (1 year ago)
Always loved the intro
Hyax (1 year ago)
Blåbär till salu 😂😂😂😂
what did the sign say?
DanishOldSchoolGuys (1 year ago)
Er i dansk?
8L34CH Beats (1 year ago)
SOVIET_PAPA (1 year ago)
We go left then left then left then left then we can go left like wot
Anonymus :v (1 year ago)
What gun you use in the video ??pls tell me
Z0MB31 (1 year ago)
Du är svensk
Blå bär till salu
GamerBoys2 GB2 (1 year ago)
Blåbär till salu. xD
pancharder der paijas (1 year ago)
Caesar (1 year ago)
Nice ni är svenska bästa unturned youtubersarna !! Hehe + en sub
Kaka duu (1 year ago)
mrmcgruffin (1 year ago)
the intro was enough for a like
Franklin truong (1 year ago)
Wow that van farted out blueberry and turned the white van black
stian gammer (1 year ago)
Er du svensk
Jodi Clark RN (1 year ago)
Is it weird I like to read the newspapers?
thegreat engineer (1 year ago)
So we have a box full of bluebar-god damit roze
Ceyger (1 year ago)
I need to know whats the music from the intro
BOSSGaming1011 (1 year ago)
foop (1 year ago)
he guy who died for roze was either: 1. A hero 2. High on blueberries Read more REPLY 282 pusi pusi 1 year ago I bet number 2 REPLY 17 Nawfel Nawfel 1 year ago both REPLY 11 presley259 presley259 1 year ago 1 REPLY 2 Ponas Pingvinas Ponas Pingvinas 1 year ago Hero, couse rozzy gave him 3 blueberries and when he died he still had 3 REPLY 6 26434612762720421 7262602457276 26434612762720421 7262602457276 1 year ago 100% 1. R.I.P. :( REPLY 2 Clash2 Clash2 Clash2 Clash2 1 year ago 2 because when he died he have 2 berries instead of 3 REPLY 6 AGNUS AGNUS 1 year ago Time for 2R investigations REPLY 2 pusi pusi 1 year ago Ooooo shit the 2Rsherlock is here REPLY 1 iron creeper_05 iron creeper_05 1 year ago he was a hero because he saved roze life!!! REPLY 3 DaveTheCaveMan DaveTheCaveMan 1 year ago 2 REPLY Carter Warrior Carter Warrior 1 year ago How about both REPLY 1 Thanius Thanius 1 year ago +Ponas Pingvinas if i go back in the vid he had 2 blueberries (i think) REPLY Człowiek Krzywda Człowiek Krzywda 1 year ago Both and not, but he eat this bluberries and the effect of this... ahh fuck it i dont want to say about it but you gonna have mindfuck REPLY RandomCommunist RandomCommunist 1 year ago i dont like blueberries REPLY Pediņš no latvijas Pediņš no latvijas 1 year ago XD nice one REPLY SolarMoney2112 SolarMoney2112 1 year ago he was both. REPLY Steven Legerme Steven Legerme 1 year ago +TheMelonMan why are you even here then!? REPLY some random guy some random guy 1 year ago he was high on blueberries cuz he ate one REPLY 1 Void Imperial Void Imperial 1 year ago is there a difference REPLY 1 Owen Chavers Owen Chavers 9 months ago ᎮᏒᎧᎮᏋᏒ ᏋᏁᎶᏝᎥᏕᏂᎷᏗᏁ 2 REPLY TheTimidChimchar TwinFangsGaming TheTimidChimchar TwinFangsGaming 8 months ago i choose 2 XD REPLY King creepers Gaming King creepers Gaming 8 months ago ᎮᏒᎧᎮᏋᏒ ᏋᏁᎶᏝᎥᏕᏂᎷᏗᏁ 2 REPLY niperWolf Bk26 niperWolf Bk26 8 months ago ᎮᏒᎧᎮᏋᏒ ᏋᏁᎶᏝᎥᏕᏂᎷᏗᏁ iii REPLY Hunt in the Night Hunt in the Night 7 months ago ᎮᏒᎧᎮᏋᏒ ᏋᏁᎶᏝᎥᏕᏂᎷᏗᏁ 2 REPLY Hunt in the Night Hunt in the Night 7 months ago ᎮᏒᎧᎮᏋᏒ ᏋᏁᎶᏝᎥᏕᏂᎷᏗ REPLY 1 Cheeki Breeki Cheeki Breeki 7 months ago the blueberries probably had effect that replaces undead with money,guns,attachments,food,and even blueberries. REPLY 2 Jxy fire2031 Jxy fire2031 4 months ago ᎮᏒᎧᎮᏋᏒ LOL! REPLY 1 Ana Juarez Ana Juarez 4 months ago Thanius most likely the 2nd REPLY InvalidUsername InvalidUsername 3 months ago why do you all belive that i was high bruh i did what a human beinh would do REPLY 1 Shouserone4 Fjo Shouserone4 Fjo 3 months ago high on blueberrys REPLY 1 Ken Bitz Ken Bitz 3 months ago 1 REPLY francisco Soto francisco Soto 3 months ago 2 REPLY 2 Halo Walo Halo Walo 3 months ago C REPLY Legas Liv Legas Liv 2 months ago Thanius 2 REPLY Bro Guy Bro Guy 1 month ago He was both REPLY InvalidUsername InvalidUsername 1 month ago no i was not high REPLY Hide replies M_a_r-k Bel M_a_r-k Bel 1 year ago This video was fantastic please make more REPLY 65 View all 8 replies AARON PINGEL AARON PINGEL 1 year ago im so sad i had to put down my rabbit today so sad:( REPLY 38 View all 31 replies Thomas Dinh Thomas Dinh 9 months ago "no sir, we dont trade blueberries for anal penetration" REPLY 26 salvadorcito144xD salvadorcito144xD 1 year ago (edited) its 