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How Shops Make Money - Fallout 4 Settlements

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Text Comments (634)
Linx5734 (21 days ago)
Now I’m coming in to this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
FlameFlamedramon VA (1 month ago)
Assigned settlers can use shows since their jobs end at sundown exept shops and defense their jobs end at turn in time.
Ol bowen (1 month ago)
Nick Harris (2 months ago)
Thank you so much man
Jesus Christ (3 months ago)
The real question is where do my settlers earn the caps they spend at my shops.....
Flak (4 months ago)
1. Unlock Rank 3 Cap Collector Perk 2. Unlock Rank 2 Local Leader Perk 3. Build your assigned shop 4. Assign a worker to the shop 5. Invest 500 Caps 6. Wait 24 hours for the investment to take change. Enjoy.
Eusebius Josephus (5 months ago)
Don't know if anyone let you know this but Saugus Ironworks is pronounced "Sawgus."
Elderscrolls Lorekeeper (5 months ago)
Do you know how to edit, this video should be 3 minutes long
Ra's Eternal Wisdom (5 months ago)
The true power in vendors is in their buying power... Having level 3+ shops means they have more money, which means you can sell more to them. I focus on making Weapon and General stores since I usually end up buying their ammo and plastic (plastic for making more Jet. Buying plastic for like 10 and combining them with free fertilizer means I'll always have a profit of at least 40 since Jet sells for 50-60 with regular max charisma) . I sell them Jet, expensive weapons like assault rifles which i gather in workshops, prewar money, grilled meat, Mutfruit, and excess ammo.
Chrisfragger1 (6 months ago)
50 whole caps... Damn bro, you'll be a billionaire in like 500 more years.
Jeremy Larson (6 months ago)
now show me how without any of the stupid cheat mods.
RiotforPeacePlz (6 months ago)
I am playing this game again but like a year ago I had setup shops and what not and I thought that having a lvl 3 gun shop or armour shop would make the settlement citizens stronger. Like the guys would slowly by better gear. Doesn't appear to be the case but that would have been a good idea.
Craig Clarke (6 months ago)
It is my understanding that caps/scrap is accumulated at the start of the day, so 12am. Fast traveling or waiting till after 12 will get you nothing, but if you wait until just before 12 and let the game tick over the line, you should get the caps and scrap.
Dave Smith (6 months ago)
How shops make money ...they sell shit!
William Miller (6 months ago)
I am really glad videos like this exsist. Given how behind i am its nice to be able to still get information!. Thanks Oxhorn!
Matthew Godwin (6 months ago)
See I use one shop at each one was doing good until major crash to my save files give junk to people it increase happiness and they trade from what they want donuts are major money maker
Matthew Godwin (6 months ago)
Thanks i found resets after certain time
MFinGonzo (6 months ago)
Here is how i made money. Starting settlement, build as many max level water purifying units as you can possibly fit, sell the purified water at diamond city, be rich as fuck
Lakerfan 32 (6 months ago)
Oxhorn I recently got fallout 4 ANF thank you for making this video because I thought the more shops you have the more caps you make and ik now that all the shops I made was kinda of a waste of caps and building material
Bryan C. (6 months ago)
This tells me that there is no in game economy.
Maywither Dragon (6 months ago)
I'm flabbergasted, I thought only unemployed people shop!
Knower of Nothing (7 months ago)
There's no point in building shops to make money from settlements. Just build a bunch of water purifiers that give you 500+ water and then just sell it.
CD Smith (6 months ago)
Yup, shops really only generate meaningful caps when you've been away from them for a long time, then visit and boom, 900+ caps waiting for you. I've seen as much as 8,000, seems to happen only on higher levels though. Otherwise stores are just a way to keep your settlers occupied. Water is definitely where it's at for quicker and higher generation of caps.
stavik96 (7 months ago)
We learned that bethesda don't know how shops work as more people should mean more money is being spent on daily necessities, not to mention more people scavenging should mean more materials scavenged, at least on average unless their reasoning would be that the scavengers go only a certain distance away from the settlement thus the more you have the less materials each of them will get to loot.
