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NUKA-WORLD RED ROCKET Refugee Camp: Realistic Fallout 4 settlement and lore

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Text Comments (231)
I miss the not so evil Evil viking
Plaidgeoduck6 (3 months ago)
Little late but just recently discovered your incredible channel. Kinda hard to find such good channels nowadays with all the clickbait kinda stuff and just the same things over and over again but you’re definitely different. Really awesome settlement build Dave, definitely an inspiration for my builds. Keep up the awesome content :)
983D Bleu (4 months ago)
You should “repair” vertibirds to make supply convoys
Spoon Thief (5 months ago)
"Former" slaves.
Erik Langinkoski (5 months ago)
What's the beer tap at 6:30 from? I absolutely need that in my settlement!
G Studios (5 months ago)
I'm more of a raider guy myself (or scavenger themed if i'm not going for that), but nice settlement!
bob da builder (6 months ago)
So wait is the prison ever going to be finished? It’s been like a while
RealmBoy (6 months ago)
I really like the size of this settlement, don't get me wrong, your huge ones are awesome and I understand that you want to expand this one as well. I guess that I am just easily overwhelmed haha
Toby Davies (6 months ago)
I love these vids They give me great ideas for my builds
Castiel Winchester (6 months ago)
Outstanding. 👍🏻
Rob Elliott (6 months ago)
how are the tire tracks there lol
Justin Killian (6 months ago)
Hey, Dave quick tip for your immersion. An outhouse should never be that close to a water supply. Very bad chance of it seeping into the water supply and tainting it! Love your videos and have been watching for a long time and I know how much you love your realism and immersion!
ChickenCatch (6 months ago)
are there mods for pc that remove the '' settlement attacks'' inside the walls. idk who was retarded enough to let that idea through. fucking bethesda...
The Deepest Dab (6 months ago)
Little idea: A war cemetery to the minutemen soldiers who died in the war against the Institute and Brotherhood?
Cody Borstel (6 months ago)
Can you create like a Faction mod to make Joel's forces an actual Faction? That would be so awesome.
Nathan Sinclair (6 months ago)
You should make a settlement at the federal rations stock pile!
valiroime (6 months ago)
The beds in the infirmary are there wrong way around (I can tell by the stain on the matress).
Ryan Tart (6 months ago)
Hi Dave, I just would like to say a few things: 1. I love your maps, your lore, your decorations, and the fact that you try to go along with the story and the lore during your tours amazes me, and it amazes me how well you revamped Sanctuary, as I couldn't even be able to tell that it was Sanctuary almost. 2. With Fallout 76 offering private servers that will evidently allow modding (assuming you will be playing Fallout 76), have you considered reliving new lore and experiences in Fallout 76 with other people to create a sort of role play community for select people and perhaps just maybe.. The Minutemen of West Virginia can be founded? I am an Xbox One player although I am in the process of getting a gaming PC by Christmas, and I just love your content and what you do. By the way, I also enjoy your Battlefield V videos and the videos where you actually shoot real weapons (can't remember the exact name of those videos). Have a good day, and I hope that you don't stop providing great Fallout content! (in the most less pushy way possible)
Cody Miller (6 months ago)
No joel?
Juice8070 (6 months ago)
will you ever possibly build in the parks themselves? and rebuild rides etc?
Snow // (6 months ago)
Rape statistics aren't through the roof, not realistic enough to be refugee oriented.
Bill Hicks (6 months ago)
Hey, how did you put the guy there holding the clipboard
Eric Grabowska (6 months ago)
all hail dave all hail clean water listen dont disobey or you will go to the quarry and never be seen again
905 PYRRO (6 months ago)
Love the videos dave
Harrison Barrette (6 months ago)
You should make a nuka town settlement to make it less like a raider settlement and more like it’s controlled by the minutemen.
Ravenx308 nissassA (7 months ago)
The farm field, at least most of it is vanilla buildable, but I say make that a prisoner workfield/camp due to you tearing down your detention center next to Sanctuary
Michael Ford (7 months ago)
I cant wait to see what the minutemen do to this settlement. Lol. I'm interested for sure. Lol
Hayden Schwab (7 months ago)
-a shit ton of refugee tents -a rations station -sleeping quarters for visiting minutemen soldiers -a jobs board stuff like that would be cool additions to the settlement i think
Mumbʟes005 (7 months ago)
[scanning comments for migrant comparisons intensifies]
G Leon (7 months ago)
I think it would be cool to add to the lore that the Minutemen stole the Brotherhoods oil reserves that they were using to power the Prydwen and now use the oil to power repaired cars.
