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Whispers of War | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 18

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The end of the Harvest Close Festival brings a victory overshadowed by the bigger problems of the Empire... Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Get Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire now: http://www.versusevil.com/criticalrole Donate to 826LA: http://www.826la.org/criticalrole Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PST on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Thanks to @CRTranscript and all the critters for closed captions!
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Text Comments (2598)
Dominant Spore (14 hours ago)
Caleb is Thanos confirmed...
Joe Lim (1 day ago)
3:07:57 outplayed taliesin
Billy Alberry (1 day ago)
Man sometimes I come back to this episode and think what if they decided to get that 10,000 gold.
George P (2 days ago)
3:00:00 I'm not crying, you're crying...
Jacob Topliffe (3 days ago)
Everytime Fjord uses eldritch blast, I just imagine him getting down on one knee and creating a finger gun with his sword in his hand and firing, then blowing off the tips of his fingers when he gets up like this is an old western film.
Margot Mattenson (4 days ago)
Beginning of Episode: *Bright eyed* I love you Caleb End of Episode: *Crying and hugging Caleb* I love you Caleb
The Pip (4 days ago)
3:46:21 I love the knowing looks Liam and Marisha give each other after Jester says that. Nobody else at the table notices.
ben fuller (4 days ago)
i still get so upset they didnt take the offer here
Carson Lynch (4 days ago)
Kinda of new to crit role so I’ve spent the past couple sessions trying to figure out why Caleb sounded so goddamn familiar, looked it up Liam voices fucking Nightcrawler. The accent should have tipped me off!
Feral (5 days ago)
What a riveting backstory reveal. 10/10 Performance by Liam. An absolutely wonderful moment in the campaign that was only slightly ruined by Beau's pseudo-macho bullshit and her interrupting him to incorrectly predict what he is going to say next.
Mitchell Trca (5 days ago)
3:04:05 "Thanks Dad." 🤣
Armed And Loaded (5 days ago)
I need to stop reading the comments before I finish these episodes.
Courtney Miller (6 days ago)
I just realized Nott used the "fake" name of Veth at the Cobalt Soul!
gabthegreat01 (6 days ago)
30:25 You say that now Travis...
tadhg ogorman (7 days ago)
Why does Beauregard talk like an anime fansub.
benjamin zuniga (8 days ago)
Hey guys can you tell me why Beauregard is still with the coblot if she hates them... Isnt that a bit hypocritical... Am i the only one who feels that these peeps sometimes talk in circles
Jester's Sketchbook (8 days ago)
"Gooten Ahben" natural 20 daggers from eyes
Jester's Sketchbook (8 days ago)
would have been cooler if when jester hit the pit-boss in the funnybone, since he was already holding the bolt in his eye, it acted like a hammer and nail and made him hit himself in the face.....
Rob Farrell (8 days ago)
There is a lot of intra-Party distrust this season. It's like a feature! :D
Marcelo Nishi (9 days ago)
Yeah! I missed Jester spiritual weapon!!!
Nate J (10 days ago)
Fighting the giant .. would it have helped to try and remove the two sticks that were stuck in him that made him more angry?
Death Valley (10 days ago)
"You're a wizard caleb" #harry potter for life
Kevin Gibber (11 days ago)
Ok so I doubt anyone’s gonna read this but I’ve been binging this series and holy shit do I love the cast and I love Matthew and it’s just an amazing game to watch and the story is amazing! Keep it up guys
Trinimix Studios (12 days ago)
Hey a better PC for video Codec. This skipping ruins the story
Rathe Moor (12 days ago)
Good lord Liam/Kaleb...enough with the damn library already!
The Vagabond (12 days ago)
YellowPill (12 days ago)
"We need to keep this in a lead lined box so they can't find it!" "But you know what, it does this thing, so we should open it up every day for a chance at being lucky, definitely," MN, thank you for these opportunities. <3
The Little Penguin (12 days ago)
The mighty 9: we probably shouldn’t try to bring attention to ourselves. I think it’ll be better if we try to keep a low profile. *several days later* The mighty 9: -Goes to a crowded festival -wins several difficult festival games with ease -establishes to everyone in town that yasha is literally the strongest person in the city by winning an arm wrestling match against the previous strongest person in the city -wins the grand prize at the victory pit by slaying 4 dangerous monsters in front of an entire coliseum of townsfolk Brilliant.
Spiral Feather (14 days ago)
2:28:20 Mail thieves are everywhere
Philipp Eichermüller (14 days ago)
Hate liams character and that fucking over playing it, just like first campaign. Right now I only like Laura travis and ashlys characters. And I MISS Scanlan :-(
Feyra Hide (14 days ago)
2:44:04 Caleb:I'm going to tell you the story of how I killed my parents Nott: https://images.app.goo.gl/oZtaUH8DXt9q83Xq7 sorry but I couldn't find a better version sksksksksk
Codie Stroup (14 days ago)
jesters so cute beau is fun and wild and yasha... yasha can step on me any day :P
Jaeger135 (15 days ago)
What was the point of even telling Beau his past? He already got the information that he could freely just walk in there and read the books. He didn't even need her to be there.