WrothBog (6 months ago)
it's called game balance. i'm more astonished the traders aren't the key to the whole deal. i figured it was the visits from trashcan carla that gave the settlement it's caps. your actual settlers would be bartering... well mine would since i've always just assigned everyone to farming and one salvager
Live (7 months ago)
You, the sole survivor, build and defend settlements all by yourself. Your settlers are undependable.
Snoop Dogg (7 months ago)
Bro what is this shit.. settlements have daily caps as in you can't exceed that daily cap unless you use a mod to remove the cap
Mike Dias (7 months ago)
Sounds like a big, or Bethseda screwed up. There goes my whole "trading mecca" settlement idea
edgar guerrero (7 months ago)
Thats crazy!! i guess its a way of the game balancing itself out but it defeats the purpose of building bigger elaborate settlements because there is nothing to gain
spine4you (7 months ago)
MassHole places always amuse me! Saugus is like Sawgus. No offense.
Nanny Oggins (7 months ago)
Really helpful,! Thank's you have made sense of the money puzzle. I'm irritated that placing more shops doesn't increase your revenue. but now at least I know it isn't to do with the number of unemployed, which does make sense after all!
Geoffrey Ganoe (8 months ago)
Ithink that the only real point/purpose of the scav station is to give a settler a 'work' animation. The loading screen says unassigned settlers scavenge, but a settler assigned to a station equips their weapon and walks around the settlement during 'work' hours. Unassigned settlers quite often just stand around obvously doing nothing in some of the wierdest places. I build scav stations and arm up the settlers assigned to them to have roving 'guards' in my settlements.
The Lone Wanderer (8 months ago)
1:03 What mod is this ?
Jeffrey Eick (8 months ago)
Did you have a caravan connecting Warwick to another settlement? Is Warwick on a network of Settlement caravans? All my settlers are working , and I always make Caps. All my settlements are interconnected. Any settlement not connected makes little to none.
Jeffrey Eick (8 months ago)
PS: Your test occurred while that settlement was Under Powered. Also I saw your happiness there dropping..
Jeffrey Eick (8 months ago)
Scavange fertilizer. Do you have any Brahmen with a feeding trough? Game bug you can't assign settlers to a Brahmen even though the Brahmen themselves show Unassigned..
Nathan3507 (8 months ago)
Although it doesn’t kinda surprise me that having more shops doesn’t generate more money (or other stations) atleast to an extent. You’d think after like 4-5 it wouldn’t generate more but to limit it to one? That’s insane.
Nathan3507 (8 months ago)
It’s not unassigned settlers that are buying from your shops. It’s “travelers” that are invisible that are. That’s how the mechanic makes sense anyways. That’s the idea.
Nathan3507 (8 months ago)
You can have only one settler and they run a shop and you’ll still make money from “travelers” now some travelers aren’t invisible. You’ll see those few groups you always see occasionally.
göslarN (8 months ago)
Bethesda should really fix this, I like fallout but it has some flaws, and since a great proportion of fallouts players actually spend more time on settlements than they do on the main quest or side quests bethesda should try and make that experience as flawless as possible
Logan Armijo (8 months ago)
im so glad you did all this so i didnt have to do it myself
Maverixkk x (8 months ago)
I know this video is old but i've restart my game from scratch thanks to some stupid save file spring cleaning - it sounds obvious but dont delete old save files if you build settlements! I'm not sure if its as bad on other platforms as it is on PS4, but when you go back to that settlement and change something in a file you've deleted, you'll get an instant CE-34878-0 crash. It took me a month of manually transferring data and reinitialising my console thinking it was a virus to remember i'd even deleted the files... Anyway, now that i'm having to rebuild all of my settlements from scratch, i'm paying a lot more attention to shops in settlements and how they work. My question is, where do the shops get their stock from? I was always under the impression that they sell whatever's in the settlement's workbench, is this true? Can i dump a bunch of scavved (stolen) weapons into my workbench and have my arms dealer sell them from his little hut? Or are their inventories auto-generated?
fanggrin (8 months ago)
This might have been asked but have you taken Cricket into account? I have noticed a slight boost to caps that see a vendor like trash can Carla that come threw.. This may be affected by a mod I have..
