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Not Your Ergonomic Mouse | Logitech MX Master Review

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If you are considering getting a Logitech MX Master mouse, consider this review first! Buy The MX Master: http://amzn.to/1GuhUC3 Buy The MX: http://amzn.to/1cePnUD Microsoft Sculpt (More Ergonomic): http://amzn.to/1Gui78u MATTHIAS YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/matthiasiam Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/matthiasiam J-FRED YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/mrjollywhitegiant Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jfred1991 EQUIPMENT If you're interested in helping us out, purchase the same equipment we use on the daily to help the channel out! Sony Nex-5t: http://amzn.to/1PpaFOo Shotgun Mic: http://amzn.to/1CuZ2eR
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Text Comments (341)
REALLY? lag? xD I have this mouse for about 2 YEARS. there is no lag. please stop misleading people.
dallatorretdu (20 days ago)
Damn I searched for a review because I just received mine and I find it painful after 10 minutes! I'm sending it back and will try the MX anywhere as a wireless option. The mouse that followed me for all the latest 3 years is the G502
kurazaybo (1 month ago)
Review the Logitech Vertical mouse. I do use trackballs
CoffinMuffin (3 months ago)
Beta Matthias
Fat Bastard Pipes (3 months ago)
It's not a "review" if you are peddling the mouse for profit. You won't badmouth it, or else no one will buy it and you won't make money, eh. ; )
Orlando Palleschi (3 months ago)
Hey Matt check out the R2d2 sphero
mynameisharlan (4 months ago)
This video is very misleading.
Chosen Idea (7 months ago)
I have suffered from carpal tunnel, but this mouse has only improved things. I find the angle perfect, unlike the awkwardly vertical models that actually cause the same pain I get with a tablet. Like Oktay I also use Wacom, but because I draw. I don't recommend a tablet for anyone with carpal tunnel.
Chris Koro (7 months ago)
haters gonna hate
Kickor (8 months ago)
Slates the mouse and says its garbage, then proceeds to say "So, if youd like to buy it click the links below" 🤣
gabriel gon (9 months ago)
I've been using the cheapest mouse models with no ergonomics at all 8 hours a day for the last 10 years at work and was JUST FINE. I guess I'll be ok with this "not so great" design. PS: "Power users cant use it because of its lack of ergonomics"... hahah really?
officesound (10 months ago)
That mouse suuuucks! I am returning it after 1 month of using. Avoid!
Christopher Steinberg (10 months ago)
The design is amazing. What is he talking about? This is one of the first times that I have disliked a video
Drinkyoghurt (11 months ago)
I ordered this mouse on amazon so that I could work away from home without having to bring my clunky g502 with me with cables and all that jazz. Had the opportunity to try it before I received it and I have to say that this is by far the most uncomfortable mouse I've ever tried. It's way too high so you can't use micro adjustments with your fingertips, instead you have to move your entire arm which can become tiring very quickly. Ridiculous that a $100 mouse is so poorly designed. Their M720 and G602 do a much better job at ergonomics
Rodolfo Rosetti Piva (1 year ago)
Do you feel pain using the Microsoft Sculpt that appears in the video? I am planning to buy that one... Thanks!
Omar CT (1 year ago)
Hi. I totally agree with you on the fact that it is not comfortable to use this mouse. The buttons on the left side are one of the worst features ever in a mouse.The sensation of confusion when you push them is totally disgusting. M535, on the other hand is cheapper and offers you a much more pleasant user experience when you work with it. I have a question: Have you used the M720? Is it better and more comfortable to use than M535 or not? Thanks
Mariusz Mazur (1 year ago)
So, what do you use now? The MS?
ironsociety (1 year ago)
The Bluetooth wait time is because the computer is pulling power from its Bluetooth card to save battery. Has nothing to do with the mouse and can be changed in your pc's power settings. The forward/backward buttons are suppose to be ergonomic meaning that you use the inside joint of your thumb to press them. This might be why you are having trouble.
