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The Master Returns - Logitech MX Master 2S Review

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Is this the ULTIMATE productivity mouse? We think so, with flawless Flow functionality, 70-day battery life & ergonomic form to make this a dream desktop mouse. ***SPONSORS*** Celebrate 25 years w/ Cooler Master: buy Cosmos 2 Case (Silver) ► http://geni.us/5cN4ZW buy Cosmos 2 Case (Black) ► http://geni.us/A8V4e Beautiful Illumination with Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 Memory ► http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/landing/vengeancergb Support HWC & buy through our affiliates: MX Master 2S (Black) - http://geni.us/685aa MX Master 2S (Teal) - http://geni.us/RI3kyYE MX Master 2S (White) - http://geni.us/IJ5Gm MX Master (Black) - http://geni.us/ojBuOTu MX Master (Navy) - http://geni.us/9arIk MX Master (Stone) - http://geni.us/AqDRHII MX Anywhere 2S (Black) - http://geni.us/l1Aoa MX Anywhere 2S (Teal) - http://geni.us/jpgZ MX Anywhere 2S (White) - http://geni.us/PqXyoM Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/SubHWC Support HWC while shopping at NCIX and Amazon ♦NCIX (CA) - http://bit.ly/NCIXcom ♦NCIX (US) - http://bit.ly/NCIXcomUS Review unit provided free of charge by Logitech. This video is sponsored by Cooler Master & Corsair. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks monetary affiliation. Gear list: Panasonic GH5 - http://geni.us/nXAbU Panasonic GH4 - http://geni.us/2hzK Panasonic G7 - http://geni.us/24nm Canon C100 - http://geni.us/vDI Sony RX100m3 - http://geni.us/dtb Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 - http://geni.us/dLL Cinevate DUZI Slider - http://geni.us/1Hwt AKG C314 - http://geni.us/6o9 AKG C 568 B - http://geni.us/1D2S Zoom H5 - http://geni.us/2LUm ----------------------------------------­-------------------- Our full site: http://bit.ly/HardwareCanucks Join Our Forums: http://bit.ly/HWC_Forums Join Our Folding team http://bit.ly/HWC_folding_at_home Follow us for more updates! Twitter http://bit.ly/HWC_Twitter FaceBook http://bit.ly/HWC_Facebook Instagram http://bit.ly/HWC_Instagram ----------------------------------------­--------------- SineRider - South [Silk Music] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_WcCGhQNXc Gregory Esayan - Ararat (Sam Davies Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix1yDlQKeaE
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Text Comments (651)
Only Comic Fans (1 day ago)
Hello, great review however. What about connectivity? I find the range on my MX Master to be terrible. Is it any better on the new model?
Going Somewhere (1 day ago)
Haha I still own the old logitech, but it is almost dead.
Arik Jones (7 days ago)
Battery life 7:00
dash8brj (7 days ago)
I have this mouse - apart from no usb C and non user replaceable battery (won't stop me with a screwdriver!), its awesome. The hyper scroll took me by surprise (I'm a male, don't read manuals :P). Was on an ebay page and wanted to scroll to the international sellers so gave the wheel a flick. off it went to the bottom of the page. I watched the super fluid wheel spin down like a gyro, and then heard the click of the ratchet servo re-engage. "Cool! my mouse has gears!". Good to see Flow, I can now seemlessly switch between my macbook and my media centre hackintosh without having to have a seperate mouse on each. And my coffee table is glass, this mouse works smooth as silk on that!
Cody Pettengill (16 days ago)
Best video on this mouse. I already own it and did not know some of these things!! Made me even MORE excited about my purchase!
DEATHKNIGHT5000 (20 days ago)
Still no USB type C... nice...
Mark Christopher (24 days ago)
Ughhhhh my Magic Mouse 2 keeps disconnecting.. It seems to be a problem for us users. Now, I'm eyeying on this one as i produce on Logic Pro X
Ahmed Sped (1 month ago)
the scroll wheel is SOOOOOOO satisfying tho... honestly detracting.
B-Thrash (1 month ago)
My MX Master is by far the best mouse I've had since 1989!!!
