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Logitech MX Master for Video Editors - SPEED UP YOUR WORKFLOW

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For Mac users, for FCPX users, my personal favorite settings for getting ish done in editing land using the Logitech MX Master - http://amzn.to/2EvhfGv The newer version - http://amzn.to/2Eu61Ck Everything else I use to shoot/edit - http://geni.us/camerakit →YouTube (subscribe): http://geni.us/youtubesubscribe Don't miss a thing: →Website (everything): http://geni.us/site →Instagram (watch my stories/check my photos): http://geni.us/instag →Facebook (live streams/news): http://geni.us/faceb →Twitter (talk to me): http://geni.us/twit →Snapchat (say hi): jkhan1
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Chosen Idea (7 months ago)
If you ditched that chef style you wouldn't be doing all that deleting in the first place :-O. I had the same editing style once upon a time. Chopping and deleting was fun, but it's slowing you down. Like Charles Brunelle I'm also a 3D animator, but made the button you use for launch control my cut button.
Justin Khanna (7 months ago)
Ah I see! Yeah that could work, but I'm never horizontal scrolling and deleting at the same time, so it makes sure my thumb gets maximum productivity usage. I just updated my mouse today, should give that configuration a try with my current edit!
Chef Monstro (8 months ago)
Hey man I'm always traveling and I am getting a new laptop for editing my footage on the go. What do you use? Laptop? Desktop? I'm using premiere pro and will be editing 4k.
Chef Monstro (8 months ago)
Justin Khanna will do thanks man!
Justin Khanna (8 months ago)
I did Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. Kyoto was my favorite, but it's honestly such a trip your first time to experience the culture, as long as you do even the tiniest sliver of research, you're going to have a good time. Go get tonkatsu at butagumi and experience a Japanese 7Eleven 😉
Chef Monstro (8 months ago)
Any restaurants recommendations? What cities should I hit?
Justin Khanna (8 months ago)
As you should! I regret not making a Japan vlog so bad.
Chef Monstro (8 months ago)
Justin Khanna appreciate it bro going to Japan in April gonna shoot a ton and edit
Charles Brunelle (9 months ago)
I love that you also make this type of videos. I am a 3D animator and use a mouse setup similar to yours. Like you, delete is on the "go back button" but on my mouse the thumb button is enter and the go forward button is zero.
Justin Khanna (9 months ago)
Ha I'm actually glad to hear this, I know this isn't even close to "on brand" but like I mentioned, I know this is going to be valuable to at least one person and it'll be fun for me to look back in a few years 😉
Luis Eduardo De La Torre (9 months ago)
just picked up the mx masters 2S.Great choice!
Justin Khanna (9 months ago)
Maui Soriano (9 months ago)
That's a cool mouse ;)

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