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Asus Zenfone GO (ZB551KL) - Review

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vvvvvvvvvv READ HERE vvvvvvvvv Subscribe!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLCp85hLQYZ_b3sSbfi-hA My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/appletimesityoutube14T1B1/ Buy Here Asus Zenfone Go (ZB551KL) http://www.fotodigit.it/scheda_prodotto-codPROD_120839.html Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4mjNaSP9jw OTHER INFORMATIONS -Accelerometer -Hall -Burst Mode -Geotagging -Pano Mode -HDR -Face Detection -ISO Settings -Scene Mode -BeiDou -SAR Head (EU): 0.418 W/kg | SAR Body (EU) 0.423 W/kg Informations taken to: http://www.devicespecifications.com/en
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Text Comments (116)
kawaii neko (6 days ago)
Asus ZenFone go ni memang hebat ,setakat ni tak pernah hang dia punya sistem pon bagus jugak x yah download clean master bagai semua dah ada
Joinvien Join (4 months ago)
i use this hp..it very cool..i already use 1 year for this asus
cat of darkness (4 months ago)
+KaEL and how is it outdated a lot of people in my class have phones which are the with of an brick xD
cat of darkness (4 months ago)
+KaEL lol mate how is it so "laggy" i dont have that problem xD
KaEL (4 months ago)
mine is more than a year, but now the screen has issues. Ghost touches and unresponsive touchscreen! sadly I need to replace the lcd it cost me 1800 pesos. Also this phone is clearly outdated, still open case lol. and really not good for gaming it lags alot especially on large games! Be ready, you will also encounter this lol.
KaEL (5 months ago)
this phone is crap! I only bought this only a year ago and I'm experiencing issues already. The screen is unresponsive, clicking on its own(ghost touch). And tf I cant remove the sd card, its stuck! Should have stick to samsung, its more expensive but more durable than this crap phone. No more buying asus for me in the future! smh
KaEL (4 months ago)
so? over 2 years is only a short time. fyi I've been treating this phone like a baby, and yet still has hardware issues in short its asus fault. Your lucky you aint having the same issues like me.
cat of darkness (4 months ago)
i have it for over 2 years and didn't experience any of that. i dropped it 4 times without an cover an i have only an small scratch. Idk what you have been doing to it mate xD
Hanna Hafizzah (5 months ago)
Asus zenfone GO terbaik ❤ i love it!
moonbin's hoe (6 months ago)
is it expendable to 128gb?
ethel alinas (7 months ago)
i have that one
Sagar Deshmukh (7 months ago)
Pls dont purchase asus device, M suffering from march end 2018,i have 2phones n i m given to cistomer care yavatmal district maharashtra...and the problem was,it will gives problem of Charginge the customer care solve this problem after 20days then it will give me range problem after taking from customer care ....then again n again this problem is repeated and now it will be 3months(mobile is in customer care) total 9months...so pls guys dont purchase the froud company device....and another one asus zenfone 2 z series i have
Rayhan Tayo (7 months ago)
Hp paling gua benci
Spyro (10 months ago)
Lol i have the gold one im using it right now
ahmad saifulddin (11 months ago)
Dont buy this phone not good
Blanc 8888 (1 year ago)
does it support usb otg?
kiias Ferreira (1 year ago)
Alguém poderia me dizer qual a versão da rom que vem nesse modelo? É só ir lá em configurações > sobre o telefone
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
How to root this
Luiz Henrique (1 year ago)
recovery dele? ZB551KL
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
Luiz Henrique how you root your phone
Luiz Henrique (1 year ago)
+Mr. Dêádpôöl Yes, it just gave an infinite loop.
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
English please
Luiz Henrique (1 year ago)
+Mr. Dêádpôöl Sim, só que deu loop infinito
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
Luiz Henrique you rooted your phone ?
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
I have zenfone go zb551kl Can anyone tell me about custom recovery and custom rom for this phone
ja ja (1 year ago)
I'm planning to buy this phone, looks really good for a cheap price. Nice review BTW :)
Mohan Raaj (1 year ago)
GPS does not work.
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
Please tell me is asus zenphone go x013dc and zb551kl is same or not
Luiz Henrique (1 year ago)
Tem o recovery dele pra flashear?