Graham Allsopp (1 month ago)
would it be a good choice for photoshop cc the MX master that is not the 2s
Dukez Venom (1 month ago)
Ive been using my mx anywhere 2s for months now without charginf. It just doesnt die
Flykope (1 month ago)
I just wish there was a mouse that lifted my wrist off the desk
aproudft (1 month ago)
MX Revolution used to have battery issues with the internal battery - we looked into it and the support was....."smash it on the desk a few times.... it'll clear the contacts of the battery inside the mouse." it worked but before charging at the end of the night the wife would bang the mouse a few times so it would possibly end up charging.
Matīss Brants (1 month ago)
the only mouse i know with the bhop scroll wheel.
Romeo Sincere (1 month ago)
No software configuration software for customization on linux ?
Tomasz Rejowski (1 month ago)
The fact that logitech does not care at all about linux users, and delivering any software for them is really sad. Will seriously reconsider buying their products solely because of that.
Kenny Giovani Watono (1 month ago)
Features are great, but I just find this one a tad too heavy, which is my only complain so far
faarsight (2 months ago)
I also have a Performance MX and it's awesome. Well it was until it started malfunctioning recently which is why I'm watching this review lol.
uzefulvideos (2 months ago)
I don't like that mouse.
Cristi Muresan (2 months ago)
Somebody from work stole my logi705 after almost 6 years of use , therefore i opted for a mx masters 2s with a case
Damian Williams (2 months ago)
Needs a wireless charging mouse pad, or at least usb c... Nice design though
Damian Williams (2 months ago)
I've had the Performance MX Laser, just like the one you mentioned. Maybe 3-4 years? The scroll wheel notches are feeling weak (It's not in smooth mode) And the left click is double clicking when only single pressed, and sometimes drops (Lets go) when holding/dragging icons.
Niels Of Steel (1 month ago)
I am currently looking for a new mouse exactly because of this double clicking issue. It is a real shame a mouse in this price category starts showing an issue of such magnitude only after a few years. I'd expect better build quality.
Zoran Karavidic (2 months ago)
Great review! Thnks
andrecoxa (2 months ago)
One would expect that, in such a long video, you'd go into important details about the mouse. I just got the MX Master 2S to replace my now half-dead Performance, but the lack of horizontal navigation (left/right push) from the vertical scroll button is a total deal-breaker. The noise made by the main buttons when clicked is also significantly louder than the Performance MX. Finally, you can kind of of learn how to live with the horrible position of the forward/back buttons, but I'd rather have them in the original position and ditch the horizontal scroll. It seems like the Anywhere 2S would be the right choice for me (despite de much smaller size), but then they've decide to make the clickable scroll a non-button (yet another very important detail not mentioned in your video).
Damalia Marsi (2 months ago)
How do you replace the battery, more overpriced expensive disposable junk!
Jeff Harmed (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. A great review. For the first year after purchase my MX Master tracked well on paper which was brilliant because this allowed me to use a clipboard and make notes on the paper. Then the wheel brake packed up, no big deal. Then the tracking on paper deteriorated, OK back to the mouse pad. Then mouse lag crept in and I started looking for another brand as I judged Logitech quality standards to have dropped IMHO.
True Talk (2 months ago)
best review on this mouse - good job
Jason Suteja (2 months ago)
Hi, one question is it okay to plug it in to power socket to charge the device?
Phil Buckle (2 months ago)
Really dislike this mouse because of the clumsy thumb wheel. There is no sensitivity control even in the latest software. When you try to use the thumb wheel you will have to push your palm hard onto the mouse to stop it skating across your desk.....and then your hand slips off. If you are a musician and need to scroll and resize the screen constantly this mouse just doesn't cut it. I went back to my crappy mighty mouse. I also think mouse feels cheap and too light. I watched all the great reviews and bought it. Sucked in by the 4k and great camera work. Oh well another mouse thrown in the draw!
Ole Thielemann (3 months ago)
My Performance MX just died, based on you review I bought a MX Master 2S. As usual, when Logitech changes to a new generation of hardware it's always with limitations. - Battery are not changeable anymore (the one fitted is only 500Mah - you can easily get 1.000 or even more these days which would give you the advertised 40 days of running time). - Not able to figure out if they have actually removed the pointer acceleration from their new software - bummer - How come that, now that Logitech are introducing noiseless mouses, that the MX Master is horrible loud - scroll wheel would not make it in an office environment, and buttons etc. are actually the same as on the Performance MX - not softer etc as you claim. You were right when claiming that it was less heavier and smoother to move around on the table. Let's hope the skaters remains smooth and does not pick up dirt as easy as the Performance MX Good news - Logitech just dumped the price with more than 20%
Jon Jon (3 months ago)
Hi, can I use Flow with two USB Bluetooth dongles on laptops which don't have built in Bluetooth?
