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Logitech MX Master - Best Custom Settings for Editors

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In this video I share my custom settings for the MX Master mouse that help me be a more efficient editor. Get an MX Master here ► http://amzn.to/1PqRa9h ------ Get a FREE 30-days of Amazon Prime ► http://goo.gl/ErUOgC ------ Gear ► http://tomasvillegas.com/gear ------ Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/tomas_villegas Google+ ► http://google.com/+TomasVillegas Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/tomas_villegas ------ Music by Jukedeck (Try It) ► https://goo.gl/hz7gNd
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Nandhitha Hari (27 days ago)
Hello, is there a dpi setting in logitech options? or is it now called pointer speed?
Great tips! Can you help me with one question.... I sent my forward and back buttons to zoom in and zoom out, which works great in Windows. However, it doesn't automatically work that way in Photoshop. How would you rectify this? Thanks!
Tomas Villegas (2 months ago)
+Jodi Salice 👍
Never mind. I answered my own question. I just had to assign the keystroke combination to the buttons. :)
John Nanavati (2 months ago)
I reversed the forward and back buttons because I use the back button more often and it seems easier to access when on the top
Alina N (4 months ago)
They push updates daily, which is super annoying. Today Im here because the buttons all stopped working with the last update. This makes Microsoft Update looks like amateurs
Tomas Villegas (3 months ago)
That drives me crazy with this mouse too.
Island Exposures (5 months ago)
The gesture control works with multiple files open & with Lr, however if I import a photo from Lr to Ps for editing & now in Ps it doesn't work. It also doesn't work if I just import a image into Ps without using Lr. Any thoughts? Also on another issue the horizontal scroll wheel, I changed it to Zoom In/Out & works in Lr but not in Ps, any thoughts here as well.
César Onada (8 months ago)
+Tomas Villegas | Is there a way to adjust DPI or pointer speed from the mouse (like with sensitivity buttons in gaming mouses)? So the pointer moves slower or faster depending of my needs (i.e. Photoshop). Thank you!
César Onada (8 months ago)
Thank you very much for your time and response +1994savvas!
1994savvas (8 months ago)
You can assign any of the buttons to do whatever you want. For example, you can use the button below the scroll wheel to do what you need with the pointer speed. There is this option that if you enable it, the mouse has 2 speeds. You can set each one individually and swap between them when you press the button. But you can go further than that. You can even have dedicated settings for every application, so you don't have to change your DPI every time you open photoshop. For example, the side buttons can work as back/forward on your web browsers, but change them to copy/paste on a text editor. You can really do anything with it!
César Onada (8 months ago)
+Tomas Villegas | Sorry for bothering you again, Tomás. I mean, can I asign lets say the two tiny buttons on the side so one of them is "DPI UP" and the other "DPI DOWN"? Sorry for being so annoying (English is not my mother language). And thank you for such a useful video!
Tomas Villegas (8 months ago)
Yes you can adjust those settings in the Logitech software. Thanks for the comment.
Ross Schlecht (9 months ago)
Great tip video for customization options on mac, just bought this mouse, love it! Thanks for posting!
Tomas Villegas (9 months ago)
Ross Schlecht thank you for watching and commenting 👍
Temporary (10 months ago)
I always know I can decide what I want to do. You saying that is a waste of time. I need to know WHY you choose to do what with what button. thanks for the efffort though. I am most interested in iMovie and how to speed up the editing.
Mossy Sparks (11 months ago)
Thumb button is the only one that can map the scroll wheel to zoom when pressed... I used it for that. Scroll wheel button is the mode shift button(makes the most sense), and the button below the scroll wheel is for multi gestures. Just tapping it once uses the "Search" option which is basically a shortcut to open a new finder window, up/down shows launchpad, left/right shows desktop. For the gesture functions I found it feels more like the track pad gestures if you assign the same function to both up and down as well as the same function for left and right. Thumb scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling(obviously) and the buttons behind the thumb scroll wheel are volume up and down. (I used that way more often than Back/Forward. Best settings for me...