Vortex (1 year ago)
Never new u did this
kada jawi (1 year ago)
The forward and backward button work for me. Not ideal, but you get used to the placement. However the horizontal scroll wheel rarely works, especially where I want to use it, like to do adjustments in Lightroom. If the scroll wheel doesn't help all that much, why give up better forward/backward button placement for it? Also the thumb button goes in the wrong direction. You have to push it sideways, towards the table, which isn't natural or comfortable. Plus it is pretty hard to press. The scroll wheel is great though. The cool sports car lines feel a bit uncomfortable at the bottom end of the mouse. Personally I find the M720 more comfortable in the hand/better positioned, the forward/backward button is exactly where it should be. The left click is very quiet, which can be great in an office environment. It, too, has the feature where you connect it to 3 computers, and you can use Flow, which is only available on the MX Master 2S. The button to switch computers is more conveniently placed, and the thumb button is both softer and goes in a much more natural direction... Finally, unless the MX Master is on sale, the M720 is also quite a bit cheaper. Like half the price. If only it had that fancy scroll wheel which I use all the time... and if only it had a better sensor. Most people will be perfectly fine with 1000 dpi, but I come from a high refresh rate 3600 dpi G400, and boy is the M720 a disappointment in comparison. The MX Master still isn't quite as good (the Master 2S should fix most of that), but it's noticeably better. it's a shame the MX Master focuses more on good looks than on ergonomics.
Traymer7 (1 year ago)
Am I only one who cannot see how you could hurt your shoulder while holding a mouse? because when I am sitting correctly, only my wrist is turning but I am not moving my shoulder at all, so the angle of my mouse doesn't make a difference.... O.o
Will Nettles (1 year ago)
3:10 is exactly right. This is not ergonometric. M-Tech has carpal tunnel, so he's hyper-aware of this. If you just rest your hand in the most comfortable position on your desk top --your thumb will be up. I find this MX Master mouse to either need about 10-15 degrees angle (which would make it even taller at the back) or raised about 5-6" above the desk. In the 'normal' position--it bends my wrist, not much but still not good. I get the feeling a lot of these ergonomic products are caught between trying to look like everything else and being ergonomic. (I had an ergonomic keyboard back in the 1990s, I haven't seen anything remotely close to its comfort since. Microsoft a few years ago seem to come close, until you actually put your hands on it. It seemed like it was 20 percent too big, like it was tested on someone 7 feet tall.) The older and much cheaper Logitech mice I find to be more comfortable. I won't send this one back, because I don't mouse as much as some users.
Xuan Kong (1 year ago)
The damage to my wrist has been made when I used this mouse for 1 year
CONAN (1 year ago)
Michael Xz (1 year ago)
It's not about a mouse being "ergonomic" or not.. it's about using a mouse correctly... some people actually move the mouse by cupping the mouse in their hand and moving their entire hand... imagine doing that all day... now use it correctly... move the mouse with your fingers and wrist,, wrist stays in the same spot all the time and only pivots left or right to aid your fingers in moving the mouse and your arm never moves a bit. This is difficult to accomplish if you cup the mouse with your hand, instead the mouse should be out in front a bit and your palm should have no contact with the mouse.Way more efficient because the mouse is now free to move any direction easily. If you have tiny hands you might have to go for a tiny mouse instead. btw. MX master is the best mouse on the market - unless you're a gamer I guess. But it's flaw is you need a special screwdriver to open it up and adjust it when the free scrolling eventually fails. Small price to pay for having the world's best mouse for productivity on windows 10 (e.g. click the thumb button, get the exploded desktop view) - IMO any mouse w/o hyperscrolling cannot be considered "ergonomic".. or "good for productivity".. this basically limits consumer choices to several logitech model mice.
Medy (1 month ago)
+Chris ... you forget that this thing is a heavy brick no matter what grip...
Chris (9 months ago)
Michael Xz really nice comment and rings true with the experience I've had using it this evening. When I realised I was holding it wrong by cupping it and moving my whole arm and instead using my wrist as a fulcrum and using my fingers to do the rest it clicked into place for me
Rahul Malik (1 year ago)
So which mouse do you recommend if ergonomics and RSI relief is the goal?
Kazi VII (1 year ago)
It's not even a good mouse. Flimsy scroll wheel mechanics.
Steve Nguyen (1 year ago)
I use regular mouse on the right hand and the 3D connexion track ball on the left for the last 15 years with AutoCad 8 hrs a day 5 days a week 11 months a year and my hand still fine. But I want to try the vertical mouse and the track ball mouse see if they better.
