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Double Bounce Catch 2: Return of the Boink

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Text Comments (35)
HassanDaGreat HDG (1 year ago)
thats the ball hitting the fuckn air
Michael Timmerman (1 year ago)
I have done this a bunch of times... it's nothing special just an extremely minor glitch. In fact I have done this since the first few months after the game came out when I learned about spinning the ball... more often then not the ball just bounces away but every so often you get this.. "Glitch shot" that people are calling the "double bounce trick shot" lol what about the "bowling shot" you know the one where the ball hits the ground rolls and captures the Pokèmon by mistake!!!
Atomic Crazy (1 year ago)
have you ever been to Argentina?
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
+Atomic Crazy my.. lost brother.. you found him!
Atomic Crazy (1 year ago)
because I see someone like you playing pokemon go where I live
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
Never, why do you ask?
Syl (1 year ago)
En dan ga je ineens viral ;)
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
+Syl haha. Ik zie de humor er ook wel van in ;p
Syl (1 year ago)
Hahahaha ik vind het wel grappig XD
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
+Syl nou he, je stopt uren aan werk in videos. Bloed, zweet en tranen in videos. En een video waar video waar een weedle 2x een bal kopt gaat viral. Thank you interwebs.
Stephanie Fink (1 year ago)
I think I've done this by accident
Alex Holihan (1 year ago)
Stephanie Fink lol I have done it by accident a few times too
RG PRODUCCIONES (1 year ago)
Neil Shah (1 year ago)
Was it like extra exp or a glitch?
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
Neil Shah no extra XP
Patricio Carrasco (1 year ago)
what application do you use to record the face and the game at the same time ?? what screen recorder is that?
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
PatricioGamer's game tools on samsung s8. Chexk out the settings to turn on the facecam
Patricio Carrasco (1 year ago)
what application do you use to record . Please?
Joey Olive (1 year ago)
I have an Samsung too. I use, "AZ Screen Recorder." I do not like their Game Launcher App.
INVISIGOTH phone (1 year ago)
PatricioGamer's its in the video recording options of the game launcher on samsung s8, it takes like 2 seconds to find. Its called "record yourself during gameplay" or something like that
Ali Reza (1 year ago)
I don't know dude.
Patricio Carrasco (1 year ago)
Ali Reza what application do you use to record the face and the game at the same time ?? what screen recorder is that?
Ali Reza (1 year ago)
Oh lol, you were talking about front camera thing, my bad lol Idk then.
warrioroflight99 (1 year ago)
He hacked it just to get YouTube famous
surbhi saxena (1 year ago)
warrioroflight99 no I tried it and it worked
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
+warrioroflight99 ssssplsssssubsssscribesssssssssst
aianmoo16 (1 year ago)
Amazing. Thought the first post about it with no proof might've been a lie.
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
+surbhi saxena any time dude! 🤙
surbhi saxena (1 year ago)
Ron Fox thanks for telling I will try it next time
Ron Fox (1 year ago)
+Augure Zera Nothing special. Just throw it right before the attack animation ends.
killerofheroes (1 year ago)
Nah. I do not lie. Glad someone got some proof of it though! The bounce I had was smaller than this one.
Augure Zera (1 year ago)
So how do you specifically do that?

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