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A Simple Trick on How to Save Up A Lot of Money Fast

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How to save up money easily for a house or for a new car? Learn a genius hack on how to save more money each month. As a bonus, we'll tell teach you how to safely hide your cash. "If only I could stop spending money on stuff I don’t need, I would buy so many useful things!" Have you ever thought this? Then this video is just for you. RULE 1: Subtract the last digit from each number to get a zero at the end. It’s easier to “zero out” cash into a piggy bank, and you may use a savings account or any other bank account to transfer the money from your card. RULE 2: Save everything that’s left over before payday — "zero out" one more time at the end of the month. For instance, you still have $300 in cash and $1,000 in the bank — just move it to your savings account. TIMESTAMPS «Zero out» your money every evening 0:31 Move any unspent money to your saving account 1:46 What are the advantages of this simple method? 2:05 The worst places to hide your cash: In the backyard 2:41 Under your mattress 2:58 In shopping bags 3:13 In old wallets and handbags 3:27 In laundry baskets 3:40 Behind a picture or photo in a frame 3:58 In safes that are not bolted down 4:13 In drawers and cabinets 4:34 Where to hide your money 4:53 SUMMARY If you feel like you have run out of places to hide your money, try the following suggestions: • Wrap your money in a plastic bag, and tape it to the bottom of the kitchen counter or to the bottom of your kid’s toy box (the best option is to create a false bottom in it). • In a waterproof container stored in the lowest drawer of your refrigerator or freezer. Make sure it doesn’t read "Ice cream" or something else yummy thieves might want to try. • Hide your savings among buttons, threads, and other sewing accessories. Unless thieves suddenly need to sew something, they most probably won’t look for your money in there. • In a pair of old shoes, clothes, or maybe in an old computer that no longer works. Make sure it all looks like junk you have not disposed of yet. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (3339)
Kyler Jordan (1 day ago)
I’m saving up for dubai
A Min Review (1 day ago)
Thats funny methods to save money :D Keep it up guys. Though there are 12 ways to make money quick mentioned with us in A Min Video, if interested to check. Cheers
Toons Tamil (1 day ago)
im saving money for a brand new phone
Lucaßch Di Kayli (2 days ago)
Is there a tutorial for dope dealers 😂😂
horsy gamer (2 days ago)
a horse barn
Emily Mutchler (2 days ago)
Jeez I wish I have two dollars to save
Anno Smith (2 days ago)
Now that I know where you all hide your money at now. I'll be right back 😈
Lanz Martinez (4 days ago)
im saving for a gaming phone
Cody Stack (4 days ago)
Trip to Europe
Berta Andrade (4 days ago)
kaily martinez (4 days ago)
Are u a thief because u know everything thief would do i don’t know if this is real because I’m not a thief like yall
Jennifer Chua (4 days ago)
For Monopoly
SHANNA DORSEY (6 days ago)
IPhone 6
Kpop Is Layf (6 days ago)
Lisa Gonzales (7 days ago)
Im saveing up for slime
you like (7 days ago)
dont try to hide just make simly safe and trust in God ALLAH Alone
you like (7 days ago)
there is no monney yet..
D&C Simmers (8 days ago)
I’m saving up for a iPhone
Vintagetwothree9 (8 days ago)
Saving for a banshee....
