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TURNING $1 into $1000 in NYC! (Day 1)

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Hey Guys! 1 thing to note, the $100 comes into your account within 30 days. For 24 Hours I turned $1 into as much money as possible! The goal of this challenge is to turn $1 into $1000 in 1 week. This 24 hour challenge was both a living cheap hack video, and an interesting way to discover free and cheap things in NYC that you can flip from being worth no money into a lot of money. TURNING $1 into $1000 in NYC! (Day 2) comes out Friday at 3:30PM EST! Follow behind the scenes - Instagram: iamlivingbobby #24hours, #money, #challenge
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Text Comments (5873)
Puppy Pumpkin (2 hours ago)
Anyone know what scanner he's using for the barcodes??? It's not mentioned in the description. :(
Tian The Beatmaker (17 hours ago)
What app is that ?
Houd Azhar (1 day ago)
You can turn that to 1000000
Gavin Weber (1 day ago)
6:05 he stole money from a blind man
Mark e Mooer jr (2 days ago)
Why is this guys head soo long
Hyper Bomb (2 days ago)
What's the app he had
BeenReady (2 days ago)
~ LMAO.. I DESPISE ur voice..(lol) Though I have to Tip My Hat on ur GENIUS *Hu$$tLe* to AmaSS views by playing Directly into ur generations WI$H to be a colony of professional Leaches...(Lmao). I am TRULY Sorry that (MY) generation has FAILED You's as Parents, & caused Yous All to be so spoiled & weak. They key to Life is NOT to be a bunch of Beggars & Leaches..(LOL)
Emran Qasem (2 days ago)
whats the barcode thing app’s name??
solution *dollor store*
I can turn it into 0
CrimsonClipz (3 days ago)
His teeth annoy me
Linus Kranstad (3 days ago)
well i guess not everybody who has only 1 dollar actually has a phone
Team Flexxer (3 days ago)
How is that apk called
Make MoneyOnLine (3 days ago)
Dam, that's way too much work!
Emmy Animates (4 days ago)
whats the app called
TaKe THe DolLArr
Hello_ Joseph (4 days ago)
5:59 the dude got scammed lol
Tryhard 1946 (5 days ago)
Okay YouTube I watched it now please STOP!
Treasure Chest (5 days ago)
*five seconds into the video* me *take's a sip of water*..... "he's kinda hot"
BrutalBear (6 days ago)
The darl squad (7 days ago)
5 dollar guys needs it more than u
Cosmo Rhoads (7 days ago)
Yes it might be.
Mast3r Vort3x (7 days ago)
Why is his face like that? Like it's not symmetrical
ak k (7 days ago)
What bra code app you were using.?
Holy shit I remember when you had like a couple thousand subscribers making vids about how to eat pizza for a dollar or less in NYC. YOU ARE AWESOME BRO 500K ITS AWESOME. THE NEXT CN
Victor Racioppi (8 days ago)
This dude is definitely on the autism spectrum
Hari Koçi (8 days ago)
Say challenge and sold
IBrainedMyDamage (8 days ago)
If i tried this I'd be stuck at step 1
Mitsunari (9 days ago)
dam ive never seen a rich person that acts like hes broke af
Benjamin Smith (9 days ago)
Turn $1 to $1000? Simple. Step 1. Make a clickbait video like this one. Step 2. ???? Step 3. Profit
User name (7 days ago)
Good point, the plan works
washing basket (9 days ago)
Absolutely baffled why that old video never sold within 2 hours 😞
MrCrazy123 123 (9 days ago)
Up the ante, same concept without using your contacts.
Brianna Hills (9 days ago)
You all really need to message Jeff on +12486338457 this is real I am making money through him you can also start making yours
Hayden Grundy (9 days ago)
Why is this man not rich already?! I think I’m on to something lol I’ve been on to this for years it’s fake!
