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Lost/Damaged AirPod Replacement Process

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Text Comments (9)
AliGamer7799 Bla (11 days ago)
But will I have to pay
Aran Campbell (6 days ago)
AliGamer7799 Bla obviously he’s not gonna buy you a new case dumbass that shits expensive
TechOut (11 days ago)
Uh no?
AliGamer7799 Bla (11 days ago)
Is it ok if you can Order me one
TechOut (11 days ago)
No? Why would they just give you another one because you lost it?
AliGamer7799 Bla (11 days ago)
Oh my god it can’t be for free
AliGamer7799 Bla (11 days ago)
What can I do if I just lost the case
TechOut (11 days ago)
You can order a replacement case as well just contact Apple support

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