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GTA 5 ONLINE CEO TIPS, HOW MAKE MONEY, FASTER, OFFICE BUY, WAREHOUSE BUY, SELL CRATE, SPECIAL CRATES TIPS Subscribe for more content https://www.youtube.com/user/josekerljv ill be making more stay tuned! SMASH that "LIKE" button and ENJOY 🌯🐢 HEY guys hows it going? I hope your doing well, in this video i show you a couple of tips of how i have made over $40,000,000,00 just buy doing CEO CRATES i show you the tips i have learned from doing this for so long i also do a funny intro of me and my friends being ghost riders, i found that to be funny, ill show you everything you'll need to know about a CEO and ill show you where to buy a office and warehouse, also give you tips why i think the ones i have are a good buy, If you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up! subscribe for more content, and share the video, but as always have a good day or night and stay GOLDEN! -------------------------------- Follow Me! SOCIAL: -------------------------------- TWITTER: https://twitter.com/search?q=ivangoldbit&src=typd FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/people/Ivan-GoldBit/100015083291165 GOOGLE +: https://plus.google.com/b/113222131152776744479/s/ivangoldbit/top INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ivangoldbit/ Oh you made it this far huh...well have an AWESOME DAY, by the way your beautiful be yourself and people will love you for who you are, love you guys stay GOLDEN!!! My FRIENDS! HOW TO MAKE MONEY CEO OFFICE TIPS Get CEO Crates/Cargo Fast
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Text Comments (468)
THE ROBOT NOOB (9 days ago)
Thank you
Cameron W. (2 months ago)
Now you have to be in a public lobby to get them this game fucking sucks
Devil’s Favorite Demon (3 months ago)
anyone wanna help me grind crates ? i would really appreciate it
Christy Blevinsa (3 months ago)
Whenever you Google “fetching wovo space”, you`ll be equipped with what you must start your web business as well as make more than "$16,000". Time for you to know everything concerning this method is now. This program isn`t only efficient but also one of a kind. You will find great outcomes through it. So what is keeping you from trying it now? You won`t be dissatisfied giving it a go!
Ice Tech Gaming (3 months ago)
can you steal crates oor not
Jaydoesgaming (3 months ago)
loads of info great video!
Savvy 21 (3 months ago)
Was this sponsored by buzzard
Should i save for the buzzard or for a car ware house
ArtificialFeelings (3 months ago)
15:40 the back lights are literally pokeballs
AbesThe Shooter (3 months ago)
Thank you
John Mcgill (3 months ago)
I’ve got under a million but I don’t know if I should save up for the buzzard or a medium warehouse
__Hypro __ (4 months ago)
i thing is i dont have enough money to buy a warehouse, should i focus on heists and quick jobs to get the money?
Snowframe (4 months ago)
When buying the "free snacks" from the office, if you quickly exit the menu you will see a "-$1" under your money. So much for being "free" -.-
CynicalCoffee (4 months ago)
Damn i gonna use this while its double money. So im gonna farm
Austin clopton (4 months ago)
I’m now going to buy a buzzard I’ve been using a hydra
Chavas Diamond (5 months ago)
Someone Contact me or reply on this comment it says "share this video" So am I aloud to post this on my youtube channel?
World-of-random WOR (5 months ago)
Dude I just subscribed and I have the 250k warehouse and I don’t have a buzzard what should I do? I only have 193k
Sindre Frikstad (6 months ago)
I use the hydra works Great to
innocent guy (6 months ago)
which mission should i do to unlock ceo building?and a warehouse
Kabarian Mohoney (7 months ago)
10 min because car and online people
Joost Haasken (7 months ago)
It takes me 5 minuts without buzzerd
XAN Gotaio (8 months ago)
Great video
TGW 47 (8 months ago)
Can you do this on solo session too?
Haley Games (9 months ago)
great video! But i noticed you tried to go off the radar, i noticed if you go off the radar and you are carrying your crate back to your warehouse, the crate still shows on the radar, even if your in a car, buzzard, or anything! It sucks.
young trece13 (9 months ago)
Which is better tho the warehouse selling or car selling? Which is easier and more Money?
