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Quantum Computing Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED

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WIRED has challenged IBM's Dr. Talia Gershon (Senior Manager, Quantum Research) to explain quantum computing to 5 different people; a child, teen, a college student, a grad student and a professional. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Quantum Computing Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED
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Ronnibear (4 minutes ago)
So. You're telling me you're building a computer than can compute theoreticals and hypoteticals in infinitesimal or to the trillionth of some accuracy of IF? Is that what this is? Essentially? Searching for God? Its not that complicated, ya'll. There is probably a formula for that, and of course that's the motive, you want the shortcut, but if and when you find it, it will still limit you to 3 dimesions and then you're gonna build on more and program more to get it to compute those millions of billions of divergent possibilities until you get the one with the outcome for a time machine (3.5 dimensions). It's easier than that. But I don't want to take the fun out of this for you. So. Proceed.
Yash khanna (39 minutes ago)
The post grads a dumbass
borisbash (1 hour ago)
What a great approach cant, wait for the next update.
Nate De los Santos (6 hours ago)
The fact that she said Pink Panther to a Kid in 2018, makes you realize how much free time this lady had in her life.
scrammy69 (7 hours ago)
Nice boots.
Jolanda James (7 hours ago)
i aspire to be this calm and collected while explaining science one day. she seems so cool
taro barf (8 hours ago)
I'm 20 and the child explanation confused me
Sara Rivera (8 hours ago)
The Grad student is hot!
hypoxide (10 hours ago)
Dr. Girvin is baaaaked
Jordan Mills (10 hours ago)
ok that child was not taking anything in lol
Mic Arc (11 hours ago)
But can it run Crysis
V0r4xiz (11 hours ago)
For a sapioromantic like me, she's irresistible. If I met her in real life, I'd melt.
davidzel2 (12 hours ago)
Why can't everyone explain stuff like this?
Guitar by Tanmaya (13 hours ago)
Poor girl.. will get interested in Quantum physics only to be shot at by Will Smith
Mnn bere NORM (13 hours ago)
i did only understand the first one
derp king (13 hours ago)
Watch star citizen launch on a quantum computer.
Manos Seferidis (13 hours ago)
Thanks for this. Now I know I'm at level 1.
Emily Booth (13 hours ago)
Imagine if you could use a quantum computer to model neural networks, that would completely change our understanding of the brain... my mind is blown
ShaansLife tm (14 hours ago)
Talia’s fookin hot
Rafe Short (14 hours ago)
So...our quantum computing knowledge is superimposed with itself right now? We know, but we don't know, how to use it at the same time?
MojoRisin (15 hours ago)
We think that one day they're going do a lot of really important things. Like help us understand nature better, create new medicines or eradicate the human race to save the planet. Nifty right?
James Carreras (15 hours ago)
Can this quantum computer explain why traffic is worse on Thursdays than any other day? The 405 is the devil.
Erwick D'Souza (16 hours ago)
Pink Panther. Ma'am, you're old, but you're pushing the future into the present. I love Pink Panther too!
TheKyleman800 (17 hours ago)
5:35 The “That’s Crazy oh my god” made me cringe considering she was not shown anything even slightly unexpected
T GARDENESS (18 hours ago)
Oh ya, quantum computing to help mankind model and explain all the stuff God of Goodness already achieved; hope we prove worthy to catch up to this understanding and problem solving... pray for the true human evolution...
Gordon Liddy (19 hours ago)
Do these quantum computers and their gray hair have any correlation?
ugonna orubele (19 hours ago)
Grad student looks like Eli Manning.
Brian Cox (20 hours ago)
Come on, who stole Steve's eyes? give them back...
The Overnight Cuber (21 hours ago)
But can it Run Crysis?
Tony W (23 hours ago)
Quantum computing is just a big paperweight and nothing but a waste of money.
Deedee R (23 hours ago)
OK, I'm already lost at the 'teen' level and I'm 43. She says 'measuring' so that my coin is tail. How does she do that? She said nothing about how they measure things till then, only about probabilities that a penny become head or tails. I don't even understand why she says 'measure' instead of 'calculate'.
ishan bhardwaj (1 day ago)
She is in a state of superpostion where she is 20 and 50 at the same time
Will Will (1 day ago)
this fcking explanation is really stupid about quantum computer.....
mason kern (1 day ago)
Can the quantum computer figure out why her face look like she's 26 but her hair suggests 56?
