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Top 5 Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Features!

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Read the full article: http://andauth.co/SD855Features | We take a quick look at the top 5 new features enabled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855! Snapdragon 855 deep dive: http://andauth.co/Snapdragon855 Check out our favorite stuff on Amazon: http://andauth.co/Amazon Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - https://www.androidauthority.com - https://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - https://twitter.com/androidauth/ - https://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - https://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Adam Sinicki: https://twitter.com/thebioneer David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (228)
LEEGO CONSULTING (2 months ago)
like for note 9 reply for iphone xs
AshKohn47 (2 months ago)
Anyone else notice that he said "Kyro" instead of "Kryo"????
JG14 Gerhard_Bar (2 months ago)
im really looking forward to late 2019 and 2020 phones..if apple makes an A13 it will likely mean more optmization to make the chip the best it can be for the time if the snap 865(or whatever name) will get the gain in optimization and some hardware tweaks and Kirin would have improved quite a bit on their 990, finally they are all on 7nm!!
Pete Sayer (2 months ago)
How come you made that face when you brought up gaming? U mad bro?
Chekume Okeleke (3 months ago)
What's the intro music??
Bipradeep Das (3 months ago)
*_[In 1 gen.]_* *45% increase* ≈ _pretty big upgrade_ *20% increase* ≈ _not that much upgrade_ ... Wel… What's the sweet spot ?
JG14 Gerhard_Bar (2 months ago)
45 on the cpu.....20% on the gpu not that hard to understand tbh
Veselin Marković (3 months ago)
Dave? Have you been exercising? 💪
Gomandi Sanders (3 months ago)
Thot tht snapdragons were goin religious naming them cairo bt it turns out this guy does not know wht he is talkin about. (Teleprompter type probably)
free mov (3 months ago)
Qualcomm next time !!! Increase L2/L3 cache to atleast 10MB Then we could beat Apple iPhone single / multi core performances
Abhiruk Chatterjee (3 months ago)
That would be a worth a jump from 835 to 855. 845 is still quite powerful now..(except Kirin 980 and A12 bionic)
Emmanuel Success (3 months ago)
Small YouTubers let's help each other
Usman Tariq (3 months ago)
And what about battery efficiency?
MK P (3 months ago)
My note 9 can take 4k / 60 frame video Exynos version.
MK P so does 845
Thorgallll (3 months ago)
Always a pleasure watching you
Dudeatrix (3 months ago)
Watching this on a 821!
JG14 Gerhard_Bar (2 months ago)
still pretty good tbh
Sourabh Saini (3 months ago)
Fastest of all other processor you apple you lose #I don't have enough money
pegatrisedmice (3 months ago)
*A BUNCH OF NEW FEATURES* : it's slightly faster
Anthony Obaze (3 months ago)
I still use a phone with Snapdragon 801 😩
Mr JAG (3 months ago)
I’m guessing Samsung with have this first.
Doli Panjaitan (3 months ago)
Question is, can it beat Apple A12 Bionic?
IntellijProgrammer (3 months ago)
Bato Adventurer (3 months ago)
cekamo pocaphone sa snapdragonom 855 !
Trenton Willis (3 months ago)
The soundtrack tho...
Saswat Sarangi (3 months ago)
0:40 u said "kyro" it's "kryo", well i do not know how the company says it
Adrian Dela Fuente (3 months ago)
I hate this guy's face. He looks like someone not reliable. And quite messy looking too
focus oO (3 months ago)
5g is no.1 feature for me
TheReal_ist (3 months ago)
U forgot to mention the most important new feature it always has over its competitors........................... Its still slower than last years iphone......what an embarrassment ain't it. lmao
Troy Harris (3 months ago)
Not exactly
Étale ZT (3 months ago)
I don't understand why all of a sudden everyone is talking about Mobile gaming,and companies launching better gaming phones or new tweaks to better the Mobile gaming experience, when in reality most mobile games are shit, I mean I understand portability is important but I'd rather play Zelda on my switch rather than playing some low level garbage on mobile. Mobile gaming is just an easy cash grab for most game developers.
