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[Dayz Showcase] Krasnoe 0.52

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Coordinates: 064 003 Like this video if you want to see more showcases & subscribe to stay tuned! ''There isn't much actually left of this little village. Although it doesn't appear that the location was ever all that big, what few houses there were are currently spread out among the woods here. More than half of these buildings are burned or destroyed in some manner, leaving little left to loot. Still, this is probably one of the quieter locations in Chernarus.'' http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Krasnoe Thanks for watching! http://www.dayztv.com/
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Text Comments (7)
Frased (3 years ago)
They get better and better every single time..!
Ron Fox (3 years ago)
Haha thanks Frased :) I'll be uploading the last 2 towns from 0.52 soon!
TheGuyNamedKj (3 years ago)
Ron Fox (3 years ago)
Thanks Kj!
Akaris (3 years ago)
Well since im in severograd i may aswell visit this place :P, another great vid :)
Akaris (3 years ago)
Aha, i just went there and spent some time screwing around with some friends :D
Ron Fox (3 years ago)
Thanks Gamel! As you can see it's a very small town, but I do love that lil church on the hill.. Have fun exploring!

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