Alhamdulillah :)
Emily’s Videos (9 days ago)
Hey thieves: look at this video to see how to see where money might be😂 they watch the same videos as us right?😂 I mean... 😜
Alejandrina Hernandez (9 days ago)
For 💅 nails
mimo tofi gamer (9 days ago)
I want to save money for an iphone 6 😘😘
Hasan Bhatti (9 days ago)
I am saving up for the Xbox One S console
Kavitha Pasupuleti (10 days ago)
I'm a kid and when I watched this video I will follow your suggestions because I am saving money for video games and things that I like
Sam Louis (10 days ago)
I got 13000 sent to my account from Brian after I contacted him and asked him for help , text him on 2675784862
death star (10 days ago)
David Pinto (10 days ago)
I personally didn't find this video useful
Gaming Legend (10 days ago)
I am saving money for wi fi
Ridhuan Hassan (11 days ago)
I’m saving up for a Kawasaki w175
K-pop Bantan Taehyung (11 days ago)
Concert hehe
K-pop Bantan Taehyung (11 days ago)
Concert hehe
Arcade Laur (13 days ago)
am saving for a pc :P
Rama Srivastava (13 days ago)
For gaming pc
lost619 (13 days ago)
Some great tips here! My bank has a feature set up that rounds the penny's up and saves it. I also use plum and saved a few hundred there but recently spent everything it's a nightmare! So I really need new ways to save :)
Savana Marinos (14 days ago)
Kedda kedda (14 days ago)
A friend of mine given me three advices that I still use to this day 1 always have two credit cards one for the internet only (can be like an H&R card easy to dispose) and the other to go places so if one was ever to be hack the other will still be safe 2 it’s always best to have an extra emergency account Incase of major trouble in the future like if your car broke down or you lost your job and need extra money to live by until then 3 Always beware of online shopping it’s best to be cautious on what you do buy and not regret it later on
EBOJFM DBOOJOH (14 days ago)
With the first technique what does Zeroing out do exactly
Anish Sawant (15 days ago)
This video was supposed to be on how to save money.. And not on how to hide money.
jovany corcuera (16 days ago)
For Dlsr Camera an Latop
Arthur Souza (16 days ago)
well where I live, there aren't as many thieves. CANADA FU-- I-- I can't say that word... CANADA FRICK YEAH
Arthur Souza (16 days ago)
I'm saving up for a dirtbike
Noodlepony (16 days ago)
“Zero out your money every evening.” Me: Yup zero dollars again tonight
Team Lynx HuugiN (16 days ago)
Savng up for a drive trough europe a car and a licence i am 15yrs old
pink_ blaze (17 days ago)
Lol my mom owes me a $1 if she cusses. I got $46
greta Caruana (17 days ago)
I’m trying to save up money so I can buy my parents a House
Fam Time! (17 days ago)
im saving up for an MacBook Air
Mr. Vizard (17 days ago)
You sound nasally... stop
Mike Lim (18 days ago)
Does this video think I can't do subtractions?
Nope never thought that way ever. Earn for the lifestyle you want. Always live on less than you make & make more than you want. Don’t be consumed with money make money work for you.
hilton Raymond (18 days ago)
I got $20000 from [email protected] .com
dos lambo (18 days ago)
I am saving for rent
Laxmi Raut (18 days ago)
Not work
Chris Martin (19 days ago)
Is it a good idea to hide money inside light fixtures or inside the toilet tank?
Chris Martin (19 days ago)
I'm saving for a macbook pro
Josenoe Rodeloguajardo (19 days ago)
a Nintendo switch
Oh-Zell Music (19 days ago)
I found this zeroing out thing quite confusing. Not sure about anyone else?
Natalie Guzman (16 days ago)
Michelle Deeley (20 days ago)
I am going to block bright side because you do not have the best interest of viewers' safety. Instead, you are more concerned about your views. Go back to school and get a real job.
Michelle Deeley (20 days ago)
open up multiple bank accounts for various reasons. I have 7 accounts. House insurance, car insurance, property taxes, travel, dental, car maintenance etc.
Kaiz R (21 days ago)
Saving money to buy a car 🚗
Neel Kanwal (21 days ago)
Thanks I was a bid spender
Restoration Dan (22 days ago)
I’m saving up for a dirt bike
musambanihafo (23 days ago)
I want to buy a 📷
XXXBDOG224XXX (24 days ago)
brazzers season pass
Yea a new voice!!!!
Adams Knox (24 days ago)
i got a legit transfer from [email protected]
Karen Armstrong (24 days ago)
I'm saving for a iphone cause ma attitude messed up
nice tips!
Rick Picone (24 days ago)
I'm saving up for a loaf of bread.
Shyre Sad (24 days ago)
The best way inside ball..