Suraj Radhakrishnan (3 months ago)
gotta love Gary
D. Brandtair (3 months ago)
I don't get it. Why do they focus that much on game performance? It is a niche market while almost everyone else prefers the best energy efficiency. It seems like they can't keep saying it has become faster without giving specific reasons why that is needed. And it looks like they don't have a lot of progress on the energy efficiency side.
Love4theGame (2 months ago)
They said 845 was 30% more efficient than 835 so hopefully this will come to 855 as well
alenn mosses (3 months ago)
Uchiha Madara (3 months ago)
Please compare it with Kirin 980 let's see how they stack up to each other.. battle of the *beasts* 🐗🐗
Uchiha Madara (3 months ago)
Are you Gary's son??. You two are alike in some ways. Good job bro. 👍👍 I would give 2 thumbs up for this video if it were possible
Pip Hacker (3 months ago)
Plz compare it with kirin 980
NCS Music and Remixes (3 months ago)
There are some leaked benchmarks already SD955:cpu:12000 GPU:14500 Kirin 980:cpu:11300 GPU:10000 I don't remember the exact scores.but these are the approximate scores
Pip Hacker (3 months ago)
+TheReal_ist Hmmm But still Apple Failed to provide Super fast charging like we have seen in Android ,,, Specially Check Super Vooc charging technology in Oppo R17 pro ... 0--to--100% in just 35 minutes ...Only Thing i dont like In Apple is its very very slow charging with box charger ... Thoo I love Bionic Chipset as its so far very fast
TheReal_ist (3 months ago)
There both shit saved u 10 mins. Until they can actually compete against Apple's A series chips they will continue to be shit. For example the damn A10 chip could record 4k at 60fps while Android phones can only now do it at the specs Apple was 3 yrs ago. What an embarrassment if u ask me.
Eagle YouTube (3 months ago)
Muphet (3 months ago)
since when performance is a feature of CPU?. oh wait, 2019 is a year of feature unlocked products
Dinesh Srivastava (3 months ago)
Alex wilson (3 months ago)
Who's watching this on their snapdragon 855 Smartphone!!
Cyberdemon Mike (3 months ago)
I'm still using a 2014 flagship, I'm really missing that much? Also... I have a headphone jack
The FlameFlake Show (3 months ago)
+big C software and performance can't be neglected. As well as camera.
big C (3 months ago)
Me too...I've got headphone jack, IR blaster, SD card and removable battery. Why would I "upgrade" or downgrade to any of the new phones that have none if these options.
Pichkalu Pappita (3 months ago)
at least you are extracting value out of your flagship, i personally buy phones in the range of 200$ - 300$ because of how fast phones get obsolete these days i bought redmi note 3 in 2016 and i am about to buy a new phone in few days because it has run its course and an upgrade is really needed, not to mention mid range phones nowadays outperform a 2 year old flagship easily and thats what i have noticed from a long time...... thats why i will buy a flagship when it can easily remain competitive for at least 4 years☺️
Vinko Stojanovic (3 months ago)
Kryo is not pronounced as Kajro.You made a mistake,sir.
TM Heretic Verethragna (3 months ago)
Is it 7nm chipset?
Shreyas Aradhya P (3 months ago)
Yep, it is.
not bunker yt (3 months ago)
Crazy how android is now cached up to the last year iPhone X
not bunker yt (3 months ago)
chad billy nah boi all facts
chad billy (3 months ago)
+not bunker ytok your obviously trolling good conversation though
not bunker yt (3 months ago)
chad billy my friend has the s9 and that thing lags alit but he so used to it that he thinks it’s normal 😂
not bunker yt (3 months ago)
chad billy do u have a current android phone do u kno how they lag ?!!!!
chad billy (3 months ago)
+not bunker yt Current Android phones are not slow.
Ravi Soren (3 months ago)
I hope the radiation level will be under control for birds and other living beings as 5G is coming to world.
Sai Saran Ogoti (3 months ago)
Not for us but BIRDS
Aviral Rastogi (3 months ago)
I don't know what they showed in the movie but 5G is NOT harmful for health.
Ravi Soren (3 months ago)
+Sankalp Kumar beta tum v Wahi dekh k bakoli kar rahe ho.
