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Fallout 4 Guide - Guard Post Ideas

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After the last video and new guard tower build - I wanted to experiment with a couple of new ideas for guard posts; as I realised I'd only really made towers and wanted something new. I also make one design for artillery pieces - but will be making a video soon with a few more. Follow me on twitter - https://twitter.com/norespawns Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (374)
ModernSurvivalist 57 (22 days ago)
If you glitch a chair into a toilet to where its hidden but level. Settlers will sit on the chair but it will look like there useing the toilet. Makes settlements feel just that much more realistic and alive.
bigchong1958 (29 days ago)
U learned me something. really apprecianated ! pure genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrTrenttness (29 days ago)
Hey this was pretty cool! Those are some good look'n structures!
Annie (2 months ago)
Does anyone know if it's easier to fix up the old houses using Xbox mods instead of PS4 mods? I'm considering buying an Xbox just for the settlement repair mods, if there are any. Pillar and rug glitches aren't enough for the old houses. Help.
Annie (2 months ago)
I felt sorry for the two guys at County Crossing, sleeping on their filthy matresses, when I first arrived. I built them a flash new house straight away. I think I'm too impressionable for this game.
Aiden The Drawist (6 months ago)
Junk + bunker = junker
MouldySponge (6 months ago)
talk so much, say so little
SJ Wilson30 (11 months ago)
"I prefer wood" Best line of the day
Bastian (11 months ago)
Is there any way to make guards actually stand at their guard post? I mean, in some of my settlements they do, and in others like The Castle they *refuse* to actually man any assigned post. They just stand around in random places, or wander aimlessly. Meanwhile, I can't get anyone to actually watch the entrance!
XOMiNET Y (1 year ago)
Damn didn't know you had that much variety. Thanks 🙏🤙
qoua vang (1 year ago)
Concrete pillars where did you get those????
Exothermic_autist 76 (11 months ago)
Burning Blades thank you
Burning Blades (11 months ago)
Gamma Games wasteland workshop
Exothermic_autist 76 (1 year ago)
PC tips and tricks which DLC
PC tips and tricks (1 year ago)
qoua vang it’s a dlc
falloutguy 42 (1 year ago)
Rug and pillar glitch doesn't work for ps4 fallout
norespawns (1 year ago)
It 100% does as i'm on ps4 and literally use it all the time
atlas (1 year ago)
6:02 "it's really good plugging these holes" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
mannyca11 (1 year ago)
10:31 "... I don't want to spend way too long fiddling with myself on the video." LOL
Fall Out 2017 (1 year ago)
you use the pillar method as much as I use the conduit on carpet method
greatgamer 64 (1 year ago)
greatgamer 64 (1 year ago)
SirRaff_31 (1 year ago)
how to move the object up down forward backward without moving?
Fledge (1 year ago)
If you're on the PC version, hold enter and then move the mouse wheel.
Liam Lane (1 year ago)
Do you use mods? If so which ones?
BoogieBean (1 year ago)
Liam Lane In this video? No. He does now though. He has a load order video.
Arleus (1 year ago)
Russian cursing is the best cursing.
Aaron Evans (1 year ago)
First off, change your ducking voice.. Second who are you and who gives a fuck about your opinion that much for you to make an 18 minute video?
Fledge (1 year ago)
i uh i think they took the bait
Alphastarseeds (1 year ago)
Aaron Evans wow some one who has no life at all who are you to sit n judge others based on their voice oh wait ur a ignotmrant piece of shit with no self love respect and no moral or sense of right n wrong someone who takes gaming way more seriously then life thats why ur living with ur mother and jobless n still a fat ugly virgin
BoogieBean (1 year ago)
Aaron Evans His 74,000 subscribers. Are you upset there buddy?
FourThirteen (1 year ago)
First off, I don't know that that's possible. Second, who are YOU? You have zero subscribers, and 2 playlists with 5 rappers in them. norespawns has 70, 000 subs, so clearly SOME people give a fuck about his opinion. That's the dumbest 2 part comment I've read in some time. Enjoy your weekend, but don't forget to do your homework, you've been making Cs and Ds in the important classes lately and we want you to be able to make it to the 6th grade this year. Last year you were so close.
norespawns (1 year ago)
Lol. I love the internet. What part of the video on how to make guard posts upset you, champ?