Dragonborn Express (6 months ago)
G Leon, except almost all vehicles are nuclear powered, not gasoline or oil, so it doesn't make much sense.
Rob Eagle (7 months ago)
This does'nt have nearly enough immersion to please me. Kappa.
Babitat 7 (7 months ago)
I made my nuka world RR a Minutemen base for nuka world and oil rig spot thanks to a mod that adds variations of the oil rig in the old west area (I forget what it’s called)
YouGottaMineDeep (7 months ago)
The minute men empire can take Miami when the mod comes out
Dragonborn Express (5 months ago)
Actually, that makes zero sense lore speaking, fallout 4 is entirely in the Commonwealth or new England as a whole, Miami is way too far south, and I'm pretty sure Florida got destroyed when the bombs dropped.
Is General Dave only building settlements or is he going to slowly rebuild the entire commonwealth? I’ve started rebuilding the whole commonwealth,downtown Boston,Quincy,concord Lexington. Repairing the infrastructure. So much to do lol
Dragonborn Express I use conquest (settlements anywhere) and scrap that settlement. It actually changes on save games but a good amount of stuff can be scrapped (beantown interiors helps as well) and I use USO to put in guards and in some places the enemies do not respawn, after a while conquest can crash the game if you have and remove too many settlements so I just used the console to spawn in a workshop (sometimes you have to toggle god mode so you can use the workshop) but I mainly get rid of skeletons,bodies and trash.
Dragonborn Express (6 months ago)
Airborne Officer Of Roblox, wait, how do you rebuild that big of space, especially in the ruins of Downtown Boston, there are absolutely no safe areas to build, as well as Lexington, Concord, and so on, how do you do that much building?
The Random Gamer (7 months ago)
Quick question what outfit mod do you use please
theone2show (7 months ago)
Check the description, mate
Chandler Cormier (7 months ago)
Whens the quarry prison tour?
A S (7 months ago)
Another fantastic settlement Dave, been a fan from the start. One question on this though....a water pump next to the outhouse...really?!?!?! Keep it up man!
역병으사 (7 months ago)
Actually that stubby arms of the medical protectron are defibrillators
psychoaiko666 (7 months ago)
Are you related to president Dave of the republic of Dave by any chance?
Mattia Lucchini (7 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the beer keg mod at 6:30 ?
TheIcelandicCarGuy (7 months ago)
I actually didn't know that you had to destroy the prison facility at red rocket, sad...
Dragonborn Express (5 months ago)
Oh well, that place can be rebuilt into something else, maybe a checkpoint or security location to protect sanctuary.
g master (7 months ago)
You should use the Slocum's Joe & Arcade Workshop Pack from the from the Creation Club(600 Credits) and use it to build a Slocum's Joe in Nuke World Link to Oxhorns review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6anCMEZLm7A
William Bermas (7 months ago)
What is the beginning song?
Scottlight Productions (7 months ago)
Anybody know what mod is being used for all the snazzy minutemen uniforms?
skeletor (7 months ago)
Very sad that this video DIDN'T come through as a notification even though I have push notifications turned on! Glad i saw it now though. Great video
mr.small dick (7 months ago)
Do more Nuka world
joel rosen (7 months ago)
did he ever do a walkthrough of fall out 4 or has he only done dlc and lets bilds if he did not do a walkthrough thats pretty stupid
U Mad? (1 month ago)
Why does he have to? Your opinion sounds stupid
Sad Fluff (7 months ago)
I don’t think the water pump right next to the outhouse is a good idea.
Jared Camilleri (7 months ago)
Possibly you could have a little prison or interrogation room for trouble makers or raiders. At some point you need to build an actual minutemen hq to spread properganda and such in nuke world
AAS BBUT (7 months ago)
Make a scientiffic complex that seeks to learn how to make robots or something taking advantage of all the tech and scrap metal there! It could be like a scrapper/robo tech society, possibly with a robot fighting cage?
William H. Thorsen (7 months ago)
This feels great to watch. The level of immersion just... its so satisfying.
Aheadsem (7 months ago)
im working on a vietnam war based outpost in far harborbe sure to check it out if its done
Aheadsem (7 months ago)
pls checkout my outpost zimonja settlement onmy channel im workingon another setlement
Preeetttty neat! You should build sone sort of national park with some of that area. I think it would fit with the ranger dave theme.
Tyler Hunsaker (7 months ago)
You can add a Minuteman Recruitment Office ,or a General Dave Gift Shop.
