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Asus Zenfone 5 Review: Audio Video Quality Demo

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Asus Zenfone 5 Review: Audio Video Quality Demo
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Jelo Inspirit (2 years ago)
my music saved at internal storage cant be located in my music player? what to do?
testing audio and ur music on the background...wtf?
who cares (3 years ago)
on headphone how it sunds? does it clear bass like samsung ,on the same headphone ?
kimpotx malano (3 years ago)
Can you teach me on how to change the cover photo in the music player?
Mashiro Shiina (3 years ago)
I just bought this phone 2months ago and the speaker doesnt work anymore
Mashiro Shiina (3 years ago)
I wish i didnt bought this phone :( sucks! Having issues too
Aravind G Shetti (4 years ago)
The speaker volume is not good.
Madhu sudhan (9 months ago)
Aravind G Shetti it's100% currot
Chee Hou (4 years ago)
The speaker volume was just too low ...
jack george (4 years ago)
not a good speaker volume--very low voice--asus engineers dint concentrated on audio......and vibration also very weak
Akmal Asyraf (4 years ago)
idk how to change the song title. can u reply my comment so i could know :))
Random Stuffs (4 years ago)
+Akmal Asyraf go to file manager and find the song you want to rename and click the arrow down sogn and click rename
Aishwar Babber (4 years ago)
sir hows the battery backup of this phone ??
Chee Hou (4 years ago)
Basically , the battery drain fast 

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