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HOW TO: Earn GAS From NEO! (In Under 5 Minutes)

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If you're like me and you've put off claiming your GAS from your NEO, it's about time you did it. In this video tutorial explain the whole process and show you how to set up your NEON wallet so that you can stake your NEO and earn GAS. GAS is actually worth quite a bit of money itself if you go look at CoinMarketCap... Also I cover how NEO is indivisible so you need to take care when sending it to your wallet from exchanges. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any additional questions! Github for NEON wallet: https://github.com/CityOfZion/neon-wallet/releases ******************************************** Hey everyone, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video please give me a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to catch all my future content. If you want to sign up for various exchanges, you can use my referral code for bonuses: Coinbase/GDAX: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5925a6f5f35ce600bcd082d2 Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11165323 Also be sure to check out our communities: Facebook (Main Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptoforbeginners/ Facebook (Mining): https://www.facebook.com/groups/miningforbeginners/ Facebook (ICOs): https://www.facebook.com/groups/icoforbeginners/ Steemit: https://steemit.com/@btcforbeginners Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/btcforbeginners/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/btcforbeginners/
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Text Comments (154)
1 year later..... touching 8$
God help the Hodlers lol
Bitcoin for Beginners (23 days ago)
Looool unfortunately true
Joey Masters (4 months ago)
Hola gracias for our knowledgesticks wizard dragon
Bitcoin for Beginners (4 months ago)
Haha my pleasure
Silverio Apao (5 months ago)
are you Kaon?
Bitcoin for Beginners (5 months ago)
What is that?
Dennis (6 months ago)
I just trasnfered from Binance and it shows complete but its shows no balance in the wallet and no transaction history!??
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Try restarting?
Karol (6 months ago)
so how much neo should i have to have 1 gas ?
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
You get gas accumulated over time. The more NEO you have the faster you can generate Gas.
Luis Daniel Cortes (7 months ago)
good and simple video man thank you!
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Yay my pleasure
SSVida (7 months ago)
I need some neo!
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Jeff Yanez (7 months ago)
Can you buy neo with wechat money?
Anestheti cs (7 months ago)
Will I generate gas if my pc is off? or does my wallet needs to be open for gas to generate continuously?
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
When it's off. Network knows your coins are being staked.
dat boi (8 months ago)
anyone can help me? if we can laim this GAS, then what we going to do with this GAS?? does this GAS only usefull to convert back to NEO? or does this GAS is seperate thing with NEO and we can exchange GAS to BTC or USD? I am confuse with NEO and GAS
Danny Raul Molina (8 months ago)
I'm new to this whole market. So do you keep that wallet in your computer? how do you make sure it won't be hacked? could we use like a ledger or trezor? and still get gas?
John Yap (8 months ago)
Am I right to say that all I just need to do is to leave all my Neo into the Neo wallet and thats it? I don't need any GPU mining stuff or anything?
Twin Truckers (9 months ago)
I have an app (O3) and I have 10 ONT in there but I’m trying to transfer back to binance but I need gas. How do I get gas without staking Neo?
Adi Setterfield (9 months ago)
Crypto Stefan (9 months ago)
DaBronx (9 months ago)
I believe Binance transfers GAS to your account when you are holding NEO.
DaBronx (9 months ago)
I believe it is automatic since they trade GAS on their exchange but I haven't tried it.
KingsRight (9 months ago)
automatically? or do we have to copy and paste a wallet for GAS that binance gives us on their website so they know what to deposit it to?
Kornel Pasternak (9 months ago)
neo used to be so cheap ! lol
Skatter (9 months ago)
where can i buy neo for $37? everywhere is over $100
VSpeaks (14 days ago)
Its 9 buckz now buddy
Stalliont Explorer (9 months ago)
lol the video was made 25 november, 2017. In that time it cost 37, now is over 100
With Style (9 months ago)
I would love all that more in depth.
Houlian (9 months ago)
So i can transfer my Neos on my ledger nano and still make gas threw an app in the ledger? Anything new possibilities since you made the video? Also, what are the risks involved? Thanks
johnathan wetherill (9 months ago)
I only ever had one NEO that I bought for $120 . I held it for about 2 months on binance before selling . I then noticed though I have .0012 gas which today is worth approx US$12 .00 . Thats not bad return for doing nothing .
justin wwilliams (9 months ago)
I thought it was free to transfer neo?
Şükrü YILDIZEL (10 months ago)
If we dont have a wallet, can I get gas just by keeping my neo on a crypto market?
Izzy Maly (10 months ago)
I had neo in binance for 1 week and got gas
Peter Chung (10 months ago)
Right now Neo is giving me Ulcer.. is that the same?
Jeff Lewis (10 months ago)
Are you able to take your coins out and use them whenever you want or are they locked up for a period of time?
Digital Beat Music (10 months ago)
buy gas to grill at your bbq
Geoffrey Tipy (10 months ago)
Erm. in binance, you get rewarded in Neo on the 2nd of every month, so its a little different.
