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Fallout 4 - 5 Disturbing Theories

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They've been watching the whole time.. Here, I list 5 Disturbing Theories in Fallout 4. These fan theories involve the dark story of this world, sometimes creepy vault secrets, and may even lead to disturbing deaths. Fallout 4 secrets are certainly intriguing, like secret locations or secret quests. These creepy ideas may even lead to scary moments, or creepy locations. Since I'm on ps4, I can only search for Fallout 4 new mods, or the best mods. If I could, I'd go straight for the quest mods and armor mods. They definitely make looking for Fallout 4 secrets more fun, or exploring creepy vaults, or making new character builds. Also, I do a lot of Top 5 stuff if you're interested. Please like, comment, and subscribe, and if you want to connect, my other social media is below : ) https://www.instagram.com/graenolf https://www.facebook.com/graenolf
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Text Comments (2543)
john allen (4 hours ago)
I like that Preston theory
pyro (4 days ago)
I got a fallout 76 ad at the start of this video
Ash Army (13 days ago)
Policajt23 (18 days ago)
if you side with the institute, the synth retention guy tells you she isnt one of theirs
jack pharoh (18 days ago)
How dare you say Preston Garvey is a criminal mastermind
Aleks Naidenov (22 days ago)
I found out that Kasumi isn't synth from the Institute.When you talk to the guy to tell them about the synth refuge,and then mention Kasumi he's like "Nah man this aint synth,it isn't in the database"
commenter squid (25 days ago)
*jump* *Y. O. U. R. T. H. O. UHHTS*
I just saw a Lucky Charms ad.
Jalen Simon (27 days ago)
Never liked preston anyway!
Carlos Eugenio (28 days ago)
They are probably an easter egg and a mention to the nuclear tests where they put mannequins inside houses to see what kind of damage they could expect to people living inside. There's also another test on a ship (flying fiery mannequins, yay!). Examples: watch?v=fkQ84OBUKfQ or watch?v=J_OUIwO3keY
thatguyfrombefore lol (1 month ago)
The Preston one made me laugh
shadder 75k (1 month ago)
just bc preston is black
DepressedBongos (1 month ago)
Prestons last words are "a-another*cough* settlement........needs...needs....your he*wheeze* help. I'll mark it on your m-m-map....
Whistling Whistler (1 month ago)
The Preston Garvey one is a bit far fetched but i can see how the other ones could be real
Mike Nagashika (1 month ago)
Preston Garvey the new palpetine
cakelover917 (1 month ago)
The mannequins are not the ones watching you, it’s the crows.
deathdog1392 (1 month ago)
2 is not a theory. If you attack Arcadia and kill Kasumi she doen't have a synth component on her. She's not a synth, she's just a moron on more drugs than Mama Murphy
i knew it Preston was the main antagonist all along
Nademaster 501 (1 month ago)
On my second playthrough I immediately shot and killed Preston
Andrei Dumitrescu (1 month ago)
I thought that like me everybody assumed kasumi was human
Doug Courtney (1 month ago)
I find all of these believable except Preston Garvey. I don't think Bethesda would do something that deep, however if they did I would lose my shit. Great video my man.
Courageous Nova (1 month ago)
Johnny Wolverine (1 month ago)
2:07 Thanks for the nightmares
Peka Silk (1 month ago)
Its not weird that one of my settlements was attacked right before you got to the first theory right? The settlement that was attacked was a massive water plant that i made, thats not odd either... RIGHT??
Peka Silk (1 month ago)
At least its not rainin
Chubber Nugg (2 months ago)
I think mama murphy has been exposed to the FEV because the master has psychic abilities and it's said that all super mutants have it as well
deathtamer666 (2 months ago)
For the record, a disease does not become more powerful against against our immune systems by sitting still, festering, and infecting no one. It needs a pressure to evolve in such a way that it would be more effective against human immune systems. We don't have to worry about the blue plague anymore now than when it was first devised.
warbossgrotsmasha23 (2 months ago)
jared isn't mama murphy's son because if u read his terminal entries his family got murdered by raiders
Nathan Gladney (2 months ago)
new theory: Todd Howard isn't a jew
Boomstik Demon (2 months ago)
We found out that the birds are syths that's how they watched you
Mohican Yandall (2 months ago)
that last bit was dry
Grace Balzanelli (2 months ago)
Whoops I killed mama Murphy with drugs before her possible son came after her...no regrets..
Sven Kruzen (2 months ago)
After this vid i assigned preston to a pillory
NEXUS2040 (2 months ago)
What's weird is I convinced Kasumi to go home, she made it back and, when I went into raid Arcadia (I forgot which faction I did it with) Kasumi was right back there, and in attack mode.