LonghornsLegend (9 months ago)
I really appreciate you doing this from a full lobby. Too many youtubers do these from solo lobbies and it's not realistic for what most of us experience when we attempt to do a run.
YgLuda (9 months ago)
don't worry about buying a buzzard. This is what you should do. Call mayweather for a helicopter. Kill the pilot. Go to the Mayweather dock. It is in the middle and has a panhandle. There is also a gang attack located here so beware. Here at this location ALL THE TIME...there is at least a buzzard or Cargobob. Take the cargo Bob or buzzard for import/export, crates or whatever. This is what I done as a alternative to buying these vehicles because that is a chunk of money if your grinding. Good luck
The One (10 months ago)
I just started invested that 1 Million in the Maze Bank office and 300Kn, in a Crate Storage i found out how to do solo public sessions. so no annoying douche scewing me over. I'll buy a Buzzard once i can afford it
karla jauregui (10 months ago)
Anyone on ps4?
YgLuda (9 months ago)
Ye Kdagr8
Jimmy Keysers (10 months ago)
can you sell a full where house alone ???
young trece13 (9 months ago)
Jimmy Keysers yes u can sell by yourself but it's kinda risky because you don't know on what sell mission they will give you. I suggest having at least 1 friend to help you
Jimmy Keysers (10 months ago)
please make a video were u sell your warehouse wen its full and wen u are alone
PUMAA (10 months ago)
What can I do to get the money FOR a buzzard? It was really good btw
YgLuda (9 months ago)
GunzIx- Agario and Gota don't worry about buying a buzzard. This is what you should do. Call mayweather for a helicopter. Kill the pilot. Go to the Mayweather dock. It is in the middle and has a panhandle. There is also a gang attack located here so beware. Here at this location ALL THE TIME...there is at least a buzzard or Cargobob. Take the cargo Bob or buzzard for import/export, crates or whatever. This is what I done as a alternative to buying these vehicles because that is a chunk of money if your grinding. Good luck
TophGaming (10 months ago)
GunzIx- Agario and Gota grind vip missions: call it in for 25k then do headhunter and sightseer repeatedly. There is only a timer after the headhunter. After that no timers
Valhalla 676 (10 months ago)
Tttttoday jjjjunior
bakilla (10 months ago)
It good u helped me a lot with money
IllSmurda (10 months ago)
I do 1 crate and when I finish it’s usually around 4 minutes then I buy a crate to my second warehouse and the same process just back to back crates for each warehouse
Jonathan Hernandez (11 months ago)
I have a question... Ok so obviously when you spend the amount of money that's on your office floor it slowly disappears ... Do you have to sell more crates to get it back on the floor? Or if you get let's say 20 million a different way would that go on the floor too?
Jaffarfromyoutube (11 months ago)
Good videos keep it up
filip nielsen (11 months ago)
the thing with the helmet in you hand has happend to me once when i was on my way in to my elevator from my garage up to my appartment and by the way if some of this i have written is wrong it's probably because i'm a 13 years old dansih boy
stillfuture 207 (11 months ago)
Wait...I wasted 4 MILLION on a office that Jes nothing special????!!!!
stillfuture 207 (11 months ago)
Depdeepdep (1 year ago)
Does solo public lobby helps a lot?
Depdeepdep (1 year ago)
How much is the $8000 crates when you sell them tho? sry i ask too much
Depdeepdep (1 year ago)
Also, i dont have a buzzard. I havent start the mission yet im still saving for the warehouse.
VinyZiks (1 year ago)
Hey, do you think the imp/exp is more profitable than this method that you showed on the video? I've heard that you can make a LOT of money with imp/exp, is that true?
