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How to setup Logitech Flow on Windows and Mac MX Master 2S

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Hey everyone! This video is about how to setup Logitech Flow for the MX Master 2S I hope this was a helpful video and thank you for watching! https://www.everyview.net Facebook Page: http://turboagram.com/6qS2 Meizong & Oskar Hill - Sunset http://turboagram.com/6qsS
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Text Comments (36)
Renoproductions© (11 days ago)
You can not do this with the old MX Master =(
Everyview (11 days ago)
Yeah it seems to be only for the newer models
Brandon Larsen (1 month ago)
I have it set up on both my Mac and PC. And flow works great from PC to Mac but it does not work from Mac to PC. My only thought is that maybe there is a Mac setting prohibiting intended use. How do you fix this??
MrLionHD (26 days ago)
i have the same issue. Have you found out a solution?
Everyview (1 month ago)
I haven’t used flow in a while, but have you tried reinstalling the Mac version?
francisco salazar (1 month ago)
My iMac has not been able to connect at all...
Hernan Serra (4 months ago)
Missing part, where I put the dongle? Can I use the same dongle with two pc? Thanks
Justin Lane (6 months ago)
worked perfectly. I feel like people are having issues due to not having the most recent update on both devices.
Everyview (6 months ago)
yea man
Stephen Mills (8 months ago)
Didn't help. I keep getting "retry"
angga wahyudi (9 months ago)
hi.. what are the required internet connection?
angga wahyudi (9 months ago)
hi.. what are the required internet connection?
Nandoh (1 year ago)
Wasn't helpful. What are the required setup BEFOR?
Everyview (1 year ago)
mascosecurity you’re welcome! Anytime :)
Nandoh (1 year ago)
EveRyview I have M590 which is a Multi-device Logitech mouse. But I resolved the problem, the dongle receiver doesn't comminacate with the mouse. I have the same kind of mouse in my workplace which worked perfectly in my home PC too. So this paricular 2nd mouse are faulty and should be changed in the shop. Thank you for your nice intention to help me.
Everyview (1 year ago)
mascosecurity and the receiver and Bluetooth are different btw
Everyview (1 year ago)
mascosecurity wait do you have the mx master or is it something else?
Nandoh (1 year ago)
EveRyview OK, in the roo there is the "+" button. The receiver in a USB port. Clicking on the plus button comes an adding and setting page. Clicking on the Bluetooth, and turning on the M590 multi device mouse, Windows 10 says this device not connected...
Luke Barbour (1 year ago)
@EveRyview My Logitech Options -> Point and Scroll has way fewer options than yours. It shows only the top left three. Anyone got an idea of what's up with this? I'm also having a lot of trouble connecting my two computers through flow. The steps you take don't work on my end. Thanks
Gabriel Gelli (1 year ago)
Do you know if the flow works without internet connection? (Only with WiFi)
Lauren (1 month ago)
+Gadget Lover 97 I don't know much about networks but it says this on their website: "Only certain device information are sent to the server and is sent and stored encrypted for security. Once peers discover each other, they use TCP port 59866 to establish a secure peer network to send control data. All traffic sent across this network is also encrypted for security purposes." https://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/logitechflow-help
Gadget Lover 97 (1 year ago)
So this means an internet connection is required. So it's copying your contents to a cloud / server somewhere and then lets you paste it to your second PC or mac. Major privacy / security concerns here. If you're copying usernames / passwords or other sensitive info who knows where that info may end up. Giving up security for convenience, and paying money to do it... no thanks.
Everyview (1 year ago)
You are welcome! If this video was helpful please consider subscribing!
Gabriel Gelli (1 year ago)
Everyview (1 year ago)
I just checked their website you need a wired or wireless connection(wifi or ethernet)
EditAll Nehemya (1 year ago)
Great vidio

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