Jostan Vallis (2 months ago)
Another mannequin theory is that the mannequins have a mind of their own. That some paranormal activity is going on with the mannequins
Dragonborn McQueen (2 months ago)
I had a good chuckle at all the theories after number one, I don’t think Bethesda planned that far ahead to make Preston anything but the way he seems on the surface...
Nix Nil (2 months ago)
And suddenly I realized my subconscious knew something I didn’t... the birds are spies... that explains why I always shoot them -.- I won’t lie, first time I did it to see if they dropped anything... Imagine if I had gotten spare parts of a camera, glass or something lol 😂 that would have been a pleasant surprise.
jeff Thomas (2 months ago)
omg 1 is so true
just4kiksXd (2 months ago)
Don't drop spoilers without warning, asshole
Collin Carter (2 months ago)
*likes video because graenolf is awesome* *Watches it*
LAQU (2 months ago)
antoher theory is that the birds are synth, there are screens displaying flying cameras around in commonwealth, it is believed they are birds....also I didn't believe the last one because he never leaves your settlement and he doesn't get the loot since he lives in your settlement
Evanston Conner (2 months ago)
Nice your useing looking at the wrong thing as a intro
arwo Vevo (2 months ago)
of coure shes not a fucking synth you idiot. No way anyone belived that she was a synth
Makoto Mikami (3 months ago)
You give too much credit to Bethesda's writing skills (or lack thereof, if you consider Fallout 76).
Music (3 months ago)
Last one sounds a bit too far fetched
Emperor Palpatine (3 months ago)
No. 1: *the game was rigged from the start...*
DOOM Marine (3 months ago)
actually father was able to keep an eye on you beacose crows are synths with cameras
Sparky (3 months ago)
...that mic.
Charmader Orange (3 months ago)
The institute is vault tech. This is my original theory. So, first off, they managed to remotely open and close the door to vault 111, open the cry pods, and have access to all of the records of all of the residents. Also notice that they share an affinity for cruel human experimentation. Also, the FEV is seen effecting all fallout games. How could it move into the institutes labs if they weren’t with vault tech, who sent the info over? And, working on the manakin theory, there were several manakins in optimal experience to watch your battle with the death claw in concord, and a child in vault 81 wanted to know about that fight that he would have had no other way of knowing. Also, the Pip-Boy you revive is actually the way they were able to spy on you, and that’s how it was so easy for them to give you a way to teleport to the institute, from you Pip-Boy, which is essentially a big fit bit.
The Institute are remnants from CIT university and scientific center. They built their own bunker to survive the great war, and decided to build larger bunker and live here, instead of returning to surface. Very similiar as the Enclave, only difference is that institute is made mostly of pre-war scientists and their descendants, and Enclave is military organization (but there are lot of scientist). But some members of the institute aren’t descendants of scientists, but they are just people that were so smart, handy, talented, or invented something, and The Institute noticed them, captured them (that’s why they have bad reputation) but they didn’t kill them, they showed them better life underground. That is the part with vault tec. They may have took any of enclave and/or vault tec scientists that escaped their vaults after everything was fecked up in their vaults. And those scientists could have bring the knowledge of the experiments, maybe FEV formula, or even some FEV samples. Your theory may be right, but i don’t think that The Institute are vault tec, but the Institute can possibly have some part of vault tec inside. They could capture everyone they wanted, vault tec, enclave, pre war people, or even legendary Moira Brown!!! That would be good, because she is one of my favorite fallout 3 characters.
Sander Mesila (3 months ago)
what about the theory that, the sole survivor could be a synth?
Etha Anderzuik (3 months ago)
The Father we meet is a Synthetic version of the real man. The real man, The Real Father, truly is your son. Your son, had noble and good intentions. That is why the institute exists still and why his predecessor assigned him his rule over the institute. The Synthetic Father that we meet, was created by our real son, and took over his role and authority without anyone knowing. Like an evil twin scheme, if you will. This is why he can openly meet you, and willingly give you full command over the institute, making you it's "Leader and Owner" if you will. It is the reason he is suddenly sick and dying. Your son exists, and his creation took over! That explains the questionable doubts as to why Kellogg didn't die by your sons hand before yours....why the Synths escaped and attack people... why the coursers are violent and uncivilized and why they do not let anyone leave the institute. It explains why The Father would gladly meet you in person, knowing your intentions in destroying the institute, avenging your wife, and reclaiming your son. The Synthetic Father never lied to you, and that it is true your son is in the room and that his DNA was special, and used for the latest advanced, lifelike synths. Therefore, every Synth is your son; your creation, of your DNA. If your son is The Father, than you are the Creator. You are the Diety of the Synth. The robots are not being enslaved but the people of the Institute are being enslaved by the Synth! That is why the Synth population is at a maximum compared to the people at the institute. Why people can't speak up even if they wanted. The people were experimented on either this technology to have better and healthier lives, so they said. But that means implementing a behavioural program, remember? They are programmed to keep this secret, so that is why nobody can give you a nudge in the right direction as to what's going on despite that they may be thinking it and trying to tell you but all that comes out is " Are you having trouble finding your way around? You'll get used to it after a few years, haha." Or something harmless and small talk like such. Remember the quest title when you begin at the institute? # Institutionalized
00rphb (3 months ago)
It is very obvious that Kasumi is in fact human, because every Synth WITHOUT EXCEPTION drops a synth compound when killed. There is not even room for speculation here, Kasumi is a human, we just cannot know for certain before we kill her. It is just a shame that there weren't a way to convince her to abandon Arcadia before we brought justice upon it, but her death is just one more reason why it needs to be destroyed.