Brianna Hills (9 days ago)
You really need to message Jeff if you want to make real money, I have started making mine you can text him on +12486338457
Demir Resic (9 days ago)
This is equivalent to standing in the g e in RuneScape but real life
James S. (10 days ago)
What bank gives 100 bux for opening a bank account?
Brianna Hills (9 days ago)
Message Jeff now on +12486338457 to make real and quick money
Ihab Othman (11 days ago)
wheres the rest of the 900 !?!?!?
Bodanglez (11 days ago)
He laughs at the end of every higher pitch in his words.
rio evi (11 days ago)
Moral of the video: there is no way you can turn your 1 to 100 unless you go to bank and ask for money, basically this is what exactly wrong with our society, instead of working and being creative in our skills, we always try to cut the system and get rich super quick but we all end up owing system more than what we were supposed to. I wish I could educate some people about the system a bit more but youtube is such a crap
Eve Deeney (11 days ago)
I got 5000 through the help of tony Text him on +12513045332 Terms and conditions apply
Marcelle Trinkaus (12 days ago)
what is the app
Sander Lepik (12 days ago)
You should had start begging right a way.
Kyle Wade (12 days ago)
I got another 5000 deposited into my PayPal account with ease through the help of alberthackcc At g mail....... you can reach him on hangout
isael sotelo (12 days ago)
So the $1000 probably came from YouTube thanks to all the views 4+ million by now
Neros (12 days ago)
You look like a shark
zedia97 (12 days ago)
What's the app he used, and how did he ship the items and get the boxes?
Ho still uses a vcr 😂
Open Minded (13 days ago)
What's ur bank referral code @ Schwab bank the website says its required for $100
Raymond Morun (13 days ago)
awesome stuff the basic sales i love it, True salesman should practice in this situations sales
Mustieng (13 days ago)
grendel beowulf
Jamariah Stanley (13 days ago)
cash app me 1$ i will send 2 back $Jamariahstanley
TheOnlyHB (13 days ago)
Thanks to this great hacker that got me $5000 in my PayPal with few hours @hack_brown on instagram.
TheOnlyHB (13 days ago)
Thanks to this great hacker that got me $5000 in my PayPal with few hours @hack_brown on instagram.
Petrova ivanovic (13 days ago)
Hello everyone if you are in need of money into your bank account and are based in USA or CANADA then contact shawn gray +1 (619) 387-7180 on WhatsApp NO UPFRONT REQUIRED this service applies to only USA & CANADA bank accounts he changed my life with this service contact him today to change your life too
Stiltzy (13 days ago)
JP magazines you could probably sell for a couple bucks at Bookoff in Midtown even though they don't like those but it really helps that you picked thicker paperback ones. The one with the backpage ad of Technics ad in 5:06 you could've sold to a passionate DJ for 50; they're a quality OG turntable brand and any good DJ with followers would pick that up quick to show how Technics is back in production and making new models to compete with competition/digital.
Mike Crooks (13 days ago)
Ur in ny if u ever became that despreat juss pan handle
Mike Crooks (13 days ago)
SELL UR BUTT!!!...its lucrative
spongbobmemez (13 days ago)
you cheated
spongbobmemez (13 days ago)
he lied he said he was doing a challenge to be a Japanese magazine seller
Jamariah Stanley (13 days ago)
cash app me 1$ i will send 2 back $Jamariahstanley
thanmann007_Gamer (14 days ago)
The guy that gave $5, God bless you!
Micah John Legend (14 days ago)
whats the app?
Razvan T (14 days ago)
That black dude on the bench. Man, what a guy, bless him!
Michal Drequagh (14 days ago)
you did not turn 1 into a 100. the whole point of this challenge was to make 100 from 1. you have failed.
Jamariah Stanley (13 days ago)
cash app me 1$ i will send 2 back $Jamariahstanley
zenuubb (14 days ago)
what app do you use?
Yash Tharma (14 days ago)
He’s not lying. He made like $10000 from this fucking video.
