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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Weightlifting Rack

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A power rack for your fitness or strength gym. Lift weights and get swoll. This weightlifting machine, or whatever it's called, will help you squat and bench press your way to bodybuilder status. You can thank me later. After your workout. Translate: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA&tab=2 Music by Kevin MacLeod and C418.
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Text Comments (1163)
hoovy muito soviético (21 hours ago)
Woa , i forgot you , sorry :( Your channel is the best Minecraft Tutorial because u proves is possible on Survival :)
Love your videos! Keep up the great work pal! :D
chloewill quiray (5 days ago)
You can make a building pls your so awesome I like your video
Blue Creepers (6 days ago)
i mixed this with cat house so cool
남kimjunnyeon (8 days ago)
따라만들고 싶어요. 하지만 한국어가 없어서 설명이 뭔지 모르겠습니다.
screw fortnite minecraft ftw
Matthew Sia (12 days ago)
Change your tutorial place,you have been there for 7 years bro😂😂😂
TOMBRINDERZ Francisco (12 days ago)
I'm not sure what 1.1 or whatever so far for this update is but when you get put a trident in a dispenser and shoot, it will actually shoot the trident!
Mr. Fahryza (15 days ago)
Seed please ?
Love From France
Brian Break (18 days ago)
How come you to still have 2million subscribers you should have 3million by now 😢
Maria Foka (19 days ago)
Iñigo Bargen (19 days ago)
Oh, that's version is 1.13
Micka H (19 days ago)
Basic-fit ;-)
Camryn Jahnke (19 days ago)
Magmamusen, that's very clever. You are more creative than me.
Paimen Welek (20 days ago)
Bang jangan aulsival dong
endoverlord423 (20 days ago)
5:00 did anybody else notice that the left side of the weightlifting rack had an iron door in it?
Amanda Apple (21 days ago)
I make gigantic modern mansions based on ur ideas and its really fun 😁😁
Nikolas Ciocalau (21 days ago)
Hey Magma Musen, What will you choose for the new updates? Like the biome updates. Taiga Savanna Desert
jelassi aziz (21 days ago)
a love all your video
jelassi aziz (21 days ago)
try to make a lab
BNM CH (21 days ago)
JoshTDS! (21 days ago)
I know what ur face looks like
Litty. Breasia (21 days ago)
Best Youtuber Alive New Subsriber
•zero hero• (22 days ago)
Thanks, Magma For Highlighting My Comment! I'm A Old Subscriber, Subbed In 2016 :/ Also Loved Your Small Modern House, Built It All The Way, Also Byee! *ends comment*💬✒
FunGaming XD (22 days ago)
Can you make a five nights at Freddy's pizzaria (and can you speak German?)
Alli RBLX (22 days ago)
Bro, I just looked on famous birthdays and saw his age is 65.
Mix Cat (22 days ago)
Looks good:-)
Elijah Lay (22 days ago)
Why does it take you so long to make videos??
Drone KLM (23 days ago)
Make a wwe ring
wilczyca 1009 (23 days ago)
Dogs vs cats
Даниил Маин (23 days ago)
Йа российский
Isaac Tan (23 days ago)
4:25 fast part woops mixed up with rap god💩
Isaac Tan (23 days ago)
if only he could join hermitcraft
MinecraftHero (23 days ago)
That's actually really cool!
C4 CLASHER (23 days ago)
Magma should join Hermitcraft like if you agree
You promised a face reveal when you're "10 secret blocks video" got 100k likes. It has 120k likes. When's the face reveal?
It’s always the good youtubers that dont post that much like 1 a week
Queen of Random (23 days ago)
Do you even lift bro?
LAYQHQ (23 days ago)
Plz do How to make body pillow,LOL
alexis Olguin (23 days ago)
RAYNOLD-JOE :3 (24 days ago)
Ahhh... new video ! By the way, Long time no see, Magma!
David The Gamer RO (24 days ago)
Nice video,can u Tell me on witch version of the game do u play?
Ultra Sabre (24 days ago)
I’ll just be sitting here watching your videos then switching from pocket edition to YouTube and slowly making a city of builds
[Epic] Blaze (24 days ago)
Im impresed people still play minecraft i thought i was the only one
Cida Pereira (24 days ago)
Cool you is Good of minecraft
Show of Horror (25 days ago)
i see you in playstation 3 and... i am brazilian :I
Neandertalsgamer _FNX (25 days ago)
does a tutorial on how to build an airplane please
扁鹊 (25 days ago)
扁鹊 (25 days ago)
I am chinese so I will not very good to speak English😂😂😂
Soren Ss (25 days ago)
what is your island seed?
