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Elizabeth Olsen Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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"Sorry For Your Loss" star Elizabeth Olsen takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Where did Elizabeth Olsen go to college? Is Elizabeth in Avengers 4? Does SHE have a twin? "Sorry For Your Loss" premieres Tuesday, September 18 with four episodes. Two new episodes will be available every Tuesday at 6PM PT/9PM ET on the "Sorry For Your Loss" show page (facebook.com/SorryForYourLoss) on Facebook Watch. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Elizabeth Olsen Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Text Comments (3107)
Jay Vlogz (2 hours ago)
She's unusually beautiful
M Fazni Ismai (4 hours ago)
Those *winks* are devastating
Leonid Timofeev (1 day ago)
Pizdec nahuy blyat!
Happy Girl (1 day ago)
Who likes Lizzie more than Mary-Kate and Ashely? 😂 I definitely do! She’s adorable! ❤️
Rafael Lozano (1 day ago)
I love her! 😍😍😍
Joseph Silva (2 days ago)
Does elisebeth olsen have instagram
Adi T (3 days ago)
this women is soooo hot and i dont like her character in avengers
Emma Brown (4 days ago)
She is soo gorgeous. ...
Xerikan (4 days ago)
I love her omg :)
Anand C (5 days ago)
wanda maximoff
JuandelaCruz001 (6 days ago)
Like a fine wine... Gets more gorgeous as time passes.
nobody6661981 (6 days ago)
But she have twins as her sisters are famous twins. Пиздец нахуй блядь!
Gia Barrone (6 days ago)
How can you not know how tall you are? Especially as an actress.....
Willdan Rivas (6 days ago)
She seemed over it
In left handet
ivittis82 (7 days ago)
2:39 Она опять гласит по-русски.
Love is Love is Love (7 days ago)
I love that Elizabeth loves Timothée Chalamet 😁
Caitlin Reilly (7 days ago)
why are all the Olsen sisters on drugs?
M. (7 days ago)
How adorable is she?!
ravi gupta (7 days ago)
Elizabeth Olsen is so gorgeous....in minimal makeups
S KP (7 days ago)
Fatih B (7 days ago)
khwaac (7 days ago)
What's Elizabeth Olsen's mbti?
tyrone loki (7 days ago)
prettiest OLSEN
Shadow Seeker (8 days ago)
29? she looks kind older for her age
Dion Verwey (13 days ago)
I love you
Abhijit Baidya (16 days ago)
professoR d. dragon (16 days ago)
I want her and Margot Robbie to play with each other and send the videos to me. I know. Im sick. That was my search.👹👹👹👹
That dum Human (17 days ago)
james prince (17 days ago)
Wanda 😍😘
D Kayeth (18 days ago)
I love her so much ❤️😍💫
Aubergine Bellen (18 days ago)
The Internet is a proper noun so should be capitalized. It's depressing that "journalists" don't know basic grammar. If they can't get the simple things right what are they missing with complex issues?
Loki Depression (19 days ago)
Мне одной показалось, что на 2:39 она произнесла "Нет!"
Isabella Esparza (19 days ago)
Feb 16 is my cuz birthday
She has beautiful voice.
Wanda read all the minds of the Avengers and learned an American Accent... bam! Problem solved!
Sprousehart Is my life (23 days ago)
She should play Michelle!! In Fuller house since Mary and Ashley don’t want to
Nellie K. Y. L. (23 days ago)
That’s how old... am
Eskimo pal (24 days ago)
Liked the answer about accents at 2:50... Listen fuckin Americans.. you have an accent!
John Wick (25 days ago)
my dad went to NYU.
i.love.dogs. 777 (28 days ago)
My birthday is on Feb 13th !!!
Nayan Singh (28 days ago)
She's weirdly good looking
carealoo744 (28 days ago)
2:14 I'm ambidextrous!
Life with Cheynea (28 days ago)
Elizabeth olsen could be Michelle on fuller house who agrees
um fã de trap (29 days ago)
Der Plant Plant (1 month ago)
At 0:40 oh she’s legal we’re good.
Sukhamoy Swarnakar (1 month ago)
Love u scarlet
Pramod kumar D (1 month ago)
Henry Syangbo (1 month ago)
wow she is so beautiful
Jay Seeds (1 month ago)
She’s way hotter like this
Hitesh Malhotra (1 month ago)
She is so cute
Altaf Khan (1 month ago)
2:09 her reaction 😍😍😍
DailyDraw (1 month ago)
Wow we are of the same age...had i been white i would have definitely tried to make u my girlfriend...awesome girl love u...all the best...hope i meet u in person, i guess its not possible though...dreams...