Bunster (3 months ago)
nice Silk music there
Jason Gomez (3 months ago)
Looks awesome. Does anybody know if the Flow with Copy and Paste feature also work on Linux? I suppose this is unlikely.
CowsRus (3 months ago)
Nice review, but you get a dislike for all the ads. I hit dislike for anyone who plasters their videos with ads. It's getting worse and worse on YouTube. Not only do you have YouTube's own ads, but 2 of your own as part of the video! That is taking the p*ss. What's wrong with everyone giving likes and positive comments? This greediness will never change all the while you put up with it! This is YOUTUBE, it is not American TV where they've always had a crazy number of ads. The whole world doesn't want to put up with this in every video! If you cannot make enough money to live on without so many ads, FIND A JOB and make videos for PLEASURE and to share experiences or help others - That's what YouTube used to be all about, but now it's just a sad sad place for dumping non-stop ads everywhere possible. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
diamonje (3 months ago)
I loved the performance MX. I used it for years and beat the hell out of it and it kept running strong. Sadly one too many hits on my desk and it went kaput.
Antares 8001 (3 months ago)
Can someone explain to me why they don't offer this mouse with a decent sensor and the same low latency wireless technology they use in their gaming range? When I am editing images/videos or doing 3d modeling i find low response times and an accurate sensor to be just as important as when I am gaming, probably more so. To me even browsing the Internet and working on text documents felt somewhat awkward with this mouse and there's no way I would use it for the tasks mentioned earlier. The high weight doesn't really help either but it wouldn't be a deal breaker in it of itself, the terrible sensor and response times however are. I find this a real shame because I pretty much loved everything else about it, though a few more programmable buttons would be nice for productivity.
Metical (4 months ago)
@hardwarecanucks a performance MX right now and its failing , Im torn between MX Master 2s and MX ERGO any suggestions ?
ryan14 (4 months ago)
Logitech MX Master 2S - 30% OFF here: *vdіgіtаl. іnfо*
Hai Nguyen (4 months ago)
I got an older version still working great
Shadowcruise99 (4 months ago)
*It still has a built in battery, which will inevitably render it useless. I'll stick with the Performance MX,*
Juras Barauskas (4 months ago)
I'd been using a Performance MX for nigh on 8 years (!) and had to look for a replacement recently on account of the poor old thing basically falling apart physically. And that's the only fault I've had with it. Been looking (and drooling) at the MX Master for some time now, but eventually had to settle on a G502 due to budget limitations. That said, I am not disappointed. Still... some day, MX Master, some day...
Nicholas Huss (4 months ago)
Lags between screens, don't buy. Waste of money. B prepared to keep an extra mouse on the sidelines when this one randomly stops working.
Paul Boyle (4 months ago)
Using this mouse for 2 years now (11 hours a day) You don't retract your thumb to press those side mouse buttons. There is muscles on the side of your finger that work flawlessly after 3 days. Best mouse I've ever had.
Ukaros (1 month ago)
How well does it work for gaming? Im not talking about competitiv gaming but just ur average casual gamer
Justin Lu (4 months ago)
I've gotten two Performances, after I lost my first. It works amazing for me, as my fingers are pretty long and my hand large. Only thing is, I can't customize the settings, and the battery life is a little weak now. Still great for editing tho.
Henrique Campos (4 months ago)
Just bought this week a new battery for my performance. Less than 10 bucks and my mouse is new again. Just a suggestion. ;)
e1543 (4 months ago)
Does the thumbpad button save what it's used for across computers or does it need the Logitech software?
Joshua Salas (4 months ago)
Still on the original MX Master, only problem is the scroll wheel no switching between the two modes.
