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Samsung Galaxy S9+ One UI/Android Pie Beta Navigation Gestures

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A look at the Nav Bar Gestures on Beta 3 (ZRKP) of Samsung's One UI based on Android Pie. Shop Amazon http://amzn.to/2CZp1EG (Link Supports Channel At No Extra Cost To You) Visit Us at Techoutofficial.com! Follow Us On Twiiter @Techoutofficial Follow Us On Instagram @Techoutofficial Add Us On Snapchat @Techoutofficial
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Text Comments (29)
ivan oktavianus (3 days ago)
hey man, there's something that has been bugging me over the past few days when i've started using the gestures. Whenever i open recent apps with the gesture, it moves the recent apps tray to the right one app, it's difficult to explain but it's just like in the video when u open recent apps. Any way to disable this? appreciate any help.
Anteiku CCG (1 month ago)
I have a s9, but i cant change it?
Falsher_OC (1 month ago)
I instal it on my phone. it looks like a piece of shit. Android Pee
Connor Richardson (1 month ago)
Not impressed by this update at all
Loka K.A (1 month ago)
Is it possible to hide the navigation bar completely when I use two apps in split screen mode?
Alison Cook (2 months ago)
How about swtiching between two apps gesture?
Rahul Jayaprasad (2 months ago)
does any the stock keyboard app touch to bottom once you turn of nav bar plz reply.
C4 KeizerG (2 months ago)
How do i hide the navigation buttons like in Experience UI it git hidden but in ONE UI its always there anf its annoying
Connor Richardson (1 month ago)
You can't anymore, it's shit I know
André Luiz (2 months ago)
Garrettdx1988 (2 months ago)
With the gestures, how do you flip between the two most recent apps?
TechOut (2 months ago)
Swipe on the bottom
Tarık Çimen (2 months ago)
Cant open double screen mode while in gesture navigation bar
Tarık Çimen (2 months ago)
+TechOut thanks a lot but ı have just one more problem about the camera. I cannot turn on either 4k 60 fps or 30 fps for video. Could you you help me about that?
TechOut (2 months ago)
Pretty sure it’s in the app switcher I think you tap the app icon on the top of the app and can go to split screen
CR7 Fans (2 months ago)
I can't hide navigation bar in new update. Not good :/
Bernard (2 months ago)
In the quick settings you can hide the navigation bar but you have to use the gestures instead
Tarık Çimen (2 months ago)
Also the 4k 60 fps and 4k 30 fps video modes are gone that is absolutely bad
Ahmed Elkhodary (3 months ago)
Would it be better if u customise the gesture hint? E.g. resize them or colour them? I hope they build this in the next beta version!
TechOut (3 months ago)
I mean color them maybe but no need to resize them
andrew rafferty (3 months ago)
Is this available in the UK
TechOut (3 months ago)
It wasn’t an assumption when it was released it was said it would be US only
George Steele (3 months ago)
+TechOut It's now available from the Samsung Members app in the UK. Careful with the assumptions.
TechOut (3 months ago)
No beta for the UK so you won't see it until public release at the earliest
andrew rafferty (3 months ago)
Thanks, any idea when they may be available in the UK ? Your help is much appreciated.
TechOut (3 months ago)
Sunil Shahid (3 months ago)
is there any way to flash with odin this beta?
Sunil Shahid (3 months ago)
+TechOut any idea about exynos model s9 plus?
TechOut (3 months ago)
Yes all the builds are available for download on Samsung.firmware.science

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