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[DayZ Event] The Cult of Teddy

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Having fun on a public server with Acewhittles, Dog the Bandit Hunter, BlueThunder01, Commander Jet, Cookie, Dont, Frased, Lt.Hop and Shep! http://www.dayztv.com
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Sinkatze (3 years ago)
Haha that was great! I like how you changed the name on Teddy to your own :P Merry Christmas!
Ron Fox (3 years ago)
Haha, man I'm glad someone saw that. Thanks for watching man. merry christmas to you too!
Sucky Gamers (3 years ago)
That looks like a lot of fun, man.  Creepy and mean, but fun haha.
Ron Fox (3 years ago)
We did had a lot of fun. Too bad we all died at the fire station later that evening.
Frased (3 years ago)
Ah nice vid! :]
Ron Fox (3 years ago)
Thanks Frased! Im glad you where part of it!

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