SirSchumii F1 (4 months ago)
Only 2 good mice were ever made, MX Revolution and MX Master. However MX Master back and forward buttons is to close to use for gaming until you have practiced enough hitting the right one in stressed situations. And it is more than enough in FPS games for me.
Syrom Picturez (5 months ago)
awesome review
Aaron bilger (5 months ago)
i got this 2S because my 1.5 year old M705 left clicks stopped working
J G (5 months ago)
Best mouse by far. Full stop.
xapim1 (5 months ago)
I own 2 performance mx they are the best mouses i had ever had so far :) also own one mx anywhere and one mx anywhere 2 (due to be able to swap between 3 pcs with the unifying receiver also have a M185 black and red and finally also have an old M305 but because i recently got a predator helios 300 my next upgrade will be either to a G903 with the powerplay charging pad or the G Pro (hero sensor 16000 dpi) im still undecided on which because the G pro doesn't support powerplay
*Dillon* (5 months ago)
It’s worth it
mtpolak (5 months ago)
I am a Performance MX user (just like yours first which you mention) and also I'm power user with three PCs, five monitors, lots of CAD work, spreadsheets in weak MS Win10 environment and additional software like Autohotkey, X-MouseButtonControl, ShareMouse (simmilar to flow, but from 3rd party and much better)... This new mouse doesn't have wheel tilt, which IMO is the worst. Performance line doesn't expose all button functions to Operating System APIs, so only Logitech software is able to handle them... after 5 years of using PerformanceMX it's going to die, so I'm looking whats new and rather thinking of buying same I have - PerformanceMX.
fullsleevetats (4 months ago)
My biggest gripes with Flow, is: a.) Doesn't work on Linux, and Logitech has completely ignored that platform. Their forum is filled with people asking for support for Flow on Linux, but they continue to turn their heads away or delete the threads. Very hostile position on supporting Linux. Synergy and similar tools are not a viable alternative here. b.) Flow doesn't work if your machine auto-locks to a screensaver or lock screen. The sensitive screen edges are ignored once your machine, either machine, is at a lock screen prompting for a login credential. In a business environment, this can happen hundreds of times per-day, and it's annoying to try to figure out which machine has 'control' of the mouse, only to find out that neither do, because one machine has locked when it had mouse focus and the other machine can't get the mouse back without unlocking the first machine. c.) You can't suspend a computer with the mouse while using Flow, and then use the mouse on another computer. Once you suspend with the Flow-enabled mouse, moving the mouse to the screen edge to allow the non-suspended computer to control it, wakes the first system out of suspend (and in most cases, to the lock screen, see b.) above) You have to use the 1/2/3 buttons on the bottom to switch AWAY from the first computer, and then suspend using another method (trackpad on a Mac for example) on that first computer, to continue using the mouse on the second computer. d.) There's no way to configure the delay at the screen edge nor the width of that field, so it's not so sensitive at the screen edge. I can't make that region wait 2-3 seconds, nor can I make it 5mm instead of 25mm wide. e.) Why would Flow require sending data through the public Internet (encrypted or not) and then back down to the destination machine receiving Flow data? This immediately breaks on any machine behind a hotel WiFi, public WiFi or any business computer using a VPN or firewall/proxy setup. As a security professional, that makes me very nervous and I wonder what else is in that data. It's a neat idea, and a great concept, but it hasn't quite matured to a level of execution that would work in a professional setting and certainly not for power users of these professional-level mouses.
Tom Bartol (5 months ago)
S1 was shit wheel died in 2 mounts, than i got another one, and it died in half year
Mutata 4MTT (5 months ago)
I have this mouse...its fucking nice
Gert Kommer (5 months ago)
With this mouse, does your cursor move when you lift it slightly?
Simon Allcock (5 months ago)
have been using the MX master at home and work for 12 years
Alan Nelson (5 months ago)
The poor positioning of the forward/backwards buttons is a bigger problem than you make it seem. For anyone who uses these buttons regularly, I would think very carefully before choosing this mouse. Personally, I passed for that precise reason.
Hanif Muhammad (5 months ago)
The flow feature is interesting, if it works with android as well it will be awesome
Michel Kant (6 months ago)
have you by any chance found that flow didn't set up properly? Can't seem to get it to work and tried so much. Their website is not helpful at all with this. I've got everything set up the way it should. So weird.