Joshua Tree (1 year ago)
Not sure i can agree with you about the wrist thingy. I have been using computers for over 30 years and I have never had a mouse which does not fatigue my wrist. Some think the wrist should sit at right angles to the desk and hinge at the wrist up and down, others think the wrist should be palm down to the desk and hinge up and down. I have used some ridiculous "ergonomic' mice over the years and to be honest the only thing that reduces fatigue is a large mouse and a wrist rest preferable a gel support and if you use a large mouse then the wrist is flat on the pad and does not have to hinge down.  If the mouse is too small then the hand will have to hinge downward . Now, I am just replacing my Microsoft "ergonomic" mouse with this one because the wireless dongle stopped working, so in the meanwhile i resurrected my M705 Logitech and then realised why I replaced it in the first place. Yes, you got it, the mouse is too small for my hand and with out the wrist pad it aches like hell, with the wrist pad, not so bad but it still sits at a downward angle albeit very slight but enough to eventually cause pain.. you will notice when you drive a car with a small diameter steering wheel, that is the grip section, will make your wrist ache, also driving as we do with with the wrist at right angles that is ,on the left and right side of the wheel causes aching after a few hours driving and I often find myself changing my grip to the top or the bottom of the steering wheel to give the wrist a rest. Also look at the position of your arm and wrist when you sit in a chair and place your arms on the arm rest they are palms down . I just think if we look at primates you get the idea .
Sunny Lakhiyan (1 year ago)
clickbait video and super ignorant views as well.
Brian de Geus (1 year ago)
This review is actually quite correct. I've been a Logitech fan from as long as I can remember. And the MX Master is alot less ergonomic than my previous G502, G600 and G400. When I just rest my hand on the mouse for a blind starting position my index finger falls against the scrollwheel and not at all near the middle of the leftclick button (this is definitly the case on previous mice, I still have them for comparison). Batterylife, precision and the overall quality is 10/10 but the mouse should be alot more slanted. I luckily don't have any RSI or corporal tunnel issues but they really failed on the basic design on this one.
Chauncey Gardener (1 year ago)
THIS MOUSE IS DANGEROUS!!! I know people that got their limbs removed after using this mouse for extended periods of time. If they only have watched this video...
Co Co (1 year ago)
Ironic that he mentions misleading information since his video is full of it
MidnightZz (1 year ago)
bought this a while back after a few months it ruined my fn hand it hurts like shi*
Carlos Choy (1 year ago)
Great materials, build quality, looks and all that. But one of the worst mice I've ever used. I returned it the next day. Here's the problem - the materials make it impossible to grip and it is weighted poorly. It just keeps slipping out of the hand, and ergonomically - it's no better than most other mice either (it uses a very traditional angle and grip). The reason it keeps slipping out of the hand is because the contact material for the thumb and third+fourth finger that are used to grip the mouse are very slippery, and the mouse seems to be weighted very front heavy instead of having the bulk of the weight under the palm. It's like having a car with a long hood and heavy engine in the front, driven by rear wheels that have no tread left. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has had this experience with it. So what are you paying all that money for? A product that by design is no better and for its use - unusable.
newboldspawn (1 year ago)
What a shit review!
Tom Nash (1 year ago)
I have had nothing but problems with this mouse and it's bluetooth connectivity. Using the dongle is fine but it's annoying. I really like this mouse but probably wouldn't buy again.
I have a Chromebook 15 from Acer and I don't mind it's trackpad but I use an M570 with it.
NightFlight1973 (1 year ago)
Yep, I was using it for no more than a few hours a day at home (not the 8 at work) and it killed my hand inside of week. I ended up selling it on kijiji. I believe that an Apple Magic mouse has more ergonomics and that is really saying something. I also have a smaller hand so this mouse simply didn't work for me. The MX Anywhere 2 is considerably better for me. However I find my pinky finger drags around with the Anywhere. The MX Revolution is still perhaps IMHO the best office product they've made.
Sensei Ji (1 year ago)
here's a health tip get a wrist sweat band the kind tennis players wear on their wrist? it helps with wrist issues
Aleksandar Kostadinov (1 year ago)
It looks like the free spinning mode is not so much spinning like the old MX, is this correct?
Cheesy G (1 year ago)
Right, not your ergonomic mouse. But compare to any other mouse, pretty sure the mx master is still one of the bests.