Thetreetroll (8 months ago)
16:26 this is unacceptable Bethesda.
Thetreetroll (8 months ago)
Is this on a SSD ? My fast travel takes like 35 seconds
Darrell EADES (8 months ago)
Why are all the settlers female? Noticed it in several other vids too so I’m not imagining it and it kinda creeps me out
thunderlord2200 (8 months ago)
if you still read comments cool on later videos if u answer questions even cool. but since then to now how do u feel the game capped you 100% at this time, its something i always thought threw my own testing.. (b4 your videos) i make alot more with the uncap mod...
Connor Root (8 months ago)
I found that i had to wait nearly a week to see any kind of caps dont know why... but thats what i found
James Haney (8 months ago)
Cool thank you
Patrick Bateman (8 months ago)
i have many settlements that accumulate scrap/junk without any scavenger stations at all
Pierre Pero (9 months ago)
One experiment you might run for scrap and caps. Do these generate at a particular time ? Lets say midnight. Maybe you can sleep as long as you don't sleep through the magic time. And even a short fast travel might want to be avoided if you will be traveling during the magic time.
tejarex (9 months ago)
Having seen assigned settlers patronize the shops, I am not surprised that they generate caps.
Jonathan Jimenez (9 months ago)
excuse me guys also oxhorn how do you increase your strength like with clothes idk I keep trying to find some clothes that can increase my strength but I only 12 atm
Ali Gallaton (9 months ago)
I believe that the Brahmin counted as unassigned and bought everything at the bar. P.S. A joke
billhillard (9 months ago)
Wow, a video that is well made, informative AND well produced?! You sir, are breaking all of the rules to YouTube video making! Thank you for the video! Now if you will excuse me this jar of mayonnaise will not make love to itself.
Gunjan Patel (9 months ago)
Do the findings about scrap generation also stabd true if one is using sim settlements scrap generating plots??
Jesse Mathis (9 months ago)
You say certain things so funny. "Wahrwick" "Saujis" etc. Lol.
Tatsujin (9 months ago)
someone tell me what mod he using when he opens up menu? don't see it on his list.
FromHereToThere (9 months ago)
Hey man, what mods you using for pip boy mats categories @1:00 and the map @2:40 great vid
The White Wolf Gaming (9 months ago)
I just did the math of the game has a timescale of 20 1 in game day is 1 hour and 12 minutes irl
Kero Kero (9 months ago)
2:05 why would you think this?
Leverage (9 months ago)
Lol my happiness is at 20 oxhorn but I am at level 12 sooo
Menno Antheunisse (9 months ago)
I am as surprised as you are
Richard Comard (9 months ago)
Nice to see it demonstrated so surely. Great job! Thnx.
Richard Comard (9 months ago)
I think you must just live life and do missions to produce product or caps.
ARCADEIUS (10 months ago)
This is quite a challenge on survival without mods . But worth it
Julian Lopez (10 months ago)
is it me or does he release a mega fart at 0:50
Matty the all knowing (10 months ago)
Casual PmP (10 months ago)
He's been playing on that character for 10 in game months.
Mgreyskull's Studio (10 months ago)
Best way to make caps is to make a muttfruit farm. 😉
Lindsey. Murri (10 months ago)
Let’s do the time warp again
10City (10 months ago)
i can't believe i just waited 16:32 minutes to watch (50) caps , dude seriously ? lmao xD
new nels (10 months ago)
This information is pretty disappointing. I wanted to turn sunshine co op into the premier shopping center in the commeenwealth..... I had visions of a few hundred caps in my inventory every time I popped back into town..... I wanted to have the settlement generate wealth for me while I focused on conquering the commonwealth instead of spending my time selling water and making jet
paddymills12345 (10 months ago)
So when I played I would sell jet to the guy in the vault over and over... And there is a duplication glitch you scap and put away at the same time doubling you resource each time
Logan Braveheart (11 months ago)
this is why i use mods f all this crap
Maurice Bakker (11 months ago)
hey oxhorn you probably wont read this since its on a such a old video, however i just wanted to let you know a hypnosis i experience in game, whenever you wait they cells around you that are loaded will process differently from those that are unloaded, so if you would fast travel far away THEN wait 24 and then travel back it might yield other results . not 100% sure but it seems to affect things differently for me when i do it that way instead of just fast traveling or waiting
I care not for caps. My settlements run under anarcho-syndicalism anyway 😤.
janivt1 (11 months ago)
No mods >:(
Question: are the caps deposited directly into your inventory or do you collect them somehow?
