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joystick (3 months ago)
I’M GIVING AWAY A FREE iPHONE X!!! I will be giving it in a random live stream, this post will be taken down once giveaway is over. I will be giving hints on my social media pages when the giveaway will happen! Hit the bell notification to be notified when this giveaway is live! Good luck to the Joyfam!🕹
ahmad abdul Rozak (6 hours ago)
joystick omg heloooooo broooo
rajib kc (1 day ago)
Where can i find this machine
Sevlija Blazevic (1 day ago)
I'am allready live & screaming and I have tel allready so keep it !
Sevlija Blazevic (1 day ago)
No Samsung ?!
King Martin (1 day ago)
Yxng Zae3k (10 minutes ago)
I need to find this machine
Lacey Wiles (51 minutes ago)
Where is this?
Α Παπ (2 hours ago)
Many millions in America, you are the clever gays. I don't thing.
Rizq Hadi (3 hours ago)
What a lucky man
Prime Samaung (3 hours ago)
Wore the same shirt and won all that in a year...
Mukhridz Ameen (4 hours ago)
Give me $300 bills please...i longed money dolar
laura williams (5 hours ago)
This was flipping cool. I also was sitting here getting a little irritated when the money would slip from the claws. I was rooting for you. And they need to put guards on the sides of the machine to keep money from sticking into edges. Man, $2 is $2!! Cobgratulations!! 💓💓 Have a great day.
Sky Garza (7 hours ago)
Do a bath or one plz
shahrulazlanismail (9 hours ago)
Omg !🤑🤑🤑 give me some
Taylor Made (11 hours ago)
Heck to the yes guys
Dawg Nation (12 hours ago)
Good job playing your own machine at your own house with your own cash
New supporter from pusa studios
Jay’Ron Rickens (13 hours ago)
Where is that I arcade
The gamer Cummiskey (13 hours ago)
Is that your house
trapstar007148 (13 hours ago)
Yeah he probably owns that machine and has the pressure of the claw set fairly so he can easily win his own money lol
Manuel Rivera (14 hours ago)
Jigglypuff Productions (14 hours ago)
Where is this claw machine at
Rommel Lim (15 hours ago)
Why go for a heavy 100 $1 bill when there’s a 5 $20 bills in front of you? You blind or just stupid?
Cheesy Lemonade (15 hours ago)
MaryJo Apthorpe (17 hours ago)
Can I please have it I sub and put notifications on And smash the like button
Kyle Saiyaitong (19 hours ago)
How much money did you get
Lovehurtzz P (19 hours ago)
U were so lucky 🍀 wow so entertaining and i loughed so much when u were saying oh yeah like something going down in someone hahahah😂🤣 like stay in there hahahah 😂🤣very entertaining love 💕 it...u made my day thank u i was actually sad 😔 today for some reason and i came across ur video thank u so much but is that true that u really won that much of cash 💵? Or u fixed something there😉😉 let me know would love to hear 👂 from u...
Erin Ward (20 hours ago)
What place is that
ortydog (20 hours ago)
He works there and turned up the grip
Mary Rummenie (21 hours ago)
Where is that place
Tukul Arwana (21 hours ago)
if my country Indonesia has that : 1. they would break the glass 2. long line to do that and people will kill each other to get that first
2eelShmeal (21 hours ago)
If the guy was in public, who'd leave that money on the ground like that? Notice how not one person came by the WHOLE TIME? I smell a rat here.
Kristar Ashby (21 hours ago)
pleas give me money i am broke
zach cole (22 hours ago)
Lol I could watch this all day... it is so addicting
Corey Ortiz (23 hours ago)
That's a lie that's his own machine
That'sWhat'sUpCuz (23 hours ago)
Chandra Pickett (1 day ago)
It actually works!
Where is that place at dm me here’s my instagram @lowkey._Andrea please i wanna win some cash
Everything Alexia (1 day ago)
Where do you even find these claw machine???
Angel Dechter (1 day ago)
cool machine
Jamie Vlogzzz (1 day ago)
Where was this
Caron j (1 day ago)
Where is this please I need to know
Incubus Rollins (1 day ago)
Bro homeless people need to come here but if they don't win like $100 at least they would kind of win something
boss girl 9 (1 day ago)
OMG fakin doular
Billy Evans (1 day ago)
Well I found free $3421a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?VdOYx Great work...
