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Minecraft ASMR - Relaxing Minecraft Gameplay - Episode 14

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Relax as I play Minecraft. In this video I show you three different village trading outpost I've built or am building. I used my gaming headset microphone for the live gameplay commentary so don't expect much fidelity. I'm relatively new to Minecraft, playing in my spare time for a few months now, so please have patience with me as learn this vast game. Feel free to give me Minecraft tips and pointers in the comments section. Your input is appreciated. At the time of this video, this is the only Minecraft world I've ever built and I did it entirely in survival mode. Being a newbie, the only thing I know for sure about Minecraft is that there is much to be learned about Minecraft. In my first two Minecraft videos I showed you my castle and mining outpost and all subsequent Minecraft videos will be gameplay videos of me learning new things, trying out your suggestions, and trying to prosper in the game of Minecraft. See all of my Minecraft videos with this handy playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HawdFdsv6wk&list=PLKJ3ft4uSvmfvyc0Lccwz3v_VwQ1bxU6_ My Minecraft videos are best enjoyed using headphones or earbuds. The videos on my YouTube channel portray some of the typical day-to-day activities that I do for relaxation. This video was produced with relaxation in mind and hopefully has some ASMR qualities. Too much stress is harmful to your well-being and in today’s fast-paced world, stress management is more important than ever, and so I hope this ASMR video acts as a stress reliever for those watching and a sleep-aid for anyone having a difficult time falling asleep. If you enjoy my videos and feel like you get something of value from them, you might consider becoming an official “patron” of my channel over at my Patreon page. Your patronage makes it possible for me to obtain the technology and other resources needed for improving this channel. Check it out at the link below: http://www.patreon.com/relaxingasmr You can also follow me at: https://twitter.com/RelaxingASMR ASMR information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response If you enjoy the videos on this channel, you might also like the videos on my toy channel so be sure to check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChOrQoKYuVucm0bRrVxsoww
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Text Comments (166)
HYDROZINE (13 days ago)
Just discovered your channel and i love Minecraft. I have trouble sleeping and your asmr minecraft is perfect! Soft voice and calm gameplay I knocked out easily :D Keep up these awesome vids <3 Z Z Z Zz zzz z
RicktheSnog (1 month ago)
there is a way to revive villagers. with a golden apple and a weakness potion
DeadMasterDubstep (1 month ago)
I love Minecraft, from beginning to end it's a relaxing and quite adventurous to relax all stress and anxiety
photonman54 (2 months ago)
Caleb the goods (2 months ago)
Is it just how his voice is or was he sad about the villagers dying
M (3 months ago)
He didn't take the gold and iron and instead left them some cooked chicken. that's so pure.
Cam Ouellette (4 months ago)
can I get an F in the comments for the villagers
Mr. 0lvera (5 months ago)
38:52 freakiness going on! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!
Speedy_Diamonds (6 months ago)
Dude you deserve more subs Almost feel asleep before you got out of the tunnel
Hunter S (6 months ago)
You should draw another fish with a fountain pen again!
Ray Ray Cess (7 months ago)
Lol an Minecraft ad popped up before the eyes of Minecraft asmr. It was a Minecraft free ad..
Turnt Sandwich (8 months ago)
I cannot believe you sold all of those iron to get that helmet :( I don't think making them "happy" does anything worthwhile
RelaxingASMR (8 months ago)
I think it makes them more likely to reproduce with each other when they're happy.
Docknoh- Gaming (8 months ago)
He’s better that me and I play on console and pc
Baaxie (8 months ago)
“I accidentally killed him myself.” Lol. Aww... hope you find more villagers.
Mango Heads (9 months ago)
I’m so sorry about the villagers. That sucks 😭
Stephan Gallagher (9 months ago)
Your voice is a tad too deep for asmr
Gooboobananas (8 months ago)
RelaxingASMR I would say that the amount of positive comments and confirmation of tingles from your voice speak to the contrary. People experience ASMR in their own unique way. There is no perfect voice. Although in my opinion your voice is ideal for ASMR
RelaxingASMR (9 months ago)
None taken. It's cool.
Stephan Gallagher (9 months ago)
no offence or anything, i still enjoyed the video very much
RelaxingASMR (9 months ago)
I agree.
Zoomy TheGreat (9 months ago)
Always wants to make me play Minecraft again.
Erick (9 months ago)
ULTRA (9 months ago)
The Dynamic Surrounding mod has some really nice sounds for ASMR
Maggie Castiglione (9 months ago)
Please do a part two!!!!