Tensai55 (1 year ago)
I have the G602 which is a very similar design - it's the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. I do wish it had more buttons tho. Specifically at least 1 more button - then I'd never need to have at least 1 slot on my hotbar in Minecraft that isn't mapped to my mouse.
DarkErrorCode (1 year ago)
what the fuck? Matthias?
DarkErrorCode (1 year ago)
i never knew you did this shit
surg23 (1 year ago)
What he said about the ergonomics seems to contradict itself. The Master and all the MX series mice have one of the tallest palm arches available- allowing less horizontal rotation of your hand. Seems like his issues are related more to his carpel tunnel syndrome. I have used the Mx1000, G700s, Performance MX 12+ hours a day with no fatigue or pain. In fact other flat mice that I own cause me fatigue, which is supportive of what he said about hand rotation. Generally speaking, Mice with high-tall palm arches will be most comfortable. Though I don't know why he has issues since the MX has a very tall arch.
Medy (1 month ago)
maybe because this thing is a heavy brick ? :D
Hef Tarc (1 year ago)
this mouse isnt accurate at all.
Eldafint (1 year ago)
Hef Tarc yes it is
Brydie Cuzzan (1 year ago)
when you notice it's for a right handed person -_-
Kyle Burdick (1 year ago)
+Waffel Fox nope i did it, easiest thing ever.
Brydie Cuzzan (1 year ago)
That would be very hard
Kyle Burdick (1 year ago)
Waffel Fox then turn right handed
Cute Nevie (1 year ago)
i dont feel any pain and im a power user and im using a madcatz pro s
Antonis .S (1 year ago)
so for u only a vertical mouse would be ok. that doesnt mean that its not ergonomic for the 99% of the poppulation that dont have the problem that you have. so its not fals claims.. you just want to get views out of nothing
Hey, just wanted to know what mouse you're using for ergonomic?
Michael Taylor (1 year ago)
I hate people like this, so annoying
eastwest51 (1 year ago)
This is the most accurate review I've seen so far of the MX Master. After 5 months of using this over-priced mouse, I finally gave up on it. Wrist pain, signal drop-off (with the USB dongle, not Bluetooth) and the awkward positioning of the buttons as mentioned in the review were not worth putting up with. I replaced it with the Zowie EC2-A and couldn't be happier. Really disappointed with Logitech, which normally turns out very good products. Liked and subscribed.
irmollaar (1 year ago)
I don't get it, every mouse has you hold it that way
irikan280 (1 year ago)
If you don't use the computer a lot of time every day (like 8hours and more) it shouldn't concern you, but if you use the computer a lot then a traditionnal mouse is bad for you because it forces your wrist in an unnatural position so it can lead to injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. So if you use the computer a lot, it would be better for you to get an ergonomic vertical mouse, like the Evoluent, to avoid injuries.
iFkNxLegend (1 year ago)
That's because what he's saying is a load of bullshit
bitesizefirst (1 year ago)
I've read a ton of bad reviews about this mouse about the scrollwheel failing after 24h, 5 days, only a few weeks etcetera. I actualy wanted this mouse too but after reading message after message from people complaining about the same thing (just type in google 'scroll wheel issue/problem mx master) some people had their second or even third same mouse replacement wich all end up again with the same problem. To bad it looks really nice  but I decided to go with a corsair pro gaming mouse for real durability and usability. If you think this is a good mouse type in youtube 'mx master scrollwheel fix, or mx master repair' and see how many videos there are about this thing!
CheekySwag (1 year ago)
bitesizefirst I'm going for this tho
Euro Bum (2 years ago)
I'm looking for a mouse that combines all the best features: ergonomic, bluetooth, rechargeable, 360 scroll ball. It doesn't exist. But this one sounds really close.
Win Zhang (2 years ago)
hey, seeing you have the ms sculpt ergonomic, Im just wondering whether its worth investing in a logitech mx anywhere 2 (not 100% relevant), or the ms sculpt ergonomic for on the go purposes; I am more concerned about durability and tracking in general. I often use a mouse for around 5 hours a day, and carpal tunnel syndrome is least of my problem rightnow, but ofc I would like to avoid it. Thanks in advance!
DaveMusic (2 years ago)
How did I not know about this channel?! Love Matthias and love him talking about tech :D I got this mouse as an upgrade from my MX mouse, definitely worth it, I paired it with my PC, Suface Pro 3, and Phablet, so awesome! Agree about the thumb buttons though, although I find it very natural and comfortable to use
Kryojenix (2 years ago)
Boo - bring back the MX Revolution.