TheRacerX (1 month ago)
Sadnessof SiriuS (1 month ago)
elizabeth olsen s.. tape
Shivam Gamer (1 month ago)
She's so unique 🤙😂❤️❤️❤️
Girls Club (1 month ago)
Why can’t she be Michelle 😥😩😩😩
SAMARTH SHARMA (1 month ago)
I loved her attitude
Jeremy B (1 month ago)
She’s hot
N I K (1 month ago)
Lizzie is feb baby 💖💖💖 yey samee 😂✌
Nakul Amate (1 month ago)
loved her
haymes hamstradam (1 month ago)
Ok youtube I finally watched it. Are you happy.
Adarsh Gupta (1 month ago)
Sweetie Pie (1 month ago)
*She has a twin.Its in Loveliveserve Blasting Inappropriate music part 12* 😂
Camila Dias (1 month ago)
She should be in a movie where Cate Blanchett is her mother... their voices and faces are just TO DIE FOR... ❤
Lmao Sub 2 me (1 month ago)
She looks like Lena Paul
Vikas Anand (1 month ago)
Scarlett witch 😍
Charlie Swandi (1 month ago)
Legend Savage (1 month ago)
Omg...i fell in love with you...😍😍😍😍
Malik Shepherd (4 days ago)
me too I fell love in her please Elizabeth Olsen meet me
IamPandora Bitches (1 month ago)
I love her.
Darwin Martan (1 month ago)
Why in the world is she so hot
FirstTime ISawJupiter (1 month ago)
Wife! 😍😚
Sarwar Hossain (1 month ago)
but I asked google to give me her nude . where is that question?
Dynamo sniper god (1 month ago)
What did elizabeth olsen did with josh brolin(thanos)in the movie oldboy ??? 😂😂😂
Dynamo sniper god (1 month ago)
Hii i am offoso olsen..😂😂😂
Sophia Rahim (1 month ago)
29? I thought she was like 25
ARRSHIELD1 007 (1 month ago)
Man she's so beautiful 😍😍😍
Chandra Bharati (1 month ago)
dr strange vs you
Samus Aran (1 month ago)
The only Olsen we should care about
Гриша М (1 month ago)
Пиздец нахуй блять
AJ ENTERTAINMENT (1 month ago)
She is hot 😍 ❤ 😘 😍 ❤ 😘
vasi vullah (1 month ago)
She is sooooo hot 😍😍😍😍
Deku (1 month ago)
When she said that left handed ppl are gifted and more creative I felt that in the heart (Yes I'm left handed)
00 Taiga (1 month ago)
For a sec i thought this is ronda rousey
Malik Shepherd (4 days ago)
Blue Knuckles (1 month ago)
at the end she made people laugh
Elizabeth Olsen is so amazing and she is my favorite olsen
Malik Shepherd (4 days ago)
she is amazing and stunning
Random Nobody (1 month ago)
happy's garden (1 month ago)
Why Elisabeth Olsen always crying in age of Ultron ?
Young Buck (1 month ago)
I thought this was Lena Paul
LIFE PATH (1 month ago)
If I could see her face right after avengers 4 Questions, I might be able to say if she's in avengers 4 or not
L Meto (1 month ago)
DC has more likable actors than the other universe.
The Geek Zone (1 month ago)
She said No in Russian!!!! 😍
Brian B (1 month ago)
When the Disney/Fox merger happens, she can be called Scarlet Witch
Daniel Mansur (1 month ago)
29? Girl you look like 20
- Does Elisabeth Olsen have a twin? - Нет It was russian,its so funny for me).I know you don't read this but anyway,you're cute😘
Denis Ordoñez (1 month ago)
I didn't listen to any of the answers. I was lost in her eyes for 4 minutes.
rainbowcoloredmind - (1 month ago)
i'm in love with her... i think i've been commenting this a lot on her videos but i just can't think of anything else when i see her face she's so lovable and talented
Vyatich (1 month ago)
Agh...And there's no russian question bout Elizabet speaking russian and curse words that became memes in Russia. Sadly
Peter Gandia (1 month ago)
Her laugh melts me.
MrEpic01 (1 month ago)
When you do quick mafs to find out how old she is when she says her birthdate, but then she just straight up says how old she is... *_QUICK MAFS CONFIRMED_* xD

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