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ASUS Zenfone 5 Intel Z2580 Dual core 2.0GHz 2GB/16GB o 1.6GHz 1o 2GB/8GB Review

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2GB/16GB Version:http://bit.ly/1r4afSR Price:207.09$ 2GB/8GB Version:http://bit.ly/1qJ0Bmz Price:185.09$ 1GB/8GB Version:http://bit.ly/1rOwGJk Price:163.09$ Free shipping worldwide and save $2 with coupon code: youtube The Price will changed time to time,Click the links get detail imformation. OS: Android 4.3 CPU: Intel Z2560 Dual core 1.6GHz,AnTuTu Benchmark: 19325 ROM: 8GB RAM: 1GB Card Extend: Support SD/TF Card up to 64GB SIM Card: Dual Micro SIM Card Dual Standby Screen: 5.0 inch IPS OGS , Corning Gorilla Glass 3 capacitive touch screen 1280 x 720(HD) Back camera: 8.0MP front camera: 2.0MP Antelife always focus on your E-life and offer excellent&hot Android phones and Tablet PC, other electronic gadgets. Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AntElifecom If you have any question or other suggestion about our video, do not hesitate to comment below and we'll reply you soon. Subscribe our channel if you like it, more big-save coupons and free mobile phones and tablet PCs will be offered.
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Text Comments (33)
M.M.G Creator (6 months ago)
This phone Support 4g
Reberte Mendes Da Cruz (3 years ago)
qual a diferencia de um processador 1.6 para um 2.0?  
john simpson (3 years ago)
can i use ASUS ZENFONE I bought in Thailand, in UK. How about the plug and the voultage in the UK
Ervin Otero (4 years ago)
this is a nice phone but it is only dual core.. :( 
Mr Benz (4 years ago)
zenfone z2560 or z2580 is best for battery life and gaming ?? please reply bcz im gonna buy for this upcoming christmas
FL Produza (4 years ago)
HELLO JORDY !! I bought the ZENFONE 6 five days ago but I have not received the tracking number yet and I choce the fastes shipping DO YOU KNOW how they last to ship the phone ? have a nice day
Robert Cuvaj (4 years ago)
what is with camera?Have you some night samples?
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
Hi ,the back camera is 8.0mp,sorry ,i have no this photos
Tharuka Lakshan (4 years ago)
I placed an order on 1st september and 800040917 this is my order number... It is still processing.. please consider about this matter
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
+Tharuka Lakshan wow ,there has an good news that your baby was shipped by DHL,and this is the tracking number:7000271530
Tharuka Lakshan (4 years ago)
+Jody Antelife I contacted them but they replied first but now they won't reply... Please help me with this matter
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
+Tharuka Lakshan Hi ,so sorry to hear that my friend ,but Here does not handle the orders,Please contact our customer service
Sudip Barman (4 years ago)
Can anyone tell anythng abt Asus service center in India.
Vinod Kumar B M (4 years ago)
Is "ASUS Zenfone 5 Intel Z2580 Dual core 2.0GHz 2GB/16GB" supports OTG?
Vedran Jurisich (4 years ago)
Have you this phone in Spain warehous ? tnx.
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
Hi,my friend ,.this baby spain warehous not in stock not yet,and if you like it ,you can order in our website,you can save 2$ with coupon code:youtube
2ninjamoz (4 years ago)
could you please check my order 800028128, and tell me when you could ship it. your chat and communication is just a joke
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
+2ninjamoz i'm feel so sorry ,I will try my best to help you urge warehouse delivery.Thank You Understand
2ninjamoz (4 years ago)
+Jody Antelife so bad news. i wait 3 days more and then dispute. your communication is worst ever. only you answer
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
+2ninjamoz Hi,i'm so sorry ,there has an bad news ,our colleague they told me that this product is out of stock we need wait for three days. so sorry let you wait so long. We will prepare shipment as soon as possible
2ninjamoz (4 years ago)
+Jody Antelife still nothing. 10days pass and my order is in prossecing. do something before i dispute
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
+2ninjamoz never mind my friend,i will try my best to helping you ,and today  i had connect our warehouse ,hope they will ship it as soon as poosible.
sera mi proximo telefono!!
indra kurniawan (4 years ago)
can you delivery to indonesia?
indra kurniawan (4 years ago)
+Jody Antelife hmm.... oke you're welcome :)
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
+indra kurniawan oh sir ,i don;t know this point and It depends on the local after-sales service of asus.thank you for your support
indra kurniawan (4 years ago)
+Jody Antelife ok, one more question... if i buy asus zenfone 5 with you, is that warranty of asus zenfone 5 is still working in indonesia... ( sorry i little slowly in english )
coolicool CIC (4 years ago)
of course sir ,we have ship to indonesia?,and also you can save $2 with coupon code: youtube
EMOTULIO (4 years ago)
Great review and nice device!

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