Sankalp Kumar (3 months ago)
2.0 dekh ke aaya hai saala
Shreyas Aradhya P (3 months ago)
Yep :'(
JS (3 months ago)
You really need to film in better backgrounds...
Jacqueline (3 months ago)
Yeah. He's in Hawaii, and we get only to see the hotel room? Did it come with a view?
jayaraman munuswamy (3 months ago)
I'm waiting
Dre S (3 months ago)
Hell yeah, Oneplus 7 will utilize this chip and will be the first phone to do so.
Biprajit Sarkar (3 months ago)
Not first. If you observe closely, you will notice that they have not innovated anything. They made what is available in the market and already in use. From in screen fingerprint display (vivo first) to fast charging (50W oppo's vook charger first), etc.
lean dsz (3 months ago)
+AK 551 oneplus will only be first to launch 855 in europe or other international markets not In the U.S.
Shreyas Aradhya P (3 months ago)
+AK 551 Yep :)
AK 551 (3 months ago)
+Shreyas Aradhya P oh yeah but it wont be called oneplus 7
Shreyas Aradhya P (3 months ago)
+AK 551 That's true, buddy. But, this time OnePlus will be the first to use SD 855 in it's New 5G Model in early 2019. They even announced it.
Mohammed Shahid (3 months ago)
Pixel 4 is gonna be a beast with ai and photography
Shocker Ash (3 months ago)
Some sony phone had 4k hdr...
Cyberdemon Mike (3 months ago)
+Shocker Ash not all at the same time
Shocker Ash (3 months ago)
+Cyberdemon Mike Yea, XZ2 or something.
Cyberdemon Mike (3 months ago)
Not 60 fps
Kartik (3 months ago)
It's Support 5G ?
Shreyas Aradhya P (3 months ago)
It's supported through an external modem, not built in.
Kevin Luna (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure it does mate
Tharun V (3 months ago)
Adreno 690*
Aviral Rastogi (3 months ago)
Its Adreno 640 and Hexagon 690.
Thabang (3 months ago)
0:00 damn David Sick intro
carl pearson (3 months ago)
wow, I thought the sd845 was great.
JG14 Gerhard_Bar (2 months ago)
tis the power of 7nm
Sir. Fun (3 months ago)
45% more performance overall or something specific...45% more peformance is a bold claim.
Sir. Fun (3 months ago)
+Jonathan Hart indeed. I do hope of course to see better performance but in the end of the day it's still ment to be used for cellphones and they already have limitations but all these progress can lead to true innovation...at some point.
Jonathan Hart (3 months ago)
+Sir. Fun I agree. Like I said, we'll have to wait for it to come out so we can see for real.
Sir. Fun (3 months ago)
+Jonathan Hart we both know that, i'm speaking overall whenever we see companies claims more performance they don't always speak about real case scenario plus benchmark tools can be comprimise by using shady tactics. If its your first time questioning such topics you will soon start to notice a few misleading performance claims for now i'm unsure for this till there is some valid claims.
Jonathan Hart (3 months ago)
+Sir. Fun woah there! A battery isn't what they're referring to here, rather the CPU itself. It likely they are comparing benchmarks of the previous processor and the new one.
Sir. Fun (3 months ago)
+Jonathan Hart 45% would mean more efficient on battery life, 45% faster in opening apps or etc....at this point 45% could be about anything...if every time they say over 45% the phone could handle some serious stuff like a high end tablet. To avoid false marketing by law they go to explain in what and how come with examples (the examples has to relate to the average consummer as well).
ILIJA1993 (3 months ago)
How is 5G not in top 5 features?
JannisDavidZwahlen (3 months ago)
+Shocker Ash Actually none of em will have it..
Shocker Ash (3 months ago)
Because it will be an external add on. Not every 855 'll have it.
EyesOfByes (3 months ago)
But can it run Crysis? No really, can it run Crysis?
Kristupas Gudžiauskas (3 months ago)
Funny how 855 is new but a12 will still be faster
Cyberdemon Mike (3 months ago)
In theory it could but y tho
Lelouch Lamperouge (3 months ago)
Yes at 10 trillion FPS.
