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StarMade Station Reviews - Ep. 3 - Trading Guild Outpost RC1

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Hey everybody! This is my new review series covering some of the station submissions for the station building contest. If you'd like to know more you can see the forum post here: http://starmadedock.net/content/trading-guild-outpost.902/
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Yelectric (3 years ago)
I actually am building a bigger version of this,militarized factory though But same bio place and ring
Jacemachine Gaming (4 years ago)
This is pretty damn amazing. Major kudos to Dalmont and PhanT0m!!! Just breath taking! inside and out!
Bigpapaseifu (4 years ago)
I like these stations.  Gives me ideas for my little details in my final station that I'm building in my crafting survival.
maen83 (4 years ago)
Damn. That station is very good!
kenny gunderson (4 years ago)
How do you add and place space stations in the game
The Filthy Casual (4 years ago)
So are you still doing Ship Reviews
Waffle Spankz (4 years ago)
Why not give everything a final rating? from 1-10 or something
Waffle Spankz (4 years ago)
+GamingwithSaber If you express your opinoin on the builds.. Isnt that the same? Cant you just express it with.... 5 sabers out of 10?
GamingwithSaber (4 years ago)
Because that's completely subjective and varies so much based on style. While I like a variety of designs some people may not share my same preferences, I feel it's best to just express my opinions and then let others decide for themselves what they think of it.
Lewis (4 years ago)
Is more survival coming?
Lewis (4 years ago)
+GamingwithSaber :D
GamingwithSaber (4 years ago)
Phan T0m (4 years ago)
escuse me good sir but i do believe i helped! #ShowPhanT0msomeLove
GamingwithSaber (4 years ago)
Who are you again? lol just kidding phantom, nice job man.
SuperGamefreak18 (4 years ago)
cool station from Dalmont hope his becomes one of the new stations
Nathan Williams (4 years ago)
I like it. very impressive build.

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