AudioDriver (1 day ago)
Her hair says she's 78, but her face says she's 38
AutumnOnFire (1 day ago)
She explained it to a child and I STILL don't get it! *A CHILD!*
phnch (1 day ago)
We can try to play with the quantum computer? Can anyone tell me how to access it?
csknives2140 (1 day ago)
is she 45 or 25?
Abyssthefurry (1 day ago)
Me being an 11 year old and personally researching quantum theory and quantum mechanics I actually understand the 1 and 0s’ it’s bianary
The Weird Side (1 day ago)
I could have sworn Hilary would have been the last subject...odd.
The Weird Side (1 day ago)
OMG the men are smarter! what kinda of sexist video is this! ...(wink wink)
The Weird Side (1 day ago)
She makes more than me! pay gap pay gap! oh, maybe I should keep that to myself out of respect for others.. sorry, I was being an idiot.
Ashraf Mustafa (1 day ago)
Her smile is better than quantum computer, at least it is easy to understand.
Sabrina Manos (1 day ago)
She is like so weirdly gorgeous in such an interesting Intellectual way
Abdullah Khalid (1 day ago)
She's beautiful.
Alex I (1 day ago)
When I couldn't understand any of the levels lul
Adele Dazeem (1 day ago)
They look so bored lmao. I couldn't even understand the explanation to the child
Jim John Quilantang (1 day ago)
Can quantum computing solve the processing speed of internet explorer?
Tyler Pruitt (1 day ago)
I'm not smart enough to be here, but here we are.
Zezin (1 day ago)
first 4 levels, teacher:me teach u, last level:how is your life going? also teach me senpai
Todd Simone (1 day ago)
Is this lady supposed to have gray hair?
Cobrakay2003 (1 day ago)
If you have a list with like 1 trillion numbers of code and only 1 is going to open the safe, the regular computer would go through the list 1 by 1 while the quantum computer would search the entire list at once.
Savage Poet (1 day ago)
Quantum Computers will 'prove' Algorithms have something to do with Al Gore and his rhythms
Savage Poet (1 day ago)
Everything will be in a SUPERPOSITION of WAR. The State-Funded Hackers are gonna have Quantum Comupters too, BOO!
limit soup (1 day ago)
im only interested with the gold on it..
aniKONicARMY (1 day ago)
Wow this is the motivation I needed to keep pursuing engineering. Physics is hard man, but I love it. ☺ I'm not failing btw.
abbasi fahad (2 days ago)
Can quantum computing help her hair get better ......
EisenbergFlavour (2 days ago)
I wish she would have been my teacher back then Edit: I think I have to brush up my conditionals-knowledge. I have no idea if that sentence is correct
Chris Vise (2 days ago)
Once there is an established base on one of the Moon's poles we'll have a near-perfect environment for quantum computing.
ilove2929 (2 days ago)
Human: We have quantum computer, now we want to have quantum game. *Thats all that matters
GingerSupremacist (2 days ago)
But can it run Minecraft?
Antonio Culiacán (2 days ago)
So in a quantum computer is like that diversity crazines....will in the toss you can be eather a helicopter, men, women, child or an old men
Antonio Culiacán (2 days ago)
It will help humanity :( ye sure
Skylion (2 days ago)
Stopped understanding at Grad level wth was that?!
Anonymouscommentor99 (2 days ago)
Let's talk about pennies for ages. It's crazy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHH. Ech
Winston (2 days ago)
3:44 ...So a dollar?
I am 14 but i have the knowledge of that undergraduate
Grumpy (2 days ago)
Maybe she can bring Scott Lang back.
Ryūkitsu Mizushima (2 days ago)
Undergrad is Chinese. No surprises here.
Hassan El Saygh (2 days ago)
Does it have a headphone jack?
monkeyshine (2 days ago)
I want to lick her teeth.
Master Boss (2 days ago)
Video comes out in 2018 Ant-man came out in 2015 Girl has never heard the word quantum.
John A. Zoidberg (2 days ago)
How much? I'll buy one so I can play Runescape more efficiently.
Zavier Fabijan (2 days ago)
most fascinating thing ever
Barrier Boy (2 days ago)
Girvin* illustrates the difference between knowing something, and *knowing you know it* i wonder how long it will take gershon to get over her schooling. it can take years, it can take decades.
Barrier Boy (2 days ago)
since obama became president, everything as become *fundamentally* this and *fundamentally* that. ugh broaden that vocabulary, phd
RailFanning & Stuff (2 days ago)
But can it use Quantum Entanglement to send and receive data instantly over any distance lag free ?
