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Samsung Galaxy S9+ One UI/Android Pie Beta Navigation Gestures

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A look at the Nav Bar Gestures on Beta 3 (ZRKP) of Samsung's One UI based on Android Pie. Shop Amazon http://amzn.to/2CZp1EG (Link Supports Channel At No Extra Cost To You) Visit Us at Techoutofficial.com! Follow Us On Twiiter @Techoutofficial Follow Us On Instagram @Techoutofficial Add Us On Snapchat @Techoutofficial
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Ahmed Elkhodary (9 days ago)
Would it be better if u customise the gesture hint? E.g. resize them or colour them? I hope they build this in the next beta version!
TechOut (9 days ago)
I mean color them maybe but no need to resize them
andrew rafferty (9 days ago)
Is this available in the UK
TechOut (8 days ago)
No beta for the UK so you won't see it until public release at the earliest
andrew rafferty (8 days ago)
Thanks, any idea when they may be available in the UK ? Your help is much appreciated.
TechOut (9 days ago)
Sunil Shahid (10 days ago)
is there any way to flash with odin this beta?
Sunil Shahid (8 days ago)
+TechOut any idea about exynos model s9 plus?
TechOut (10 days ago)
Yes all the builds are available for download on Samsung.firmware.science

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