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Asus Zenfone 5 Intel Atom Z2580 @ 2.0GHz 2GB/16GB Android 4.3 $197.00 - Unboxing!

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Please subscribe for more! Got it from antelife.com here: http://www.antelife.com/asus-zenfone-5-intel-z2580-dual-core-2-0ghz-2gb-16gb-android-4-3-5-0-inch-corning-gorilla-glass-3-ogs-screen-smartphone-black.html
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Text Comments (73)
Marlon Rosales (4 years ago)
How can i pix my asus zenfone5 before im using very well,then one dayi turn it off,and i will not using for 1 day.and when i need to use,and turn on.its not working,just showing me a loading for almost 8 hours.and i turn it off and turn it on again still the same,can u give me some idea to fixs this...thank you..
Ryan's world (4 years ago)
I love ASUS Phones, My phone is the ASUS padfone x mini for AT&T and it was the first Intel phone in the USA.
DJ A.L.X. (4 years ago)
Singapore is not China mate ... www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Singapore/@2.0798194,108.6074536,6z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x31da11238a8b9375:0x887869cf52abf5c4
Jalmo is back (4 years ago)
where can I buy it?
Sofyan Rahman (4 years ago)
In Indonesia we got English + Indonesian
Ashwin Vishal (4 years ago)
can you update to kitkat?
Bhushan Toskar (4 years ago)
is that any problem found in this mobile.... actually i was thinking to buy this mobile....plz rply
Stanislas Lange (4 years ago)
Root the phone to install Youtube ? Wtf
Franky Kurniawan (4 years ago)
no headshet?
jianhuisee98 (4 years ago)
+mayiandjay Hi there I'm here to clarify that Singapore isn't China. Singapore is far off from China on the world map. Singapore is a country itself.
Pattie Lovecatsmell (4 years ago)
Oh Okay!, it imported from Singapore ,if you buy from China mainland , should be carefull about google play store and function related with google it maybe trouble a little bit because Google has been blocked in the china mainland.
Pattie Lovecatsmell (4 years ago)
I like your video, it is fresh from the bag !! ..I enjoy to watch mobiles 's preview .
Juan Andres Perez (4 years ago)
i've buy it on Pandawill, and dont know what version will receive, im from spain, you know what version is the best? thanks for all your unboxing and reviews!! 
Asus is a totally independent brand, and it has nothing to do with Acer... only as info
neljonh alester poria (4 years ago)
How is the audio output of the zenfone 5?
James De Asis (4 years ago)
ilove thise phone.but thise phone is not ivelable her in the pilipines
Umar Lufti (4 years ago)
I have these.. its so good with the price. The spec is nice compared the other phone ranging at this price. worth buying this phone
Umar Lufti (4 years ago)
I have these.. its so good with the price. The spec is nice compared the other phone ranging at this price. worth buying this phone
200 Rule (4 years ago)
con cuales compania se puede utilizar
Takuya Kousaka (4 years ago)
Singapore =/= China China are damn far away from singapore and not related
Feejay Zurbano (4 years ago)
Philippines is pretty close enough
Cristii Cristi (4 years ago)
hello mayiandjay :) i want to buy this phone,i'm from Romania,Europe , but i'm worried about this phone.. it can be a joke?  i don't know very well the rules but,can i cancel my order and give my money back at anytime? i choosed the Ups shippment. please answer to my comment,i appreciate. 
jean Mondesir (4 years ago)
This phone looks beautiful and great specs.
jean Mondesir (4 years ago)
Either one is good lol
jean Mondesir (4 years ago)
Lol Patrick is my middle name.
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
Thanks Jean or should I say "Patrick"? Lol
aiaoaiao101 (4 years ago)
 I have a question. i have Tmobile 3G, what kind of phone should i buy from aliexpress. I want to know what connection band should i get!!   Should i get a wcdma or a gsm phone?
Clone Phone Zone (4 years ago)
Hey jay, so where does it came from? singapore or china? cause i'm from singapore... =) singapore and china are 2 different countries miles apart...
Hashtag (4 years ago)
ACER AND ASUS ARE COMPLETLEY DIFFRENT. HOW DARE YOU MIX THEM UP. ACER makes SHITTY QUALITY CHEAP WALMART LAPTOP/TABLETs and PHONES ASUS makes High Quality Premium Products ranging from PC components to Phones and Laptops.