Miracle Covington (25 days ago)
I'm saving for another phone or a camera
DarknessQueen 10 (25 days ago)
I need a pony
Huda Aldubaee (26 days ago)
I am saving up for a phone :D I AM SOO EXICTED TO GET ONE but now I need to wait a month :(
BluesXGaming (26 days ago)
Then what if I don't have a bank account?
Supanova William (26 days ago)
I smell thieves in the comment section
ajay nand (27 days ago)
For new smartphone
greentea (27 days ago)
re-title how to hide your money from thieves...
Med Sousane (27 days ago)
99% of *You* won't read this but... . . . . you are the 1%, *Have a good day* ❤❤❤
Chris (27 days ago)
It's not just about thieves. My neighbour's house went up in flames, before a robber was ever able to break in. Toronto, Ontario residents had their homes flood.... money gets wet, if it's made of paper (like the backyard example). You often move, so, you may have hid money so well, YOU couldn't find it. The book (purse or vase) you stashed your cash in, could have accidentally been donated, especially if you passed away and had your kids clean out your house. Thieves rob homes, banks, and online accounts, especially if you're not paying attention.
Hot Pants 314 (28 days ago)
Refrigerators are a the most common place to store money and drugs .. making it a classic place, and the first place criminals check!
Clybort Misled (28 days ago)
I live in glasgow i think im fine.il hide cash in my bed.
TheHerogamerCy UTK io (28 days ago)
i will try to save money for a gaming pc
Bonnie Gaither (28 days ago)
This is the dumbest 'money saving' video I have ever seen.
A an Y Y (28 days ago)
New pc and ps4
Professor Bun Bun (30 days ago)
I spend money only on food and rent, have no friends, don't drink alcohol, don't do drugs, and still dont have a car after 26 years... Nice try.
Michelle Deeley (20 days ago)
rent out a 2 bedroom apartment and use the 2nd room to generate rental income.
Junaid Khan (30 days ago)
im saving for 4k camera and a airsoft toy gun for youtubr videos
Erik Va dee-Vee chee (30 days ago)
WINNER!!! 🏆 CAPTAIN OBVIOUS AWARD!! psh...ridiculous advice
Tgcs Official (30 days ago)
I’m saving up for a horse
Anil Dharmani (30 days ago)
Thank you for exposing more secret place now they know it
Ask Lovely (1 month ago)
you just gave up all the good hiding places..now nowhere is safe..smdh But, the other info was great!
hayden suddick (1 month ago)
A Lamborghini
Dr Bob Gregson (1 month ago)
I got a successful transfer of money from kloviaclinks..com They are legit.
Denisivanov 1999 (1 month ago)
Speeks DEX: If you want to WIN one of my abstract paintings, open the link and leave a comment with your first opinion. "If you want to feel the art uner your skin, open your mind first" -Denis Ivanov - DEX
Ji! Jim (1 month ago)
Im a kid saving up for a gaming pc (already have 7€)
Bradley Johnson (1 month ago)
wow so i can save all the money i recently made from my trade ..this sounds nice
Stanley Marshall (1 month ago)
i am so checking this out ... its good to know that women are helping empower men and their society
Olivia kawaski (1 month ago)
does she work with foreign clients?
Bradley Johnson (1 month ago)
compose a very reasonable message to her because she is very busy..you have to explain exactly why you mailed so she reply feliciasherbet @gmailcom
Dylan Jean (1 month ago)
contact please?
Jacob Holmes (1 month ago)
what about us that dont have money to save? what do we do with this information?
Shoutouts&Gaming (1 month ago)
Do this I did this n I got money from doing it if u have any Xbox or PS4/3 games make sure they ain’t scratched go to ur nearest ebgames or any game store n return it n ask can I return this into cash
Nolan Hamel (1 month ago)
I'm trying to get a iPhone 6 plus is iPhone 5s ☺☺☺☺☺☺🖥
William Jasmine (1 month ago)
I'd rather save my emergency fund on the bank. it's much more saferthere and gains even a little bit of interest
Mona Y (1 month ago)
This is one of the stupidest video ive ever seen. Absolutely useless.

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