VinyZiks (1 year ago)
Ok thanks
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
Yeah you can make more in selling cars but try to only get TOP RANGE cars :D
EnsarKing Berber (1 year ago)
Im saving Up right now already have CEO Office and Warehouse but i dont know what i should buy Buzzard or Hydra i have 800k
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
Nice! Good luck making money :D
spiky parkour (1 year ago)
Hey just advice if you're new and you don't have a blizzard it takes 1 hour to fill up a small ware house
F&S Video Stars (1 year ago)
I'm saving for a buzzard rn
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
Nice hope you get it soon! :D
15 minuets to full my small warehouse and saving up to get a medium to get a large
leg3nd_27 (1 year ago)
is he a modder??
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
No just make my money through the businesses :)
J Flo (1 year ago)
This is not the best method. i make $80k profit every 30 min from vehicles.
Robert Newton (10 months ago)
J Flo do the math..... after ur 18k for 3 crates ur getting 42k profit every mission . You have two big warehouses with zero cool down time its impossible for cars to out do crates . Most only take a few minutes to do and most are in 1 vehicle kinda hard to beat that . Of course empty lobby is key 👌
Prism eXampL (1 year ago)
Wait wtf 9k subs?
Vaporeonus (1 year ago)
Good video, but from time to time you repeat yourself a bit.
Jacob Ramos (1 year ago)
Love this video it's pretty cool
iBarnyHD (1 year ago)
Thanks dude, amazing tips! :)
Panranch PSN (1 year ago)
yertt (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice the strippers contact on his characters phone.
Hello There (1 year ago)
Thanks i went from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000
Prince Chaaban (1 year ago)
you remind me of the surf dude xD
CastrayPlayz (1 year ago)
IvanGoldBit should i buy the large warehouse i already have the medium warehouse and when you said it takes about 2 hours to fill up the medium warehouse does this include the waiting timer after each mission BTW YOU ARE A GREAT YOUTUBER WHO REALLY HELPS OUT PEOPLE AND DESERVE AT LEAST 3 MIL SUBS i know you wont even reply to this cuz this video is so old but thanks for the content
Sassy Sasquatch (1 year ago)
Takes me 12 hours to fill up my 111 crate warehouse.
2Quick2Slick (1 year ago)
Probably 10 ish for me great video!
Cole Donaldson (1 year ago)
I dont have a buzzard so I just kammakazy with a plane
C0P _deStroy (1 year ago)
Yeah that happend to me about the helmet
Pyro Gaming (1 year ago)
Can you move into the better offices when you get more money? By better I mean sexier
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
LOL yes you can
Pyro Gaming (1 year ago)
Wait I thought ceo's also steal cars but What do you buy to store stolen cars
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
you need a vehicle warehouse buy it in the OFFICE computer
Pyro Gaming (1 year ago)
I can't afford the ceo offices and warehouses can someone explain how I could afford that, and I don't have a mid or high end apartment
Alex Vargas (1 year ago)
How can u go faster if you are selling crates like in the truck or on the slow boat
Daniel Nguyen (1 year ago)
Finally a video that explains everything I wanted to know! Thank you so much!
LVL_Spooks (1 year ago)
any one need play on ps4?
THE GREMLIN GUY (1 year ago)
Epic video man deserve more subs seem like a really nice person
Artic Bullets (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, it helped me sooooo much💯
JDawg GotSkillz (1 year ago)
just subbed and liked i was just wondering what consle are u on and what is your gamertag
Simarjit Singh (1 year ago)
What a shit video
Sticky Keyboard (1 year ago)
Just get to the fucking point, you fucking jerk.
Mr. Otto99 (1 year ago)
It has
noah guardiola (1 year ago)
what do you do when you buy crates and it comes in a vehicle?
Smooth _ (1 year ago)
Would my friends that help me out get money?
Egon Ferioli Berglund (1 year ago)
How do you have your buzzard free from the CEO menu? Do you have it? Did you buy it? I have to pay 25000
uh_steezy (1 year ago)
Egon Ferioli Berglund you need to buy it from site.
