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Jabra Elite Active 65t - Truly Wireless Earbuds | Everything You Need Know!

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Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds US: https://amzn.to/2vke5Pn UK: https://amzn.to/2AWfxMY CA: https://amzn.to/2nRTf5y ● All Of My Gear http://teqrt.io/2srDrXH ● Subscribe http://teqrt.io/1nGBrYL ● Amazing Deals On Tech! http://amzn.to/23wwTrr Make sure to catch my Smart Apartment Series: Smart Apartment Part 1 https://youtu.be/6CUzOeiIRYc Smart Apartment Part 2 https://youtu.be/ynfkfAX2OUo After my terrible experience with the Jaybird RUNS. The Search for reliable #Truewireless earbuds are over. In this video, we take a look a what the absolute BEST alternatives to the Apple Airpods. The #Jabra Elite Active 65t are pair of truly wireless earbuds that finally... Just work. With Features like Auto pause, hearthrough, these #earbuds keep up the pace with the competition. Support for Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa integration built in, welcomes them into any Smart home environment. With Bluetooth 5.0 you're getting lightning fast connection, perfect sync and with and ip56 rating and fitness ready, they're durable enough to be your daily drivers. Slide in my DM's! ● Website - http://TeQreation.com ● Twitter - https://Twitter.com/Teqreation ● Instagram - https://Instagram.com/Teqreation ● Facebook - https://Facebook.com/Teqreation ● Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+Teqreation
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Text Comments (148)
TeQreation (12 days ago)
Update: The unit in this video Malfunctioned. What happened? Despite them charging, The LED's on the earbuds no longer lit up when opening the case. So I never knew battery life. Also the right earbud periodically let of a sharp ear piercing ring. Cause? Admittingly, I have dropped them dozen times. Almost positive that had something to do with jt. Solution? Jabra has incredible customer support. I returned them, they shipped me a new one. No hassle. So far so good. New unit even feels a bit different, But it could just be a placebo effect. Hope this helps!
Sheldon Rose (2 days ago)
Its crazy you say that I just brought these headphones cause of your review. But I'm getting that sharp ear piercing like u said thinking about just taking them back. I haven't drop them or anything so dont want to have no issue with them down the line
symphoniez (10 days ago)
Thank you for update and the transparency.
Joey Mendoza (21 hours ago)
They were great but I took mine back. The right earbud was lower in volume even after the firmware update.
shiran Bohobot (3 days ago)
The earbuds can to be in water? please answar i need to know because i wanna to buy that thanks♡
shiran Bohobot (2 days ago)
+TeQreation thank you so much , you answar my comment its help me :)
TeQreation (3 days ago)
Submerged? No. Few droplets of rain? Yes
uoflfan07 (6 days ago)
Liked and sub’d
TeQreation (5 days ago)
Ted Umeh (7 days ago)
great review thanks!
Daniel Lim (7 days ago)
Do you face any issue with imbalance audio? There are several people including me having problem with left earbud being louder than the right earbud
TeQreation (7 days ago)
No not at all. That's something unfortunately that's gonna vary from person to person
Ondřej Zíka (9 days ago)
Hi. I've been using my Jabra Elite Active 65t for more than two months now. Have any of you noticed some of the issues I have? 1) silent moments while walking between some shop theft detectors 2) reacting to switching on/off lights, food processors etc. 3) random fall offs on particular moments - a short break down and come back with a slightly worse audio for a while? I have an iPhone 7, both, the earphones and iPhone are running their latest software. I have already reached Jabra and all the issues keep appearing after an exchange. However, at least the issue with shop theft detectors happened even while testing with a Lumia 640xl Any thoughts? Thanks
Niccolò Pedrini (11 days ago)
can I use them in the shower?
100yrsdeath (3 days ago)
IP 65! Not a good idea
TeQreation (11 days ago)
I wouldn't try to
Ling Yenn Cheong (12 days ago)
Google assistant works on iPhone by replace the siri?
TeQreation (12 days ago)
No, but it will launch when button pressed on the earbuds. Earbuds communicate with the Google Assistant app on iPhone.
lipzi (12 days ago)
Are these better than the liberty+?