Stef Beerepoot (14 days ago)
There is a person called kalvijn made €1000,- from €1,- in 24 hours
Mathew (14 days ago)
damn bro what happened to your head lmao
Karim Bauer (14 days ago)
Robert&Jessica (14 days ago)
The man who bought the first magazine was so lovely
Funny KalDom (14 days ago)
Who would like to grow together comment when subbed!!
Kyle Wade (14 days ago)
I got another 15000 deposited into my PayPal account with ease through the help of alberthackcc At g mail....... you can reach him on hangout
Dylan Hurley (14 days ago)
Honestly, just sell one organ.
Steven Fransisko (14 days ago)
Stop recommending this video, Youtube! I've watched it and knew it's a fraud, now go away!
srg. evans (15 days ago)
*gets mugged*
Mateen Sekandari (15 days ago)
U gay asss taking ppls money while u r rich urself
Ameera m (15 days ago)
stupid liar
Chuck Wheelock (15 days ago)
Come on man the next 107 dollars we're not made off the back of that dollar. Your video title is misleading and that has disappointed me and I will not continue to watch this series because of it. You will get more loyal followers with honest titles.
thebibleformula (15 days ago)
The key word for all small Youtubers is to work hard, there's no short cut. Like this if you agree with me. If not, let me know your secret method... :-)
Jessica Zheng (15 days ago)
What’s that camera scanner app called??
f f f l l l (15 days ago)
bar code scanner nigga
David Blanco (15 days ago)
What app are you using for the bar code reader?
f f f l l l (15 days ago)
bar code reader
T9 JynX OCE (15 days ago)
Im tryna hit 1k subs and  any support would be greatly appreciated
Set Nebula (16 days ago)
His teeth are sharper than spider-mans spidey-sense
Alexanzer (16 days ago)
Like for Doraemon
Music Nerd (16 days ago)
kunai (16 days ago)
take the dollar
revoL Boy (16 days ago)
He's exposed. IT'S FAKE. 1 thing of the many things to notice was the inconsistency of his facial hair.
insanehacker 007 (7 days ago)
Your late everyone knows that it's fake
Jamariah Stanley (13 days ago)
cash app me 1$ i will send 2 back $Jamariahstanley
revoL Boy (13 days ago)
+Katarina Giselle the third video and u can go to his videos and u will see an episode where he apologizes for not being real.
Katarina Giselle (13 days ago)
revoL Boy where was he exposed?
Jorge Romero (16 days ago)
Sell the camera and we all win.
Bright Edward (16 days ago)
Making money online is real, psiphonhackers.wordPress,com did a bank transfer of $15,000 to my account.
Sabine Vela (16 days ago)
I am watching this 2019. I love your videos. If I can just do this, I don't need to apply for a job. :-)
Zavoid (16 days ago)
what is that app called
Yaya María (16 days ago)
How I sale things like this?
Kevin Franco (16 days ago)
Scott got me 20000 on my account, he is a very good hacker, text him he can get you some cool cash 9046065760
Tj Ty Tobias (17 days ago)
1 dolla 2 dolla 3 dolla 4... I respect that man ;)
Tj Ty Tobias (15 days ago)
mondli zulu (17 days ago)
what is the bar-code app he's using ?
mondli zulu (16 days ago)
+DangGamer no i have not
DangGamer (16 days ago)
I don't know did you discover what app it was i wanna know too
Dropped Truckz (17 days ago)
God dammmm this dude hella uglyy
Foster Apraku (17 days ago)
What is the name of the app
me my (17 days ago)
2 words...sperm donor
thebigcuntfucksjim (17 days ago)
first step is putting hundreds of dollars into a phone and wifi plan, or paying into an internet cafe assuming they still exist to be able to resell anything
Tristan Sweatshirt (17 days ago)
Nelson Kisner (18 days ago)
no bank gives you a hundred dollars without deposited money and you dont opene an account that fast at the front desk that was him giving you inform on opening the account

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