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New Moto G vs ASUS Zenfone 5- Detailed Comparison

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Detailed comparison of New Moto G with ASUS Zenfone 5 for its design, build, software, performance, camera and battery life.
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Text Comments (48)
ARJUN ASOKAN (3 years ago)
Zenfone is better but battery is more better g2
Tdhelix (4 years ago)
I'm only concern with battery life, recharging time and camera. Which one is better considering only these criteria?
Nivedhan R (4 years ago)
Nivedhan R (4 years ago)
Does Asus has slow video recording feature as in moto g2 and which phone gets heated fast on gaming?? Anyone reply fast...
uMadBro (4 years ago)
Screen Quality is a draw as well > But on camera the Zenfone 5 is the winner, BTY I forgot to mention the MotoG2 has water resistance as shown on its official site here check it out http://www.motorola.com/us/Moto-G-2nd-Gen/moto-g-2nd-gen-pdp.html#specs-moto-g-titan
uMadBro (4 years ago)
I'm an ex zenfone 5 user & now I'm using the MotoG 2nd Gen > battery consumption between them is like night & day > the MotoG2 can survive a whole day of heavy usage while the z5 can only give me 3 hrs > running on mobile data my break down is alot of texting, light browsing , 6 short phone calls , & 2hrs of straight gaming Summoners War > that 2hrs of gaming left my z5 with 20% battery while motog2 stills has 45% left > Qualcomm Processors Rocks ^_^  MotoG2 wins on battery category . Performance is about the same that 2gb of ram did not make any noticeable difference for me its a draw on performance .
DaCensored (4 years ago)
i heard zenfone got updated and they fixed battery issues.
Azeem Khan (4 years ago)
Man half the things he said have to be heard twice ... that thick south indian accent... really confusing
Chubby G (4 years ago)
Motorola is better ! Come on zenfone is dual core , that sucks assssssss !!!!
My crush is a chicken (3 years ago)
+md ik like you
md ik (3 years ago)
+Harry Tung iPhone 5c is full of bullshit enough said.
Harry Tung (3 years ago)
Iphone 5c have dual core cpu too,doesn't it suck?stupid guy,ha ha
mesmer (4 years ago)
yah dual core but with hyper that makes 2 process at same time , so still same as a quad and zen have a freq highter
Mayank Patel (4 years ago)
wat the fkkkk when compared to moto g 2nd gen asus zenfone 5 has more battry life moto g has 2070MAh and asus zenfone 5 has 2110 MAh
Lucas McNea (4 years ago)
Zenfone 5 makes the wall white, the moto G makes the wall blue....
Anti Hacker (4 years ago)
asus has bad battery life
VedderTheFixer (4 years ago)
Guys does the Asus phone have a physical camera button or is it tap anywhere on the screen?
Swapnil Wadibhasme (4 years ago)
Have been using Zenfone 5 for 4 months now. Initially, the battery life was a problem for me but since the kitkat update, the battery life has been pretty solid. Performance wise I will say u dont need to doubt this device and 2gb RAM really helps. Overall, I am really happy with my device. Cheers!
Immanuel Martin (4 years ago)
In the spec sheet asus zenfone 5 wins  In daily usage moto g wins So if you are a tech geek or a gamer asus zenfone 5  If you want a fast, update to 5.0 lollipop which is available get moto g Both devices are really good Asus zenfone 5 is cheaper in flipkart right now 
Immanuel Martin (4 years ago)
Sorry *If you want a fast phone (due to stock android )
dev samthar (4 years ago)
sir which phone is good? zenfone5 vs moto g 2014 ? camera and call quality is good which phone? my range is 14000rs
dev samthar (4 years ago)
sir ji zenphone is good camera and front camera for using skype for talk like only ram is 2GB so i buy this  what is call quality both phone like moto g 2nd and zenfone5   which phone give nice camera ?
Swapnil Wadibhasme (4 years ago)
Both are good in my opinion, but I would suggest to go for Zenfone solely because of its 2 GB RAM. Also, the battery backup in Zenfone 5 is better now since the Kitkat update.
Sid K (4 years ago)
Dude... D previous version of moto g had 4.5 inch display not 4.7...i know its immaterial... But at least get ur facts clear
u2uberculosis (4 years ago)
zenfone 5 has the worst battery life n abysmally low speaker volume ...
hardik kumar (4 years ago)
So Moto g has a better camera -_-
Anup Panda (4 years ago)
moto g 2nd gen or asus zenfone which one better 
Akash Ravindran (4 years ago)
if i were you i would go for asus zenfone 5 for sure just because it has got 2 gb ram
Pawan Roy (4 years ago)
Are you serious ? Wake up !!!! There is a difference of 1Gb in RAM. Just by sliding widgets you cannot come to know the difference between 1Gb and 2 Gb.  I am outta here. Moto G should be called Motu G.
Mike Diaz (4 years ago)
Hahahahahaha i'm tired on see reviews of every idian calling it Motu G
Siddhartha (4 years ago)
asus    is better  than ANY other
amol ghade (4 years ago)
please improve your English accent...but good comparison.
rithesh chirrask (4 years ago)
hey amigoss!! which phone z better to play heavy games and battry backup? zenfone or motog ..plz suggst me.
geni shitposts (4 years ago)
Games : Zenfone Battery : Moto G You choose.
Esteban Mejía (4 years ago)
I have the same doubt....Which one did you buy?
Prathmesh Tambe (4 years ago)
available in mobile  shopy at mumbai  
Prathmesh Tambe (4 years ago)
i want buy.
Guilherme Gois (4 years ago)
What this better display?
Ryan Origin (4 years ago)
The Zenfone already has Kitkat and it runs so much smoother.
Ryan Origin (4 years ago)
+Asit Sahoo no that was from ages ago, my rom version is v2.19.40.18. You need to update all the ASUS's apps from Playstore then you good to go. Asus also doing a good job on updating their software.
Asit Sahoo (4 years ago)
i hv  rather seen in some videos that the kitkat update in zenfone 5 r full of bugs. and many user are saying not to update ur phone.. is dat true????+Ryan Origin
Ryan Origin (4 years ago)
+Joseph B. Android L for Zenfone 5 will be released in April 2015, you can confirm on Asus talk.
sarangdhar singh (4 years ago)
Asus zenfone 5 is the best!!!Moto g2 fuck off!
Eshaan Arora (4 years ago)
hey, u have made the video but not concluded that what should we buy :/ plz reply soon in the comments
kamalpreet singh (4 years ago)
Hey nirmal. I'm having zenfone 5 and i like installing new apps nd games but also uninstall after some usage. Now tell me does this affects the performance bcz nowadays i have to reboot my ph after a day or two usage nd does 2gb ram really worthy ? Thanks n u r doing great job .
Techniqued (4 years ago)
@Hatim I said Moto G has better display, camera and battery life. Zenfone has better performance and build. Now where did i always in the side of Zenfone? Is speedtest the only factor governing the devices? 
Hatim Lokhandwala (4 years ago)
u wre not fair in comparison..!! u wre always in side of zenphone..if u wud hav done a speedtest then moto g would b a clear winner

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