K C (12 days ago)
Of all the true wireless earbuds, these are the ones i want. Just not sure if they are compatible with Ipod nano 7th gen...
ERA Ezzy (13 days ago)
Totally unrelated but is that a chakra bracelet???
TeQreation (13 days ago)
Yeah except I had custom made by a friend. Beads/String purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts store
sawtoothscream 1 (14 days ago)
Expensive but I like mine a lot. Would buy again.
Enoch Gray (16 days ago)
excellent review...I have these ear phones and they're awesome!!
Foxtrot November (16 days ago)
Dude I wanna know: 1. Is is really worth getting this than the apple airpods if it cost more money? and 2. With bad product reputations coming from jabra. How can you be sure that the 65t won't malfunction like the jabra sport pulse special edition?
Narayanam Kundhan (14 days ago)
These are best I am using them
Ant3h (18 days ago)
Just picked them up today amazing product! 😁
Dũng Đinh (22 days ago)
Everything you say was spot on. I was hestitate choosing among Jabra Elite Active 65t, Bose SoundSport Free (so bulky, you look weird putting these on), Samsung Gear IconX 2018, and Sony WF-1000x. I'm really happy with this.
Adrian Gurrola (23 days ago)
Any experience using these while on a flight? Wondering is the passive noise cancelling is the enough.
The Edit52 (23 days ago)
Hi, great review. You mentioned that the earbuds will stop playing at a certain distance when it's apart. Example if I use the earbuds and I give the other side to another person while at the gym, will I still be able to play music ?
The Edit52 (23 days ago)
Got it! Thx
TeQreation (23 days ago)
No, I mentioned in the review that only the RIGHT earbud can be used for solo listening once they're separated
MOI 摩衣車體彩研 (26 days ago)
Gear icon x 2018 allows you to use either one individually.
Svenstrup (26 days ago)
I'm thinking of buying these but I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge with Bluetooth 4.2. Will I still be able to use these? and will the quality be worse or some other flaw because I have Bluetooth 4.2? Thanks!
Mark Davis (29 days ago)
Thanks Man!! I got a pair a few days ago and they are great. I really appreciate you going through all the features.
Any issues with the connection dropping out? That's my main beef with the el cheapo ear buds that's making me consider investing a little more into these.
Mutch Louis (1 month ago)
the proximity sensor is a deal breaker for me as i use my tws earbuds to share music with my girl while riding that's where the gear iconx shines as they use their sensors with the skin touch and not with the interconnection of the buds. rest the iconx and the jabra buds are mostly similar in performance except some minor tweeks here and there.
Jongtae Lee (1 month ago)
Can two people share them? Or will the auto pause and mono kick in?
Pipe Dreams Netwerk (1 month ago)
With the proximity no, unless they are where your other ear is.
Velu Vlogs (1 month ago)
Which app is that to test left right delay ?
Ahmed alturki (1 month ago)
All what I can say it's amazing, more than I expected to be.
Charles Wong (1 month ago)
Nice review!! Clear description and a lot of real live wearing display!
PTMGO (1 month ago)
The no mono in the left ear is a complete deal breaker. I wish this was a standard feature.
irbster (1 month ago)
17Industries (1 month ago)
I plan to use these for rock climbing in a gym. Can someone who has these tell me if they fall out if you jump up and down or you fall from about 10 feet, say off a bouldering wall.
ahp hodg (1 month ago)
Still using micro USB...
Pinkamon (1 month ago)
Nice but wats holding me back is its seriously too ugly.
Marcel Ac (1 month ago)
Can you connect two devices at the same time?
FNS31 (1 month ago)
Marcel Ac yea
Andy Kaufman (1 month ago)
Great video! Subscribed and Liked! I plan to go from my iPhone X to OnePlus 6T and am currently looking for some Earbuds to replace my AirPods! You have helped me discover the buds I need!
Henrik Johansson (2 months ago)
Isn't it very disturbing to walk long distances and run with these kind of headphones because you hear your own footsteps from inside your head? Let me know your thoughts. I'm thinking of buying the elite active 65t and this is something I haven't got an answer to anywhere.