Pascal Laplace (6 months ago)
when do you think the new one should come out? I am looking to buy one today, but paying full price before the new one coming up soon maybe, doesn't feel so nice. thx
Jon Wright (6 months ago)
great vid
J P (6 months ago)
Just ordered mine:)
Kent Lee (6 months ago)
there's a bit of lag for me, maybe its a wireless thing
Jack Bravo (6 months ago)
MX Master is great. THe 2s is awful. The thumb button gets stuck and you have to turn it off to use the mouse.
Vvmopz (7 months ago)
Thank you for comparing the 2 mouse's. No one else seems to be doing this.
Spicymangoz (7 months ago)
I have charged mine like 4 time since last chiristmas
Fat Bastard Pipes (7 months ago)
It's hard to trust all the tech channel reviews (specially the big channels), since all of them get sent free stuff, or get sponsored by these products. And as a result they give good reviews for the product, even if the item is pure donkey crap. If they badmouth products, they wont get free stuff and sponsorships.
The Ace TroubleShooter (7 months ago)
I will stick to Mouse Without Borders instead of Logitechs poopy butt software
Deepak Nair (7 months ago)
I'm going to buy this, just for Flow..
ZaKu14 (7 months ago)
How about using mx in gaming any review?
Counterpoint Gaming (8 months ago)
400-1600 dpi ... no thanks, can't go back to anything lower than 5600
Aber1u (8 months ago)
g500 used to be the master mouse for me before it died, everything else logitech is producing these days is not for me, even though I own g402 and mx master. The master in particular was not made for actual work, more like browsing or management. As a 3d artist I can't use it effectively. I like to work fast and I like hotkeys.The mouse is heavy, it slows me down. I like to move my middle button to one of the side buttons for more convenience in maya, but these buttons are barely useful. The scrolling wheel is too hard to press too. The mouse is hard to lift with the thumb and pinky fingers, it's slipping out unless I hold it real strong, which is tiresome and distracting from the work. I can't recommend it. I love how it looks though.
Ron Brumble (8 months ago)
I have three performance MX, and use them for work and gaming. My first one is well over, wow I think 6 years old. It has finally had a failure in the primary button. So, sadly, it was modded with 3MDiNoc carbon fiber and I'm sure that has voided any warranty. But, I can tell you I certainly got my moneys worth of use out of that mouse. I have my second performance MX which was mainly my travel mouse now being used for my desktop. As a replacement for my desktop work/gaming rig I'm looking at an MX Master, and actually like the "stone" color one. The 2s has hit the market and it's gaining ground so the MX Master is dropping in price. However brick and mortar stores are still keeping the 99$ price tag so I'll probably order online.
Steven Tyson (8 months ago)
One thing I hate about my MX Master 2S is the fact that the mouse has already gotten glossy after 6 months use. They decided to use ABS plastic instead of PBT which takes a lot longer to shine. Another issue I have on mine is the fact that I can't set any custom macro's on the buttons, you are stuck with using only the small amount of actions they allow you to work with.
Richard Laxa (8 months ago)
man this review is hard to top. bravo
Lucas Zambianchi (8 months ago)
Still have a Performance MX over here, around 4 years and counting, exceptional mouse!
Pedrito Zapata (8 months ago)
When will the mx master 2s go on sale??
PKTV (8 months ago)
this is a great bluetooth mouse for macs
Valentino Aditya (8 months ago)
How's the horizontal scroll? I for one, find it buggy. It just stops working after 1-2 scroll.
Chn0rpel (9 months ago)
really nice qualiy video, tnx.
javan napoli (9 months ago)
If only they kept the gold accents :(
Damon Singh (9 months ago)
I think "Mouse garage" by Microsoft works really well for controlling multiple machines, including keyboard controls as well. Been using it for years now.
