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FFXV: COMRADES! Yoshimitsu WITHOUT the Meldacio Trading Post! Final Fantasy XV

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Saw my guide on how to make the Yoshimitsu/ Honebami but elected the wrong mayor in Meldacio Hunter HQ? Well this guide will show you another method to get the coveted blade! In fact this method might even be easier! Grab yourself a Besmirched Blade or four & pump up those stats! Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion COMRADES! Trading Post Method: https://youtu.be/eRFOlbvZYuY +30% Upgrade Buff: https://youtu.be/VoqTFlg3Ft8 Please consider supporting the channel here: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/lemoneatingkowngkow
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LemonEatingKow (10 months ago)
Before you start upgrading your weapon, check out THIS GUIDE https://youtu.be/VoqTFlg3Ft8 for a buff to all stats when crafting! It helps A LOT!
BLOODY__FATALITY (10 months ago)
I just rewatched some of your older videos and noticed that you have already been doing that. Wow, I never noticed. I guess I just quit paying attention when a video ends. 😂😂😂
BLOODY__FATALITY (10 months ago)
Keepthat outro you did in the video 😂😂😂😂 it's funny. Moo!
Sunshine Moo (10 months ago)
LemonEatingKow Thanks bro! Now get back to work!
Johnathan Monroe (9 months ago)
My Besmirched Blade is only level 1/20 lame
StrawHatGraze (9 months ago)
does anyone know how many behemoth incisor i need to max out the weapon? plus am using 2 dragon horns for the requirement
Makai Kishi Zero (10 months ago)
Okay I can't get the sword to drop. Any other mission I can try to get the sword?
Ageha Keinz (10 months ago)
You’re a fucking legend !
Jon Godfrey (10 months ago)
Been avoiding your videos so as not to get spoilers... LOVING Comrades! That said, as I progress through the missions, I need to check in with your videos to see how I can get the best weapon upgrades. Great work as always.
jason Todd (10 months ago)
Read bro the besemerched blade becomes HatoNami not the one that comes from yoshimitsu sorry
LemonEatingKow (10 months ago)
You could have taken the time you wasted on making this comment to sniff more glue.
Ernest (10 months ago)
For some odd reason today, that mission has disappeared from my mission list
Byakuyauchiha94 (10 months ago)
thank you this really helped me I now have a level 99 Honebami and I was able to get that cid buff to work permanently so thank you I appreciate your guides
Jermaine Gorham (10 months ago)
how can I get items to get yoshimitsu from Devon?
Jermaine Gorham (10 months ago)
thank you so much it helps
LemonEatingKow (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/eRFOlbvZYuY full guide there, mate
D2 WOLFMAN (10 months ago)
The title on the thumbnail is the most australian phrase ever hahaha
Xeznia (10 months ago)
Was about to start new game+ because of this but now that i know i can stay with it, thanks alot!!
Emmanuel Diaz (10 months ago)
Kow do you plan to do a leveling guide for the Kitchen Knives?
Emmanuel Diaz (10 months ago)
Also a video on the nameless blades best upgrade path would be very useful
AbsolutCrono (10 months ago)
TheHeartyGeek (10 months ago)
I literally did new game + to get the trading post 😑
ITS_DPP (10 months ago)
TheHeartyGeek same, and i had the lvl 30 blade the whole time
Mr Giomito (10 months ago)
Hey Kow can you do a levelling up guide ? im having a lot of problems levelling up the Corsesca
Neilular (10 months ago)
Kow I made a really useful kitana. After you fight I believe prompto he gives you a sword with 8% damage reduction to fire lighting and ice. I used cids bonus and I have my fire and lighting at I think 97% I just don’t have enough ice shards yet.
Ramona K (10 months ago)
I was wondering why I had a blade with attack 1 .. glad I didn't sell it 😂
GhostTank (10 months ago)
Does anyone know how to get the mythril shield?
Xeznia (10 months ago)
Get the arms schematic near the Wyvern mission on the left
Peter T (10 months ago)
What is your perspective on the nameless blade series as an alternative to Yoshimitsu?
Emmanuel Diaz (10 months ago)
No problem
Peter T (10 months ago)
Omega SYNN thanks for that I'm sure this willl be really helpful to many ppl
Emmanuel Diaz (10 months ago)
Honebami (Yoshimitzu) is 260 attack Infinity Blade(Nameless Blade) is 283 attack, I used 2 dragon horns to max the required stats for Yoshimitzu and then used only Behemoth Incisors and I was able to get a Honebami with 444 strength stat. As for the Infinity blade, it was alot trickier to level up because it has three varient, the nameless blade, a second one that I can't remember the name of and the infinity blade, nameless blade requires strength and spirit at first I beleive and then the second varient requires vitality and magic, so it's a little harder to divert resources to increase strength, I used whatever I could to get it to its final form and from there used only Behemoth Incisors as well which landed me an Infinity blade with a 268 strength stat. I aim to mess around with the nameless blade and find the best suitable path of upgrade especially since farming behemoth Incisors has landed me a total of 6 behemoth tears
Peter T (10 months ago)
Omega SYNN what's the difference in strength for both blades and what did you upgrade with?
Emmanuel Diaz (10 months ago)
The Nameless blade deals more damage when you reach the Infinity blade varient but you can infuse more strength into the Yoshimitzu's final varient, I personally run both for the Honebami's strength stat and Infinity Blade's attack power
Vector Freeze5 (10 months ago)
Man when I read the title I thought Yoshimitsu from Tekken that doing another crossover lol.
faisalangel (10 months ago)
Please tell us what best to use on weapon magic strange like explain which one the best
Anamana! (10 months ago)
Nice find! I should farm some of these.
Autistic Aniki (10 months ago)
I bought 10 from the outpost already, fully upgraded 3. Getting better at it each time. Thanks to your Cid video I now have a dedicated 30%+ crafting character to get even better at it with.
MMA Addict (10 months ago)
Autistic Aniki why do you need 5000 hp? It’s a lot more useless, at least make your character balanced, your damage is shit in the higher level quests, you get 9999 damage against weak creatures lol
Autistic Aniki (10 months ago)
Also remember this is a Tank build. The MAIN focus is surviving damage from enemies, not dealing it out.
Autistic Aniki (10 months ago)
Why do you need so much strength though? I hit 9999s fine with my axe on most enemies. And now that I have the 30% crafting boost feedback is appreciated because I can make them a lot better.
MMA Addict (10 months ago)
Autistic Aniki i have 365 strength on the honebami alone
Autistic Aniki (10 months ago)
Sunshine Moo (10 months ago)
Lemon. I enjoy your videos. Keep up the chill streams and videos. Remember your priorities! Games before work haha. Just kidden.
LemonEatingKow (10 months ago)
Well it is currently 23:45 and I have work at 07:00. So I would say I have my priorities well in line! ;)

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