Phone Industry (2 years ago)
I like everything about the mouse and even the back/forw buttons but my biceps is definitely suffering from using this mouse :(
Phone Industry (1 year ago)
I don't know what to say, at the time I wrote the comment I felt a lot of pain but now I am just tense... it's not that bad when you get use to it :D
Omar (1 year ago)
+Petar-Vertex yeah i'm actually not sure any more.. i'm starting to get some pains with the mx i feel like maybe a very small light mouse is the only solution for big hands..
Phone Industry (1 year ago)
actually I have large hands maybe that's the issue :D
Omar (1 year ago)
weird all other mice give me that kind of pain.. only the MX helps.. i think your hands may be too small...
Phone Industry (2 years ago)
I am not sure but when I spend more then 5h per day using it my biceps is hurting a lot, I think Logitech made the shape too bumpy and therefore the mouse is sitting so PERFECTLY in palm but they forgot we had a whole arm so when you move the mouse you have a feeling you are moving the rock which is opening your palm so much that biceps is even working, such a weird feeling to be honest. I think they needed to make it more slim at the back, just a little bit at least. Also I have to say that it is so good when it comes to performance that I am not going to change it even my arm is suffering sometimes.
jaytes (2 years ago)
lol, one second of waiting is annoying... really?
Brydie Cuzzan (1 year ago)
jaytes well.. it is because when you are useing the button for long periods of time it can be a very annoying flaw
Shravu Shravu (2 years ago)
Hello Mattihas Could u plz suggest ergonomics mouse
Nicholas Woo (2 years ago)
Well, that's not entirely how carpal tunnel syndrome works. It's more caused by the pressure on your wrist when it lays horizontally on a desk, an easy fix is keep your mouse close to the edge of your desk, where your wrist can hang off. Or use something (like a book) to raise the mouse up, and off of the desk.
Vince P (2 years ago)
The MX Performance is the best mouse of all time
Jason Cobb (2 years ago)
Kryojenix the MX Revolution is my personal favorite. I still use mine everyday.
Kryojenix (2 years ago)
I prefer the original MX Revolution - has a clickable thumb jog-wheel instead of the thumb button.
TA DU (2 years ago)
U look like one of the hobbits :)
nikostikis (2 years ago)
So which mouse would you recommend for people with wrist issues?
A.H. den Hollander (1 year ago)
And damned right you are!
irikan280 (1 year ago)
The best are the Evoluent mice but they can be quite expensive, a cheaper alternative is the Anker Ergonomic Mouse I found.
bmaka100 (2 years ago)
Which ergonomic mouse do you use and recommend?
Mike Seeds (2 years ago)
been using the old mx master (similar shape) for about 2-3 years and pretty sure its damaged my wrist
古賀ミッシェル (30 days ago)
Actually, I feel that "comfortable" mouses are bad. Not comfortable mouses make us stretch and change positions more often.
Medy (1 month ago)
RIP man .. the weight is a killer for long use... you probably had pain in elbow and shoulder alot... I tried this mouse for 3 hours and returned it... im using a g pro wireless now .. comfiest lightest thing ever ...
William (2 years ago)
+Juan Carlos Vargas in order to avoid repetitive strain injury you have to avoid repetitive strain on your tendons. by switching your mousing style often with multiple mousing options you're avoiding prolonged stress on one group of tendons
Mike Seeds (2 years ago)
yes its fantastic. Like a huge laptop touchpad. And has loads of multitouch features, it's probably just as fast as using a mouse. The psychology of having another option does wonders for getting rid of such pains.
Juan Carlos Vargas (2 years ago)
You use it like a touchpad?? I've never before experienced problems and with this mouse for the first time I'm experiencing malaise
WhiteHawk (2 years ago)
Be warned people, this mouse has a major design flaw with the wheel which will break and get stuck in free wheeling mode, sending mine back for a refund as Amazon don't have any more and just as well as I'd probably get another failure soon, I'd hardly used the mouse and they haven't fixed the issue, lots of people having this happen.
WhiteHawk (2 years ago)
Be warned people, this mouse has a major design flaw with the wheel which will break and get stuck in free wheeling mode, sending mine back for a refund as Amazon don't have any more and just as well as I'd probably get another failure soon, I'd hardly used the mouse and they haven't fixed the issue, lots of people having this happen.