Anonymous (9 months ago)
Because he is whispering. When he said the story about the villagers “the zombies got to them.. before I could save them” it made me feel so depressed. 😭 then he just had to say “I made the village nice in case they would come back.. but they never did.” AND THEN HE SAID THE STORY ABOUT THE GOLEM LEAVING AND TRYING TO CURE A ZOMBIE VILLAGER AND- I’m dragging on too much. Great vid btw lmao EDIT: I just realised I am two months late commenting.. Nah it’s okay. 😂
Not an npc (9 months ago)
At some point you have to ask yourself what you doing with you life if your watching this at 1:00 in the morning
Propeiin (9 months ago)
are you serious.
GAEM Stuff (9 months ago)
Here are the right tools for each job you do, as you sometimes dug dirt with an axe: Shovel:Dirt, grass, and sand. Pickaxe:Stone, ore, and a Diamond pickaxe for Obsidian. Axe:Wood. Sword:Killing animals or monsters. Hoe:Farming.
Derpy Hooves (10 months ago)
1 hour long Minecraft asmr? 12 hour sleep time!
Coffee Fox OwO (10 months ago)
Taka Brute (10 months ago)
Thats why i put the villagers into marshal law. I stick them all into one building that only i can get in and out of
CorineCairyn (10 months ago)
if I recall correctly, when farms are generated, they have simple dirt walls underneath them stretching down to the existing terrain, but are hollow inside. So the skeleton you heard, might have been in underneath the farm.
Jerdo2 (10 months ago)
I can hear music playing in the background..can anyone else
Ceezy (10 months ago)
boring lmao
༄XuaM༻ (10 months ago)
Place cobwebs in the trap
THE LONELY SPONGE (9 months ago)
RelaxingASMR Get the zombies stuck.
RelaxingASMR (10 months ago)
What do cobwebs do?
Shayle Mussell (10 months ago)
I love your content thank you so much
Aava Jii (10 months ago)
cant lie it is pertty relaxing
Brian Hayworth (10 months ago)
Missing your videos.
Joylesstubo5721 (10 months ago)
I was wondering why ASMR is so quite. Then I realised it’s ASMR.
abhishek tamang (10 months ago)
I think Dark told he would make channel on Minecraft asmr
Nico Fautz (10 months ago)
Not gonna lie. That talk about the village sounds like a dramatic animation
hi im ben (10 months ago)
It can`t rain in som bioms like the desert
STU (11 months ago)
@ 6:28 "And they never did come back." **piano music starts playing**
Mr. 0lvera (5 months ago)
Lol. Sad
Ben Cohen (11 months ago)
random tip you may never use: you move fastest while jumping continuously, so if you ever need to sprint away from an enemy or just move quickly in general, hold the jump key (space usually)
Phīlīpp Røså (10 months ago)
When he got to the village and told why there were no villagers and that he built the protections because he thought that they’ll come back, I felt sad for him...
klutzy (3 months ago)
Phīlīpp Røså hes sl- yea .. i feel bad 2😪.
100 comment hahablah
moonlitegram (11 months ago)
Been a while since I played, so not sure what's changed. But I know back in the day light sources used to light areas in a radius of 6 or 8 blocks I think. Outside of that radius, mobs could spawn. So if you wanted to prevent mobs spawning, you need to make sure that every 6 or 8 blocks was a light source. Your village seemed pretty well lit, but there were some areas, further away from the buildings near the wall that might have been outside that radius from some of your light sources. So its possible that mobs spawned inside your walls and got to your villagers.
Crusader Dempsy (11 months ago)
I enjoy the tingles but I can’t help but appreciate the planing and meticulous ways you do things. For example and average plunged into a cave and hopes they live you however plan for it and don’t wing it like a best man speech at a wedding.
JB (11 months ago)
Are you from Colorado Springs?
PotatoWiz (11 months ago)
To heal a zombie villager you have to make a *Splash Potion of Weakness* (which requires a *Brewing Stand)* and a *Golden Apple.* You need to splash the zombie villager with the *Splash Potion of Weakness* then get close and right click the zombie villager while holding the *Golden Apple.* Alternatively but probably more difficult, you could run a minecart rail between the two villages. Then get one of the villagers into a minecart and send them to the first village.
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
A brewing stand! Sounds difficult. I'll have to research that.
Apollyon (11 months ago)
I love the way you are playing minecraft !
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
Thanks! It's the only way I know.
