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Fallout 76: MURDER & PVP Gameplay! (+ PVP Explained)

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Murdering a Wanted Murderer with murder. Fallout 76 PVP Gameplay. ◢Talk to me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/MassiveNetwork ◢ Join our Stream Squad: fb.gg/massivenetwork Todd Howard says slapping is the most economical way to start a bar fight. Everything you need to know about Fallout 76's PVP system and MURDER! Plus some funny Fallout 76 moments with a developer.
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RiceGodll (3 hours ago)
they should have made it like borderlands, 4 player co-op.
z p98 (14 hours ago)
Skip Donahue (1 day ago)
I was pretty sure they work on the new Fallout title, and after this long years waiting I got this. I cant follow Bethesda anymore. Nexus.com. Thousands of mods, I was re-re-replay Fallout 4 like 10 different times because of the varriety of the mods allowed to me. What did they learn? Creation Club. Thats the only react how the people love a really mediocore game. After Fallout 3, yes it was mediocore. So, I cant understand Bethesda why just let the people get the Fallout 5 with PVP option. BOOM. I would love to wait 2 whole years to pay that fckin (balanced and interresting) game. Probably not Im the marketing-target. This is not my Fallout. I dont play fortnite or what. PEACE
Amy Cox (1 day ago)
The story telling is amazing, also I played every second and never knew about the hunter hunted radio channel, I wish I knew about it...
Keller weskier (1 day ago)
PvP... cool. k. but what keeps you coming back to the game? there isnt a sense of feel like GTAV has.
Scavz (1 day ago)
His name was... Legend27....
Jplaysgamez11 (1 day ago)
Anybody kno how to get enclave armor yet?
Panther 138 (1 day ago)
Its called xo1 not anclave armor
Pedro Luigi (1 day ago)
You sound like a serious war man telling your sad, bloody, story
James Joe (1 day ago)
3:31 LMFAO
THOTH (2 days ago)
What absolute shit. This game is a joke
Daniel dore (2 days ago)
Gutted it is PvP. Fallout was a game I could just relax on and play casually.
fierroboy1 (2 days ago)
I wouldnt be able to get into this. i hate screen clutter
BlatendCrude (2 days ago)
At least they nailed VATS
brandon michael (2 days ago)
That is garbage there is no point to pvp if you can’t steal there armor and guns when you kill them and you don’t deal full damage unless they’d shoot you back wtf no this game is sounding like shit
Frightful Fellow (2 days ago)
Why tf is there a creepy woman in the dark in 3:10?
sanserof7 (2 days ago)
How can you like this system? I like PvP and I am not gonna buy this game because the PvP system sucks ass.
Austin Mosley (3 days ago)
This just makes we want it on PC now
null w (3 days ago)
PVP is moronic. The person attacking will always be at a disadvantage because the person they are targeting will always have time to prep up and then get first hit (and likely kill them because they get prep time). The exception to this situation is an extremely high level player attacking a low level player, where a low level player can get 1 shotted even if they don't hit back. So ganking is still in (which would be most problematic), and more evenly matched levels do not have an even fight. Nice.
fred fred (3 days ago)
you shoot me, I put on my power armour, equip with rocket launcher, psycho and med-x then shoot you back for a 1 shot kill?
XThe_Rad_BradX (3 days ago)
I think there should be like a marking that you can put on yourself and when done so you phase into the PvP server. After 5 minutes when you disable this marking on you, you phase back into PvE. During the time you are marked after u disable it you csn still kill players and they csn, kill you but when you shoot or kill someone it resets the 5 minute timer.
Bryson Erwin (3 days ago)
Stable 60 frames
James Facciolli (3 days ago)
3 mins in and im laughing my ass off..... I too will probably feel that way and my son wants to play together.... at what point do I leave him.... attack him for the items I know he is hoarding... :D
Mudlup (3 days ago)
When power armor is using its jet pack it looks like their hacking
Snakepit (3 days ago)
purchasing this game was a big mistake. 2 - 4 player coop with actualy playable story like old fallout games would be much better than this crap. Rage 2 seems much better than this crap or invest ur money on Cyberpunk 2077.
think about people can spam nuclear rocket to you you died one shot
people not look its its can be fake like divison trailer and rainbow six siege trailer fake
Tim The Destroyer (4 days ago)
This makes me and my friends incredibly happy.
User Arma39 (4 days ago)
Honestly i was happy to see that Fallout 76 Was a online game but holy shit does it look bad. I'm sorry but fuck does it look shitty i would never spend full price on this.
Auraborialus (4 days ago)
why not do what everyone else does? have PVP servers and PVE servers? nobody can think of that?
If I get one more add for old school RuneScape I'm going to kill myself
LuckyHyson (5 days ago)
I love this game already
dustin downs (5 days ago)
Rocked your shit
TNG_Truency (5 days ago)
1 word ThisIsGoingToBeAwesome
Sergray (5 days ago)
Builds on my channel
Joseph Sorel (6 days ago)
They really should have just done seperate pvp + pve servers.
Martin Taylor (6 days ago)
Paired up in groups of 4? Gold ..