Hus 9 (1 year ago)
the thumb scroll wheel does work properly
Nil Ojeda (1 year ago)
Tomas Villegas (1 year ago)
+Nil Ojeda 🤙👍
Now I want this mouse.
Tomas Villegas (1 year ago)
It's pretty great.
Michael Ryan (1 year ago)
not helpfule since I am on a pc
Tomas Villegas (1 year ago)
+Michael Ryan sorry.
OldNavy (1 year ago)
Setting the forward and backward side buttons to copy/paste is just great!
Username (1 year ago)
Thinking about buying this and use gestures for vertical and horizontal zoom in Logic's arrangement. Can they be used as such, mening that they work as axises, or do they only work in discrete steps, simply resembling key commands? Thanks!
Tomas Villegas (1 year ago)
Depends on how the application manages it. The horizontal scroll works great in Adobe stuff.
D'Hollander Jonas (2 years ago)
Nice video, love the second shot. How did you film this?
Paulo Lopes (2 years ago)
Great job dude. I have a magic mouse 2 with my 2015 15' mbp and love it, is smooth, the bluetooth connection is very stable and is a very good piece of technology... but is not very ergonomic for long time use, for video editing for exemple. I'm considering the buy the mx master but I read about some bluetooth connection issues with the macbook pro, some lag too, and I don't wanna use the usb dongle as I have only 2 usb ports. Are you happy with this mouse, do you have connection issues? Should I keep the magic mouse? Thank you so much. Have a nice day, Paulo Lopes.
Emma Lane (1 year ago)
I recently bought the mx master 2s and have had issues with it cutting in and out with Bluetooth. What I did was put in the included dongle for it and that fixed things. Unfortunately, that’s the only way I can use it and I lose a USB port. I don’t mind though since I only ever use one thumb drive at a time. It’s worth the upgrade regardless if you end up having that problem or not. This is coming from a user who upgraded from a Magic Mouse 2
Tomas Villegas (2 years ago)
I've seen a lot of people have issues, so you may want to keep your Magic Mouse. Thanks for the comment!
n8thaniel (2 years ago)
Great mouse, Great Video.
Tomas Villegas (2 years ago)
Thanks Nate!
SoMo Moto (2 years ago)
What's the transition called that you used when you cut to your hand on the mouse
SoMo Moto (2 years ago)
Tomas Villegas any idea where I can find a tutorial for this blend transition for premiere? I've searched without luck.
Tomas Villegas (2 years ago)
Graphicshiv (2 years ago)
Is there any way to program the buttons to custom buttons for shortcuts for applications. Using a RAT mouse and I have them programmed for shortcuts e.g. DL, DI, MD ... Certain key combinations that the application uses. I cant seem to figure out if the MX Master has this capability? It does have the choice of program specific settings but I cant seem to find out custom macro configurations?
Tomas Villegas (2 years ago)
No this mouse won't let you take that granular of control.
umit ikiz (2 years ago)
great video. thx. Can you zoom in and out timeline with one of these buttons?
bitesizefirst (2 years ago)
I've read a ton of bad reviews about this mouse about the scrollwheel failing after 24h, 5 days, only a few weeks etcetera. I actualy wanted this mouse too but after reading message after message from people complaining about the same thing (just type in google 'scroll wheel issue/problem mx master) some people had their second or even third same mouse replacement wich all end up again with the same problem. To bad it looks really nice and pro but I decided to go with a corsair pro gaming mouse for real durability.
Tomas Villegas (2 years ago)
I haven't had any issues (*knocks on wood*). Still using mine to this day. Love this mouse.
