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Trading Outpost | Lightning Learns No Man's Sky #6

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After narrowly escaping capture, death, or worse last episode, I do some trading at a small outpost and catch my breath. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WiteLightning94
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Tim Ferguson (19 days ago)
A clarification on the terrain manipulator: I think all brush sizes use the same amount of energy. The smaller brush is best for mining minerals that are in the ground because it will give a better yield, while the large brush is best for tunneling as you are not digging for minerals.
Dennis Yamaguchi Jr (21 days ago)
You are not doing too bad so far WhiteLightning94 :) I would make as much money as I could and then go around space stations and buy up slots for your ExoSuit Cargo, Tech slots and of course main suit slots in that order for maximum bang for your buck. Make sure to evenly buy them as the prices get very high quickly. Maybe buy 5 slots of Cargo, a few tech slots and 5 more slots of Main Suit Slots So you can gather more stuff and free up slots in your Main suit :) Good Luck Traveler :)
Brian Enos (22 days ago)
Lovin' the series. :) Protip, you can pulse jump to a specific point your ship at the marker where you want to go and then pulse jump. You'll automatically pull out of pulse. :) You can even sling shot around planets this way.
This man deserves more subs and likes
Hendrik Wessels (23 days ago)
No fuel need to take off from landing pads.
Hendrik Wessels (23 days ago)
Space station marker is always orange and standing is all good after wanted level dropped.

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