Kristupas Gudžiauskas (3 months ago)
SweetBabyJames78 app hardwhere yes think joke no
Ricardo Hernández (3 months ago)
Where can i download it?
sarcasticguy tamilan (2 months ago)
From playstore
fatehyabali (3 months ago)
The pirates bay🤣🤣🤣
JannisDavidZwahlen (3 months ago)
Shreyas Aradhya P (3 months ago)
From the dark web
Sadman Sporsho (3 months ago)
go to chrome and search Download Snapdragon 855
The next Exynos 9820 will outperform this new Snapdragon 855.
chivamex10 (3 months ago)
Legend has it if you stick this chip up your arse it’ll make you smarter.
PSYCHO (3 months ago)
Kryo = KYRO??? LOL since when???
Hiluxtaco (3 months ago)
Is it going to be as fast as Apple's A11 or A12 SOC? That's ALL that I care about..
lean dsz (3 months ago)
+Michael Hazell i agree But i other aspects it better than the a12
Michael Hazell (3 months ago)
It will probably be equal to a11 or a little better
PSYCHO (3 months ago)
No and it's not supposed to be because the SnapDragon-anything every year is still very fast in day to day use.
Harlowe E (3 months ago)
I spy a 56mm 1.2 😍 best damn lens on any system for photography imo!
David Imel (3 months ago)
AgoProduction &Co (3 months ago)
gives me a sense of only "more of the previous chip". where is the true innovation?
JG14 Gerhard_Bar (2 months ago)
while 10nm down to 7nm is the evolution i dont really know what you mean.......what type of innovation are you looking for?
Ha!axy Sounds (3 months ago)
processors aren't usually about innovation, just gradual evolution. innovation comes when it's time, like the fact that it now has 5G and the previous one didn't simply because no one needed it, so it wasn't time yet
Jdm90s (3 months ago)
Can't wait for Poco phone f2
Nightmare (3 months ago)
If it can't get me a gf I am not interested.
AshKohn47 (2 months ago)
But it still can't run minesweeper.
Tech Fan (3 months ago)
Rip. Kirin 980
Gabriel Wee (2 months ago)
Kirin 990 immediately when into development when 980 just came out, Huawei isn’t far behind bozo.
kumar kn (3 months ago)
+JannisDavidZwahlen it's not copy dumbass, do u atleast know what ur typing or is it a free flow from ur idiotic brain.
Sourabh Saini (3 months ago)
They also defeated A12
Tech Fan (3 months ago)
Qualcomm has already destroyed the competition as Huawei's GPU ( w/gpu turbo ) in kirin 970 , 980 can't stack up against adreno GPUs without gaming improvments but I think Qualcomm used elite with adreno 640 so it can compete with kirin 990 , 1000 and more .
JannisDavidZwahlen (3 months ago)
To be honeset.. I expected more from qualcomm, I expected them to just destroy the other competitors but this was like meh.. They copy the GPU Turbo thing, AI thing.. Just not really game changing.
Josh Winslow (3 months ago)
Cannot wait to get the S10
Nino Brown (3 months ago)
Is it true this thing is only slightly more powerful than the A11?
lean dsz (3 months ago)
No Its kinda close to a12 in terms of cpu but surpasses it in gpu
Nino Brown (3 months ago)
+Nishith Joshi yeah I was just looking at the benchmarks. I don't get why people lie about such trivial shit on the internet. Next year's lineup should be exciting.
Nishith Joshi (3 months ago)
Nope, it's almost equal to A12 bionic.
T guest (3 months ago)
Overall it's close to the a12
Nino Brown (3 months ago)
+Kristupas Gudžiauskas well that's even more laughable
Eden Hason (3 months ago)
A12 Bionic is still better than this shit
Harshdeep Dwivedi (3 months ago)
+chad billy can't say
chad billy (3 months ago)
Android is still better than ios
Harshdeep Dwivedi (3 months ago)
Haha wait for a13 to do shit all over again
lean dsz (3 months ago)
+Anita Gargbut even if the infrastructure is set up by 2020 older androids can still make use of It unlike older iPhones think abt it that way lol
lean dsz (3 months ago)
+Jonh Smith 5g lol it barely supports 1gbps speeds
Ben Willock (3 months ago)
Isn't it Kryo not Kyro?