Corcon (2 days ago)
Dr. Talia Gershon: "So, a quantum computer is a machine that uses various phenomena in really, really tiny things to process information." Donald Trump: "Your about a five. If you died your hare you'd be a five and a have."
Dynamix (2 days ago)
Professor wake up
Atwa F1 (2 days ago)
The child look like trippie red lol
NTHL 800 (2 days ago)
they're trying to discover an infinite forest....
platoonutzeyz88 (2 days ago)
PHD: "What do you do on your iPhone?" Teen: "Social media....Use it for studying..." Yeah, I'm going to stop you riiiiiight there.
Ab Kya (2 days ago)
So you made it but don't know what to do with it???
Kleo3392 (2 days ago)
You lost me at the child explanation.
HKim0072 (2 days ago)
OMG, I only made it to the teen level.
Gigawood (2 days ago)
10 *milli* Kelvin? O.o Wow.
a random user (2 days ago)
The 5 levels of understanding: little girl of color, white teen girl, young asian woman, young white man, elder white man
Tzell (2 days ago)
sooo.. I lost you after quantum
Baleur (2 days ago)
I dont understand why she has gray hair when her face is that of a 20 year old. What is going on?! I mean if it was natural, fair enough you cant control that, but i cant imagine any woman below the age of 50 that wouldnt dye her hair at the sight of the first gray strand. So if its NOT natural and she dyed it like that as a fashion statement, i must ask, why?
VirtualVictory (2 days ago)
_How is Quantum Computing oppressing me!_
Haseeb Arif (2 days ago)
Last Guy is in superposition, he is sleeping and awake at the same time.
Kai SUN (2 days ago)
The scientist is really charming
Kai SUN (2 days ago)
The scientist is really charming
WallFlee (3 days ago)
looks 25, dresses 50, has hair of 75 year old
Axel Schultze (3 days ago)
This is great. Now I understand QC - well to a certain extend. @Talia. You are looking for having fault tolerance. I fully understand because this is how we always looked at computing. The perfect 100% accurate result - any time. And I'm sure one day somebody will find the solution. In the meantime you may want to look at applications where this is not so relevant. Imperfection is a form of quality that we all see in nature and in the universe. It is indeed a quality. Only imperfection allows evolution, mutation, and variation. Without imperfection - funny isn't it - we would simply NOT EXIST. Here is how it goes: Think about a structure for an airplane wing that is ultra light, still strong enough that it holds the body of a plane, yet flexible enough that it does not break. Your brain comes up with a few ideas, you let it run through a computer, optimize the structure based on let's say a heat map if issues and the build it. If it's working safely produce it and we are all flying with it - actually for centuries. Guess what - the structure that was picked in the first place is absolutely imperfect, still to heavy but it just works. Let an AI system design it and go through a million iterations, It would come up with a perfect solution. IMPERFECTION however saved us time so we could have airplanes long before we even knew about the existence of AI. Another example: Your own company provided the computer to beat - I believe it was Kasparov - in chess. The software however was imperfect because it could not go through each and every possible move but used the ones with the highest probability to win. AlphaGO did the same with go. Every idea we (humans) create is always imperfect, then we perfect it over time and it will still never be perfect. How about letting the good old silicon based computers do their job and focus on apps that doesn't need that kind of perfection but an overall performance increase unreachable for today's silicon based machines. Instead of computing a three dimensional image and simulating it to move with silicon, take a quantum computer and ignore that few pixels that are lost or even whole frames that do not get perfectly represented. Just a thought.
CRa Z Ay (3 days ago)
So like every other mainstream video on youtube about quantum computing is the child level?
Sagnik Chakraborty (3 days ago)
Doesn't she look like Anne Hathaway in her 60s?!
Kimberly Quintanilla (3 days ago)
She has a great teaching nature. I know understand some aspects of quantum computing. It's such an abstract idea but her simple physical demonstrations make sense. Other people I have talked to with super high IQs could not explain it to me. Caveat of having a high IQ, sometimes unrelatable explanations of really not so hard to understand subjects. She is amazing. I'm now intrigued to learn more about quantum physics. The prospects of the future of this subject I hope impacts during my lifetime.
blueboy dandy (3 days ago)
These people are rad. Such an exciting time. Blockchain, quantum, privacy, decentralization.
R. Joseph (3 days ago)
...and DEFINITELY the gold.

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