Tëčh Electronics (1 year ago)
Nice phone and video
Isaac Adam (1 year ago)
I wish Asus, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, and OnePlus will bring back the removable battery features.
3.Idiots Warriors (1 year ago)
Deepak Yadav (1 year ago)
Sir mera mobile descartes ho gya mai samsang charger se charge kiya tha sir pirse koi koi upi sir pirige help me sir mobile Asus leder२ hai sir myne email id ye hai sir prise message me sir email id par pelse sir
Roberto Landi (1 year ago)
Hello do you know if It' s OTG enabled too ? Thanks
man i dropped mine in a bucket(accidentally) nothing happened i am impressed
karen jong (1 year ago)
This smart phone is very good.
Suarez Kianna (1 year ago)
my phone now don't detect sim or network what should I do?
#Riyan 46 (1 year ago)
Sama dengan Punyaku. 😄😄
thiyaga rajan (1 year ago)
asus crappy smartphone manufacturer bastard' poor in quality this zenfone go 5.5 is the most worst crappy smartphone that purchased I'm really regret for buying this shit go 5.5 . 7 time's sent it to service center 4times changed the motherboard and touch screen lcd 1x
Mohdar Dar (1 year ago)
desain body dr vendor yg satu ini juga patut di perhitungkan
wow you make me to choose what phone i should buy
Flaminia Milesi (1 year ago)
chi mi puo dire dove trovo il manuale in italiano
pilo soki (1 year ago)
secondo te è meglio questo o il galaxy j3 ?
iBeat You (1 year ago)
Dipende da come lo vuoi utilizzare, se vuoi una batteria ottima, la scelta cade sul Asus, però se parliamo delle prestazioni del hardware e fotocamera la scelta è da parte di un altro smartphone. Purtroppo non saprei se effettivamente Galaxy J3 è capacitivo, ma ti consiglio di vedere per le prestazioni in generale, perché io infatti sono indeciso adesso anche io per prendere uno nuovo, anche a me è capitato di vedere adesso l'ASUS di questo modello per vedere le sue capacità ma purtroppo non mi ha colpito molto dalle prestazioni e fotocamera che è di 13 mpx ma in realtà purtroppo non corrisponde alla qualità promessa, e a questo punto non colpito da Asus io adesso sto vedendo la produzione di Huawei ... vorrei dire che comunque se devi decidere per affidabilità prendi huawei, io sono indeciso tra Huawei P9 Lite, Huawei Nova Young oppure Huawei Nova Smart. Sono i 3 ottimi e affidabili smartphone per le prestazioni, se vuoi comunque Asus tieni presente che sarebbe il migliore sul campo della alimentazione di batteria, ti trattiene fino 2 giorni tranquillamente la batteria senza eventuale ricarica e pure per funzionalità di software è ottimo per il suo prezzo, ma se devi prendere per prestazioni scegli quelli affidabili.
Dinda Mutiara Sakinah (1 year ago)
waahh ini kyak punyakuu sukaa
ツZαyη (1 year ago)
I dont want to talk much. I bought this smartphone about 2 days ago. This phone is perfect for gamers out there. The battery is incredibly well. Camera also fantastic . Amazing display
Blue Eagle (6 months ago)
not good for heavy games! such as PUBG Mobile!
BlackDeath GamerYT (8 months ago)
same its perfect 😂😍
Luiz Henrique (1 year ago)
+Isaac Adam Yes, it just gave an infinite loop.
Ömer Faruk Işık (1 year ago)
Hi guys, i have asus zenfone go 5.5(zb552kl) and i m glad to have bought this phone cuz i cannot find any case for it.If i bought a case for zb551kl , does it suit my phone?
Isaac Adam (1 year ago)
GamingWith Zan Can play some heavy games, if set in either medium or high settings?
Mark Joseph Barrera (1 year ago)
hi, how to know if it is fake or not?
Google User (1 year ago)
How to know if it's fake or not - buy from legit stores. That's a sure way to know it's real.
Sims Pandaaa (1 year ago)
Mark Joseph Barrera It is your first time seeing a original? or haven't you seen the fake ones? they are so way different..
Mark Joseph Barrera (1 year ago)
How can I know if it is genuine?