Epic video guy (3 months ago)
For the plague theory I wish you could get curie to make more prevent and them send one of them to Duncan
Honey Nut (3 months ago)
If these where facts... Then it would be disturbing
Fat Puppy Official (3 months ago)
The manicans and the Preston Garvey ones are really good
GiftedSandwichTV (3 months ago)
1:35 that bed is a SYNTH!
Alex Odinson (3 months ago)
I doubt the Preston theory, but I’d like that to be true, because maybe it would give some actual depth to his character versus do the right thing! And erm SETTLEMENTS!!!
Preston: “You crossed the line, Gener..” Me: shut up your my bitch now
Coolboyninja212 Gaming (3 months ago)
the crows watch you there synths
Diet Water (3 months ago)
They hang in front of you like a web, but another settlement needs your help. Let me mark it on your map.
Sarah Hutchings (3 months ago)
When you're playing the game while listening and get to the "Mannequin Synth" theory...then see two mannequins on your screen in game: *unloads about 3-4 mags and slices at them with a machete* Nope that theory isn't creepy at all.
Unholy Vengeance (3 months ago)
Kasumi is human
Unholy Vengeance (3 months ago)
Created by the Government, why am i not surprised
Dr. Virus 129 (3 months ago)
Hey that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY!
ranaldo mcsancho (1 month ago)
An Insane Moose (3 months ago)
Preston Garvey is Nazeem
Henir (3 months ago)
The one with the mannequins is bullshit (at least your reasoning for that one is)
Metro Ezio (3 months ago)
I don’t know if this is normal, but I chose the peace option for Far Harbour, and in my game Kasumi went home
Steven Hoff (3 months ago)
The ravens are actually synths and are the ones watching your every Step.
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt (3 months ago)
*Plot Twist* The fucker had a chest full of emeralds all this time!
Dennis Franjoine (3 months ago)
There's just one problem with his theory about Preston Garvey he's not organizing all of these because some of them are about feral ghouls so I don't know maybe he's not organizing the ones about feral ghouls but I doubt that someone like that we do it and he's getting mad at you for helping the writers cuz you're writing and possibly killing all of the settlers
TemplarRoman (3 months ago)
If you’ve gotten full affinity with Preston Garvey, it’s kinda knocks down some of the foundation that Preston is Evil
b man (3 months ago)
Preston did seem fishy when I first ment him
doggie love (3 months ago)
I thought that some mannequins were sent from the afterlife and placed there to pay for their sins but some learned to move so that's why they are in weird places and they pretend to be just something that someone just put there and that's why the one you find in vault 88 because you broke his art does this make sense.
Super fall Jack (3 months ago)
I finished and sold my copy of fallout 4 and sided with the minutemen and he was in control the whole time , I put him on artilery anyway
Dark Phoenix Productions (3 months ago)
#5 Fallout: Deep Plague
Joni (3 months ago)
That Preston theory is just ridiculous lol
Paladin Headquarters (3 months ago)
Last one is silly. I don’t believe that because it’s definitely not true.
Preston is a villain, all that stuff he makes you do... Evil
TacoTurtle (3 months ago)
It has been almost proven that the crows are synths. watch gametheorys video for more details .
Will Dean (3 months ago)
Another theory is that someone has been watching you the whole time because in nukeaworld in the spinning room when you fight Oscar you can find a recreation of the beginning of the game in one of the rooms
Elijah H (4 months ago)
I know this is a year-old video, I've been playing FO4 in preparation for 76 and, with the mannequin theory in mind, noticed something -- there's a mannequin in the outhouse in Goodneighbor. ...Someone at the Institute is a major creep.
Captain Cosmos Videos (4 months ago)
“Mannequins are all synths”.I knew I wasn’t crazy when I shot the head off of every mannequin in the game!
Captain Cosmos Videos (4 months ago)
Was I crazy!