Fusion ! (1 year ago)
WhiteHawk I had the same issue with the scrolling wheel
WhiteHawk (1 year ago)
Octavio calvillo Thanks, I got it last year, it's great. :-)
Fusion ! (1 year ago)
WhiteHawk If your gonna get another mice i recommend the G900
CCRed95 (1 year ago)
WhiteHawk i own 5 of these for various pcs for 1-2 years and havent had this issue
WhiteHawk (2 years ago)
PhantomRedstone MCPE I've used mice before, including mice with this type of feature.
CoolVideos4Life (2 years ago)
Who cares not worth the 100 dollars! Just buy a 6 dollar one!
Trend Beatz (2 years ago)
HAS ANYONE HAD ISSUES WITH THIS MOUSE DISCONNECTING RANMDOMLY. I am on my 2nd one still same issue.. 15'' Macbook Pro late 2015 elCapitan
eastwest51 (1 year ago)
All the time on my desktop PC, which is why I finally got rid of it.
Dr. Zoidberg (2 years ago)
This guys rocking some impressive air brakes on the sides of his head.
Petar Stamenkovic (2 years ago)
It would be next to impossible to beat this mouse in ergonomics. Putting my hand more vertically as you suggested would make it less ergonomic, not more. The only thing wrong with the mouse are the back/forward buttons that are placed so for the random Mac user who wouldn't know what to do with them anyway. It's a shame since those buttons are very useful as they have been for both MX revolution (the one I'm retiring to use the Master) and MX performance (that I skipped due to lack of the thumb wheel).
Timo Ernst (2 years ago)
I bought the mx master and didn't like it at all. Gonna return it and post my own video review later.
WaFfLeFuR (2 years ago)
talking all this ergonomic crazyness about a mouse... my solution, go oldschool. i personally have been using a Logitech Trackman Marble FX for over 10 years and i recommend everyone try it out if you can find one. the only complaint i have for the mouse is the lack of a scroll function. oh and yeah, its ps/2
Hi there! I do mostly photo editing. Any suggestions for the best current ergonomic mouse?
ImanDoesGaming (2 years ago)
MX MASTER... Trust me I have been using the G700s and it has the same ergonomics as the MX MASTER and it is wonderful to use the whole day
extra.phicc (2 years ago)
Didn't even know you had a tech channel :P
Agustiar Falahi (2 years ago)
channing tatum in skinny mode
Mechant (2 years ago)
Virtualmix (2 years ago)
I bought this mouse to replace my Performance MX and I have to say it's the best mouse I ever used. I agree it's hard to distinguish between the two back and forward buttons however I disagree with all the other claims made in this video. Loving it.
Lakiozoon (2 years ago)
I disagree on the ergonomic part of your review. I used many ergo shaped mice over time, and had constant pain in my middle finger tendons (as a moba player, I tend to spam right click a lot). After I switched to ambidextrous mice, the pain is gone (using zowie za12 atm).
sudeb roy (2 years ago)
If you don't have the dexterity to distinguish between the two buttons above the thumb, you haven't evolved as mush as everyone else. If you're working just 8 hours a day, you aren't working enough.
toshi davila chinen (2 years ago)
+sudeb roy ikr? how can he not distinguish them? lol
helthuismartin (2 years ago)
Prepair for storing a huge amound of batteries.
penitent2401 (2 years ago)
+helthuismartin the battery is built in, have to recharge it via USB
Jens Kofoed (2 years ago)
You can charge it with micro usb
Darragh O Meara (2 years ago)
I recently got one of these from work and find it great, however as stated in the review, its not the most ergo friendly design. I often spend 9-10 hours a day on the PC and find that I need to change every few hours. My secondary weapon of choice is this : http://www.amazon.com/Posturite-Wired-Penguin-Mouse-9820100/dp/B007GFYM1K Looks a bit funky but really works and its ambidextrous too which is great. However the best way to avoid ergo injuries is to take regular breaks.. We have company software that will lock out keyboard and mouse clicks at specified intervals, ie. 10 secs every 6 mins and 4 mins every hour. Short enough not to impact your workflow too much but long enough to give you a break.
