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Arturia Keylab mkII [Unboxing & First Look]

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▶ Check out the KEYLAB mkII: https://amzn.to/2O9NQ8V ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/patrickbreen Arturia Keylab mkII [Unboxing & First Look] My unboxing, first look and initial thoughts on the NEW Arturia Key Lab mkII. For a deep dive into this MIDI Keyboard Controller's features please visit my "Part 2" video! PART 2: https://youtu.be/EXzqiiNMyj4
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Patrick Breen (2 months ago)
PART 2 [FULL DEMO & REVIEW]: https://youtu.be/EXzqiiNMyj4
Noiselab Project (3 days ago)
background music is waaaaaay too loud
Kim Hansen (1 month ago)
I have the MKI edition, it has a very fine controller, but the keybed is the worst I ever played. It is unusable for piano and Rhodes sounds. I tried to fit a Fatar TP8O keybed, but it does not fit in. Is the keybed on this one much better than on the MKI? Sometimes it is hard to know, because many people now a days just trigger sound and samples, the don´t really play the keys. I dont care that much about all the software, I use a GSI Gemini, so I just need a very good set of keys.
Patrick Breen (1 month ago)
Kim Hansen I cant speak for the Mki, but the Mkii has the best Keybed that Arturia offers. I think it’s really nice and it plays really well. It’s a synth action keybed, so if you’re looking for a weighted or semi-weighted keybed, this probably isn’t going to do it for you.
Nicholas Cartagena (1 month ago)
Nice, But would love to use the chord button to access scales instead of manually inputting them. And a drum roll button for the pads would be cool. Those little improvements would make it a complete controller.
Jay Cruickshank (1 month ago)
Terrific video! Thank you for sharing this! It is greatly appreciated!
Erick Quadros (2 months ago)
As teclas são semi pesadas ou leves?
POTUS YUUUGE COCK (2 months ago)
I got mine over a month ago. Best midi controller I've ever owned. Keys are great, my only issue is the volume fader is scratchy upon preset change but once I move it back and forth some it's fine for that particular preset then when I change it to another preset same thing happens. Could be dusty fader but...
Patrick Breen (1 month ago)
Jake Landon synth action
Jake Landon (1 month ago)
Dec Are keys semi weight or synth action?
treebal puig (2 months ago)
Patrick Breen thanks buddy!
Patrick Breen (2 months ago)
treebal puig yo! I just posted a demo and walkthrough of this keylab mkII. Some of your questions might be answered in that video. But to Answer your question, the Arturia V collection synths integrate seamlessly into the included analog lab software. Not only do you get access to over 6500 presets, But you will have full access to all of the synths/pianos you already own. Analog Lab essentially becomes your “one stop shop.” I’ve found it really useful.
treebal puig (2 months ago)
How does this new keylab integrate with the individual V collection synths? I've owned it for a few months and I was about to get NI's komplete 49 controller until this came out and now I'm trying to decide which way to go..
lucas martin (2 months ago)
Omg i need this, this is a game changer, by the way this keyboard is sexy as hell
Fernanda Rafifah (2 months ago)
I don't know, I just saw from the video and I felt like that thing was very worth trying.. I'm really excited about part 2 by the way!
Fernanda Rafifah (2 months ago)
glad to hear that, Pat.. thanks..
Patrick Breen (2 months ago)
Fernanda Rafifah pt 2 is almost done!
6ROKEN (2 months ago)
I need it!!
Patrick Breen (2 months ago)
Ugly Irvin yeah you do! It’s pretty great....
Paul Davidson (2 months ago)
Great first look sir, needless to say I've hit the bell so I don't miss part 2! Keep up the great work 👌
Patrick Breen (2 months ago)
Thanks man! Should be up this week!
Askerad (2 months ago)
*W O W*

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