Jeremy Boughton (6 days ago)
Why dont you just jump in front of another players field of fire and then shoot back thus griefing players who don’t want to PVP.
BorkDaOrk (6 days ago)
You know you could always just make a server list and, put pvp and pve servers on that list right.
Kazuhira Miller (6 days ago)
What happens to your items when you die?
Natascha de Jong (6 days ago)
This system sounds absolute shite. Imagine you go to loot an area with your squad and you see some other nerd looting. Normally you'd kill him to secure the loot for your group, but no this system punishes you for it. Now he can just continue to loot without giving a flying fuck about you, stealing the loot you want. My group is steering clear from this baby game.
Natascha de Jong (6 days ago)
This system sounds fuckin' shite. Imagine you go to loot an area with your squad and you see some other nerd looting. Normally you'd kill him to secure the loot for your group, but no this system punishes you for it. Now he can just continue to loot without giving a flying fuck about you, stealing the loot you want. My group is steering clear from this baby game.
j o r g o s (6 days ago)
Looks like I'll have to wait for Cyberpunk 2077
scottpc1234 (6 days ago)
NOBODY GIVES A SHIT waiting for fallout 5 if they let us play offline ill buy it otherwise no way
wyatt bostock (6 days ago)
Hey gues what you can't make both happy and the fucking mechanics they put into it are cancer they need to make 2 servers one for Pvp and one for pve
Travy Bear (6 days ago)
If I manage to not get bored of this shit in a week I'd love to mini nuke some players base (full of people) from stealth repeatedly while camping them. Or set landmines behind doors hahahahaha!!!!!! Too bad most of the people who have played the BETA seem to dislike the game though so I'm not expecting much honestly though. Then again Fallout 4 was kinda shitty too so it's understandable how 76 would too, maybe Bethesda should have just remade New Vegas with the new engine instead?
MLP.A-Len (6 days ago)
Wow i love the 20fps! Console is really killing it!
Gray Au (6 days ago)
It's a fucking fallout wasteland too, there should be no PvP system to protect players from being killed. PvP whenever, wherever should be the law, like Rust
Gray Au (6 days ago)
1:57 they hung the American flag fucking backwards
Kelly Boardman (7 days ago)
Horrible graphics
Kyser (7 days ago)
another reason not to buy the game, dev abuse.
Teck Rylee (7 days ago)
It's like fallout Meats Grand Theft Auto Meats fuking fortnite Battle Royale
Teck Rylee (7 days ago)
this looks f****** retarded I never thought I'd say that about a fallout game but this looks f****** stupid
Nut (7 days ago)
No I hate this. What I think they should have done is made a fallout game the same way they always do but make it co-op up to the point of like 4-6ish players for fun. This is not. It’s pvp with fallout not fallout with pvp.
GOOSEMANtv (7 days ago)
This sucks I was actually gonna buy it just for the pvp but not now
Nom Brynn (7 days ago)
Story telling a Nice Touch.
Missed Lethal (7 days ago)
That's a fucking terrible compromise between pvp and pve players. They can literally just have a Play button and a No-PvP player button. Their solution just clutters servers with people who may or may not want to play the same game. It's moronic.
Timo Steve (7 days ago)
there should be full pvp servers or areas on the map. this just sounds stupid.. like they want to bring two completely different types of players into one lobby.. on the other hand i like the fact that you dont loose your gear. but everything thats not worn on your body should be right for the taking. honestly who the heck thinks of such a twisted hybrid betwenn pvp and pve??? its like elder scrolls online where you could only fight in cyrodil but not invade the other factions territory like in wow for example. damn and i was so looking forward to this game :( why would they do something as lame as that?! devs pleeease-.-
Super Natural (7 days ago)
Ur aim is TRASH🚫🧢
Jerak (7 days ago)
So X-01 armor is Enclave Armor?
Trickap (7 days ago)
h1ch4m (7 days ago)
wut a fucking stupid game
Caroline Daineze (7 days ago)
Really that’s bullshit. I want a truth review!
Caroline Daineze (7 days ago)
Shit game, this is it.
Conservative Agnostic (7 days ago)
they should do a flag up for PvP. if you want PvP, then flag up. I have seen punks annoying someone that clearly does not want PvP. anyone with and brains would know, if someone don't want PvP, then leave them alone. that is my only issue with 76.
James Smith (7 days ago)
It’s annoying how people murder you then just fast travel away.....
Andrejs Petersons (7 days ago)
There should be a mode where you could play as a super mutant, feral ghoul or scorched. Here's how it could work: Game constantly tracks whenever a human character (other players) is about to encounter a super mutant, feral ghoul or a scorched. When such moment occurs, the player who chose to play this particular game mode "takes over" the respective super mutant, etc. and gets in combat with the human character. When human character kills a player who played as one of the monsters, the game simply lets the player "take over" another monster and so on. This would be a cool "casual" mode for those who simply want combat with another live players. And the human character players would stop encountering boring and stupid AI monsters so much.