Emi Eyebrows (16 days ago)
A little bit of Monica in my life A little bit of Torture by my side A little bit of Nott is all I need A little bit of Fire is what I see
Jack Stuchbery (16 days ago)
Caleb is just laying down oof after oof this episode.
Jack Stuchbery (17 days ago)
You know, it just struck me that there are probably dozens of rip-off Rubies of the Sea. Claiming to have access to the best lay ever would probably fetch a few extra copper for any courtesan service.
despairia (17 days ago)
3:00:59 "What you did was awful. Truly terrible. Despicable and unforgivable. ...Until _you_ can forgive it." **ugly sobbing**
nicholas fotou (17 days ago)
What if campaign 2 is just jester dreaming of friends as a child?
Iselmyr (17 days ago)
Wow okay shit. I was kinda sad because I accidentally spoiled myself on Caleb's backstory so when he started telling the story, I thought I'll be fine. I thought I was ready. I was not. Nope. Nope nope. I knew what happened but I was still not prepared.
Selim Tuncel (19 days ago)
2:44:18 Just gonna wright this down. 2:59:15 Well that just a smidgen cringe worthy. I so knew they wouldn't be able to get out of town in time. Oh and I almost forgot. SELL THE MANTICORE HEAD! Thing must be really rotten by now.
Aly Katt (19 days ago)
I zoned out for a minute because I love watching/listening to crit role while i'm drawing. All of a sudden I hear caleb talking about the situation with his parents and dropped everything.
Gene Zhao (19 days ago)
Gene Zhao (20 days ago)
3:03:00 u2
Gene Zhao (20 days ago)
3:01:32 ost mood changes have been very convenient... is it an aol that Matt controls or something else....
Justin Lukavitch (20 days ago)
i giggle at the thought that instead of the "mighty nein" theyre called "the prettiest girl in town"
Gene Zhao (20 days ago)
xAlphaWulfx (20 days ago)
Mercer tries to give a pet... The mighty Nien either kills it.. or eats it. There will be no pet haha
Shannon McGowan (20 days ago)
Calling the chant a haka made me cringe
Ricky Miller (20 days ago)
Matt's shirt is awesome.
Kevin Lucey (21 days ago)
Liam is truly on another level of roleplay acting than his peers.. Also... its astonishing how little I like marishas characters, considering how likable she is in real life
Eevee M (22 days ago)
Q___Q Caleb. Baby boiii...
Purple Dragonfly2002 (24 days ago)
Welcome to a hour of Caleb having a mental breakdown
Orrus Fellin (24 days ago)
That moment when Jester talks about relieving stress and romance music starts to play. Just killed me.
InsanePower1 Wes (24 days ago)
I love the subtitles *[groovy Critical Role theme]* Yes I am watching this while partially exhausted and everything's more funny
Nobodyfrim Nowhere (26 days ago)
2am and what am I doing? Crying and getting way too attached to fictional characters.
Japanic (29 days ago)
I'm listening to CR for the first time and had to come here and actually watch Caleb's backstory because hot damn he hit that delivery out of the park.
Spown (29 days ago)
The one mage who tempered with time and turned into dust also only managed to rewind 20 minutes back into the past... his name was Noximilien.
lali laliop (15 days ago)
Hooo nice référence
David Parkes (30 days ago)
Is Gunslinger a class you have to pay for? Cause i have Crit Role content on for my characters but it doesn't show. Also as a Kiwi i have to laugh at Matt's pronunciation of the word Haka lol.
David Parkes (8 days ago)
@Michael East That it is, i found that out not too long after this comment was posted lol.
Michael East (8 days ago)
I know this is almost a month late but it's a subclass of fighter
SoFiE (30 days ago)
1:22:54 Liam just stoped when he hears that name
Lily McAllister (1 month ago)
I love these. My only criticism is the audio. The campaign audio is lower than the ads and middle breaks of advertising and fanart music. It is jarring while wearing a headset. Either turn up the audio on the campaign itself or LOWER the audio on the cuts, it should all match.
Jessica Hall (1 month ago)
The fact that Matt had so much stuff written out on his phone just for the one book makes me wonder just how many books, battles, stores, NPCs and more he has prepared that the party doesn't even touch
Jessica Hall (1 month ago)
Man I didn't like the way Beau responded to Caleb's harrowing story at all. I'm so glad Nott responded the way she did, that compassion and reassurance was exactly what Caleb needed.
