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Is The Logitech MX Master Still Worth It?

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Get the Logitech MX Master: http://amzn.to/2l1T3jP Music Imaginary by Broken Elegance & Nomyn: https://soundcloud.com/brokenelegance/imaginary About the Host: Ian McIlwraith - Ian is an Editor at YourTechExplained, where he loves exploring the latest in the Google universe. When he's not buried in words, Ian can be found trying to find a cool new shot for his job as a videographer. Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/@iankmcilwraith ------------------ Follow us across the web: - Twitter: https://goo.gl/RaoBdV - Google+: https://goo.gl/wRQ5DI - Facebook: https://goo.gl/x0YGcG Subscribe to our channel for more great tech content! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=itechtriad Visit our website for more! www.yourtechexplained.com Help support the channel by using our Amazon Affiliate link!: http://amzn.to/2cuaCom
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Text Comments (26)
Druvian (1 year ago)
Definitely still worth it
Bouncer YT (1 year ago)
got mine today on cyber Monday from amazon for just £40!
Devin Z (1 year ago)
What about the durability of the MX Master? I heard some story about the scroll wheel?
Sam Roe (1 year ago)
when do these BATT LED indicators actually light up? i just bought my few day ago
lilbeserk (1 year ago)
Plug in the charging usb wire. Three solid bars later means its fully charged. Unplug & Play. Fantastic Mouse! I bought mine last week also. It's like going from a stick Volkswagen to a BMW.
Partick (1 year ago)
Can you use the gesture button instead as a dpi shift button, where you can hold it to slow your mouse speed? Need a replacement mouse for my G600 that had a mouse shift third click.
undeny (7 months ago)
You can remap all the buttons via the Logitech Options software.
Username (1 year ago)
Thinking about buying this and use gestures for vertical and horizontal zoom in Logic's arrangement. Can they be used as such, mening that they work as axises, or do they only work in discrete steps, simply resembling key commands? Thanks!
SuitsandTech (1 year ago)
Hmm... you can configure various zoom setups (say hold down gesture button then use scroll wheel to zoom), but I don't think you can do gesture zooms. Do you have an article, or video that shows what you're trying to do? -Ian
MiniMinion (1 year ago)
The reason that i'm interested in it just because it is the one of few mouses in the market that can connect with the new MacbookPro without using any dongle and I hope logitech will launch the new dongle with usb-c head soon.
SuitsandTech (1 year ago)
Exactly! The Bluetooth connection on it is super good — I love using mine with my MacBook Air. It'd be interesting to see a USB-C dongle... I haven't seen any of those yet. -Ian
Hidir Ibrahim (2 years ago)
still $100 in my country
lilbeserk (1 year ago)
$50 Office Depot. Steal!
Kelvin N (2 years ago)
wow its still 72 bucks in 2017.
Kelvin N (2 years ago)
YourTechExplained added to wish list
SuitsandTech (2 years ago)
You can get them used for around $60 on Amazon, but even at that price, it's definitely worth it! -Ian
King Blazeit (2 years ago)
How is it for gaming tho??
undeny (7 months ago)
But I still bought the old one because it was on sale at Amazon. I bought two in fact lol! This mouse is a work of art and just amazing to use.
undeny (7 months ago)
+King Blazeit There is already a new version. In case you missed it btw! :)
SuitsandTech (2 years ago)
We're really not sure. It'd be logical for there to be one this year, though. -Ian
King Blazeit (2 years ago)
thanks guys! btw when will do you think there be a new version
SuitsandTech (2 years ago)
I use it for gaming all the time and it's pretty solid. Noticeable input lag when connected via Bluetooth, but issues are minimal when connected with the included dongle - Ben
JustThaor (2 years ago)
I bought it like 2 months ago. Amazing mouse, won't change it until it dies.
thehtgrts (1 year ago)
Just bought it a week ago, I regret not buying this mouse two years ago when it was released.
JustThaor (2 years ago)
Also, ALL MMORPG mice are amazing for productivity, you have all the computer functions in your thumb. I think the MX MASTER is missing around 5 buttons.

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