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Fallout 4 - Lets Build a Business | Infinite Caps No Cheating | Taffington Boathouse| Settlement

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Fallout 4 Settlement Base Building - Lets build! a money generating business, an endless supply of caps and healing items, with no cheating or exploiting. Purified water sells for a maximum of 20 caps each, and with this we can produce hundreds of purified waters per day, by simply using Taffington Boathouse or a settlement with a decent water supply. Obviously, the bigger the water supply the more purifiers you can build, however today were building a simple settlement/ business with a good perimeter and defenses so we never have to worry about caps again, enjoy! Please don't forget to leave a like, if you like the video :) This is part #2 of my "Lets Build" series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBq1GcVa4chnSr2HQ0u5VRPGKxXh09wnt For more videos, you can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80qJ9Av40qfzYvSgsvzMoQ
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Text Comments (1503)
Gifted Carton780 (1 day ago)
Gifted Carton780 (1 day ago)
He’s probably using the Build Anywhere mid
Gifted Carton780 (1 day ago)
Has anyone else noticed his materials didn’t go down and he built past the build perimeter
George Villarreal (1 day ago)
lol don't know if I was watching tips for infinite caps or one of those flipping house shows.
Gods Demon (1 day ago)
I have 8 purifiers going and they all don't seem to work. They're powered up by a reactor. So power is a non issue. Have you had a same issue?
Gods Demon (1 day ago)
Nvm just saw this was for not fo76
Richard Claessens (2 days ago)
All easy .... Except for the problem of unlimited resources that you seem to have .... And you didn't tell us how it makes income ... ??? did you put in stores or what .... ? BTW I used concrete walls ...
Leeroy Jenkins (3 days ago)
You did this not perfect, but it still beautiful. When I am trying to do something perfectly, I am doing it very bad :(
Dread Ze (5 days ago)
Came for the build guide.. stayed for the Ecstasy, girls flashing nips, Then a cat walked in, I don’t know what he was saying.. but all he kept saying was EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT
George Chakhidze (6 days ago)
I learned a lot about FO4 building tactics; did not know how to stack a foundation on top of another. Very useful.
Erin Taylor-Gould (9 days ago)
Ew, floating objects. What I've built is lookin pretty iiiiight
Gábor M. (10 days ago)
Tha' heck this language do ya speaking ?! Jeeez...
Wency Fuentes (10 days ago)
Sole survivor: *builds a booming water business in the commonwealth and profits from it* Lone wanderer: *hears the news* Fans: well shit.
bucks orel (16 days ago)
that guys is making a settlement under 30 minutes, meanwhile i need 10 hours to build a settlement without including some shops
Elite-Metal (22 days ago)
Very good video, one of the coolest build i have seen on fallout 4
NecroVoid (23 days ago)
Ffs thought I was watching a fallout 76 video 😂
King Troll (23 days ago)
If you take Strong to Diamond City .. he will stand in the street and show his balls for 200 caps at a time.
_BIGBADBLUEMAN _ (29 days ago)
You big fucking NIGGA
TEN4 Game Zone (1 month ago)
i have done this on boathouse and sanctuary but when do i start seeing the water in the inventory its been 24 hours and i have not received any purified water. Do i pick it up from somewhere? Do i need to activate something. lol?
Solidus 316 (1 month ago)
Seems there is a cap limit on settlement dividends from all sources. I had to download the mod Uncapped Settlements.
WormholeJim (1 month ago)
Way funnier yet not as profitable, is building lunchboxes, then punch them to have them open up and give you their bonus gift, load the lunchboxes back into the builder (they get auto repaired) and repeat. You can even set this up in an automatic process in a loop where the same lunchboxes gets recycled over and over, netting you bonus gifts almost each time around (they don't *always* reward you a bonus-gift when busted open, and the more they get recycled, the smaller the chance seems to get for each individual lunchbox that they do. Eventually you just scrap the whole batch and build a new one.) large batches of lunchboxes are best mass-opened with nuka-grenades. Nothing but fun with this - oh, and while not *as* profitable, it's still plenty profitable to be worthwhile.
slowmot1on95 (1 month ago)
Now you need to excapsulate the entire settlement for the ambush kit... really cool set up though.