The Drip Dry Man (2 months ago)
Awesome video. How do you think they compare to the bose soundsport free? Anyone else out there tried both?
Szymon Bilkiewicz (1 month ago)
The Drip Dry Man No problem man, glad that i was able to help
The Drip Dry Man (1 month ago)
+Szymon Bilkiewicz helped loads thanks I'm giving the bose a go due tp the wingtips and gotta say the sound is pretty incredible for bluetooth earbuds. Only concern is the right one doesnt feel 100% secure. Gonna give em another couple of days to see how goes. Thanks
Szymon Bilkiewicz (2 months ago)
The Drip Dry Man Hey Man, so I haven't tried the Jabra's yet but I got to try the Bose earphones from a friend the other day. The Bose earphones have very good sound quality and have a good fit since they have wingtips, but I didn't like them too much as they stuck out quite a bit from my ear, and they were on the heavy side, so it wouldn't be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. I didn't really get to see much as it was a quick try but I hope I helped. I personally would go for the Jabra's.
Carl Bandy (2 months ago)
I have them. I love them.
Rob Anaya (2 months ago)
Clean, fresh review my man. Thanks!
cristian9955ify (2 months ago)
What if the case and the earbuds are dead how long does it take to use the ear buds? Will the charge go straight to the case or distribute to both the case and nearbuds ?
Jamaul Salley (2 months ago)
Very good review
Trap Money (2 months ago)
I’m sorry beard oil on what?
Septicturtle 04 (2 months ago)
Ayee 69 🔥🔥
jessicajungk3 (2 months ago)
Hey man, I'm really thinking of purchasing a pair of these after hearing all these good reviews, but I just wanna know, can you share the earbuds with other people? E.g. I wear one earbud and another person wears the other one? Thanks
Michal Novák (16 days ago)
I bet you can, but you gotta stay close because of the autopause function. So sit ear to ear at a bus or an airplane, this should be fine.
Pipe Dreams Netwerk (1 month ago)
Giuliano Libonati (2 months ago)
Take care of your f'ing nails.
Regan Reviews Everything (2 months ago)
bought them today. they are incredible.
Kenyon Cobb (2 months ago)
I wonder if there's any gaming audio delay?
Reza Molavi (2 months ago)
Great review; thank you. How about movie listening? do you get the out of sync with these?
Jason Fox (2 months ago)
Watched this review. Made the purchase today. Excited to give these a run.
Jason Fox (2 months ago)
Unfortunately I did not like these ear buds. I could not get the left to sync up all the time. The sound was not that impressive for me to keep. Switched to Bose Soundsport Free. could not be happier.
TeQreation (2 months ago)
Love to hear this! Enjoy!
Zack Marchington (2 months ago)
Own a pair, they are brilliant
Jrein B (2 months ago)
Clean review, keep it up!
rsilinnyc (2 months ago)
You made a great review video for these. I am definitely going to check these out. I personally am looking forward to using these with my Pixel 2 XL and Google Assistant instead of Elexa. These look like what the Pixel Buds should've been.
Keith Drummond (2 months ago)
Just picked these up and tested them out at the gym. I must be doing something wrong. I got them to drown out the hideous music that 24 hour fitness plays. No dice. Maybe I'll check out the s/w download. Good video.
Opener (2 months ago)
Watching the video with the jabra elite 65t active they are fucking awesome got them yesterday and today I did workout in gym with them they are so great I dont have words 🔥🔥🔥
dimitrilevampire (2 months ago)
I bought something else before this is release,any interference and pause in the crowd ?
justaman (2 months ago)
Jabra 65T are the only earbuds which made me ditch the AirPods. Yes these are really really good.
tordhav (2 months ago)
My first impression was that these are great. Sound, connectivity, fit, all was good. However, after a week of use, the right earbud didn't turn off or on automatically while putting it in the charging case. It still worked, but it had to be turned on/off manually. Also, the charging case itself didn't charge. Had to send it back. Looking at some reviews at Jabras FB page this seems to be a problem others have had. Waiting for my replacement buds, hope they don't have the same problem!