Lemon Lime (1 year ago)
I mean 69k
Lemon Lime (1 year ago)
69 subs 👍
Andrew Kunkel (1 year ago)
Are you using mods at all?
Cedric Mercer (1 year ago)
this has nothing to do with guard posts but i think it would be cool if they made a pre-war dlc for fallout 4 where you live and do quests before the bombs drop. they should do it with New Vegas too
TheBrunotti (1 year ago)
Salut merci pour tes videos, " Voilà !! " je me suis abonné. Bye !!!!
Mr Headass (1 year ago)
Bethesda should hire you
Mr Headass (1 year ago)
You are a building god
NBA ALL DAY (1 year ago)
where did you get those different types of concrete and stuff
Arm Worm (1 year ago)
KiNg_JamesGaming from the wasteland workshop
CookieTV! (1 year ago)
Ffyc if fuck in Welsh (pronounced feck)
CyberWolf Gaming (1 year ago)
Scheiß is german for fuck and shit
WarGamersNL - WGNL (1 year ago)
The first one looked like a boat to me... Sugestion!? *hint* :D
freja lindholdt (1 year ago)
I'd love an update on this video with mods and more dlcs and all that jazz :)
johnnyinkstube (1 year ago)
Thanks for the sinking information, I've just recently went with concrete walls to build covenant style walls around my settlements and I haven't started on the interiors yet, because I have a lot of walls to build, but man that sinking is going to make life so much easier now when I start the interior builds, can't wait to upload the tours. Thanks again
biostemm (2 years ago)
I really wish they'd have added a simpler guard post object, kind of like how they added the plain shop counters in one of the more recent updates...
Scott Ballinger (2 years ago)
I know that I'm exceptionally late to comment on this one, but I like using a concrete wall on either side of the artillery and then the curved concrete walls at the end of the wall. It fits perfectly if you line it up right.
Black Iron Trumpus (2 years ago)
Give him a rocking chair like on Seinfeld. (20 year old reference, yeah, I'm old.)
Tim van Kuilenburg (2 years ago)
What are you sinking about?
Randy Garcia (2 years ago)
Great page!
Guglielmo Sepe (2 years ago)
14:39 "putaana" LOL (actually it's italian, puttana=bitch), i've spent the all past week wacthing your F4's craft videos, and this moment was better than learning pillars' glich. lol P.s. you made me love junk fences again, so much love
Kurt Wells (2 years ago)
Maaaate! Your a bleeding genius! Thank you for the tips Imma do this on all my settlements!
Art Trombley (2 years ago)
The only problem with building on the ground is, if the trespasser gets just a little elevation, You are at a disadvantage, because it's much easier to shoot down than it is to shoot up.
Scott Dudok (2 years ago)
All of your concepts just come together so nicely. Keep up the inspiring work!
victordoombotX 44 (2 years ago)
Wow! You are good!
William Haynie (2 years ago)
How does he have so many build items?? I can't get half the stuff he has
Arm Worm (1 year ago)
William Haynie actually most of it cones from DLCs
cosmic brownie (2 years ago)
William Haynie the power of mods
waltham1957 (2 years ago)
Dude, you got some good ideas but there are some of us that like to play with the default supply of stuff they furnish with the game, the only mod I'm using is the backpack duration that gives a little more burn time. Could you do some stuff with just the default equipment or would that set off a withdrawal effect to you.
Mr Zombee (1 year ago)
use the DLCs
Zar Zar Binks (2 years ago)
waltham1957 this vid doesn't use any mods.
Reeth Caldason (2 years ago)
I didn't check if you had any german in here before but "fick" [ˈfɪk] (fuck) is fairly easy to say. Also, absolutely love your videos!! Cheers
iSultan Sultangaliev (2 years ago)
None of those collision building glitches seem to be working for me with a fully updated game post Nuka World. Did they fix it?
drunkbavarian (2 years ago)
Whit the Junkfences: you need to build the concrete a bit lower than the object!