Geoffrey Tipy (10 months ago)
In NEO not GAS
Bitcoin for Beginners (10 months ago)
Jeff Lewis (10 months ago)
Do you start getting gas once you stake your Neo Or is the Blockchain able to see when you bought it and compensate you for that?I’ve had mine on Bittex for about a month.
Bitcoin for Beginners (10 months ago)
+Jeff Lewis only once you stake unfortunately
Total Bullion (10 months ago)
Add Trinity to the Neon wallet Now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RRNPkXY1wA
Izhar Shaikh (10 months ago)
so the price of neo and gas go hand in hand ??????????
Bruce Bruce (10 months ago)
Do I need to sign up with neo to buy neo?
Verranti (10 months ago)
I'm a newbie to Cryptocurrency, where do I start to buy Neo etc. I'm living in Ireland. Will I have to open an account with coinbase first? Can I buy Neo on coinbase or how do I buy? Can I buy altcoin on coinbase?
Total Bullion (10 months ago)
No, you can buy on Kucoin which is a good exchange that also sells trinity! You can place trinity in the Noen wallet now too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RRNPkXY1wA
Got my thumbs bro. Got a crap ton of Neo and never did this. Shit XD
Joey van Hoof (10 months ago)
Do you think bittrex users with neo will receive GAS in the future as well? Because i can't send my neo from bittrex to another wallet.
Bitcoin for Beginners (10 months ago)
+Joey van Hoof I don't think so.
Tim Koning (10 months ago)
Estebar Crypto (10 months ago)
How do you sell GAS? is it on exchanges?
Yezzir A (10 months ago)
Will I get gas if I keep my NEO in ledger?
Xiao Hei (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video. On my exchange it shows an entry for GAS though I don't remember purchasing it. Does it mean that I don't need to transfer to my wallet to earn GAS?
ZmTopReasons (10 months ago)
Xiao Hei For how long did u have had NEO? And at what day did u saw the Gas on ur account? If u would be kind enough to give me the numbers i can calculate how many days there are needed for this free Gas
Xiao Hei (10 months ago)
Got it. Thanks!
Bitcoin for Beginners (10 months ago)
some exchanges give you gas if you have NEO, others dont :P
Kaynos (10 months ago)
Is being non dividable going to be a problem if the price continue to rise ?
RoIIingStoned (9 months ago)
Kaynos No. Neo is not divisible but Gas is, Neo is like stock and Gas is like currency
Bob sAs (10 months ago)
Todd Vance (10 months ago)
im guessing the wallet needs to be open to be staking correct?
Farbod Jafarzadeh (10 months ago)
Is this also working when you store your neo in the ledger wallet nano s for claiming gas?
Todd Vance (10 months ago)
wow, I love NEO!
Bitcoin for Beginners (10 months ago)
nope, my gas balance increases every time i open my wallet even after closing it for weeks
Jesse Perez (11 months ago)
Thank you - very clear explanation.
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
My pleasure
Total Bullion (11 months ago)
Will I get any gas if I'm only holding only 2-3 Neo?
Heffrey (6 months ago)
Daniel Smalheiser I thought u couldn’t split up neo
David Wisniowski (7 months ago)
Darnell Dobson Google for neo gas calculator :)
Darnell Dobson (7 months ago)
Anyone know how much gas you get for 1 neo?
dat boi (8 months ago)
anyone can help me? if we can laim this GAS, then what we going to do with this GAS?? does this GAS only usefull to convert back to NEO? or does this GAS is seperate thing with NEO and we can exchange GAS to BTC or USD? I am confuse with NEO and GAS
Adi Setterfield (9 months ago)
hahaha...cool answer
Ster Ling (11 months ago)
Love my NEO! Great vid. Thanks. BTW, I like Kucoin and Binance. Both give gas.
Magic11 (11 months ago)
You can also buy gas correct?
RoIIingStoned (9 months ago)
Magic11 yes
Toby Hammond (11 months ago)
I'm not sure about the application surely this is easily hackable. Wouldn't you rather store in a ledger or similar wallets ?
Total Bullion (11 months ago)
yeah, ledger supports neo!
Toby Hammond (11 months ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners sorry yeah I'm not sure I was wondering
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
do they support NEO though?
BAZ1NGA510 (11 months ago)
Does the gas Ive accumulated from the exchanged (Binance) get moved over too? Thanks!
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
I don't believe so. You probably have to send it separately.
Gauthier DC (11 months ago)
Could you please give an opinion on AERON (ARN)? It states that Blockchain technology can transform pilot and aircraft maintenance logs, which at best are in cumbersome databases and, at worst, are in paper binders. The blockchain could ensure that spare parts procured are legitimate and can offer a “virtual copy” immutable record of the provenance of every part on the plane, every time it has been handled and by whom, from the beginning of the aircraft’s existence. It think the utility of ARN tokens could be really interesting here. Still waiting for your view on this project! I think it's one of the best real-life applications for blockchain technology. Cheers!