Asus is super premium, I love their quality and their designs, but Let me Tell you, Acer is a gooood good brand I don't know about their phones, but in computers they are super competent, and Toshiba is named as a good brand, but their laptops fell super super cheap, and more expensive that the Acer ones. so don't talk like that, since I have a good if not perfect experience with mine...
Takuya Kousaka (4 years ago)
Hashtag (4 years ago)
I mean look at the quality of ASus products, they are a PREMIUM brand that makes PC Components, and Monitors, and Headphones/Keaybord and Phones/Tablets/Laptops. ASUS is the #3 Best Selling Tablets, Apple is #1 and Samsung is #2. ASUS Is A HIGH QUALITY BRAND with a PREMIUM NAME. ACER On the other hand makes products with cheap plastic and quality with no innovation at all. ACER only makes laptops/tablets/some phones.
Hashtag (4 years ago)
+mayiandjay Absouloutley Not, How could you say that? Thats like Saying Apple and Motorola are the same company.
Takuya Kousaka (4 years ago)
+mayiandjay Nah, Asus is Asus. Acer is Acer
Quality phone! looks good! nice video as always Jay :-) keep it up!
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
Thank you S7yler! Yes this phone performs very well and it has lots of features on the software.
Andrew Sheng (4 years ago)
Can you do a review of the Nibiru H1? I am thinking on buying that device but I want some opinions and I also want to know whether or not it will work on T-Mobile 3G. Thanks!
happy anthony (4 years ago)
i likee his vids but where does he keep all those phones XD
Matias Gonzalez (4 years ago)
Please make a review of the NEW THL 5000 Thank you
Be The Best You Can Be (4 years ago)
2GBs of ram is not storage 7:51
X Blocky (4 years ago)
Test gaming on it
Shreyas Sreedhar (4 years ago)
Used it here in INDIA :) almost as 13k inr here but ill stick with mi3 or moto g which have more features in the same price :/ 
Zlatko Živić (4 years ago)
Nice review cant w8 for goophone i6
neosinan1 (4 years ago)
Why do you always say we need to root for Google pay store and YouTube? Actually you can download Google play from Chinese android markets. You just need to search Google on that market and download first app you can. That's mostly play store but varies from market to market.
neosinan1 (4 years ago)
+mayiandjay Thanx thats explain a lot.Now and If you say that in your videos Nobody would misunderstood like me.Btw You are #1 about Chinese phone reviews.Thanx for all your videos.
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
So that we can install them directly into the system. That way if we reset the phone the google apps will remain on the phone.
R A F I D (4 years ago)
dual core and intel atom chipset not good enough it will be laggy :p
R A F I D (4 years ago)
+Hashtag tbh i'm not a fanboy i have been using intel since i was born intel will be always the best no matter what but i just wanted to try something new that's why i switched to amd and its pretty good :)
Hashtag (4 years ago)
+Rocky Salhotra Yeah, True, but BTW, I like AMD, I have AMD proccesors myself, they are a GOOD Value! But Intel is faster, even I admit that.
Rocky Salhotra (4 years ago)
I agree with Hashtag, once AMD can Design a GOOD mobile processor then you can cry cause its gonna suck compared to any Intel Processor, AMD is for Cheap People that like there computer to heat there house cause they cant afford a real computer and there electric bill
Hashtag (4 years ago)
The Intel Atom chip is amazing on this
Hashtag (4 years ago)
Ha, Amd fanboy is mad
mat33n1 (4 years ago)
asus isnt acer.... and asus makes the nexus tablets :)
SB. Saniel (4 years ago)
SB. Saniel (4 years ago)
Guys please help me to have this one. Thank you so much guys :')
SB. Saniel (4 years ago)
I want to win this one! :'(
SB. Saniel (4 years ago)
How to win this phone? Dear God dear Lord this is so cool! How can I win this Jay? I really wanted a phone like this all these years!
SB. Saniel (4 years ago)
How can I join to get some giveaways? You know my phone is very sick and I am waiting for a new one. I hope God will answer my prayer. You are so blessed mayiandjay! :')
Kelvin Petol (4 years ago)
u should do a giveaway for iphone 6 :D or inew v8
Zohaib Hassan (4 years ago)
Interesting device. I might get one lol 
Jeep Fanboy 3692 (4 years ago)
You should do a 30,000 subscriber give away.
Andrey Frolov (4 years ago)

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