Jason Crihfield (7 months ago)
Two short settlement tours in a row? Joel's mind would explode if he was taking the tour. Lol
Fred Frank (7 months ago)
The banners are to clean looking
Stormboxer (7 months ago)
Great video evilviking13
Dylan Emert (7 months ago)
Bruh this place has better protection again unwanted refugees than America
Urubis Soldat (7 months ago)
What is General Dave's plan for a successor?
Luke Price (7 months ago)
Hey Dave are you going to make Fallout 76 beta videos?
Luke Price (7 months ago)
To be fair, General Dave would gain access to tons of true believers and people indebted to the Minutement by freeing slaves from places like Nuka World. Quite clever.
Dragon Monkey (7 months ago)
Settlements like this would have made fallout 4 better
Rocketsboy04 (7 months ago)
When you add on you should leave the walls up so you divide the settlement into sections to make it more easily defended. I love the Scrappy look. Like so Dave can see.
The Polar Bear (7 months ago)
1:54 that area is already able to be build in tho with vanilla fallout
Gregory Price (7 months ago)
Needs a minutemen recruitment station and a warehouse for shipping all the scavenged goods back to the Commonwealth.
Nemo 1 Richardson (7 months ago)
If he tore down the red rocket detention center then how is he going to build at Abernathy farm? Isn’t that to close
Dragonborn Express (5 months ago)
Oh wait, you said that he tore it down? Damn it, well, looks like it'll be a settlement to protect sanctuary.
Dragonborn Express (6 months ago)
Nemo 1 Richardson, nope, it's just far enough to see it, but not actually interrupt any of it. Also, for the detention center back at the old red rocket, why fix what isn't broken?
Micah Bell (7 months ago)
Epic settlement! Love the realism!!!
Crawdad (7 months ago)
Keep it up Dave! I’ve been watching your fallout 4 builds since the original Sanctuary build
Gang Weed (7 months ago)
Hey Ranger Dave, what Minutemen fatigues mod do you use?
average lawbringer (7 months ago)
Gunners are having a bad time in the commonwealth
Wanderer (7 months ago)
Wow Dave,immersive as always!
colnel autumn (7 months ago)
Those poor "refugees" they thought that they were being freed now they're under the heel of a different kind of oppression, the oppression of Comrade General Dave's bureaucratic nightmare system of government...
Colin Mentel (7 months ago)
Some of the walled of areas in nukaworld would be a good fort
Scfdunit2 (7 months ago)
Hahaha "Freedom"
Koby the kobster (7 months ago)
I love the way this settlement looks. Especially the huge nuka-cola bottle
Printer Proof Studios (7 months ago)
you need to make a headquarters for the minutemen caravan company
Dragonborn Express (6 months ago)
Printer Proof Studios, if there is one, it's probably just individual caravan groups.
doctorbatman 12 (7 months ago)
Maybe it could become an auction house and storage facility like in the show auction hunters because Nuka-World is a trading hub for the slaves.
breezyGAMERdad (7 months ago)
you've done it once again!
Echelon (7 months ago)
When are you going tour with Joel around Thicket Excavations?
Sergeant Arch Dornan (7 months ago)
Let's just say those stubby arms are refibrillators.
Regan Baldwin (7 months ago)
What mod are those electric poles you use sometimes from
Anna Johansson (7 months ago)
Really enjoy this kind of “evolution of a settlement”, looking forward to 2.0.
14K Gaming & DKD (7 months ago)
There is a minutemen paint job pack for the automatron robots you can get and put on your own robots. I am surprised you wouldnt of gotten it or used it by now Dave
Hugh M. (7 months ago)
Amazing. 👏🏻👏🏻
Helene Andresen (7 months ago)
Hey Dave . It looks freaking cool. I love the solar panels 💖👍I use them to all the time in my builds. Thank you for a great video
Sharky Boyo (7 months ago)
Great build Dave
Jonathan (7 months ago)
Would love to see a small shanty style Nuka Cola factory that can send shipments back to the Commonwealth, all the parts required could be salvaged from Nuka World so lore friendly too.
Daniel Ward (7 months ago)
Hey Dave, I commented on both of your Warwick homestead videos on what I thought would be a great idea for the Abernathy farm. If you haven’t checked it out already then I’d be very grateful if you do! By the way I think your settlements are amazing and can’t wait for the next ! A quick briefing of my idea is for Abernathy to be the nuka raider survivors new HQ where they’re planning to attack sanctuary. Thanks to Joel it’s hidden as a humble farm and in my opinion it makes sense!😃
JesusKong333 (7 months ago)
One idea on how to expand it, maybe build some pre-War buildings on the north side of the Red Rocket, along the dirt road that connects to the main road by the price sign. You can say it's part of Bradberton.