2kidsick (1 year ago)
join ny crew Way of The Gunn (1987)
KD Ville (1 year ago)
U got a sub from me glad 2 see someone actually doing work and not glitching
Yourbad Kid (1 year ago)
Anyone wanna grind Xbox 1 Roman Empire961
Yaboi Chicken (3 months ago)
Maltese Malteser (1 year ago)
for three crates it takes like 5-10 mins also I only have a small Ware house that fully stocked sells for 120-140k
English Dan (1 year ago)
Maltese Malteser I have a small warehouse and it sells for 240k in an empty lobby and 300k with rival ceos in session, I do VIP in between too that way you get more money than your actually paying for the crates
Anna Barzyk (1 year ago)
A few minutes
Mat Qobus (1 year ago)
so we have to sell at 36 crates?
miguel enriquez (1 year ago)
great vid man even its a old one
miguel enriquez (1 year ago)
IvanGoldBit got any tips for my channel (Itz Otaku)? I post call of duty and gta plz check ut out and tell me what I can improve on
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
miguel enriquez thank you man much appreciated!stay GOLDEN
HydraVibes (1 year ago)
you can also enter BOTH warehouses from the LS river, I have the same ones too lol!
SincerelyxBaller (1 year ago)
u deserve more subs like 500k
psn ladys_man_702 (1 year ago)
I'm looking for someone to play on ps4 with
Bobs and Vegana (1 year ago)
40 times better than MrBossFTW
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
haha thanks. I don't know MrBossFTW
Mathias Johannessen (1 year ago)
Liar!! If you had sold 44mill worth of crates ur office should have waay more money on the floor!!
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
ill make a video i have 15M right now and ill show how that looks on the ground
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
I dont lie. The goes away as you use it, now made over 75M but i keep using the money so the ground keeps getting clear!
The Phoenix (1 year ago)
should I save up for the buzzord or warehouse first?
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
The Phoenix anytime!
The Phoenix (1 year ago)
IvanGoldBit Ok thanks
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
The Phoenix That depends how much money you have for the buzzard? If you still need more than half I recommend the warehouse you can still get the crates just not as fast!
ccotton99 (1 year ago)
Lol terrible video name
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
ccotton99 Oh I think you know, lol my bad just finished watching a comedy video 😂
Billyisalwayslit !!?? (1 year ago)
Nice vid bro your amazing and u helped me so much thank u
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
Awesome the video helped you out stay GOLDEN!
abdul razak albahrani (1 year ago)
Such an amazing YouTuber so underrated Subbed bro love ❤️ you
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
thank you! love you too! stay GOLDEN! sorry for being 2 weeks late lol my bad!
Sam Krosse (1 year ago)
Using medium warehouses is really wasteful and buying two crates at a time is also very inefficient
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
i use the medium when i close to running out of money!
Hydrology (1 year ago)
I'm lazy to fill up my large warehouse lol, I'm rank 150+
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
yeah it takes a while to fill it up!
Senpai Ninj (1 year ago)
I'm gonna start with a small warehouse. then get a medium warehouse. and then use the small warehouse for special items :3
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
sounds good!
zombieslayer426 (1 year ago)
Buy 2 large warehouses buy 3 cargos for each take turns doimg both you get more than 4 mil in 4 -7 hours
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
JustAnotherGamer (1 year ago)
Great tips man, great channel also, subbed and liked.
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
thank you! sorry for being late stay GOLDEN!
Diet Coke (1 year ago)
How is he selling 32 crates at once? I'm a little confused on that.. when I order crates it all is separated into their own categories and I have to sell separate
Sam Krosse (1 year ago)
The Reaper literally the top option in your warehouse
MelvinBestPro 123 (1 year ago)
Me no buzzard 20 minutes
That One Orang (1 year ago)
Ya know it's nice to know theirs one gta youtuber who doesn't seem like a douchebag,Don't seem like your doing it for money,And you look like you sincerely wanna chill and help people out,Yet I don't know how much you can appreciate from this comment with a name like "Joseph Stalin",But take what you will from it,And hey,Good video
Natalie Williams (1 year ago)
do I need someone to help? after my warehouse is full to sell?
IvanGoldBit (1 year ago)
Natalie Williams Its up to you. most of the sales I do are solo. when you bring someone else to help with the sale it's a 50/50 chance you never know what can happen. But if someone helps you it will be easier to complete the sale!

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