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Asus Zenfone 5 - Unboxing & Hands On

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In this video lets unbox the Zenfone 5 from Asus and take a quick look. The Asus Zenfone 5 is powered by the Intel Z2560/Z2580 Chipset that houses 2 hyperthreading capable cores clocked at 1.6/2.0 Ghz each coupled with a PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU and 1/2GB RAM. The Asus Zenfone 5 is available in flavors of 8 & 16GB. The variant used in this video is powered by the Intel Z2560 chipset (2x 1.6Ghz cores /w hyperthreading) with 2GB RAM & 8GB internal storage. It houses an 8MP Rear Camera with an LED flash. It has a 5" 720p IPS display with a 2110mAH non user removable battery... The Asus Zenfone 5 runs on Android 4.3 Jellybean with Asus's custom Zen UI on top, Asus has promised an upgrade to 4.4... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are from India, the Zenfone 5 is available via quite a few stores including flipkart, snapdeal and ebay... you can sign up with gopaisa.com to get the best deal possible... http://www.gopaisa.com/ref/c4etech International buyers can order a Zenfone 5 from Merimobiles - http://bit.ly/1sUEs8g You can use the discount code "c4etech" for a $5 discount :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Info: Twitter: @C4ETech (https://twitter.com/C4ETech) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C4ETech Google+: http://bit.ly/UeAzHW Instagram: http://instagram.com./c4etech Website: http://www.omegadroid.co
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Text Comments (15)
mr. hacker (6 months ago)
Is ebay good for buying this phone
Gabbu Pathan (9 months ago)
ZenFone 5 is my favorite phone
Haunty Lad (2 years ago)
Why would people even review about the cardboard box?
HeavenNexT AngeL (4 years ago)
Zenfone 5 is one of my best choice mid-range device, sadly the downside is the battery.
Elbert Managbanag (4 years ago)
zenphone 6 review please
Shankul Chavan (4 years ago)
May I ask what's the battery life of this phone please?
Shankul Chavan.. It's 2100 maH
Balaji Chandrasekaran (4 years ago)
what happen to Ash?
Nishant (4 years ago)
sir if buy phone from meri mobile will we have to pay custom to ship in india
Deep bhardwaj (4 years ago)
can  xioami powerbank can charge zenfone 5
Srikanth Kumar (4 years ago)
Devansh Arora (4 years ago)
Great Job Manu :D
Ashiq Shaikh (4 years ago)
Great work Manu (Y)
sarath sanker (4 years ago)
C4ETech (4 years ago)
Asus Zenphone 5 - Unboxing & Hands On http://youtu.be/GloUjoXEEws

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