Long time no see! :)
armin rashvandavee (25 days ago)
Hello can you tell me what prescription and version you have?
armin rashvandavee (24 days ago)
Aisha Padayachee (25 days ago)
Cool ideas love it so much I made it in minecraft today and it came out so good
Siti Aminah (25 days ago)
what this is
Jitzwad Gumlord (25 days ago)
Only one vid every 2 weeks? You take so long to upload I forget to even check if you uploaded a new one
m-ouschi (25 days ago)
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! they are all so good & honestly perfect, & i love the small humour in some of them! kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 💕💞
Pao Sara (25 days ago)
I hace an idea for you... You can do a door that opens automaticlly (I dont know if I write it correct but) when you put celos to the door it opens
LRbeast12 (25 days ago)
I really like ur vids keep up the good work
Aqua Serpents Galore! (26 days ago)
Sup magmuz. Love from America🇺🇸
Lith Blackzz (26 days ago)
Whats yours seed??
Nuhi letsplay (26 days ago)
I really love your vids I barely even comment cose im lazy poop 😂😂😂
Lps Tuber (26 days ago)
Please can u do things u probably didn't now about the drowned
Coco Sienna (26 days ago)
You know the drill You know the hammer You know the screwdriver But do you know the nail
Gei jun (26 days ago)
I'm gonna call you're Mr.Builder
Jheff Edison (26 days ago)
For more
Jheff Edison (26 days ago)
Play minecrafteducationeditionedition
Cedar Cat (26 days ago)
hi can you make more car tutorials plz i love them
Joao1vic (26 days ago)
Hey there!whats is your seed of this island???
Joao1vic (2 days ago)
+XBGamerX 20 serios??
XBGamerX 20 (2 days ago)
Well, I asked the same question, in one of his videos and no one answered me. :(
The Mighty Lion (26 days ago)
Can you make a video on how to make a Fortnite Battle Bus please? Thanks.
Syrus Peterson (26 days ago)
Minecraft is dead
Animallover 717 (26 days ago)
Yes!! Make a whole gym
Maleficent_G (27 days ago)
Hey what's seed you always use on every how to make video? :]
WE ARE VENOM (27 days ago)
Hey magmamusen i have an easter egg for you i tried it in the console version it worked so this is the thing that make the zombie chase you in water (underwater or rivers seas etc.) Then see the magic happen that the zombie will shake after some time in water boom! It will become the drowned
WE ARE VENOM (22 days ago)
Plasma Dragon  oh
That is something that will happen in any edition
george bennett (27 days ago)
Magma musen you always make me play minecraft
Lily Rose Ojekunle (27 days ago)
Good luck
Lily Rose Ojekunle (27 days ago)
I love your videos;)
Trygamer 123 (27 days ago)
Thank you MagmaMusen where are you from?
Trygamer 123 (27 days ago)
Are you from Denmark
Max Morsch (27 days ago)
Please make an improved prison cell. I'm trying to build a prison. Thanks a lot and great video again!
Massive Soldier (27 days ago)
things you dont know about guardians
MOONLIGHT MUSICS (27 days ago)
Do you even lift bro?
LBD Fan (27 days ago)
I have an illusion Read more
-_- I actually fell for that
Brooklyn Neff (27 days ago)
Please make an entire gym!!
Sandra Sandoval (27 days ago)
You can change textures with the debug stick you can get it by a command that I Don't know xd but you can change stair position you can put the bed's completely colored part in both sides, put ladders in mid air, etc.
Oyunların Efendisi HD (28 days ago)
I am from Turkey I love YOU!
FanSo (28 days ago)
Magma cmon we need more MYTHBUSTER
Wilson June Pacunana (28 days ago)
Long time See
Mohsen gamer (28 days ago)
You are my favorite channel
Zminecraftowany PL (28 days ago)
Your a superbuilder you make a beautiful builds. PS I m build a city
RobloRandy - (28 days ago)
The title should’ve been. “KSI’s rack”
A weightlifting rack, so buffsuki can be, buffsuki
Arkin2236 Sapidodol (29 days ago)
Maybe create a playlist about Gym?
Corn y (29 days ago)
Do you play clash royale?
Alin Stefanescu (29 days ago)
Magma musen make a zoo please
Karen Langhorn-Rønn (29 days ago)
Vidste ikke du var dansk?
TheTrioPlayz123 (29 days ago)
Can you do 10 things you didn't know about MagmaMusen video? 🐖
Spartan Pug (29 days ago)
I guess he really is

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