Aaron Watts (2 years ago)
Jeong-hun Sin (2 years ago)
Making mouse more vertically should not cost more... I wonder why ergonomic keyboards and mice are not the standards at this point. Is it the damn minimalism or looks-over-functionalties trend that Apple has started?
Hassan Althaf (2 years ago)
I believe that everyone uses their computers for different tasks. I spend my time on a computer working and I would really prefer something minimalistic as something like this would be an overkill for me. I mean, I don't play computer games. However, on the other hand, we have the gamers, they like fancy stuff, and I think that is the target market for Logitech MX series. Every product on Earth targets a particular market.
idworkhard (2 years ago)
well said. Microsoft Sculpt mouse is better.
Steve Robinson (2 years ago)
Im looking for a comfortable mouse for editing video on my mac.I do have some shoulder issues,so i think one for long use editing sessions that wont add to carpotunnel would be good.I was wondering what others who edit in premiere may be using for a editing mouse.My biggest complaint is when trying to drag an effect from the bin down to your timeline,you run out of mouse pad before you get to that cut you intend to drop it on. With a keyboard tray that pulls out that has the mousepad built in,it makes it nice not to be reaching up higher onto a desk,instead easily in reach from keyboard.(this is why i use a mouse pad) For now,when i see that problem,i have to drag the timeline to get that cut closer to the effect bin so it makes it.
Vivek B (2 years ago)
+Steve Robinson Another problem is that you can't press a spacebar. Also, this mouse (the MX Master) is pretty damn amazing. Would recommend.
Kindless Thing (2 years ago)
99% of the mice on the market are less ergonomic than this one, I doubt this is the one that'll cause major injury.
Medy (1 month ago)
this is actually one of the heavy mice ... you may think that 170 g is not much ... but for long use or fast movemements this is bad. I feel like this mouse isnt neccecsrily made for comfort in general .. but comfortable use of the scrollwheel.
Steven Baird (2 years ago)
I'm using this mouse right now and my wrist hurts, I bought it thinking it was going to be an ergonomic solution, but he's right - it's not. Disappointed
Steven Baird (2 years ago)
+Chidum Ekenta Interestingly it doesn't anymore! I think it was just at the beginning when I wasn't use to it. I love it now! I also make sure I take regular breaks when working on a project so that probably helps, but it's super comfy now :)
Vivek B (2 years ago)
+Steven Baird Maybe it's just your hand. This mouse is the number one most comfortable mouse I've ever used.
lucckino (2 years ago)
"causes serve damage" lol ive been using a lp mouse for years no damage
3rd Ball's Sam (2 years ago)
+lucckino I think he meant for people with his condition
Catalin (2 years ago)
I hope you have a day job.
ProNickelCanada (2 years ago)
+ProNickelCanada Called matthiasiam
ProNickelCanada (2 years ago)
+Catalin Siegling he has a much more successful comedy youtube channel with around 1M subs
yargnitstingray (2 years ago)
I have one, and I like it. It replaced a very old "MX Laser"
TuxKey (2 years ago)
so i returned the so called "HandShoeMouse"..Because of the size it really needed a DPI switch to increase sensitivity i kept bumping in to my keyboard when navigating my desk space.. now i'm rocking the "HE Mouse" wired because i like the light weight and it has a dpi switch awesome..one little issue i got is that the finger wrest isn't wide enough ..Time wil tell if it works..
Aditya Salunke (2 years ago)
What do you mean power users cant use it MKBHD, Joanathan Morrision,Lui(Unbox Therapy),Austin Evans, UrAvgConsumer some of the biggest names in tech use this mouse.
Vivek B (2 years ago)
+Eugene Li Not this guy. If you're looking for consumerish tech reviews, MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, UrAvgConsumer, Austin evans, everyone +Aditya Salunke said. If you're into PC building and stuff, there's LinusTechTips, JayzTwoCents, Austin Evans(a bit)
KY Li (2 years ago)
+Aditya Salunke Got any more recommendations for tech channels?
MFHRaptor (2 years ago)
+M-Tech You have a case here and I found your review hitting major issues. This mouse isn't exactly what others claim it to be. Admittedly, it's one of the best ergonomically crafted mice, but don't just look at the positives and fall to the hype.. Look at the whole picture. If I would want to pay such a price for an allegedly good computer mouse, you should do your research first. Everybody is talking about the pros, so I'm going to stress the cons. For such a price ( $100 ) the buyer should enjoy all of the features this mouse has to offer, and this is not the case with the multi-connectivity options. I'm talking about the bluetooth here as it has major issues ( Just Google it ). Secondly, everybody is talking about how great the side wheel is, but hey what about the forward/back thumb buttons? THEY ARE TERRIBLY SITUATED.. Honestly, I wanted to like this mouse very much, but I'd probably give its successor a go because I'm optimistic that Logitech will resolve those issues with its next iteration.