#5 - kill the boy and incinerate the body. Should solve that problem.
That Guitar Guy (4 months ago)
That Preston theory is the most plausible theory I’ve heard in a long time
Hello (4 months ago)
floopy turtle (4 months ago)
The manacans are a rip off of the weeping angels they move when you don't look at them or they are a snthy if they are burn them all
Comicsluvr (4 months ago)
Wow...some of these (like the virus) are good ideas and not just theories but I'll bet that one is true. However, some of these are a BIG stretch: 1) ALL of the mannequins are Synths? That would be such a TOTAL waste of resources as to not be funny. The crows are MUCH better at spying on the Commonwealth than tossing Synths into a building where they might lie around for YEARS without detecting anything of merit. 2) Why on earth would Preston be the leader of all the gangs and then nearly get himself killed at the Museum? Not to mention all the OTHER firefights his group had been in recently. It would be one thing if HE was the only one telling us this but he's not...the rest of the group confirms his story. Also, until you install the Recruitment Beacon he has no way to radio out and until you take the Castle no way to speak to some of the outlying areas anyway. The thing with Mama Murphy and Jared? That rings pretty true. Sure, he was vague on his terminal entries but he might have been worried about the others reading them so he didn't add any details.
Mark Thorne (4 months ago)
A theory that I have noticed with is really hard and time consuming is that the sole survivor is a synth because a terminal in the institute has upgraded 3rd generation synths with V.A.T.S
Mr. I Get Girls (4 months ago)
These theroies are fucking stupid. Some shit he made up
itsx01andt60 111 (4 months ago)
I just use my ripper on the mannequins so even if they were synths I doubt they would be watching me
Exudist (4 months ago)
With the maniquen theory, the mist of far harbor made people go insane, but I'm pretty sure that the mist only apeared post-war.
Spiderman (4 months ago)
the kasumi one wasnt a theory it was literally just the plot of far harbor
yellow yoshi YT (4 months ago)
Is the Preston thing true
its stuli (4 months ago)
The Preston one sounds good to me cause when I blew up the institute with the bos he was very angry and when I started a new game I blew up the institute with the minutmen it was all good
SnowWhite Cat (4 months ago)
I need to kill Preston NOW !!!!
Adam Burdine (4 months ago)
Wanna be oxhorn lmao
Ascended Ninja (4 months ago)
A good amount of characters are synths. The terminals at the Institute drop a lot of knowledge if you acquire access to them.
tomken8dy (4 months ago)
The mannequins don't contain any electronics. The crows are flying synth cameras and they're everywhere. Mannequins are just creepy. Even a very old BW Twilight Zone episode portrays store mannequins as secretly being alive. Murphy simply saw Jared's future. She was already an old lady. "I'm a lot older than you think I am, kid," she tells your character which makes her even more mysterious. Kasumi has dreams from the Institute and can't remember much of her own childhood. The absence of a synth component could be an oversight or just a red herring to incite theories about things that just aren't there. (Just a game. :) We could just wait 20 years to see if she ages. LOL Preston Garvey, criminal mastermind? Nah. He might be a synth though. He has all the emotional range of a mannequin, after all... LOLOL That plague thing? Nahhh.. This is a GAME, don't forget, one that the coders didn't have time to finish properly before the rush to market. Many things don't make sense because the game is a patchwork quilt made by several teams and stitched together haphazardly.. And, again, it's just a game. The writers just got silly at times and often coded "inside jokes" that only they understood. Orr maybe they're criminal mastermind synth mannequins that play with crow drones..............
DatJebus (4 months ago)
Lmao. Lost me at number one. That one is so reaching. Grasping at straws from across the field. I also think the mannequin one is false. I mean we see with pretty much all the props how bethesda likes to play around with them. The amount of times i've come across teddy bears having sex, fam. I've even found childrends blocks spelling out "bs" and "LoL" They clearly dont take the props in the game seriously.
Noot Caase (24 days ago)
+planescaped if you have not visited the Dunwich Borers location, you should. It links the Dunwich building from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4.
planescaped (2 months ago)
There's something 'off' about the mannequins in the game, some theories connect them to the paranormal Cthulhu-like god from the Dunwich building in Fallout 3. I actually think that makes more sense than them being synths, as well as fits within the lore far better. I mean most of the mannequins were probably posed at some point by raiders or bored people, but some of them might be the work of Ug-Qualtoth.
Mr.Stopin 105 (4 months ago)
DatJebus Watch Oxhorns Video on the institute crows. Completely debunks the mannequins as well. In game provides a reason as to why they know everything you do.
Travis Walls (4 months ago)
Theory. The Old Ones manipulated the 2077 nukeathon into happening. They are there in the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3 and the quarry in Fallout 4.

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