The Mad Mac (11 months ago)
Love all your vids where you explain how game mechanics work, they are very helpful in achieving the best experience
Spencer Heger (1 year ago)
Does the level of the worker change that like the vault tech rep vs a random settler
Kyle Lugg (1 year ago)
Using mods makes this invalid you should have done it without mods
l0rf (1 year ago)
This just feels like Bethesda actively invalidates their own game mechanic. Why is there an elaborate settlement building system if you can literally make a warehouse with beds, water, food and power and get the same benefit as someone spending days making a beautiful settlement?
PixelMurder (1 year ago)
As far as I know from code, there is a hardcoded limit for money you can make per day per settlement, and a really small one. I've upped the limit myself. The same goes for scrap items from scavenge station and crops. For a good gameplay, you need limits and balancing, but Bethesda's workshop scripts look as they were made by a five year old. The balancing and gameplay decisions are as bad, as the code quality itself. I'm working with client and server code, if I would code like Bethesda's employees, I would loose my job. A good example is that they are calculating workshop values of unowned workshops ten thousands of times even in worldspaces you didn't travel to yet, and players are wondering about their frame rates. Not an example from the workshop scripts, but from the hardcore mode: They are calculating food and drinking nutrition values from the price of the ingestibles. And players are wondering why they have to drink like a camel after three weeks in the desert, but it's because water from pumps has nearly no money value ad so does add nearly nothing to the drink pool .
Jon (1 year ago)
Sowjuss? Saugus is pronounced Saw Gus.
Jahad Washington (1 year ago)
Try sleeping outside of settlements
Kyrious (1 year ago)
Settlers stop paying ransom fees with your damn tax money!
XBlu501 (1 year ago)
Hey Ox what happened to your audio on this video?
LT103 (1 year ago)
The date at 2:47 is my birthday Aug 1st
jack T (1 year ago)
The more un asigned settlers i think just boost scav stations and stores
Liz Andrews (1 year ago)
@Oxhorn: I usually don't get responses from you but I'm going to ask anyway. Are you aware of the amount of money you earn differ based on the shop level itself or if it makes a difference in items offered or not?
paranidherc (1 year ago)
Good to know that a gigantic trading emporium generates as much income as a bunch of planks nailed together and a vendor who sells trash-tier items... I mean, the only reason to build big shops at all then is to use them yourself and that's it.
Grey Son (1 year ago)
You are a helpful human. Strong will not smash.... yet...
BeauSC4Ever (1 year ago)
I actually find this depressing. The economic balance of each settlement should have been thought out to be more realistic.... In fact, an Economics Mod would really be worthwhile! I’m certainly not the person to do it, but hopefully someone will!!!
Giin (1 year ago)
Jet pack without power armor? Curious.
Horus sun (1 year ago)
Can I get the 16 mins of my life back that was wasted on watching you not know what the hell your talking abuut?...
Anonymous Li (1 year ago)
I have physically seen assign settlers shopping at the shops
army of 2ninjas (1 year ago)
Wow why they do it like this I mean there no reason for a player to have a large settment if all you need is one scavenger one shop and one for food
CaptainTexican (1 year ago)
Maybe you just imagine it's head canon that Wastelanders are coming to spend money at your shops when you're not there.
xd Phantomkiller (1 year ago)
My bday is August 5! XD
Phillip Couple (1 year ago)
What mod is the one when you open the workbench says "open" and what does it do?
Max Soto (1 year ago)
In your settlement at the end of the day the settlers go to the Bar and spend caps that's what I think they spend there caps on booze
Mistralok ! (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. I was curious about this.
ThatMessyAsianDude (1 year ago)
Thank God for Sim Settlements. Makes this process a lot easier lol
V Power (1 year ago)
What if you use console command to advance time?

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