MFHRaptor (2 years ago)
Thanks for the clarification. I wonder when and if there will be a solution to Bluetooth interference problems for good. A long time ago I came across an article about technological solutions with a new type of bluetooth or something but I didn't read through it.
Chris Archer (2 years ago)
+MFHRaptor The bluetooth problems are caused by interference, most commonly from wireless routers and USB 3.0 ports (the USB 3.0 interference issues have been particularly prevalent in recent Apple computers). The MX Master could be slightly more susceptible to interference than another bluetooth mouse (I've personally only compared the MX Master to the original Apple Magic Mouse, and found them to be pretty much equally affected by interference), but I wouldn't really consider interference a problem with the mouse itself. Anyway, I'm currently using the MX Master with a MacBook Pro, and it works perfectly after solving the interference problem. If a 2.4GHz router is causing the problem, you can usually significantly improve, or eliminate it completely by simply using a different channel.
quit youtube (2 years ago)
How do I know if I have carpel tunnel? I am a power user.
Jan Jansky (2 years ago)
you look like a fucking gnome.
NETVO TV (2 years ago)
Logitech g502 or this?I was considering this but find out G502 has similiar feature and yet more button and lower price point!Which one is the best?And does the Bluetooth connection make it more future proof since you can connect it to tablet too and the big USB head may die soon due to the new USB C coming? Or connect to tablet is not make sense and useless?Will use it for design, photo/video editing and gaming(cities skylines, euro truck simulator 2, maybe Dota and FPS in future) for my youtube channel! Thanks!
NETVO TV (2 years ago)
+Strayed Wayfarer I mean G502 and MX Master, not the wireless G602, TQ!
Strayed Wayfarer (2 years ago)
+NETVO TV I assume you mean the G602, which is wireless like this one? I own both mice. That is, I already went through two G602 before I bought the MX Master, because the left mouse button becomes a little spotty after a while. This causes accidental doubleclicks and drag & drop issues. You can fix it for a while by opening the mouse and adding some tape on top of the micro switch to raise it a little, but at some point that doesn't work anymore either. This is a general problem with mice, but Logitech's higher priced models tend to last a few months longer in my experience. Another problem with the G602 is the scroll wheel, which feels really cheap compared to this mouse or the old Performance MX. On the other hand, it has plenty of side buttons, which is nice for gamers. You need a really dextrous thumb though to hit all six side buttons while keeping your hand on the mouse. The two in the middle are easy to reach, but the four outer ones aren't. Yet another weakness is that you have to take the batteries out of the G602 in order to charge them. Not only is the mouse unusable while you charge the batteries, unless you buy another set of rechargables, you also need a charger. If you have to buy one, plus a second battery set so you can use the mouse without major interruptions, it gets a lot more expensive in the end. Plus, the batteries don't last very long. If you don't lower the polling rate in the settings, one charge only lasts a day. The battery inside the MX Master lasts a lot longer per charge, but it's not replacable. The best choice out of the two is probably to buy neither, and instead go for the older Perfomance Mouse MX model, as the above video suggests. It has more side buttons than the MX master, a replacable battery that can also be recharged inside the mouse via USB cable, and a more ergonomic design than either of the two newer models.
NETVO TV (2 years ago)
+Jason Shi haha, well, in the end, I don't buy any mouse, why? because I just earned like $100 from my channel, and it's not enough for my gear needed, I need and wanted a good camera to film and if I spend those money on the mouse, I can't save for the camera, so I think I just save it up for the camera and use a acer retractable mouse gave from my friend, the scroll wheel is not functioning anymore, only left right and middle click, not good but is ok, I will just continue to use it to make my upcoming gaming video for my channel! If some generous people like to support my channel, I'll definitely welcome them! Cheer!
Jason Shi (2 years ago)
Just wondering, what mouse are you gonna get?
NETVO TV (2 years ago)
+Jason Shi OK thanks!

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