2rgames dead? REPLY 8 View all 3 replies Tom Gibbs Tom Gibbs 1 year ago Well, dudes, the 2 hours pays off. The newspaper has already made me drop a like! It's this attention to detail that makes you guys my favourite YouTubers. Keep it up, maestros. REPLY 119 View all 9 replies Martas Drtic Martas Drtic 1 year ago Soo Unturned is Survival, MMO, RPG, PvP.... game, AND YOU GUYS BUY A FUCKING HOUSE.... LOL REPLY 7 View reply Kraft Macaroni Kraft Macaroni 11 months ago no sir we don't trade blueberries for anal penetration REPLY 5 IamTarty IamTarty 6 months ago I can deal with ads, I'm ok with buffer. But when ads buffer, I suffer REPLY 4 View reply SimplyDonuts SimplyDonuts 3 months ago Haha Blåbär till salu fasan va bra XD undra hur många var svensk i servern. Snälla svara till baka bara nåt gör mig glad 2rgames. REPLY 3 y tho y tho 1 year ago lets make blueberries the currency in unturned REPLY 77 View all 9 replies Albin Kazma Albin Kazma 8 months ago Kan ni prata svenska REPLY 3 View all 2 replies Puff Puff 10 months ago What about glue dealers XD REPLY 2 andrea Machin andrea Machin 1 year ago In Unturned Bandits it's like a Crime-TV show but the people in the background don't have anything scripted to do. REPLY 3 View reply Llll Llll 11 months ago How do you not have 1000000000000 subs yet?? REPLY 2 UnTurniak Noob UnTurniak Noob 9 months ago Omg guy there isnt any better intro REPLY 2 ySkyy LoL ySkyy LoL 4 months ago when you try your best but you not succeed - future of their channel REPLY 2 Leo Braa-Holm Leo Braa-Holm 4 months ago Record A episode of BootlegRP on Unturned REPLY 2 Fredrich Herdt Fredrich Herdt 11 months ago just wtf a base for food REPLY 1 View reply Gabriel Martinez Gabriel Martinez 7 months ago what is the server name REPLY 1 Nerwalz Playz Nerwalz Playz 1 week ago till ungar som inte kan prata svenska, "Blåbär till salu : Blueberries for sale." REPLY 1 William Andersson William Andersson 9
Ruci Dewaputra (1 year ago)
Balbar till salu=Blueberry for sale
Sleepy Egg (1 year ago)
*when you realize an axe has the same value as a military type fragmentation grenade*
File (1 year ago)
Blåbär till salu blåbär till salu bara 50 kr för varje blåbär
Thelaughingpanda (1 year ago)
Blåbär till salu! Haha ni är bara för sköna!😂
Filip Jakobsen (1 year ago)
they put blueberries for sale on swedish on the sign xDDD omfg im done
Nerwalz Playz (1 year ago)
till ungar som inte kan prata svenska, "Blåbär till salu : Blueberries for sale."
gürhan kaya (1 year ago)
Caleb Hayes (1 year ago)
What server are they on plz tell me and I'll subscribe lol
Jsjln33 (1 year ago)
Swedish 4 life
WilleTheGood (1 year ago)
I sub 🙂
Snabo (1 year ago)
Mine blueberrys.
DraKonTheBeast (1 year ago)
First time I play unturned I go into a town and I see a sign that said 2rs blueberries
Kristoffer Gräsman (1 year ago)
I mean car
Kristoffer Gräsman (1 year ago)
On The Carl why Was it swedish blåbär till salu
Yey (1 year ago)
I LOVE THE SIGN "BLÅBÄR TILL SALU" (blueberries for sale in english)
Salad Ass (1 year ago)
Werent you guys trading on Washington? Blueberrys are not illegal there right?
Ondra Gaming (1 year ago)
It will be a pleasure to play with you :D
QThree (1 year ago)
Lol are you guys swedish😁
TheXdestroyer - (1 year ago)
QThree British
Malte Elwhagen (1 year ago)
Cool intro
sup 480 (1 year ago)
What is that song
Filemon Jonsson (1 year ago)
are you from sweden
123 Bullen (1 year ago)
The intro is so damn good
The pixels (1 year ago)
Ni är från sverie
Short On Ideas (1 year ago)
Who actually read the newspaper? It was pretty interesting.
Atoro (1 year ago)
The qualitiy of your guys videos are fucking awesome i swear i feel like im watching a tv show and i love it please more episodes an seasons!
I run (1 year ago)
i hate unturned but i love you so much
AmoryMorningstar (1 year ago)
Your guy's videos are awesome keep up the great work
Isaac Sebastian (1 year ago)
itro song pls ?
Lobster The Robber (1 year ago)
No sir we dont sell blue berries for anal pene-
SummerSide (1 year ago)
James Bperry (1 year ago)
What is this game called?
Estonian Shark (1 year ago)
No matter what fucking video you guys make, I laugh at least twice. You guys are so funny for (mostly) unturned videos.

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