JesusKong333 (7 months ago)
You said you're gonna evolve this one right? And make it bigger as if time passed? That'd be cool.
JesusKong333 (7 months ago)
Also you said you can build over the entire farmland because of mods. But I think that's the original build area. East to west, it goes from the edge of the road to that damaged wall in front of that building where enemies spawn in, and north to south from the road to that little dirt driveway with the mailbox.
T Sivils (7 months ago)
Very nice i love your settlement vids. Can't wait for the next version of this settlement!
You Tuber (7 months ago)
I think General Dave would started to standardize settlement practices by now with prefab materials, walls and structures to establish "permanency" at a new settlement until a permanent fort can be established. Let's the people know "we are investing ourselves in you and aren't going anywhere". I'm not talking concrete walls but scaffold pieces reinforced with steel for strength and metal sheeting. Living quarters could be built right into the walls themselves and covered guard posts and walking platforms above. Administration, command and communications area, mess halls and cook house, storage and supply, entertainment. I could see how doing that would make everything look the same but that's what you want in society. Feeling comfort, same reason why every McDonald's has the same burger in the US. Don't matter where you go a Big Mac is a Big Mac and people find comforted, recognizable and a feeling of home/safety. With you skills at adding different textures to things and modding I'd imagine a hell of of mod especially one that could fold into Fallout76 with the pvp aspect in the future.
JesusKong333 (6 months ago)
To You Tuber's point about standardized building practices and g master's point about where people learn to build his stuff, one of my favorite things if you compare Somerville and Murkwater is that they look like they were built by the same architect. There are probably only a handful of people in the Empire that have the knowledge and skill to build these monstrosities.
Dragonborn Express (6 months ago)
g master, ah, you make some good points, but how many robots don't want to rip you apart from that time? Next to none are friendly. Also, for westward expansion, that's gonna take a long ass time, especially to get in contact with the NCR.
g master (7 months ago)
Dragonborn Express, We still have robot from that period and plus General Dave seems to do just about any thing he wants and plus where do people learn where build all his new stuff, yes I know he automated factory and what not but if some thing breaks in a settlement that is to complicated then you have a problem, also looking at some of his settlements the engineering to get some of those things to work would be insane by there standards look at his battle train or the light at Thicket Excavations Prison, Croup Manor, The Court House, And the Capital Building at Sanctuary Hills, so you would need people to design that and build that, and for my last point the background checks and Minuteman date bank General Dave has talked over and over again about keeping tabs on the people in his empire people would need to know how to transfer, interpret, graph, and check that date, and you just need to educate people if you want to rebuild America why do people become raiders because it keeps them alive and pulling a trigger is easy now what if that raider went to school learned about military history from a reprogrammed Mr Gutsy and then went on to help The General plan his western expansion helping The General rebuild America.
Dragonborn Express (7 months ago)
g master, that's easier said than done, the majority of universities are destroyed or in ruins, and almost all books about universities and knowledge were lost when the bombs dropped, so it's gonna be an absolute pain in the ass to have a minutemen university.
g master (7 months ago)
I still think we need a Minutemen university
Castiel Winchester (7 months ago)
Another great build. 🙂👍🏻
Jerome Derkinsmoof (7 months ago)
How do you think your settlements are gonna work in fallout 76 with the whole multiplayer component?
Sliip Gates (7 months ago)
I just found you a week ago because of your brotherhood vault settlement!! Your work is amazing I was so happy to see a new video from you!!
Sliip Gates (7 months ago)
Aubrey Crowder oh I have! My absolute fav is definitely Pleasure Island, but he has so many great builds!
Aubrey Crowder (7 months ago)
Sliip Gates I would recommend watching all of his older fallout 4 tour videos there all amazing. Go back on a year or 2.
Hugo ArdekO (7 months ago)
"some mutfruit on the side of the boulevard here" -literal irradiated weeds growing in rusty cars come on ^^
Jacob Keiset (7 months ago)
What's the population of your empire?
Dragonborn Express (7 months ago)
Jacob Keiset, no problem, like I said, the population of the minutemen empire is largely unknown.
Jacob Keiset (7 months ago)
Dragonborn Express really, huh, I didn't think it was that big, thanks for the answer!
Dragonborn Express (7 months ago)
Jacob Keiset, that's unknown, but probably close to New California in 2241, so 800,000 citizens or so, but not sure.
Omnik TWR (7 months ago)
Looking wonderful as per the norm! Nicely done, Dave!

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