Ben (11 months ago)
Love this series so much! great video :)
gile (11 months ago)
Please, book, or catalog..slow turn page with comentar-voice, and pen touch paper:) Omg,sorry my bad eng :D Like this, one my best, heheh : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvvOsgDi4M&t=7s
ASMRsnuggles (11 months ago)
You could put a button on the door and it would close automatically
George Kirby (11 months ago)
Could you do a fishing / hunting video irl of course
dpoysid (11 months ago)
hello Mr. Asmr... you should go to nether :D and find the castle, it would be funny, you can find glowstone in nether too.
get r3kt (11 months ago)
turn down block placing sounds
VISTANDS4STUPID (11 months ago)
i really enjoy your minecraft asmr videos, i subbed :)
TheChaoticShadowKnight (11 months ago)
R.I.P Villagers ;_;
The Power Up Bros (11 months ago)
Please keep up these videos. I love the content and its super entertaining.
Patriot Trucker (11 months ago)
Someone has been busy
EldooN (11 months ago)
I really enjoy this! Thanks
kin gamer (11 months ago)
Tommy Tom (11 months ago)
You should try going to see the nether or the ender dragon.
Frick_0n-a_stick Pffttt (11 months ago)
The perfect ASMR vid doesn’t exi-
Tobias Fünke (11 months ago)
These videos never cease to relax me, even at my most anxious/angry moments. Thanks man.
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
Looks like the videos are doing for you exactly what I've intended. Glad they work for you:)
Emerson Connelly (11 months ago)
Your videos are really helping me in a very distressing time I’m going through. I have never experienced intense anxiety until recently. Instead of acting upon destructive behaviors I watch your videos. It’s a relaxing escape from all the bullshit. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the effort you put in on your videos.
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
Sorry to hear of this tough time in your life. You're right to not go down that dark road of destructive behavior for you'll only make things 10,000 times worse. Maybe you can find a different way of looking at your situation and that might help. Hang in there friend.
DASmallWorlds (11 months ago)
Are you on a snapshot release perchance? When you use the launcher, does it say Minecraft version 1.12.2, or does it say a string of numbers?
Derpasaurusrex1 (11 months ago)
Friends ask if I like MC: haha guys, that’s some boring kiddie shit My boy relaxingASMR uploads another MC vid: *whacks that thumbnail with the force of a thousand suns*
# (11 months ago)
Derpasaurusrex1 clicking intensifies
Young Onion (11 months ago)
Show off your ink bottles
Papa Smurf (11 months ago)
What is the seed of your minecraft world good sir
Olivia Handa (11 months ago)
whats the intro music
KalakCZ (11 months ago)
Great video
eggy68 (11 months ago)
If you could find another skeleton horse you could keep him at your outpost and ride him through the desert to the village. Just make sure not to name this one.
Avenged-Metal (11 months ago)
“Hey Everybody” *falls asleep*
Fiji Kondo (11 months ago)
My favorite parr was the minecart ride
Rtot 1738 (11 months ago)
I would recommend expanding the wall by the boat entrance and putting a door just so no zombies would get in.
Jack Whispers (11 months ago)
I just discovered your channel and am making my way through your archive of videos. You are so enjoyable to watch and listen to, and I especially love how lengthy all of your videos are! Thank you for doing what you do :)
Evelyn Karina Soto (11 months ago)
Gaming headset! You sir dear Godfather are turning into a big gamer!
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
Hahaha. Indeed. No, not really, but I do have a Cloud HyperX Stinger headset thanks to my Patreon patrons!
dotcomnsense (11 months ago)
I have an interview tomorrow at a National Lab so this was nice to relax to before bed. Helped me turn off my racing brain.
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
Hope it went well for you!
eXplorer (11 months ago)
Very good video!
Sleepy Panda (11 months ago)
Did you managed to make a backup of your world ?
shoconno (11 months ago)
Mine-coaster better than Six Flags.
Warwick de Kock (11 months ago)
I by mistake dug a hole and the ground to my entire desert village collapsed. All my villagers also died. I ended up repopulating the village by rebuilding the ground, and transporting several villagers there from another village via minecart. You can push them in a minecart ;)
No Thanks (11 months ago)
RelaxingASMR And when you have two villagers in the village, they will repopulate automatically. And to save them for the zombies you can also make an iron Golem. Just place four Ironblocks like a "T" and put a pumkin on Top of it! Great Video!
frank grimes (11 months ago)
RelaxingASMR You have to make sure you hit the minecart and not the villager. It's tricky. Use your fist. Getting them into the minecart is much trickier.
Warwick de Kock (11 months ago)
If you strike the minecart with your pick axe, it will turn your minecart into a collectable item and the villager will pop out. Great show RelaxingASMR! :)
RelaxingASMR (11 months ago)
How did you make them get out of the minecart?