Banana Joe (2 months ago)
I have these, but does anyone else experience a slight static noise when you use them? When I play something I hear the static, then when I pause it, the static persists and then it stops and goes silent. This happens every time I play it. Anyone know how to fix this?
Banana Joe (2 months ago)
Its disabled for sure. The static is very soft, but still can be hear. When I pause music, the static lasts for a few seconds immediately after pausing and then stops.
TeQreation (2 months ago)
Sounds like the Hearthrough feature is enabled. Make sure it's off. I currently have the earbuds in as I type, and I hear no static whatsoever, my music is paused.
Allen Aguas (2 months ago)
It bothers me that these aren't usb type-c
Kevin O`Brien (22 days ago)
Allen Aguas Everything is great about them but they dropped the ball there...
TeQreation (2 months ago)
Allen Aguas Same
Osamah Al-mandalawi (2 months ago)
After a week of watching reviews and reading online articles i decided to go with anker's spirit earbuds. They have soooo much more value
jdouglas8585 (2 months ago)
Osamah Al-mandalawi cool story
Jacob Baird (2 months ago)
This is a great review. You sold me on these. Thanks!
linus skogh (2 months ago)
Can you shower with them?
jdouglas8585 (2 months ago)
I don't wanna chance it
Ignacio Aguiar (2 months ago)
I should pick up the IconX 2018 or Jabra active elite 65t?
Chris martin (2 months ago)
Icon x sick there to quit
Shaun (2 months ago)
Ignacio Aguiar I noticed the icons 2018s are not available from Best Buy anymore. Reading review of the Icons I suspect that they are having failures with them. They don't have any water/sweat ratings.
bksfld661 (2 months ago)
Where can I find the blue jabra?
Andy Leonardi (2 months ago)
Press on right and left side simultaneously to open the charging case
CThienV (2 months ago)
i just picked up the non-active set. the fit is perfect and i have very fussy ears when it comes to IEM's.
udith reddy (2 months ago)
Do you hear any noise in your left ear bud? I do.
TeQreation (2 months ago)
Not at all...Only time i would hear noise of any kind is when I have hearthrough feature enabled by double tapping....I hear outside noise. Other than that, these are solid...Spent enough time with these. They're legit
Barrett Wellington (2 months ago)
Amazing review - very complete! your the rare one to mention phone CALL quality, and the AirPods comment...Exactly, Thanks! I have the Active's now, no delay with video (maybe due to Bluetooth 5), I find them good for walks and bike rides too. I have tried others like BeatsX, AirPods & my daughter's Powerbeats3 and they all fail in comparison. The Active's are comfortable and cover most features among the rest.
TeQreation (2 months ago)
Barrett Wellington Blown away with these
FAR STIR (2 months ago)
Those the equalizer have presets ?
Neil Rosser (3 months ago)
I bought my set from Best Buy right when they came out (looks like BB has an exclusive on a black color, both on the earbuds and the case). Love them, and I too have bought 5 or 6 various cheapy units from Asia, on Amazon. Like you said, the phone call part of these might be the best part of these. No one has ever had any issues hearing me, so I use these for work all day, so comfortable, excellent music sound - really just the best units I've found, and I've told a few others about them as well. They all like them also. Good review!
Chris Bartlett (3 months ago)
Just picked these up. Your review was a major factor in me pulling the trigger. I used them this morning for 45 minutes in the weight room followed by 25 minutes on the elliptical and they were awesome. They never felt like they would fall out. The sounds was better than expected and no lag when watching a video while doing cardio. Basically, everything you said was spot on. Thanks!
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Chris Bartlett This..... Is what I like to hear
mantiscity (3 months ago)
Cool, thanks
Johan Blom (3 months ago)
Great review, i have these for 3 weeks and agree with you 100% absolute the best true wireless earbuds.
FNS31 (1 month ago)
Johan Blom any problems so far?
Frank Visca (3 months ago)
Great in-depth review...covers many points that a lot of people want to hear, and some points that people don't realize they should know. Good job, man.
