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5 Best Ways To Earn Gold FAST in Sea of Thieves

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Here's how to earn gold fast in Sea of Thieves! Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Matthew Rolls (1 month ago)
Bring back the old interface for cannon balls etc
Marietta Edwards (1 month ago)
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Are you kidding me
Lewis Tscharke (2 months ago)
thanks huge help
ORIØN Bowman (2 months ago)
Great video! Thanks for the help! You definitely deserve more subscribers
Caden Saunders (4 months ago)
I remember once I found a sorrow chest and didn’t know about it and placed it on my ship and went back into the island to get supplies like bananas, planks, and cannons and then when I came back my ship was gone and I only saw the sorrow chest floating on the water where my ship was
Chase Meininger (5 months ago)
Doing merchant alliance is not NOT that hard, infact it is easier than the others!
sillyninja65 (5 months ago)
its. so. BORING. like honestly the pricing of everything is disgusting. IM NOT SPENDING 3 FUCKING DAYS TO GET A NEW CRAPPY JACKET FUCK OFF YOU DUMB CUNTS. they hold you hand sooooo much in this game. like i WANT to buy the ammo, i WANT to have to buy a new ship or find alternate ways of an island, or drown your self and call apon the ferry man to bring it back for 1 soul (kill an NPC) NPC villages should be lively, taverns full, sleeping mechanics, pickpocketing mechanics. whats wrong with going full skyrim?
Neon The Wolf (6 months ago)
**How to get gold ez** 1. do gold hoarders 2. do order of souls 3. do merchant 4. raid skele-forts (with a crew dumbass) 5. take from other pirates
Francisco Silva (6 months ago)
What a stupid video you stupid you re giving information that everyone knows
Francisco Silva (6 months ago)
She gives you 2 chicken coop
Evander Francis (6 months ago)
lol took a fort on my second day of playing with 3 other guys, at 34k now.
YOLOFREAK GAMING (6 months ago)
Pain in the bones *clicks off video*
Mihkkal Karpoff (7 months ago)
You should even play the game before making a video how to get gold on it easily. I think this video will only have a negative impact on the skills of the new players.
Daniel SIVI-SZABO (7 months ago)
This video is very inaccurate
Daniel SIVI-SZABO (7 months ago)
At the 2nd they give you the correct amount
Oskar Frackowiak (7 months ago)
I beated skull raid solo
Dennis92NL (7 months ago)
Good game but has so much more potential.
Kevin Brackmeyer (7 months ago)
Number 3 u can easily do it with 4 people I ussaualy do it duo
Hamblin Films (7 months ago)
Server hopping is the best😂
Ghoul Killz (7 months ago)
you dont need to team up with other crews to do forts
Stressed Poop (7 months ago)
Shipwrecks also are very helpful giving you around 1 to 4 per wreck you find
You’re very unfamiliar with this game
Antonio Ruiz (7 months ago)
How can I team up with other crews when the mindset of pretty much everyone are to shoot first and ask questions later? Even if they do cooperate, they'll just kill my crew, sink our ship, and take all the loot themselves.
Matthew Rolls (1 month ago)
That's what makes it fun
S1ipperyJim (7 months ago)
50 gold coins per chest??? Do you even play the game
DerpTrooper II-// (3 months ago)
ItsJake nice, I’m only 20 merchant but I’m 27 on everything else. Good luck!
ItssJake (3 months ago)
DerpTrooper 4000 I do the merchant because I’m 14 merchant away from pirate legend
DerpTrooper II-// (3 months ago)
Nasir Javed I recommend you do the skull ones until you get better, this guide isn’t very good. Ignore everything it says about the merchant missions and floating barrels. Good luck and happy treasure hunting!
Nasir Javed (3 months ago)
oh I thought she said 5,000 but I am still a noob so I do not know how much you get
ItssJake (4 months ago)
This is in the beta
GeNeReDeR aka. Raider (7 months ago)
The real best way because savest overall is accept chicken quests form merchants but if there is no golden chicken involved just collect as many cages as they give you and cancel the quest till you sail of with 10 cages to collect needed chickens +bunch of gold chickens... golden chickens are about 1500gold... this way you can get 10k gold in 30 minutes if nothing too unlucky crosses your way
GeNeReDeR aka. Raider (7 months ago)
Sry to say but this is not really well researched... not at all...
Émil G (7 months ago)
this video is fucking useless XD
Drew Danielson (7 months ago)
This is really bad, has she played
EDIT MNKY (7 months ago)
Sunken ships like the barrels always carries one skull a treasure and rare spices keep an eye out for a sunken ship floating for they have very good loot.
Michael Stefanou (7 months ago)
I got 1778 gold for a chicken.
npc #2910 (7 months ago)
How does finding barrels in the ocean relate to getting coins and why tf were you talking about gunpowder in them bad video
Ed Keating (7 months ago)
5 ONLY ways to earn gold in sea of theives FIFU
SURESH0T9292 (7 months ago)
So much wrong info
Moonshine Pie (7 months ago)
So many lies in this
The Lukester (7 months ago)
Um, your script is literally a copy paste from an article I read even down to the "Hopefully not by you you dirty scoundrals"
Im Space (7 months ago)
LebronJeff Yeah ikr I thought so
Grey Ghost (7 months ago)
Pls... do your homework. YOu can pick all items up from the merchant. Like how the hell did that make it into your video?
helloway (7 months ago)
Love the music... becalmed. SNAIL PepeHands
Joshua Brown (7 months ago)
Noah's Ark strat is great ant merchant rank 10+. Get quests, grab crates, cancel quests till you 30+ ck coops. Focus on black(500-800), gold(1000-1700), and occasionally red(250-500) and fill them all up. Get more questions corresponding with your loot, sell what you can, you don't have to finish the voyage. Note that your cargo isn't worth anything if you don't get it to the right Outpost or until it's listed.