Kaden Judd (8 days ago)
All of you in the comments who hate this game already do keep in mind it’s in the beta phase 🥴 if you keep track of any game generally the beta isn’t the final say, so who knows by the time it comes out stuff could be added or taken away. I’m a diehard fallout fan so either way I’m gonna love this game. Have faith in what a company can do, seems to be they are still in business making games when clearly you are not 🤷🏼‍♂️
Cosmic1337 (8 days ago)
MrDankDro (8 days ago)
76 actually does multiplayer amazingly well. When I wanted to do quests I never had issue doing quests solo, but I also found it much easier to cooperate and play with others. Never was I 'murdered', it just wasn't an issue. Once in awhile I got shot but if I was busy it was nice being able to ignore and continue about. And the radio station satisfies all those pvp needs. It's cool having a target and getting that nervous 'looking over your shoulder' kind of feel pvp brings with it. Bethesda really knocked it out of the park and will continue to do so with regular content updates to keep driving the players, at least till mods and private servers are released. Fallout 76 is how I think everyone wanted ESO to be.
Eli Lastnamington (8 days ago)
wooooooooooooooooooooooooow this is the most pussy shit
Big Bear (8 days ago)
Bro I am so glad I came across one of your videos. Your voice rocks it reminds me of old school Duke Nukem and your detailed review definitely piqued my interest you earned a subscriber today sir I will be checking out more of your videos.
Bob Dylan (8 days ago)
Separate pvp enabled servers would be nice without players seen on the map and sneak crits not applying to players
RED (8 days ago)
Im not gonna play this game till it has a proper PvP or they add Hardcore servers i dont wanna play a Poney valley PvP i want to ambush other players, and they removed gore on players
jobobcowman (8 days ago)
I don’t get the settlement system in here. They missed a huge opportunity for player made settlements, trading, and settlements defense against other players. Also they missed a huge opportunity for faction based conflicts between the different faction groups in fallout
Jennifer Packer (8 days ago)
Huge Fallout fan, love the franchise, but already had enough of seeing level 20+ players team up to hunt down & 'peck' to death some level 5 players. Consequences for murdering unwilling players should be high enough to make it stop. Or add the option of blocking the attacker from finding you again...ever! Actually had 2 follow my team to kill, then re-kill after respawn. And killing them back didn't really bring any joy. Just saying, I prefer to choose my battles. But loved the video. Very entertaining.
Joseph Huffman (8 days ago)
Wish I could have enjoyed the gameplay , looks kind of interesting tbh. But between the FPS Drops and this guys garbage play-style, I lost interest.
TheCooperman666 (8 days ago)
so the pain train perk is still in the game then
YT Menzy (8 days ago)
Those devs were toxic
SamsonTH (8 days ago)
That intro is the bomb.
chance rasmussen (8 days ago)
Some new things to add, getting killed by a murderer makes you drop your stuff and the pvp “slap” is removed for murderers so they can kill players all they want.
Jan Mosler (8 days ago)
this game is going to be one big dissapointment lol
Stonkish (8 days ago)
This game divides the fans. It's not true to the lore and dynamics of the Fallout franchise and it doesn't have any NPC's to give you quests. It's about PVP and co-op scavenging and exploring in groups.
Crazy John (8 days ago)
yea, this is fallout 76 make your own story, great story telling
King Farallon (8 days ago)
This game looks like it was made for the PS1
MetalGearJo (8 days ago)
Anyone who wants to only pve without the risk of someone running into your bullets, open map, go to options, and enable pacifist. Saved my game from being ruined by high level tryhards who just found out what Fallout is.
Reinaldo Valdes (7 days ago)
His armor shimmering in the morning glow.
NLrenzo (8 days ago)
Lol everyone kill that dev!
RagingUtai (8 days ago)
so this game overtakes mgs survive as upset of the year
fake internet (8 days ago)
you no whats more funny when you have just a hair left of health and some one shoots you and you die and they get a bounty hahahahaha
BigShlong (9 days ago)
that wass funny
christopher H (9 days ago)
The reasons I enjoyed the Fallout games so much is I can't stand childish online players and never having to worry about pathetic hackers destroying my gaming experience. Multi player games have destroyed my faith in humanity and left me with a complete distaste for all human online interaction. I don't care how good they say the protection software is. Hackers always find a way in multi player arenas. Shame on your Bethesda. Booooooooo. The whole reason for me to purchase this game has been stripped away. I find that the new gaming concept and direction that Bethesda is going a complete let down.
fuckerupper (9 days ago)
deviantpersona (9 days ago)
this sounds ridiculously stupid... true pvp would be best.
Xinergy (9 days ago)
It hurts to watch this. Looks like you're all bots.
jostail (9 days ago)
This game is gonna last two months.
Zack Eisenhardt (9 days ago)
Andro Bourne (9 days ago)
I was worried about them finding a balance for pvp. Was scared it was going to be a bunch of carebears but I think the radio pvp was a really good addition. Might just have to buy the game now.
Ben Glover (9 days ago)
So can players overrun other players settlements? Cse how can u attack someones base if they have to accept the battle?
Youtube Sucks (9 days ago)
Let all thank the filthy casuals for completely gutting the survival genre!

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