Randal (1 month ago)
Syndicateii (1 month ago)
Hey guys first off, SORRY FOR THE SPAM BUT IM NOT A BOT! I just really want your guys' feedback on this video series I want to create with fallout4! Your opinions and ideas are appreciated for the comment section on the video to ensure a successful project! So if you guys have the time, hear me out! "For the preparation of Fallout 76 I started a Fallout 4 video series "Let's Build" for the PS4! In full detail: I was hoping for it to be community led! Meaning I want your guy's suggestions tips and feedback in order to create mega cities starting in Sanctuary Hills! It is meant to be No Mods! (Except Creation Club) and no glitches like duplication glitch, or max caps (aside from max build size glitch). I want to create this in an honest way with just what is provided by bethesda and with achievements enabled!. It is in Hard Mode, but will go to survival if asked to!. Even if you don't subscribe I would love for you guys to show some love for the vid and give out suggestions in the comment section! Any opinions is fully appreciated! Thanks For your time! Syndicateii
the noise (1 month ago)
this video is 90% settlement building and 10% business building
Magic Mav52 (1 month ago)
How do you get rid of the Brahmin corpses
Solidus 316 (1 month ago)
By using a scrapping mod that will let you select them.
Flizzmaster (1 month ago)
All I see here is a nerd who build a ugly base ...
Flizzmaster (25 days ago)
Milkshake Daddy Can you annoy someone else pls? I dont want to talk to people like you, thx
Milkshake Daddy (25 days ago)
And you're the nerd who watched him do it, lmao
henk visser (1 month ago)
playing fallout 4: god mode modded guns no cheating part 1
henk visser (1 month ago)
how is "infinite caps" and "no cheating" logical?
Corbin Schrock (1 month ago)
This is a solid plan.
Dive Path (1 month ago)
MrZobiwan (2 months ago)
No cheat but infinite material :D
Ugly voice
Aryon1969 (2 months ago)
After all this time I finally have seen how to build a turret stand so it can see over my walls.
Jess Wolfe (2 months ago)
Easiest to follow build of this kind. Not that others aren't good I just find this one the easiest to follow.
Joseph Boyer (2 months ago)
Your Fallout 4 Build series is the best of all I've seen. Concise and to the point technique. Smooth camera. No jerky chicken head shots. No distracting changes during demo. No babbling about how cool it is, or intense storyline saga. Just By far, superior to any Fo4 build tutorials out there!
ShadowArtyHD (2 months ago)
No cheat but is ressource dont drop when he build +1 dislike 🤔
Joe The Juggalo (2 months ago)
May try this next time I play.
Matthew Godwin (2 months ago)
Put water on cement and move it neat trick can place it anywhere
Garrison Whiteside (2 months ago)
Institute piece of trash
Leekshooter (2 months ago)
Drink. Some. Water.
Hagjon 13 (2 months ago)
Burn dem institute flags
Wish ur creation was a prefab
Josh Corbett (2 months ago)
The walls don’t wanna touch the rocks
Vara Satoshi (3 months ago)
Don't forget that shops also generate caps for settlements.
Ghost tankcommander (3 months ago)
I like it! I have two water farms myself I have one set up at sanctuary and the other at fort independence ( the castle) water farming is the best way to make money,at the end of the day people need fresh water to drink free of rads, so tell me how did you gather enough resources to build this amazing water purification fortress?
FredRated1967 (3 months ago)
These days, all you usually need is a single fusion generator.
Charles C (3 months ago)
"No cheating" *Has god mode enabled*
EPIC FUN (3 months ago)
Like the built 👍
jumarbye 1 (3 months ago)
Great video - gave me lots of ideas, not just the setting up a business part, but the process of making tidier power systems and guard towers. Thanks!
Alteric Jeske (3 months ago)
Why not just use a fusion generator or two?
I hate his mumble
Farcasted (3 months ago)
Lets build a business to defeat the hans
Potato Boi (3 months ago)
Minecraft Minecraft never changes
InTheSky Films (3 months ago)
Pro tip, make water heavy settlements, jump between them every 3 days to get max water collect massive supply and sell. Downsides: When you take all water settlers will be very mad, do it anyway, you earned it :)
Roswell Alienware (3 months ago)
Very Good
Crusher L (4 months ago)
You have made my day! This helps me heaps! Your talent for building makes others look like noobs this is a excellent idea 💡 for this settlement I knew it was based here for something lol you also have given me some unbelievable ideas of my own now top vid bro keep up the great work👍
chill chill (4 months ago)
just make jet better than water
IchBinGoldgeil / Julian (4 months ago)
Are you drunk?
