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Starlight Drive-In Marketplace / Fallout 4 Settlement Building

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A one-stop-shop for all of your settler's needs. This is a build idea I've had for awhile that I finally did at Starlight Drive-In. It has a very city-like feel and fills out nicely the more settlers you have in it. Let me know if you use this build or if you have any suggestions for future videos! Thanks for watching you guys. :) Settlement Building Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN_4SxYMCBD6l4miYuLciRla6Ki1IbwaG Let's Play's: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN_4SxYMCBD7jZO4n5OIMRpxuriV2XIFg
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Text Comments (74)
Anthony Scott (25 days ago)
Love the design it's very upscale.
Nikola Nogo (1 month ago)
what mods do you use
Faylen (1 month ago)
Nothing for this one! But I do have a video showcasing all of the Fallout 4 mods I use on Xbox one
Joey Productions (1 month ago)
i know i'm late to the party, but did you use any mods?
Joey Productions (1 month ago)
+Faylen Ha, I play on PS4 too. but thanks. this video was helpful. never would've thought of such a use of the rug glitch xD
Faylen (1 month ago)
Not for this one! I have lots of builds in my settlement building Playlist, any using mods are labeled as such and were done on the Xbox one. This build was done on ps4! :)
Felipe Barros (2 months ago)
nice one
Faylen (2 months ago)
Thanks! 😁
Jeff sapling Aspeling (6 months ago)
hi this is sweet putt I will love to know the song in the back ground please
Christopher Conard (8 months ago)
It looks like I'm rebuilding Starlight..... again. It's a great place for a settlement, but never quite seems right.
dmt Handmade (10 months ago)
I have my clinic, general trader, weapons, armour and clothing all crammed into that same space and it works fine, no problems with the vendors getting to their spot. I used the standard rug glitch, (not the highlight all one) but I used 3 rugs. When you overlap rugs it uses the collision of the one closest to you. My shops are set in further, barely sticking out at all. The emporium works really well at the end there, it looks like those shutters really do close the place up at night. Working on my high rise housing ATM. Towers made from vault for the rich people with shacks randomly fixed around all up and down the sides for the plebs.
Faylen (10 months ago)
dmt Handmade very cool!! Thanks for sharing :)
CommanderKyro 82 (11 months ago)
You gotta tell me, how much of a pain in the ass is placing the Junk Fences?
Anthony Ortega (3 months ago)
A big one, specially if you try to place them in Outpost Zimonja
Marshal Fulgium (1 year ago)
Great settlement,also song did you use?
Angel Medina (1 year ago)
You're not the only one i used to do this too lol
The Row (1 year ago)
Did you know Cricket is working for the institute garbage?
The Row (1 year ago)
Faylen She is?
Faylen (1 year ago)
The Time Change I did know! So is Trashcan Carla
Ben Valenzuela (1 year ago)
I just started playing, I wanna go home and create settlements. Damn you priorities!!!!
Scetch (1 year ago)
The mat trick won't work
Scetch (1 year ago)
The mat trick won't work
TheAmazingCake (1 year ago)
13:23 "Get me the fuck outta here"
sj204 (1 year ago)
Or use play anywhere
bekindrewind (1 year ago)
I just found your channel today and I'm really liking how you do your settlements. I never thought of doing anything with that little shack in Starlight, real creative work there.
HC C (1 year ago)
Wow, I build this tower with scaffolding and barn parts, made it in my home. set this miserable looking marketplace, build concrete walls surround the entire starlight drive in, built an okay bar, then made a big commonhouse (big room filled with beds), downloaded mods to build unlimited and clean some of the leaves and garbage around the place.... and I got all this clean space... and nothing to fill it. look up some ideas on youtube, And you manage to build this vanilla beautiful looking market place in a third of the space. *face desk* just goes to show, you can spend all that time cleaning up and building a wall around the settlement but if you got no idea what you are going to put in it... good luck with that.
