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Fallout 76 Base Building (Fallout 76 Shop / Fallout 76 Traders Outpost Build)

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fallout 76 base building / fallout 76 base design, we decided to make a fallout 76 shop / fallout 76 traders out post to get some fallout 76 base ideas in my last stream and here is the much shorter version in one base build for you to check out. Fallout 76 beta is now live on Xbox one and i have been testing the fallout 76 base building and put this simple fallout 76 base building guide together to get you started. this covers the basic fallout 76 base building as i still need to progress my player to get all the BP's to upgrade my fallout 76 base. as i progress in fallout 76 i will try to post more fallout 76 guides and tutorials to help you along the way and share the mistake i make along with the cool things i find. ideally i want to make some fallout 76 trap bases and just overall fallout 76 base design tutorials. you can play fallout 76 beta now on Xbox with fallout 76 coming to ps4 and PC soon so join us on the wasteland. i will also try to get some fallout 76 tips and tricks videos done as well. fallout 76 beta times are posted each day via the Fallout social media so make sure you keep up to date with them so you can get on early. following Fallout 76 content from my channel - Fallout 76 base building Fallout 76 guide Fallout 76 tips and tricks Fallout 76 best locations for loot Fallout 76 game play Fallout 76 live streams Fallout 76 Trolling Fallout twitter - https://twitter.com/Fallout Bethesda website - https://bethesda.net Fallout 76 is the first time you’ll be able to explore the Wasteland with other players and as such, some systems have been adapted to suit this exciting new adventure. If you’re excited for Fallout 76, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of time in Fallout 4, exploring the Commonwealth, establishing your settlements and just trying to survive in a harsh, post-nuclear world. You’ll still have all those options when you hop into Fallout 76, but you may notice a few things are a little different. Fallout 76 is the first time you’ll be able to explore the Wasteland with other players, and as such, some systems have been adapted to suit this exciting new adventure Become a member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-4zdcWPn4OkA2RdFXHikw/join Looking for a Server host, hit my link for great deals at NITRADO NITRADO - https://nitra.do/Twisited follow me on twitter @Twisited1 Follow us on Mixer - https://mixer.com/Twisited follow me on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/twisited Discord link https://discord.gg/sq8DkwE Download Tubebuddy to help with your channel ans use code https://www.tubebuddy.com/Twist #fallout76 #fallout76bases fallout76basebuilding
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Text Comments (96)
Pvt Ryan (3 days ago)
Did any of these items come from schematics? If so can you lmk the locations?
Twisited (3 days ago)
nah all random quests buddie
Diablos Diaz (4 days ago)
Nice man. Im making a weapons shop and Ill put my own spin on your setup
GamOholic spartan (5 days ago)
They should ads a community Blue prints
GamOholic spartan (5 days ago)
I wanna be a trader now
Adrian Rodriguez (6 days ago)
The problem with this video is you do not show the location
Twisited (5 days ago)
the forest just north east of vault 76 and to the left of the junkyard
Dora The Explora (8 days ago)
They better add the neon light letters from Fallout 4 so we can set up signs to show that it’s a trading post
Matt PS. (8 days ago)
Hey do you happen to have tried mines as a defense for camps? Like if it only hurts hostile players? I could see them being useful in 76.
Matt PS. (8 days ago)
Twisited oh awesome!
Twisited (8 days ago)
havent tired yet but i will wen i get some :)
NolanA7x (9 days ago)
Cool video, you should do more of these
Twisited (9 days ago)
i finally got metal walls last night lol thank the lord
NolanA7x (9 days ago)
Twisited awesome, I’m hoping to build some cool complex buildings today for the beta but not made all out of wood
Twisited (9 days ago)
working on a few more just now :)
FAT RAT127 (10 days ago)
Where's the location that you built in?
malataur (10 days ago)
Build a Stash box and each of the crafting stations out where other people can use them. The box let's them access their storage (not yours), and the stations let them break down or craft things to trade. 👍
Ronnie Harris (11 days ago)
Just saying base building is a waste of time when there are trolls on the server who keep throwing themselves destroying things and wasting hours of your time...
Ronnie Harris (11 days ago)
Idk it just seems lop sided I mean attacking players can continuously respawn for revenge and destroy your base when they do find it
Twisited (11 days ago)
thats why l;location is key
MattyMcMaster Gaming (11 days ago)
I wanna make a merchant build, call it Marcus ‘Munitions, but I don’t know where to start
MattyMcMaster Gaming (7 days ago)
I am.