Sevlija Blazevic (1 day ago)
Oh my God this is soo, damn, easy ! I'am talking to my boi and he is booookkiing tickets for our american dream ! I figure if we win couple of those stocks every day, we re good ! We can travel like that, woow crazy. see ya ! Thanx for bringing up "animal idea " in me !
Syke GNC (1 day ago)
dude wtf if i were u i will just win that 20 dollar bill thats standing and go and u just decided to take the stack omg
Sumair Askari (1 day ago)
you are rich
Sumair Askari (1 day ago)
you are rich
nickleback Hunt (1 day ago)
Easy lyk a boss
Angel Herrera (1 day ago)
where is that machine
Michele Glander (1 day ago)
That was fun to watch you win all that money!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!
Johnny Small (1 day ago)
It's nice to have your on make believe toy money box!!! LOL
Kyla Gerhardt (1 day ago)
Where is this game located?
Flash_ Ds (1 day ago)
Jack Schad (1 day ago)
where do you go to get where you are
Malik Mcswain (1 day ago)
Nice bro
Nerf War Masters (1 day ago)
Where can I find this machine I need money
Stacy Alderman (1 day ago)
I subscribed can i get 50$ please
Carmen Batista (1 day ago)
Damian Gilmore (1 day ago)
Iponhe x
Anthony Gutierrez (1 day ago)
Where TF is that machine
YT ACC (1 day ago)
It's such a scam xD like why does it shake that much on the way up haha funny video tho but that shit would make me so mad
allison Baldwin (1 day ago)
How much did you win
Rafael Valdovinos (1 day ago)
I want the give away because my parents want to buy a ps4 but we need more money so I hope you are giving away a ps4
the sauve kids 2 (1 day ago)
keep up the good work
Can I HAVE SOME money
Otoniel Rodríguez (2 days ago)
I wan it plz
Can't you stick your hand inside and get the money
Yodha Singh (2 days ago)
raul vanzeli (2 days ago)
i live in england so i bet I won't win
justin gilchrist (2 days ago)
omg a dollar got stuck, what a greedy piece of shit
mark kim antipuesto (2 days ago)
This machine only find in his house
Seyam Chowdhary (2 days ago)
Daniel Perez (2 days ago)
Bands bands bands that's a check talkin
Johnathan Walker (2 days ago)
What state is that in please let me know
Snookapeek (2 days ago)
I won’t money 😎😎😎😎😎
Snookapeek (1 day ago)
Don’t be too harsh, my daughter left that comment
Luke Fitzsimmons (1 day ago)
It’s I WANT mony😒
Russell Skerjance (2 days ago)
Where is that places
Aj Bella (2 days ago)
Chris Bridges (2 days ago)
damn bet the owner of that machine was pissed lol
Amy Pedigo (2 days ago)
I wish I could have some
Rosemarie Martinez (2 days ago)
👍 up like you said
Rosemarie Martinez (2 days ago)
Go closer
Rusty Redhead (2 days ago)
Izaac Silva (2 days ago)
Can you giv Ele money (don’t forget subscribe now )
Jay A Bey (2 days ago)
i mean machine
Jay A Bey (2 days ago)
were is that claw mashine
Mosy Moosayeb (2 days ago)
خوش بحالت
Hoda Emad (2 days ago)
مين عربي هنا
Megan Benny (2 days ago)
where is that at
Camer Andrio (2 days ago)
Well I found free $4261a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?NQHRY Great work...
Ronald Murphy (2 days ago)
where is this place at
rogerio fontenele (2 days ago)
Porque não tem uma porra dessas aqui no Brasil
Aisyatur Radhiah (3 days ago)
Can u give me iPhone X ... Please because I don't phone
Ben Bresler (3 days ago)
He should make March saying “ohhhhhhh right there”
Rajveer Sehjal (3 days ago)
Please you give me iPhone free please
Brandon Kubinski (3 days ago)
Brandon Kubinski (3 days ago)
Robert Abac (3 days ago)
We're is this place
Shumaila Asmat (3 days ago)
Boon (3 days ago)
Minh Nguyen (3 days ago)
Free iPhone X? oh man! my iPhone SE is showing its limits! haha jk. Awesome video man, keep it up!

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