Faylen (1 year ago)
+HC C I appreciate your comment so much because I can relate! I only post videos of the settlements I finished, but that's not always the case. I've spent a ton of time cleaning up areas waiting for inspiration that never came. What I would focus on if I were you is the fact that you got the walls done. That is absolutely the most time consuming part of every settlement and if a settlement is defendable it can keep growing and has the potential to become your home base. Since you have the unlimited building mod you can really go crazy in this space and put your smaller ideas to the test all over the build space. Don't give up! Id love to see how it goes if you continue at Starlight Drive In, so feel free to share with me on twitter @faylengames. Thank you for watching and your kind words!
HC C (1 year ago)
in short, Dam good job there
Nathan Wegener (1 year ago)
One of the only people who actually show how they did created their settlements full on, thats really helpful :)
Mike Jones (1 year ago)
I like your idea with the diner part!
Victor EOG (1 year ago)
Such a cool build! Love it!
TMessGalaxy (1 year ago)
hay did u say u got ps4 can u add me and I have been making my own trader settlement to so yea if u want to add me my user is t84mst
Kristina Johnson (2 years ago)
how did you get the garden pot? i can't find it
hardcore gamer (1 year ago)
Paintballer 4 no you collect magazines
Paintballer 4 (2 years ago)
Kristina Johnson I think it's in a dlc
Faylen (2 years ago)
It's under resources! :)
Stephen Baldwin (2 years ago)
hey, i did this with my starlight market! found it easier to overlap 2 small rectangle rugs then put one of the large blue rocked rugs on top. it gave me a little extra reach so i could push the stalls further into the walls and got them pretty much in line with the walls behind them. i had the devils own trouble getting the darned minutemen flags to cover the windows were the shutters are closed though, had to pillar glitch them in in the end.i like your little cafeteria decking, i may have a go at something similar for another settlement, but i put the rotisserie and BBQ under the wing of the building where you put it and just laid out benches and tables for the bar (i do like how we both chose the same placement for the bar)
Noah Martin (10 months ago)
Stephen Baldwin what settlement would you recomend whith lots of space?
Dale Adler (2 years ago)
just wanna say I love your videos, could listen to you explain things in them for hours you have a lovely voice lol. and you have some awesome ideas for things. on my starlight build I put lights on the top of a concrete wall and lowered it into the water and got rid of the wall, same again to make a pattern so just the lights are in the pool and at night it looks cool cos there's like steam above it and it glows with the lights and then I built around it to make it a kinda feature thing
Dale Adler (2 years ago)
That's ok :) I watched a lot of your vids back to back, just relaxing to hear you talking in them and some amazing things you've made. Yeah I didn't think it'd work at first cos I wanted to have it in the centre of an arena so it made the arena fill with smoke kind of, it didn't work too well with that but it worked great as a centre point feature thing with decking around it
Faylen (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :) and that's really awesome it's a great idea to glitch in light sources like that. I feel like there's so much potential for that little pool!
Gijs Hagenaars (2 years ago)
i am out of building idea 's do you have some?
Use concrete
Damage Zedd (2 years ago)
I love the builds you do. may I recommend, when you do the walk-arounds turn off your HUD opacity in display settings ;)
Aziz Supreme Art (2 years ago)
Awesome job with this build. Cant wait to see what you do next now that PS4 is getting mods. I've just started getting into to settlement builds and have fallen in love with it.
S3RP3NT- (2 years ago)
The settlers will go and use workshops, and sit on couches/chairs
pink psycho (2 years ago)
awesome build girl
SlippyGA8 (2 years ago)
if anyone wants to know the song is listen (ncs release) shipwreck and zookeepers
Faylen (2 years ago)
thank you! :)
SlippyGA8 (2 years ago)
sorry its called ark not listen XD
beka lawson (2 years ago)
aright thanks for showin me how to highlight but im still havin trouble puttin the shops in that little space. it only shows up red and not green. ive also been workin on my starlight drivein settlement. just cant seem to get it to work
beka lawson (2 years ago)
i dont understand how you did the rug glitch. im not sure how to highlight everything so its not working for me. im using ps4
Robert Vlcek (2 years ago)
Actually pressing X is not a glitch - its a group-select of these items ; I stumbled across it when I was building my Vault - total pain when you lift the whole building and I'm talking about an entire Vault. Anyway I'm surprised that it is possibly to glitch shops into other objects that way. As a PS4 player I'm stuck with the vanilla shops and they look... so empty. Specially the concrete shops (I choose them for the Vault) look awful without any decoration. - I did not build the Starlight Drive yet but now I'm thinking about it because your idea of glitching the shops into the cafe is great. Thanks for that and sorry for my English.