Dora The Explora (8 days ago)
MattyMcMaster Gaming I’d imagine using cards to boost your looting
x Demizahh (11 days ago)
Are people able to just attack your base while you’re offline?
Kevin Lepine (9 days ago)
when you log off your base is removed from the world
Andreas Wagner (11 days ago)
Montas World (11 days ago)
Base building looks much smoother when compared to fallout 4!
apocaliptic p (11 days ago)
Looks good! Only thing is your going to need a hell of a lot more turrets I've got into team vs team pvp and it's relentless need a good defense
Phoenix (13 days ago)
Good build!
Phoenix (12 days ago)
True that. I'm still fiddling around with it myself. Tis a bit frustrating at times, but I keep telling myself to be patient. :)
Twisited (12 days ago)
thanks, its still a little rough it was more to get people thinking of the concept to try it in there own variation :)
Nowison (13 days ago)
Fallout seventy-sex
Nowison (13 days ago)
+Twisited I loved this so much
Mister Vaulty (13 days ago)
Twisited sexty sex😂
Twisited (13 days ago)
just think if it was called Fallout 66 i would be in trouble
Mister Vaulty (13 days ago)
Can I ask a favor? Can you please comment on my new vid and give me constructive criticism, I really wanna improve my videos
Mister Vaulty (13 days ago)
Twisited thanks man
Twisited (13 days ago)
hi, checked it out. turn the game volume down a little and ur mic up a tab other than that it was good keep it up :)
Cas PSV (13 days ago)
will the beta progress carry over to the official launch on the 14th?
Naieem (11 days ago)
They said most likely
Mister Vaulty (13 days ago)
It does
Twisited (13 days ago)
from what they said all progress carries over yea
James Murphy (13 days ago)
Good stuff Twisited, thanks for the ideas.
MasterJazz09 (13 days ago)
Lol you can put windows or whatever you want this is not rust go designs your house how you want you can’t pvp like rust fallout 76 is barely a pvp game design your house to your liking not to pvp
Twisited (13 days ago)
u can open windows and loot through them u plank, we knows its not rust cos the mongs werent playing
Isrend (13 days ago)
Cool idea, my friend.
Twisited (13 days ago)
LordJayden 21 (13 days ago)
Are you uploading your footage from the live beta stream
Twisited (13 days ago)
Yea but more cut down as people don't like to watch a 2hr stream etc
L14588J (14 days ago)
Can someone give me a run down on how the base building system works on this fallout? does the base disappear after you've logged off? is there decay etc? how does base secuirty work is it a KOS system or is it friendly to a minimal point? sorry for all the questions last fallout i played was close to 10 years ago now with recently looking to get back into the franchise thanks :D
Andrew Chester (13 days ago)
So your camp (base as you called it) is linked to you so if you leave/ log off the server then your camp will be removed, this stops damage while youre off and unable to defend it. also note if you log into a server with someone elses camp placed in your spot you will have to re-locate it as they cannot collide (best to make a full blueprint of your base just encase). every part of your base can get destroyed, however repairing your items is very cheap and does take awhile even with wood (i think it took about 10mins of an AI super mutant to destroy a wall with no missed shots, and its not likely youre just gonna let them do that without killing them or having defenses). the security such as turrets will only shoot AI enemies on sight, it does not do it with other players unless you engage in pvp (both shoot each other) but what alot of people forget is the camp isnt designed for pvp aspects its more designed to fight off AI and have a safe area to craft, sleep and take a break to sort of inventory etc. as you cant pause the game. but your base will get under attack every now and then from enemies similar to fallout 4
Koti Nexus Art &Gaming (14 days ago)
This was actually one of the ideas I had. A inn/Depot connected with my house, so it could be a place for people to come hang out and also for social interaction.
Twisited (14 days ago)
i look forward to seeing it
AJ anderson (14 days ago)
if no one can take from your stash boxes then whats the point of raiding another players base?
Michael Locey (8 days ago)
Twisited I think they’re make the stash box to be infinite but not 100% sure
Ronnie Harris (11 days ago)
Being assholes to overs via pvp...
AJ anderson (14 days ago)
​+Twisited Oh ok, i didn't realize that. Thanks for the answer. Been wondering why would i need to lock the doors from NPCs.
Twisited (14 days ago)
Stash boxes has a weight limit for items so u can't put everything there and it's one box u can just make duplicates of it but same loot inside
Loser Baby (14 days ago)
What do you sell? It also might be kool to have a robot companion to watch the shop but I don't know if it would attack potential customers.