Kenny W. Lewis (7 months ago)
*How I made $30,000 dollars in 50 Days.* expertoptionbroker.com/review
Timothy S. Navarrete (7 months ago)
I only just started and so far wow - $793 profit in the day!
tobblerone (7 months ago)
Just repeat...
Kamil Soltan (7 months ago)
Ummm, you know the merchants give you all the cages, not by one player only, right?
DIsabledgamer jh (7 months ago)
I played merchant alliance voyages solo and was given 2 crates
Ronnie Goodwin (7 months ago)
So much of this is just wrong. For starters you can grab the rest of your coops/pens from the merchant just go back after dropping the first one on the ship
Afrinus Gaming (7 months ago)
wow...absolutely useless :D
Crasherated (7 months ago)
If you just cancel merchant quest until you get a good one you can collect all the coops for the ones you cancelled then collect like 20 gold chikens and only do quest that take gold animals. You can get about ten thousand gold every hour very easily. Also I have a video showing this on my channel
Crazy Boi (7 months ago)
The only time i encountered other players during or after a fort was 3 days ago, we did the fort but a 4 team came after us, we had no cannons so ran for about 10 minutes, then a ship comes out of no where and obliterates the other ship with a full on ram and we get away with all the loot, the second ship was our lord and savior to be honest
Migguls611 (7 months ago)
First time I ever did a fort we had to fight off 2 galleons and 5 sloops haha was the most intense and fun thing we've done in the game so far, every hole possible was blown into our ship it looked like a wreck once we managed to lose our pursuiters and cash it all in
Crazy Boi (7 months ago)
Yea but again, most people will avoid contact with other players, I think you're just getting unulcky
Crasherated (7 months ago)
Crazy Boi I think people are figuring out how easy they are now though.. I have taken them out as a sloop in the past and had done one that no one came to but last night I was at one that had 3 gallions and 2 sloops so it's just RNG really.
Crazy Boi (7 months ago)
Yea, pretty easy, most people are scared of skeleton forts so they won't go near especially if someone is already there, and most people would actually prefer to avoid others because it just makes their life harder having to get into conflicts
mdavies97131 (7 months ago)
HUGE correction to the "1 coop per player" statement around 1:50. You can only carry one AT A TIME. I did it solo by dropping my crate on the ship and going right back to the same person and getting another one, sailing off with both of the coops I needed for the quest.
Shinobi Used (7 months ago)
mdavies97131 was about to post this as well
Raven X187 (7 months ago)
mdavies97131 u can get infinite chests by collecting them and then cancelling the missions, then starting another, collect cages again, cancel mission n so on
James Perkinson (7 months ago)
The merchant alliance actually can give you more crates based on the assigned contract despite being solo. You just need to be open handed after you add your acquired cage to your ship.
Techno Pratykash (8 months ago)
Adam K (8 months ago)
lmao what an awful video...... they didnt give any info. they just told the 3 main ways to get gold that everyone knows
kristopher johnstone (7 months ago)
Yea seriously. This was all really common sense. Trash vid
Fear Digs Deep (8 months ago)
This game is way too grindy. 7 hours in just under 5k gold...the one gun I want is like 40k... Not to mention outfits and ship customization I’d need like 500k at this rate I might as well give up.
AutoJunkieMan (4 months ago)
even if you did get the gold you wanted for the gun, it wouldn't matter much anyways as it doesn't add any additional damage. It's only cosmetic
Dark Vader (4 months ago)
500k is a bit of an exaggeration
Narar Ordfo (6 months ago)
I had 10k in 30 mins, are you restarted or something?
Plutag - (7 months ago)
Fear Digs Deep a good solo strategy is looking for golden animals. Get merchant quests and keep canceling them until you get a mission with a golden animal. Don’t worry about the others on the list. Each golden animal sells at worst 1000 and at best 1500. I typically make over 10k an hour. Hope this helps with the Grindy part of the game!
TheCMgamer (7 months ago)
Ive being doing merchant missions with the starting location being sanctuary outpost in plenty shores, almost every time I start a merchant mission at sanctuary outpost it makes me go to golden sands outpost which is near by. I simply go to cannon cove which is on the way grab my pigs and chickens and I’ve been getting around 2.5k - 3k in about 15 minutes
WilD (8 months ago)
5 ways to avoid this crap game
Subtle B3ast (8 months ago)
WilD 1 way to avoid making comments on a game you don’t care about... just don’t. 👌🏻? Cool. Run along now, jr.
Adam K (8 months ago)
you must have no friends to play with
Pat Crawford (8 months ago)
This game is a joke
Dyldunners (7 months ago)
shouldnt that be available at launch tho? unfinished game, lacks so much content. slow paced, boring, glitchy.
TheCMgamer (7 months ago)
Dyldunners Sea of thieves is a relatively new game, and if you follow the update news on there website (which you clearly don’t) you would realise they have plenty of updates lined up to add to the game.
JOE BARAN (7 months ago)
If you say this game is a joke, then why are you watching this video dumbshit
Dyldunners (7 months ago)
you utter obese smelly rancid creep, lose some weight you fat roly poly fuck.
Max (7 months ago)
Dyldunners your life stinks, like my farts
Panos Lg (8 months ago)
Also 1st comment
Panos Lg (8 months ago)
4th view 1st like lol

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