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt (4 months ago)
1.6k dislikes are from a certain Diamond City Businessman er.. Kid who sells water. 😏
FillaHmpon UA (4 months ago)
PrazimProductions (4 months ago)
LOL. 1:21, that’s what she said. (Womp womp)
dirtyhavoc (4 months ago)
Nice . You've given me some great ideas. Thanks
David Zaruba (4 months ago)
Nice bulding bro. Have nice work !!😎🖒
Brad Miller (4 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this guy sounds like Australian Ashton Kutcher?
DamageJackal (4 months ago)
On PC we can just tap "additem 0000000f 1000" a few times a be done. Lmao
OsamaBinThottin (4 months ago)
Pretty cute set up
Chris Persich (4 months ago)
How long do you have to wait for the brahmin corpses to decompose
Arkadios votes Socialist (5 months ago)
How to get infinite caps: repeatedly loot Cabot House, sell everything. If you leave, drop off stuff, say at the RRTS, and teleport back to Cabot House, EVERYTHING has regenerated. Also, if you want a shitload of Fat Man launchers for whatever reason, or you’re low on Mini Nukes, that’s the place to farm them.
Matthew Beadle (5 months ago)
Do you need dlc to get the big concrete walls?
Brandon Keele (5 months ago)
It always tells me I have to much stuff at my settlements and I cannot build anymore.. why?
Valeri Nicolaev (5 months ago)
"Uajiiji" ("right here")
Felix Ferdinand (5 months ago)
do you use additional DLC for this feature?
Jo Ho (5 months ago)
Has something changed? What do you need the money for? I had enough just playing the game.
Jim Hawkings (5 months ago)
No caps, only water.
Beemer (5 months ago)
That is the most annoying background music ever.
Arnor Arnor (5 months ago)
15 mins and 42 secs summed up in 1 sentence: Build a base, make water from shitload of purifiers, sell it.
Delfino Rubi IV (5 months ago)
does this work on console
I'm Your Huckleberry (5 months ago)
You're like the Bob Ross of Fallout 4 Construction. Great Video. Thanks!
Justin W. (5 months ago)
"Infinite Caps No Cheating" That's an oxymoron...
Lore Silver (5 months ago)
i dont understand this where does the water go or those caps? i dont suppose those water purifiers dont poop out the caps somewhere?
Dutch972 (5 months ago)
So is it feasible to get all the materials for building all this?
Anikati CZ (5 months ago)
TheCoper COper (5 months ago)
What's the point of infinite caps? There's nothing to spend them on!
Fredrich Reisinger (5 months ago)
I can place the wall colliding with the rock -_-
Cool idea
JJokerMoreau (5 months ago)
So basically... sell water. Lol.
Jhae Mrll. (5 months ago)
Nordhagen beach and spectacle island are where I chose to put my water farms...you can put way more at those locations.
Jayson (5 months ago)
this is a society
KnyF (5 months ago)
Maybe turn down the music just a little bit?
Ron (5 months ago)
I wish I had the patience and attention span to learn all this. But I don't, so I won't.
carloscrusi (5 months ago)
So I am not sure if I am the only one that has the problem, but when you put your settlers on the vending post, the three of them have the same amount of coins, so I do not understand why you put 3 vending post, does this happens to everybody?
Mr.handy unit #265 (5 months ago)
Does anyone know how I increase happiness levels for my characters they just always seem sad af
PeaceBuddha (5 months ago)
How to minimize your living space 101
Crates HQ (5 months ago)
Its absolutely pointless building a perimeter around that place as enemy spawn inside everytime.
Vintage Music (5 months ago)
I never got into this game but I am reinstalling it now. I miss the little bit I played of it :(
ReZeReCtEd GaMiNg (5 months ago)
You did cheat lies his resources never go down he’s moding
AXE MAN (5 months ago)
I turned Kingsport into a disciples run drug lab.
Kapootis Is a Communist (5 months ago)
Don’t use the boathouse for this. In spectacle island and sanc. hills you can put way more purifiers. If you don’t like or don’t have/use these areas I suggest egret tours marina or the castle. Boathouse is way too small and you could be making a lot more profit and caps off one of the settlements I suggested.
Tanner (5 months ago)
When am I able to build stuff in Fallout? I am a very low level. I recently just saved the Minutemen.
Benjey Hendgey (5 months ago)
I did this but did it a bit different and it made the place way better

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