Jason Gooden (9 months ago)
You got me at Flow.. I have 2 PCs and hate being confused by which mouse to grab. If I could just slide over from one to the other and not have to use Synergy either that would be awesome.
mackstertube (9 months ago)
I have the original which cost me a fortune in Australia. Unfortunately the battery life is not as advertised but worst of all the thumb gesture button broke. It gets to the point where it is permanently pressed even though I never use the thumb gesture button. That means it becomes un-useable as things go haywire. I hope they have fixed that as it is $150 down the drain after less than 2 years. I had a logitech travel mouse which cost me 1/3 this price and lasted for 7 years. So how is it a mouse that costs 3 times much last 1/3 the time, effectively making it about 10 times the price. Unfortunately I love the buttons (Except thumb gesture) especially the extra side scroll wheel. There is a video saying how to fix the problem but it mean damaging your mouse. I am sure they are aware of the problem I just don't want fork out another $150 for something that only lasts less than 2 years. If the travel version had the side scroll wheel I would not hesitate to get it. I wish they still made my old mouse where the batteries lasted forever and it never missed a beat in over 7 years.
Kenny Ramasawmy (9 months ago)
Buy the rapoo mt750. Way cheaper and same design
Kamal Q (9 months ago)
I use a £10 mouse
Johnny T. Chalatsis (9 months ago)
I used to rock an MX Master until it broke. As I mostly game on my PC I got the G703 and let me tell you, I'm seriously considering selling it to get the MX Master 2S. I miss being able to game for weeks without even thinking of charging it. I miss how good and comfortable it felt on my hand. Miss you old friend.
No pe (9 months ago)
Flow is not an automatic switcher it's mouse over wifi. Use time tested InputDirector instead. The less Logitech software in your life the best!
Ferry Ansony (9 months ago)
It's the exact same mouse as MX Master
Marin Knežević (9 months ago)
Extremely frustrated and disapointed. Just bought it and after just a few days of using it (BT, PC and Mac) scrolling wheel randomly stops functioning. It may start working again after some random time but to force it to work again I need to turn it off and on again?! 100$ top pro mouse?! Why? Same problem anyone?
ML Greenspan (9 months ago)
Still have an MX Performance, using it right now deciding on getting an MX Master S2. The MX Performance has been a really nice mouse love the rechargeable battery Great video, very informative...nice keyboard...love the "Light Show". I just watched 5 video reviews on this mouse and they all start with "Hey wazzup guys" Really...really? Is this guy the only articulate Millennial out there?
LeRoy Fredrickson (9 months ago)
My experience with the MX Master mouse is not good, Logitech software problems exist and Logitech refuses to support the problem related to skipping and jumping.
Pär Nordqvist (10 months ago)
I have the 2s and I have MacOS 10.13.4 (the latest version). It is impossible to pair the mouse with the computer via Bluetooth. The mouse doesn’t even show up in the Bluetooth-settings. I have recently updated the Bluetooth from version 2.1 EDR to 4.0, but it didn’t help. Maybe the 2s needs more than 4.0, maybe 4.2? I can use it via USB-connector, but I would like to use with Bluetooth. I have also tried to pair a headset from Sony, with the same result, nothing happened. I guess the computer is too old, it’s from 2012 and the technique is from 2010. Mac sucks...
Sattar Yousefi (10 months ago)
i bought it and just i can say :'it is amazing'
Sam P. (11 months ago)
I've been using the MX Master for gaming, mostly Battlefield and the occasional Rising Storm, for over a year without noticing any drawbacks after switching to it from a Razer gaming-graded mouse.
Tharaxis (11 months ago)
Having being an MX Master User, I can safely say I will never buy another one of these mice. For my hand size the thumb button is fatally flawed, becoming too easily depressed or, in my case, eventually the edges of the rubber get stuck and the button becomes pressed either indefinitely or at the slightest brushing against it. This then causes the mouse cursor to stop functioning (as the button is initiating a gesture) and for all number of things to start inexplicably happening depending on what OS/Software you are running and what gesture(s) they are recognizing. I eventually had to cut the entire rubber button out (leaving a nice big hole in my mouse now) so that I could actually use it again because no amount of trying to unstick or adjust the covering was working. At least I can say is that once I removed the button the mouse works well. But since it was not a cheap mouse there's no way I'm spending that kind of cash on one of these again. I'm very tempted to say stay away from Logitech, I've never really had a good mouse from them, regardless of price.
sajtion (11 months ago)
i would buy it if it was corded. oh well
Albator88 (1 year ago)
First time viewer of your channel!!!! Damm you rock! Nice review. Thanks
HardwareCanucks (1 year ago)
Welcome :) check out the rest of our content! 😎 -D.

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