FilmedByGeo (11 months ago)
hello there, tried to buy neo coins for the wallet but wasnt able to afford it which i thought i did, so i bought some neo gas coins and now its in the gas amount column where you supposed to earn from holding neo coins, is that bad?.. help
Phillip Shaku (11 months ago)
FilmedByGeo neogas is neogas? You won't earn gas through staking gas.
Tim C (11 months ago)
I had neo on my binance account and got gas in my account for free.
They Still Call Me Bruce (10 months ago)
Did you find out the answer to this?
Rahim kanani (10 months ago)
Nops you need to hold neo for a month there mate, as their dividend time is 30 days periods. So to make it a long time hold and allows Binance to claim higher position too.
ZmTopReasons (10 months ago)
Richard Fiser and did it work?
DaffYYY DdaaagG (10 months ago)
isawaturtle, i just bought 10 neo today on coinspot but i dont see GAS credit to my GAS wallet, does this happen to you when you first got Neo on coinspot ? do you have to hold Neo for a certain amount of days to be eligible for GAS? or unless have to move Neo to a diff wallet outside of the exchange to earn GAS? could you let me know how your earn your GAS token? thanks in advance
Zuhair Farrah (10 months ago)
Neo to gas ratio. , is it stable or changing over time ?
Briggs (11 months ago)
NEO not divisible? WTF?
parallel (4 months ago)
neo is like a share, that's why neo is not divisible
Phillip Shaku (10 months ago)
Sokercat has already happend 4 me, went in at 70 with a couple more :) C how markets develope.
Sokercat (10 months ago)
i'm not so optimistic like you, but if it happens i'll send you 1 neo ;)
Phillip Shaku (10 months ago)
Sokercat well what it looks like, u will b able 2 buy alooot soon :DD
Sokercat (10 months ago)
so if neo keeps going up, it would be hard to have 1 neo :P
Sheree Turner (11 months ago)
Such a cool video, thank you for sharing
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
my pleasure!
Knusi Crypto (11 months ago)
i have bad computer, do they have an ios app?
Knusi Crypto (11 months ago)
oh ok i need a new laptop i have invest to much on neo and cryptos lol
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
not sure, i use android :P
Tomas Vardas (11 months ago)
wow never even heard of this, thanks bro. Does it work on Ledger wallet or only the one u used in a vid?
Victoria (11 months ago)
NEO is supported on ledger wallet but I don't know if you can stake with it.
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
i dont think you can stake NEO on Ledger Wallet. In fact I dont even know if NEO is supported on the Ledger.
tom tom (11 months ago)
NEO is more likely going to be $400-$600 in 2018. Then much more in 2019 reaching in 4 digits. Has great potential that will see it rockit, plus you earn free GAS crypto for holding (like a dividend). Love it.
Sujoy Dhawa (8 months ago)
tom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mateo Montague (11 months ago)
do you have to have the wallet open for it to generate GAS or can you open the wallet after 1 month or so and download the generated GAS over that time?
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
It generates gas over time you dont have to have it open. It's staking not mining in the traditional sense :)
M Shaw (11 months ago)
Great Video Mate - Easiest Explanation I’ve Had That I’ve Understood
Evans Revenge (11 months ago)
what do you think of legend coin?
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
never heard of it, is it going to go 10x?
John doe (11 months ago)
Great video. Thanks.
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
glad it helped!
DIALY AIRDROP (11 months ago)
now can i get gas ?
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 months ago)
you need NEO first, or you can buy GAS straight up
Future Wei (1 year ago)
AQeTwXFV7S2LXU7cQZRgUjro9gW3wbKn4U, if anyone just feel like wanna give, you can give me some neo/gas thanks.
Phillip Shaku (11 months ago)
Future Wei (11 months ago)
Wood lektric how much u have oo
Future Wei (11 months ago)
Wood lektric haha 100 neo is too much man,
Wood lektric (11 months ago)
sure how much you want ? 100 Neo and a nice kiss ?
lucas smith (1 year ago)
NEO has a bright future.... and it pays to hold....This is a no brainer for me
lucas smith how about now😂😂
Charef Boulassel (1 year ago)
Nice video ;) but NEO is not the "Chinese version of Ethereum"! It's so much more than that :)
Dennis (1 year ago)
I agree. I hate that name: Ethereum
buka eagle (1 year ago)
thanks, love it
Nikolay Lubko (1 year ago)
2nd comment:) so this is pretty much like bit connect LOL
Nikolay Lubko (1 year ago)
Yeah unlike bit connect LOL
Bitcoin for Beginners (1 year ago)
Nikolay Lubko lol but proof of stake is a legit consensus mechanism to mine coins. :)
R Grant Conacher (1 year ago)
Nice 1, thanks

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