Elite Thief (2 years ago)
+norespawns fie arse = fuck off fie arse Coleen modra = fuck off bitch fie arse gockdinna = fuck off everyone poge mahone = kiss my ass all Irish but written how you say it so it's easier to say
Luca Stephens (2 years ago)
Seeing you guys using that pillar has made me feel so grateful for 'place everywhere'. You're amazing norespawns, seriously on evilviking13 level.
Mr Headass (1 year ago)
Luca Fossett us PS4 builders innovate that's for sure
AlfredRB (2 years ago)
You can't get that mod on PS4 Which that he uses and I use because of Sony limitations
boxofhammers (2 years ago)
I mean the sinking stuff into the ground part.
boxofhammers (2 years ago)
I don't think we can do all that stuff with the Place Everywhere mod tho.
Keiya Davies (2 years ago)
SOOOO VERY NIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spacepatrol667 (2 years ago)
Do you have a video on that pillar glitch?
Logan Stinnett (2 years ago)
I really dont like the idea of putting structures around the arty pieces cause you got to keep in mind they need to be able to spin 360 degrees.
Gordan Freeman (2 years ago)
man love you videos, like people who have attention to detail
TheBangooman (2 years ago)
I use this autohotkey script to do the tricky parts, and it essentially allows you to do anything you want, without having to worry about collision. Greatly recommended mod that works with every version since it relies on autohoykey: Precise Object Moving and Rotating: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3615/?
AtomicBunny679 (2 years ago)
are these modds
AtomicBunny679 (2 years ago)
+norespawns ok never mind i thought the concrete walls were
norespawns (2 years ago)
nope - ps4
Reece Wallace (2 years ago)
Where is he from any one know ???
tigerdet5 (2 years ago)
What DLC has all the extra build stuff?  I'm a little late getting this game...
Mr Zombee (1 year ago)
the workshop ones
John Connors (2 years ago)
This is bad ass. I'm going to start doing this now.
riddarhyttan (2 years ago)
Swedish: Helvete (Hell), satan (guess), förbannat (roughly: damn it), satan i helvete (guess). And for the advanced student: satans förbannade jävla skit. If you put these in a google translate field and swap 'sides' on the languages you'll get pretty decent pronunciations, I was pleased to note, although it might truncate the longer phrases a bit. Thanks for the tips and happy swearing.
VanRev 2.0 (2 years ago)
how do you get the concrete buildings
Bazooka Tooth (2 years ago)
For some reason when I try doing the rug glitch or the post glitch like you did here, I can't pick up the item but instead I pick up my entire settlement! Lmao
OminousPineapple (2 years ago)
Or... You just use the place anywhere mod.. Oh wait, PS4 doesn't have mods yet HA
Josh pratt (2 years ago)
Place anywhere also can't come to consoles because it requires a script extender
Darth Kodacus (2 years ago)
stupid question..however gonna ask it any way how are you moving both the concrete pillar and junk wall at same time?
Arm Worm (1 year ago)
Darth Kodacus you hold the select button to select all
POPPY.D (2 years ago)
you c can do the same thing with shack bridges in the vanilla game
POPPY.D (2 years ago)
the shack bridges can be used in the same sense as the concrete pillars
scrungo bungus (2 years ago)
get the place everywhere u frecking freagget
CursedMonkey (2 years ago)
Thank you for demonstrating the pillar trick. Its such a great tool. I'm doing my Sanctuary perimeter right now, blocking all those holes in the hedge. In the past it would take me hours and hours fannying about trying to block them. Now I can just use the pillar glitch to plonk junk fences in and its all done. Looks great too.
Winsas The Royal (2 years ago)
putana is italian lol it's puta in Spanish
Tehseen Sajjad (2 years ago)
lmfao i play on PC and seeing you console folks using pillars and door mats is just fucking hillarious xD hahaha im so sorry
Fucking Allah (2 years ago)
Damn I'm glad someone likes building in fallout as much as me.