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Always strive for that! Thanks for the support
mookichanify (3 months ago)
Husband got these me. These are awesome! Most earphones and earbuds fall out of my small ears so i have veen reluctant to invest in truly wireless earbuds. Thank you for your review! 👍
mookichanify (2 months ago)
Yes they are comfortable. My husband also got a pair for himself and is very happy with them. Light and comfortable.
Van Vien Pham (2 months ago)
How do you feel when you wearing it? really comfortable or not?
Angela Rosario (3 months ago)
techline - Linus (3 months ago)
Great review man!
Dominique Harris (3 months ago)
Pretty cool. I think imma stick with my regular headphones
Aztec Warrior6969 (3 months ago)
Thanks for saying Alexa 50,000 times
Dark Knight (3 months ago)
I have to say, I love watching your videos since day one and was wondering what happened to you when you left for several months. Your videos come out so crisp and clear, what camera do you use? One question I have is how long did it take for you to set up your apartment to the way you like with all the gadgets you have set up? Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next video.
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Dark Knight Thanks I appreciate that. Man it took months to get the apartment set up. I don't use anything expensive, you can see my full gear list in the link in the description
Febri Irwansyah (3 months ago)
i already connect this earbuds with my laptop, but why there's no sound coming out of it?
herocortez (2 months ago)
Hey, can you tell me how you connected this device to your laptop? I've tried but no luck. Edit: It's fine, I've figured it out.
Shaun (2 months ago)
Febri Irwansyah Jabre Elite(prior model to these buds) connect just fine to my windows laptop. I've also connect many other bluetooth earbuds to my laptop with no issues.
GGroupp DestinyG (3 months ago)
you need to click speaker icon in labtop and change out put from stereo on labtop to headset that in my case it work fine
Febri Irwansyah (3 months ago)
okay, thanks a lot man
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Febri Irwansyah I have no idea I haven't tried it, and I wouldn't recommend it since they're designed for phones specifically But I read somewhere people had no issues making them work with their laptop
Hugh_Davis-95 (3 months ago)
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Hugh_Davis-95 Link in the description $189, a bit more than the Apple Airpods
mantiscity (3 months ago)
How is the lag when watching videos? I have not found one yet that has no lag.
mantiscity I have the same problem it’s really bother me 😩
sawtoothscream 1 (14 days ago)
Can't notice any with mine. YouTube and Netflix look fine
kv singh (29 days ago)
navos2003 do you have an iOS device?
Neil Rosser (2 months ago)
would be also interesting to compare lag (or not) when watching the YouTube APP vs watching YouTube on the Safari browser on the iPhone. I find the only time I see a very minimal lag with videos is when using the <app>. ANY other video use - anything - no lag, ever. Only when using the YT app on my iPhone 8, and the lag is very small. Tiny.
R-.i mb (2 months ago)
mantiscity do iPhone have Bluetooth 5.0? Maybe that's why.
Nicolò Scudieri (3 months ago)
no mention of the delay while watching videos?
GGroupp DestinyG (3 months ago)
it work perfect on my unit .and thx TeQreation for making good quality video
Nicolò Scudieri (3 months ago)
ok thank you ;)
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Nicolò Scudieri I mentioned this at the 4:00 mark. There's no lag, no lip sync delay. The audio/video was in solid sync, just as you would hear with wired earbuds. These earbuds are the truth Search for the "audio sync test" video
Grumpy Cat (3 months ago)
Any good over Bluetooth 4.2?
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Grumpy Cat Oh Quality too subjective to measure. Music sounds fine, no crackling, no drop outs, no fading. Bluetooth 5.0 is legit
Grumpy Cat (3 months ago)
You did mention double the bandwidth over previous gen Bluetooth, but you didn't audio quality playback, that's why I asked.
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Grumpy Cat I mentioned this in the video
Clarence Mortley (3 months ago)
great review
Tuson Walters (3 months ago)
When you like the video before you watch because you know it's gonna be good. Great review TQ.
TeQreation (3 months ago)
Tuson Walters Now that's love, so you get a heart

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