Sims Pandaaa (1 year ago)
Mark Joseph Barrera Original units are always genuine
Ina't Nay'ite (1 year ago)
#AppleTimesIT sai dirmi se è possibile salvare le app su memoria sd e se l'android può essere aggiornato al 6.0 marshmallow? Grazie
Hazique Farhan (1 year ago)
lol this channel should have more subscribers ffs
Nicholas Ashton (1 year ago)
Bailgames - Driver Parallel Lines and more! yeah
AppleTimes IT (1 year ago)
+Bailgames - Driver Parallel Lines and more! Thank you 😊
AppleTimes IT (1 year ago)
Jm Pacheco (1 year ago)
how much?
Alexis Aldana (1 year ago)
ROOTING GUIDE FOR THIS PHONE https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/asus-zenfone-zb551kl-rooting-tested-t3581636
Arif Farhan (1 year ago)
This zenfone go have 4G or just 3G?
Sims Pandaaa (1 year ago)
Arif Farhan 4G
舞漫 SaiChe (1 year ago)
OTG compatible or not?
AppleTimes IT (1 year ago)
JOHNs L yes, it's compatible!
舞漫 SaiChe (1 year ago)
OTG comtible or not?
x the moon (2 years ago)
mie îmi mănâncă nultă baterir
NeVeRmOrE (2 years ago)
i have the same phone wiht a built in battery. but the phone is great and gets me trough the day :) great build quality and everything.
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
+NeVeRmOrE :D
Jay Kyle23 (2 years ago)
ok lng ba gmitin sya hbang nkacharge?
Sims Pandaaa (1 year ago)
Jay Kyle23 Lahat ng klaseng cellphone hindi dapat ginagamit ng naka-charge, nakakasira..
Gilang Ramadhan Koto (2 years ago)
How much the Screen on time ?
Novelyn Dayo (2 years ago)
how is the battery? does it easily drain?
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
The battery it's powerful! :D
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Antoni (2 years ago)
How much ?
John Francis Kilakiga (2 years ago)
Can NBA 2k17 play on this phone? Thanks
fghfhg1212121 (2 years ago)
wtf you have a double led? i have only one led on mine why?
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
you may have another version :)
Poxody Y (2 years ago)
кушать обозрение на ASUS Zenfone GO ZB500KL LTE 16Gb ?
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
+Poxody Y I have not done, but on YouTube there are many reviews! :)
Francis Santiago (2 years ago)
No otg ???
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Francis Santiago is compatible the OTG ;)
Serapis Bey (2 years ago)
Oppo Neo 7 or ASUS Zenfone Go 5.5??
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Deathstroke 06 it depends for your necessities :)
Rainbow Pastel (2 years ago)
how can i make a screenshot? thanks
Ca Ri you can also long press the recent button
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Ca Ri volume button + on/off/standby button
Catie Rey (2 years ago)
Can you make a gaming and camera review for this phone?
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Try this link: http://www.androidnougats.com/android-nougat-7-0-update-for-asus-zenfone-go-zb551kl/
Novelyn Dayo (2 years ago)
Choa Park may iba ibang model. which is the latest
Choa Park (2 years ago)
+AppleTimes IT oh Ok, thanks
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, but I gave it back :(
Choa Park (2 years ago)
+AppleTimes IT yo BTW, are having problems with ur zenfone go pixelmaster? mine takes blurry photos idk why
Choa Park (2 years ago)
sad la
sumit sharma (2 years ago)
Could you please tell me if they will update this mobile to marshmallow and if i can play TV on this version like how it plays in asus zenfone go TV??
Kleber Santos (2 years ago)
Thank you, I will search and wait for a rom from cyanogenmod until the official update don't came...
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Kleber Santos you should install a Launcher, find in the play store! :)
Kleber Santos (2 years ago)
Yes, I know that, but I want to use Android 6.0 with your interface and functions, I dislike the ZenUI!
AppleTimes IT (2 years ago)
Asus Zenfone Go ZB551KL have Android 5.1.1 with ZenUI 2.0!
Kleber Santos (2 years ago)
Help me please, this installs a rom from Android 6.0 on my smartphone or is only a apk with changes in the launcher?

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