Borys Cholewiński (3 months ago)
Yup. Thats what happens when people dont know what they are talking about.
Ben Sopher (3 months ago)
Aviral Rastogi (3 months ago)
The chip doesn't have a 5G modem, it will use an 'external'(outside the processor, not outside the phone) 5G modem from Qualcomm itself. Therefore 5G isn't a feature of SD855.
Ben Sopher (3 months ago)
+PSYCHO I know that!!! But they didn't mention even in the video.
Ben Sopher (3 months ago)
+ILIJA1993 That's what I meant!
ILIJA1993 (3 months ago)
+PSYCHO I can't even understand what you said...still the 5G should be the number 1 most important feature and they haven't mention it.
David H Bingham (3 months ago)
Moto-Z4 supposed to be 5G compatible after Verizon introduction with a Moto Mod pack.
Nhan Vo Chinh (3 months ago)
The editing on this video is awesome, BTW 👌👌👌
Anas Shaikh (3 months ago)
Not First
Aliyu Achimugu (3 months ago)
196th 😂
Moses Jonson (3 months ago)
Awesome stuff about the snapdragon 855 👍🏾
ahmad idrees (3 months ago)
in the past the exynos model of samsung's phones were much better especialy with the S7 and the S6 but now I can see that samsung is one step behind qualqom
Sean Stanek (3 months ago)
+itachi uchiha and snapdragons are more efficient chips
itachi uchiha (3 months ago)
+Mick Harrison the note 9 also have the same results the snapdragon was the winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVWg72li8fc and the GPU is the best thing to compare because you will not notice any different while using normal apps because it does the same function and does not need a lot of power
Mick Harrison (3 months ago)
+itachi uchiha that's because they were tested on a s9 .. the problem was the kernel not the processor. Have a look at benchmarks of the Exynos in the note 9 compared to the 845 in the note 9. It's a night and day difference. The Exynos comes out on top. GPU actually is about even this year and not visible in real world usage.
itachi uchiha (3 months ago)
+Mick Harrison what are you saying ??? in the benchmarks the snapdragon 845 was the winner especially with gpu and all of us know that the snapdragon always do better job in the gpu the the Exynos
Mick Harrison (3 months ago)
+ahmad idrees wrong. It was better on the s9 before a kernel update. The note 9 with that Exynos processor is significantly better than the 845. Have a look at speed tests. The battery is a lot better as well and benchmarking.
Dr Chetan Hawaldar (3 months ago)
If professor is reading this... I am waiting for his video on snapdragon 855.....
Filipe Jovita Batista (3 months ago)
It's already there
blanchbacker (3 months ago)
Still slower than A12 Bionic 😂
Rahul D (3 months ago)
Battery is shit on apple , if you do anything more than basic web and fb ! Expect ipads, they are Pretty good!
Sean Stanek (3 months ago)
+Hades and Qualcomm knows it's customer base and what they will pay for a chip while apples chips cost more to make because of the higher silicone content but can make up for it in other areas of the phone like display
IPF Gaming (3 months ago)
+Hades yeah iphone 6 faster than s9 and poco f1 is way faster than iphone Xs max.
Silent Glitch (3 months ago)
+Hades iPhone 6 faster than S9? What world are you living in?
Michael Adel (3 months ago)
What's the point oh having a super fast chip like A12 but can't support 5G like SD855 does?🤣🤣🤣🤣.
rhettvalben nadela (3 months ago)
70th 😂
Jayson Koo (3 months ago)
Not first for sure.
Sjoerd Wesselius (3 months ago)
Kinda first
Mattias Storbacka (3 months ago)
I am unoriginal
DJ Wakademiks (3 months ago)
Its almost 2019 and I'm flexing the headphone jack like it's a Cuban link.
The Chillmaster (3 months ago)
fatehyabali (3 months ago)
Goutham Ganesh (3 months ago)
A HOBO IN TEXAS (3 months ago)
A A (3 months ago)
not 1st
ihax.inc (3 months ago)
Haitham Badran (3 months ago)
First 😎
Nightmare (3 months ago)
Being first and a loser at the same time...
Anas Shaikh (3 months ago)
Give this man a Oscar

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