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Minecraft 1.12: Redstone Tutorial - Best Trading System!

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● Want a vending machine instead? Check out this NEW tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_CmdQRNGq8 Hey guys, welcome to another redstone tutorial. In this tutorial today, I show you how to build this cool vending machine! You can configure the currency and items that you get from it! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a thumbs up, comment and subscribe! WORLD DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zwax1rfxrlc6mcb/Redstone%20Tutorials.zip Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MrCrayfish
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Text Comments (2905)
SpiritOf Ellie (2 days ago)
This isn't working for me. It just ends up popping out all of the items one by one.
Sonicstar33 (4 days ago)
Smelly feet
Upsidedown Banana (6 days ago)
Do you have to use beds
screen recorder (8 days ago)
2019 :)
the 01guest (8 days ago)
wat if me punch ladder does it mean i can scam you
full on savags (10 days ago)
Did not work
Daniel Abdolahi (11 days ago)
You mean 5lime red stone comparator
Cassandra Swift (12 days ago)
Works for me in windows 10... nice job. Great design
Reshele Ramkissoon (12 days ago)
It worked thank you Mr crayfish
Matt Ringer (14 days ago)
I did what u said but my emeralds go into the chest
Karl Ramirez (14 days ago)
what if you put some other items in?
Oliver harness White (14 days ago)
It is giving me 2 not 1
Hotfilk. (26 days ago)
Good vending machine I like it
imipro 999 (30 days ago)
Thank you so much it works in 1.13.2!
ryan fg fan (1 month ago)
I have a mod or resource pack from you
Mr.Dr.ProfStonerman (1 month ago)
man i had no idea this was uploaded on my birthday when i was younger, i now consider this a gift because it was way more helpful than my friends hahaha
TT Skull Gamer (1 month ago)
I have nere seen a bad way to do this stuff untuill now
910 Pusheen The Cat (1 month ago)
I did iron for emeralds. I put is ONE iron and I got 64 Emeralds back!
le vi (9 days ago)
Loopy Lizard (1 month ago)
Mine worked but my finger was on fire so if you want to make this be sure to be as fast as you can
MEME MC (1 month ago)
For me it justs keeps on ticking it can’t stop
Leonard Yap (1 month ago)
Why when I put 3 iron (my currency), I get 4 rotten flesh (traded item)?
Bat Moose Productions (1 month ago)
Whenever I put In my emeralds they go into the chest
Jonathan topic (1 month ago)
1 droppers
Director George (1 month ago)
10 for 1???
John T. Ralston Jr. (1 month ago)
Breezyho Herní Kanál (1 month ago)
What if i throw to the hopper something different?
jaxonplayz (2 months ago)
i disliked ur video!
jaxonplayz (2 months ago)
i did'nt work!
Madi Simerly (2 months ago)
Make one for Xbox please I followed this and did what u said and it didn’t work
Tikka Earp (2 months ago)
Madi Simerly it didn’t work for PlayStation either ☹️
Danny Game’z (2 months ago)
You go way too fast
Aiden Alverson (2 months ago)
I'm confused, I put in 1 diamond for 1 emerald and it spat out 2 emeralds. Why?
iRed621 (2 months ago)
Is ja mega stark!!!
CoolRacoon63 Wild (2 months ago)
I love how small it is! This is great for my server thanks!
SwiftyDerpZ (2 months ago)
What if i want the price to be 3 jems
Zainab Bilal (2 months ago)
Is there any way ?
Zainab Bilal (2 months ago)
Would u make a video same like this one but without emerald and dropper
Notaro (2 months ago)
To be clear. I just tested this design. It works perfectly IN 1.12. Which is the title of the video. You can change the currency to anything you want. If you want to change the price, the number of items required, replace the redstone block with dust on top with a regular block with dust on top. Then, point a repeater into the dust and then put something like a cauldron or chest behind the comparator you can then adjust the price by almost filling that.
Stellan Cook (3 months ago)
It doesnt work
Evan Lenz (3 months ago)
It doesn't work.
TrueDragonzzz Gaming (16 days ago)
Evan Lenz works for me
MLG squirrel (17 days ago)
+Andrew DeRose it still works he just didnt do it right :)\
Andrew DeRose (1 month ago)
this is an old tutorial, redstone changes
Google Mind reader (3 months ago)
Didn’t work never mind it did
Ronalyn Yambao (3 months ago)
What if I put dirt's instead of emeralds?it will work?
Jacob Majarocon (3 months ago)
Do these work in androids
Squiddy FancySon (3 months ago)
this doesnt work
Juan Galeana-Rojas (3 months ago)
Doesn't work🤬🤬
Waggl (3 months ago)
Is it work in 1.13v ????