Anmifr (1 month ago)
That dwarf sounded like Bush
James Thomas (1 month ago)
I'm not crying you're crying.
James Thomas (1 month ago)
The song I always think of that represents Caleb and Nott best in my mind is Queen's "Friend's will be friends".
Justin Lukavitch (1 month ago)
for further notice say "i will hold my action" instead of "we're gonna Goodfellas it"
Benjamin Gillies (1 month ago)
Disguise self, lasts 1 hour.. so while busily reading, Caleb goes from blue and glasses to dirty and brown...
Benjamin Gillies (1 month ago)
Onion Ninjas..... fraking onion ninjas
Benjamin Gillies (1 month ago)
Haven't yet listened to it yet, but the idea of Beua asking Caleb about his history, nothing could possibly go wrong with this conversation...
Fren160 (1 month ago)
I really hope the cast doesn't watch the videos for the parts they weren't there for :c
Gabriel Novak (1 month ago)
Mama Nott comforting Jester gives me life, GODS what a woman I love her
CatsInTheBelfry (1 month ago)
3:56:00 - poor matt -or should I say -_-pumat-_ watching plan A go down the drain lmfao x3
GSH 94 (1 month ago)
36:10 J-E-L-L-Ohhhhh
Shadow (1 month ago)
This was such a good episode! And Knott & Jester trying to wingman for Bo is amazing XD
Jester trying to cut the price of the room and then giving two gold tip
Snorpax (1 month ago)
Mollymauk: not a golden god, but a cobalt one
KkayKris (1 month ago)
I already knew the backstory from the wiki, but this is my first time watching this series. I just started sweating the Caleb announced he was going to tell the story. I am SO INVESTED IN THIS.
Tyler Andrzejewski (1 month ago)
I completely get what Liam was trying to do by asking them to leave, I just feel like the players deserve more credit than that. Sure there has been rare meta gaming but only for the sake of entertainment. They were in there for so long, players should have had the option to have their characters knock on the door or try to listen in if they heard voices or became suspicious. Curious to see where it goes, still (as I am clearly super behind)
Korra (29 days ago)
I'm actually rewatching. I stopped at episode 50. Watching live and staying up so late...not worth it. You miss too much! Take your time!
moon bat (1 month ago)
That was so heavy. It's amazing to watch Liam throw himself into his character so convincingly.
John Aron (1 month ago)
Ashley talks so little that sometimes i forget she's there.
Korra (29 days ago)
She's a little uncomfortable at the table. She doesn't put too much time in catching up with what's going on compared to C1 (due to work, and the fact these episodes are hours long). Thankfully, it works for Yasha.
jd155 jd155 (1 month ago)
The fight music against the hill giant is from a game called chivalry medieval warfare.
Joxyver H (1 month ago)
I couldn’t cry at Caleb’s story because I am still recovering from endgame but I still feel so hurt.
Dexter L (1 month ago)
Reb blue and yellow Mr mercer. Green is pointless unless color theory is different in Zadash.
Bainbow (1 month ago)
1:22:50 You can see Liam freeze completely when he hears Trent Ikithon's name.
G60J60F80 (1 month ago)
Did Matt role for all of these other fights before the session? Or did he just make them up for purely dramatic effect?
Hyboirds (1 month ago)
Man they really botched that hill giant fight... Some of the combat decisions are hard to watch...
Christopher Bacon (1 month ago)
"Awh! We're the prettiest girl in tow!" Something tells me Marisha is speaking from experience.
Gaijin Senpai (1 month ago)
Travis showed his redneck. Yes, I've drank it. It's sickening. Even if it's yours.
Elanchana (1 month ago)
OTP: Matt x Fantasy Name Generators
MuffinDubs (1 month ago)
[EP50+SPOILERS] Man watching 1:33:42 beyond is just so whack coming from episode 61 now. They have no idea at all...
Monferno (1 month ago)
3:05:46 it’s the map it’s the map I salute those whose who get the reference cuz I don’t want likes
Makutheboss (1 month ago)
Dont they still have pets?
Enyo (1 month ago)
Rexzilla4508 (1 month ago)
What's the name of the song that plays during fan art?
ItsAvalon (1 month ago)
That pendant couldn’t help Molly later...
David Jones (1 month ago)
molly: "just be yourself and you'll be fine!" strong words from this one ^^
Lady Anya Rose (1 month ago)
Sometimes I wonder if Matt just stands in front of a mirror and practices all these monster noises. XD
Kate Marsh (1 month ago)
Kirk Bienvenu (1 month ago)
He kept using that word "conscription". He obviously has no idea what that means. They had a choice... Conscripts do not.
goblinoid (1 month ago)
2:58:32 When you choose the wrong dialogue option in an adventure game.

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