Loser Baby (14 days ago)
Oh, like a general store? Sweet.
Twisited (14 days ago)
all sorts, old weapons and Armour etc
Airon G (14 days ago)
This is where my 2k hours in rust comes handy :D
Cam K (13 days ago)
Airon G ye
CaptainDamnIt (14 days ago)
It seems like you think the PVP in this game is going to be like Rust. I doubt people will be able to do anything to your base aside from open a door and use a crafting station.
Ronnie Harris (11 days ago)
They can demolish bases it is straight bull and now I revert to just 6 foundations crafting tables one stash and like 10 turrets...
DJ Weapon (12 days ago)
+Twisited after a year. Hope you're patient.
Twisited (14 days ago)
Modded servers will bring pvp only
xCookieSlayer (14 days ago)
Xbox beta was fun but I think it's time for pc beta max settings 1440p :D Only a few more hours
Original_NoLifeGamer (14 days ago)
I hope they add an option to buy and sell blueprints. They'll prob have to make it so the buyer doesn't just try and resell it... or they can let the buyer sell it but 80% of the caps go to the creator of the blueprint.
MakingGear (14 days ago)
Twisted - I like your ideas, makes me want to look up frontier fort designs. Also, I notice you forgot to grab the red and blue file folder at the overseers camp near Flatwoods on one of your trips to find resources. I could be wrong, but during the stress test and the beta I got the same plan for the metal raised beds at that location laying on a workbench. Everyone be sure to check file folders on all tables and work surfaces.
Twisited (14 days ago)
Craig Tarr (14 days ago)
It appears that all the components have a damage bar. Can your walls be destroyed? It seems that wood is going to be nice for cosmetics but have little defense value. Brick and steel are going to be where its at.
Kevin Lepine (9 days ago)
yes creatures in the world and other players can break down your wood walls
Clayton Peterson (14 days ago)
Your base doesn't look extremely crowded, but the amount of 'budget' that is being used kind of bums me out. Having to 'Rebuild America' but with such confines would be frustrating. Hopefully that gets a bigger budget later. Having 4 people settled close together would still struggle to feel like the beginning of a community.
Lord Jagi (12 days ago)
Clayton Peterson I know! I'm hoping it's just beta capped to provide more grunt for stress testing and come release we'll get a sizeable budget.
Clayton Peterson (14 days ago)
+Lord Jagi exactly. How are we 'reclaiming America!' If we are only capable of a wooden shanty and like 6 turrets. He hadn't even begun to lay down decorations, or luxury items.
Lord Jagi (14 days ago)
Clayton Peterson yeah this concerned me too. As good as Twisited's outpost was it was only small yet the budget was almost used up which points to very limited builds which scares me as the building aspect is what I'm most excited about.
Clayton Peterson (14 days ago)
+xCookieSlayer that's what I'm hoping. That the budgeted amount is lower for the beta.
xCookieSlayer (14 days ago)
Keep in mind this is the beta and like with the stash things might change. For pc for example they might increase the budget limit who knows.
modbritman (14 days ago)
Locked doors. Here in America some banks have what are called “dead man’s trap”. Locked outer door. Locked inner door. Buzz in once pass metal detectors. Translation. Turrets and traps between an inner and outer door. Oh I can’t wait to build that. Sorry for extra comment. You inspired me lol
Twisited (14 days ago)
No problem
Allowishus Fuddpucker (14 days ago)
@modbritman great idea thanks
modbritman (14 days ago)
Looks good. 2 scorched took out my turret in seconds. Many turrets needed! Had a base packed up cos someone else had placed in same spot. We both logged and logged back in. Got different servers. Bases came back ;) Blue print your base! Moving base is a fiddle. Hard to see where it’s going. And ground has to allow same footprint.
Kw1ll (14 days ago)
HeY GuyS WelCOmE BaCk I've retired from beating night bot, just gonna keep this going tho
Twisited (14 days ago)
Take it as a win lol
Thirty Silver (14 days ago)
This game looks boringly awful :(
Allowishus Fuddpucker (14 days ago)
So boring that you are one of the first to watch the vid???
Twisited (14 days ago)
with all the quests, challenges global events and looting now with pvp its actually not that bad
Allowishus Fuddpucker (14 days ago)
As soon as I get out in the wasteland it's work work work. What happen to the good old day when I could just order settlers around. ;) Thanks Twisited you make building fun.
Allowishus Fuddpucker (14 days ago)
Thanks for doing the work so I dont have to.
Twisited (14 days ago)
no problem

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