Odingard (2 years ago)
Do I need the DLC concrete pillars to sink things into the ground. Because I can't do this with anything
Preston Garvey (2 years ago)
What is the concrete stuff from?
Vic Rahikkala (2 years ago)
The concrete construction items are from the Wasteland Workshop DLC.
RarityGamer (2 years ago)
This was fucking awesome!
Michael Miles (2 years ago)
you can snap to guard posts
CursedMonkey (2 years ago)
I'm trying to use posts to plug gaps in junk fences as you describe using a concrete post but when I position it where I want its always red. What am I doing wrong? Cheers man.
AKA (2 years ago)
Multiplayer just only online so it isn't split screen
Parker Sleight (2 years ago)
How do you select multiple objects at the same time
Vherstinae (2 years ago)
Okay, you're really inspiring me to take a stab at more immersive settlement building.
Michael Snyder (2 years ago)
you can make easy covered guard posts, the guard post can have a wooded pre fab snap onto it
Alex Martinez (2 years ago)
what console is he playing on?
Arm Worm (1 year ago)
Alex Martinez ps4
Thebluebridgetroll (2 years ago)
What's the concrete from? I use SSEX, is that homemaker?
Arm Worm (1 year ago)
Thebluebridgetroll wasteland workshop
Hirovard (2 years ago)
Just wondering but how come you don't use the place anywhere mod? http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9424/?
Arm Worm (1 year ago)
Hirovard he uses a ps4
Jay Cool (2 years ago)
I just subscribed to your channel. Building in this game is my favorite thing to do, and I enjoy seeing new and creative ways of doing it, also people's settlement builds. Thank you for your video, look forward to more. Peace.
ThiccChanky ._ (2 years ago)
It's country crossing not whatever your said wtf
HaguDeGozaru (2 years ago)
I've always scoffed at using junk fences, but sunken down into the ground, they don't look half bad! Good ol' "sink stuff into the ground to re-purpose them" Bethesda.
Labbooski l (2 years ago)
noticed you're on ps4 love these tips ☺
Pete Calhoun (2 years ago)
Your builds and techniques are great! But when you build... with the pillar, you should place like 10 so you dont have to change menus so often lol :P Not sure if anyone posted that already. I didnt read the comments.
Ollie Lally (2 years ago)
Why does "scrappy junk bunkers" sound so dirty?
Hachiroku (2 years ago)
something funky
Phill Ward (2 years ago)
this is prob a right noob question how do you then select multiple objects and move them all??
samol (2 years ago)
Hold the select buuton (x for ps4)
zwetlander (2 years ago)
Oh shit, you can use concrete pillars instead of mats D: Thanks I just learned something new today.
jay thomas (2 years ago)
they have a mod so u can sink things into the ground more
Frugal Boi (2 years ago)
Finally someone who actually is interested in the workshop like me. Usually people are like pfffft building.
justin mcnary (2 years ago)
how do you select both the pillar and the object itself as one object (pc user here)?
P0ELaHa (2 years ago)
you should look into the mod that snaps junk fences together now that consoles have mods
Sagiiya (2 years ago)
I'm probably missing something, but how do you select a category/item in the menu while your marker (or cursor, don't know what it's called exactly) is highlighting a placed object?
Sagiiya (2 years ago)
+JB Gaming ohhhhh... no fucking shit. *facepalm* thank you!
RaZe (2 years ago)
Use up of d-pad to go into another section of items
chandjor 000 (2 years ago)
3:01 = Brilliant. "Pillar is life, so saith the book of Todd." lol
Peter Nagy (2 years ago)
Hungarian Fuck: baszki ('bask-E) Bitch: kurva ('koorva) Fuck my life: kurva élet ('koorva 'ale-at) I hope I spelled those pronounciations correct.
Joseph Bianculli (2 years ago)
I had no idea you could manipulate workshop items with the concrete posts like that. Thank you! I'll be following you too

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