Faylen (2 years ago)
To highlight multiple building pieces in an area hold down x for a couple seconds instead of just clicking on it :) depending on where you're building using the smallest cement wall piece is sometimes better than using the rug because you can move the object up and down which you can't when using the rug.
Jacob Robert (2 years ago)
If u put an outhouse seat in the outhouse, settlers will actually go and sit down in it. I kinda discovered this by accident (?). I was building at Finch Farm and had just plopped a seat in and all of a sudden one of the NPC's walks over and sits in it, lol
Jacob Robert (2 years ago)
+Faylen embarrassing part of it was that I had yet to install a door XP
Faylen (2 years ago)
That is AWESOME. I get really happy over the little things, like settlers emersively taking a pee haha
Holly Handgrenade (2 years ago)
I love this, Starlight Drive-in is my main settlement, so I love seeing all different ideas people come up with for it. I have the water hole walled off with decking all around it and a staircase leading up to the Waterhole Tavern which overlooks the pool. Part of the mesh decking was built overtop a skeleton, which often glitches and pops up in my face and shimmies around when I'm not expecting it :D The sleeping quarters are all built vertically along the movie screen, greatly inspired by the Quidditch World Cup stadium observation area from The Goblet of Fire :p I also built two shops parallel to each other on top of two cars that were parked side by side. One of the cars ended up glitching mid-build and flipped up on-end, so now it's permanently pinned between the two shops. It's still a work in progress, but those little things definitely give it some unique touches.
WHIT (2 years ago)
This looks really nice, star light is great place to build
Apple FTW (2 years ago)
Another great vid as usual!!!!
Kleiny-ku (2 years ago)
wait a minute, your a girl and you have less than 500k subs??? you must be really good! ima sub, especially since you play fallout 4
Andrew Stuart (2 years ago)
You mentioned clean vases. Cabot house has tons of them and all of the items refresh after a certain period. I go there for all of the undamaged food.
Agamendor (2 years ago)
This here was actually really good. I have been way to focused to build this huge market place but you did an amazing job with to lite space.
Apple FTW (2 years ago)
+Faylen The best is that you succeed
Faylen (2 years ago)
Thank you! I appreciate it. I've been trying to build small lately to really give places character.
Direful Wolf (2 years ago)
I just found your channel and I love it, your tricks and tips are the best keep up the good work! 👍😀
Phoenix (2 years ago)
All those shops in there like that, lol! That really tickled me. Never seen that before!
HeyItsLogan (1 year ago)
Phoenix (2 years ago)
I put pictures on there with the little box light thingies and let me just say that was a pain in the butt and took hours. For some weird reason pictures and square box lights have problems fitting on those window thingies. I had to like stand in weird positions, crouch down and turn in circles just to get them all to fit on there flush. It looks pretty, but dang it was tough. lol
Faylen (2 years ago)
Haha I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)
Mark Jackson (2 years ago)
Nice work. Thumbs up.
Fawn Industries (2 years ago)
This is amazing. Great idea using the drive in part for the stalls. Hope you don't mind me using some of these ideas in my build? You've definitely earned a like and a new sub. Keep up this amazing builds! :)
Faylen (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! and yeah of course, that's why I make these videos :) I like sharing and contributing ideas for builds.
PandaHatGuy (2 years ago)
awesome idea, seems like that's the part of the drive-in that I never use.

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