Kai Dodgson (11 months ago)
To cure the zombie villager I do believe u need to throw a position of weakness and click on him with a golden apple in your hand and I believe that should work although I haven't played minecraft in a few years but I'm sure a google search could prove me right or wrong, great video by the way
frank grimes (11 months ago)
Kai Dodgson This is still how you cure them.
Grey Virus (11 months ago)
After watching this I went and deleted Far cry 5 because the graphic suck
Ray Brooks (9 months ago)
Grey Virus why
foreverVlone (10 months ago)
Grey Virus im dead
Skillz2Play (10 months ago)
Lo Thanh (11 months ago)
Grey Virus
ASMR ninja (11 months ago)
Grey Virus only on console
Jared Sordon (11 months ago)
New RelaxingASMR upload? Know what im watching tonight.
xVVxXVVX TM (11 months ago)
I love your videos.. but naaaybe get a better mic??
Trampelschrat (11 months ago)
I know, a lot of you guys would love to see him making Minecraft video after Minecraft video. I like those as well, but I'm very glad that Mr Relaxingasmr still has a focus on pen and ink videos, as I prefer those. I would love a new coin video by the way.
Kayla Christine (11 months ago)
Trampelschrat coin videos are my fav!
Dean Loftus (11 months ago)
"Accidentally killed the last villager" hahaha!
Captain Kurk (11 months ago)
WelshASMR82 (11 months ago)
I absolutely love your accent!
Jonathan Lewis (11 months ago)
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh when you said you accidentally killed the last villager yourself lol How? BTW, my girlfriend laughs at me because you totally got me addicted to this game.
Heartful (11 months ago)
Toolpusher (11 months ago)
Another good video, many thanks.
Dreamingmage (11 months ago)
Shame about the villagers man D: They're pretty defenseless on their own unless they get lucky and have an Iron Golem in their village, while the village wont repopulate on its own naturally you can find a zombie villager and cure them, then another to repopulate the town with! *Edit* Shoot just saw your trap for capturing one! Ya gotta have a potion of weakness and golden apple to cure them, course to make potions heading to the Nether is necessary.
GAEM Stuff (9 months ago)
SUPERKILLDOOD I've done the wall thing once or twice in Creative Mode.
Dreamingmage (11 months ago)
Best thing to do is get a wall up and light the village as fast as ya can, if you can pull that off then usually the villagers should be fine from zombies and any other threats! Though when you get really strange villages such as the one Mr.Relaxingasmr found towards the later half of the video then that can certainly be hard to protect compared to more normally generated villages.
Bill Coffin (11 months ago)
I always feel so bad when these villages get wiped out by zombies. I feel compelled to try to save them. I don't succeed all that often. :-/
RedCyro (11 months ago)
the nether isnt very relaxing... but if he must
Parjans Book reviews (11 months ago)
*burns down castle*
Colin J (11 months ago)
You got me playing this game, and i love it. Ty so much. All your videos are wonderfully relaxing. Ty again.
Brian Hayworth (11 months ago)
Yes yes yes! I can’t wait to watch tonight! I wish these videos were released far more often. Thanks!
AntarcticOasis (11 months ago)
Aww that’s very sad about the villagers. Sadly they won’t come back I don’t think. You will most certainly find another village though. Great to have this series back!
epicataraxia (11 months ago)
Always happy to put a new video of yours on and listen as I study. Love watching your world grow!
Perez, Randy (11 months ago)
Hey RelaxingASMR, have you considered playing a game of Fortnite?? It’s really cool...I think you’d like it
PotatoWiz (11 months ago)
You know, I couldn't think of a more relaxing game if I tried.
Aeternitas97 (11 months ago)
Another YouTuber just made a video ranting about how all sorts of comments completely identical to this one were showing up on his videos for various games. Not to mention most of the accounts posting these comments were very new with little activity...
frank grimes (11 months ago)
Fortnite is a horrible game. Why would you suggest that?
OH yeah, a high action game with guns blazing would make a great ASMR video...
S A D - E G G (11 months ago)
no stop
Michael Lopez (11 months ago)
That mine car ride was a major tingle trigger.
Cierra Nisbet (9 months ago)
Carlos Lopez hey! Hope this helped. I’m not sure if this is actually the time but he is in a minecart at 0:59
GAEM Stuff (9 months ago)
Outfield 243 *DEW IT*
ulemper (10 months ago)
Carlos Lopez around the same time
What time was it at?
Édouard Wilson (11 months ago)
Outfield 243 yes please
Dalton NATASHO (11 months ago)
YES!!!!! Finally I've been waiting for this 😁✋🇨🇦👌👍👍

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