AidanTES (4 months ago)
It worked but it dropped all of the iron instead of 1
2 chest hahaha
Dino_ Craft (4 months ago)
Thx this was cool
Carson Benvo (4 months ago)
Doesn’t work anymore
Justice King// Cayden (4 months ago)
How would you make it give you multiple items with only 1 currency.
Michael Roden (4 months ago)
at the start when you sad you need 1 chest the writing said 2 chest xD
jkdnd 360 (4 months ago)
i love your redstone creations!
54 (4 months ago)
His name is mrcrayfish
Caleb Scott (4 months ago)
What if we want it to cost more?
Dallas Mann (4 months ago)
Time to poke a hole into this device. Every single server sets hoppers to drop 3x, not 1.
Rkh Rkh (4 months ago)
This video is trash it doesn’t work
Justice King// Cayden (4 months ago)
Drowsey R1 yes it does. Try it on pc
joey 215 (5 months ago)
What if you want to trade iron for emeralds would it still work PLEASE tell me
Justice King// Cayden (4 months ago)
joey 215 yes it will. Just change the currency and reward
uNreaLconcerts (5 months ago)
it didnt work
GamingGodJon (5 months ago)
U r god
Will (5 months ago)
very nice
TheSlasherPrince (6 months ago)
I got this to work except that everything was ticking and dispensing the items on it's own without payment.
Creative Doodles (6 months ago)
Perfect! I'll be using this for my private map!
InkWolfOnline (6 months ago)
1:16 another mistake: He said in voice 1 chest but in text he said 2 chests
InkWolfOnline (6 months ago)
1:08 Mistake: The video text said 3 redstone comparators, he said in voice, 2 redstone comparators
Manoli (6 months ago)
Do you have to put in 63 Emeralds or does work 1 aswell?
MarkoSuper Gamerr (6 months ago)
it's Working yaaaaay
Blue Dot (6 months ago)
Sherwin Villaraza (6 months ago)
1 emerald = 1 iron noob
Azzy Msp (6 months ago)
It doesn’t work dummy
Azzy Msp (6 months ago)
Your stupid
Aileen Almaa (6 months ago)
it didnt work for me can someone help??
Twitch Maldio (7 months ago)
Needs update for latest of because it's it takes 2 instead 1
cherri (7 months ago)
How come sometimes the items just go right thru the hopper ;-;
havemercy (7 months ago)
Is this possible on ps4
cherri (7 months ago)
Yes iv tried it
Mama lui Jimmy (7 months ago)
That's exemple!
TheRichardestGamerAlive (7 months ago)
but what if I'm on xbox?
Destroyer ECHO (7 months ago)
Fuck mite can you talk kind a slow bro
1tzM3Aar0n (7 months ago)
I made a much compacterrrerrr way to make that. its smaller too obviously
Zyox (7 months ago)
Tooooo fast
DumbSxfe (7 months ago)
That‘s from a german Youtuber...
Jo Hoffman (7 months ago)
It dose not work at all
VicGames Vt (7 months ago)
Hey good video just some friendly advice use tools for I,e.g. a shovel for digging the ground.
PG YT (7 months ago)
If you want you’re machine to do more than 1for1 say 10for1 use shulkers and put in the amount you want the to pay
Luko s (7 months ago)
itsarandomcartridge (7 months ago)
If you replace the dropper for a command block it will still work!
OSCAR Mineraft (8 months ago)
Doesn't work on pe
HuskyLover R (8 months ago)
this helps soooo much but it gives me 2 items for 1 gem instead of 1 item
GamingGetsPlayed 9049 (8 months ago)
Flavourful (8 months ago)
Doesn't work for me. I did it 5 times and it still won't work. Sorry.
TheDiamondOre__ (8 months ago)
What do you do if only one works in your world and the others don't, I tried to rebuild them, I made sure that no other blocks are touching the hoppers, but still only one works, plz help!!!
itsarandomcartridge (8 months ago)
helped me alot for making a map!
Charli vlogs (8 months ago)
It doesn’t work 😢(for me)
TheBestActor (8 months ago)
Sky block market👍
Rose Dutton (8 months ago)
Giselle Robb (8 months ago)
This didn't work the fist time I tried it shows how bad I am at redstone
Dark Anonym (8 months ago)
thanks so much
Theresa Fort (8 months ago)
Mine does not work
kokke 3000 (8 months ago)
what if i want it to make it so it spits out more than 3 items?
TheMachGuru 603 (8 months ago)
Doesn’t work on Pocket Edition
Blobfishboy The 21st (8 months ago)
It does. But it’s hard to do ☹️. Also it drops infinite

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