Sondre Skei (2 years ago)
I assigned the forward and back buttons to copy and paste, it's awesome for coding! Try it out
Gio Benavidez (2 years ago)
how did you do it
cryptonite91 (2 years ago)
Wow, so helpful!
tripflex (2 years ago)
You actually inspired me to create a video about my last reply! https://youtu.be/UZZH0s-14HA
tripflex (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video, one major thing I want to point out that you may not know, if you set the side thumb button to Gesture, and then set it as "Custom Gesture", you can then customize Up, Down, Left, Right ..... ANDDDDDDD when you just click!!! So what I did was to customize the gestures, and then set the one that looks like a zero or O to mission control. Then when you just click on it, boom mission control, but if you hold it and then go left, right,up, down, you have full gesture control .... WINNING!!! Here's a screenshot: https://smyl.es/img/Screenshot_2016-07-21_07-30-47_PM.png
acidizer (3 years ago)
Amazing Video & Channel:D You've just earned yourself a new subscriber! Your definitely gonna be big in the near future:) could you check out my channel and give me some feedback? Also subscribe if you enjoy my content!! can you shout me out pls ????
glassjawoc (3 years ago)
Tomas, man.. awesome video! Beautiful shots and I'm diggin' your name placement in the corner. Watching your vid made me miss the MX Master I bought last year! I loved above all the thumb/side-scrolling wheel, but I ended up returning it and have been using the G602 gaming mouse since because it was more comfortable to use. Plus it was half the cost and has more buttons with truly amazing battery life. Give it a chance if you haven't!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+glassjawoc thanks for the suggestion, definitely will look into it.
Jarhead6 (3 years ago)
That is cool man!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
Appreciate it man!
TechSome (3 years ago)
That quality!! holy fuck!
Joel Duff (3 years ago)
Definately had to invert the thumb wheel! thanks man!
Matthew Schmitz (3 years ago)
Outstanding video. I really appreciated those tips and will give them a shot.
TechFit360 (3 years ago)
Brother I'm going to do me some button reassignments tonight!! Excellent video, and one last thing.....that monitor tho!! 2 thumbs up !!!
Doug Drummond (3 years ago)
Dude, your shots are so pro! Great lighting and camera angles as well as pro depth of field! As for the mouse, I've never used anything other than the apple stuff, but willing to try this!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
Thanks Doug, I appreciate the feedback my friend.
PremierReviewer (3 years ago)
Very kool way to setup the MX T!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+PremierReviewer appreciate it bro!
Blitz (3 years ago)
Now... all I need is a $90...
Will remember of this video as soon as I buy one :)
Jimmy Baez (3 years ago)
You definitely deserve a lot more subscribers! Keep up the great work!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+Jimmy Baez appreciate it, thank you!
Tech Examined (3 years ago)
Awesome video!!! Great information!!!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+TechExamined thanks mang!
Larry Dickerson (3 years ago)
Great set up man!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+Larry Dickerson thanks GND!
A.Krishna Akhil (3 years ago)
Ow man!Those shots during the start were awesome!
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
Austyn Meyer (3 years ago)
I decided to make the forward and back buttons the volume adjustment because I just found it easier to adjust since my hand is always on the mouse and not the keyboard
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
Great suggestion! Love that idea.
Vicente George (3 years ago)
Second video about an awesome mouse today!! hahaha Would have to upgrade soon... You guys are making me feel bad about mine! lol Nice video Tomas! Thanks for the tips
Vicente George (3 years ago)
+Tomas Villegas hahaha probably :) plus I simply love that MX master mouse! hahaha
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+Vicente George time to up the mouse game maybe? :D
m (3 years ago)
Looks fucking sick!
Thor Schroeder (3 years ago)
Great video! I still do not own a MX Master, but I intend to get one soon. This setup looks like something I'd love.
Pugax11 (3 years ago)
Time to save money for a new mouse, nice video!
thunder (3 years ago)
Decent mouse but they seriously hate left handed users like me xD
thunder (3 years ago)
+Tomas Villegas they should make one Mouse and one keyboard for left handed users
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+Minjaniq I don't get it, they need to get with the program and make this for left-handers.
BeginnersTech (3 years ago)
Nice video bro going to make soke changes now hah
Tomas Villegas (3 years ago)
+BeginnersTech thanks my friend!

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