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New Moto G 2nd Gen VS Zenfone 5 Comparison Review, Display, Camera, Hardware, Features and User Inte

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Text Comments (321)
Noightmer (3 years ago)
how did you not know how to open Z5's box? rofl
Pampered Dwarf (3 years ago)
ASUS ZenFone 5 is way better man....!!!👎👎👎
Pampered Dwarf (3 years ago)
check the latest update in ZenUI...its amazing👌
Hardik Arora (3 years ago)
My moto g runs modern combat 4 and 5 smoothly
Sandeep Penumuchu (3 years ago)
what about the  multitouch capacity of both mobiles
Imkum kichu (3 years ago)
Does both the phone support HD movies , since i am unable to play HD movies in Asus Zenfone 5.
Toppers Link (3 years ago)
Owned both the phones .Zenfone 5 is lot faster than Moto G and buttons on screen of moto G make its screen smaller. Zenfone 5 battery life became better after kitkat update. Asus gives worldclass support. Dont go by this review,the person doing review is crazy. Buy Asus Zenfone
priyajit parija (3 years ago)
well i can play Mc4 on my moto g2
Kaustubh Patil (3 years ago)
Comparison between zenphone 2 #2gb version and Moto g gen 2 would have been fair one...
LaZy Sloth (3 years ago)
Where the heck do you buy the Zenfone 5!? I can't find anything on the internet! (I live in Belgium.)
GadgetsToUse (3 years ago)
+iProDaan its available in india through some Ecommerce portals
Aditya som (3 years ago)
omg!! that panda is soo damn cuteee!!!
Balaji thamas (3 years ago)
but asus have very low audio sounds
Shantanu Srivastava (3 years ago)
How much does the RAM make a difference in performance when compared on both the devices?
Jackson Frech (3 years ago)
Just one question about this comparison, is the Brightness setting on both phones the same? seems like MG is at full brightness whereas the Z5 is at lowest brightness.
Vikrant Kasbe (3 years ago)
one of the best review //                    :)
Xatuna Sxirtladze (3 years ago)
Asus is better
Danu Solanki (3 years ago)
nice thx'
Soumya Chowdhury (3 years ago)
Can Asus  Zenfone 5(16gb) Upgrade to Android v5.0.2 Lolipop?
K.C.C. (3 years ago)
how great of a difference does Asus' 2GB RAM actually make?? does it make the phone run smoother/faster noticeably???
Rich vishal (3 years ago)
moto g2 is water resistant
AW Productions (3 years ago)
Hi,  i am ordering  moto g 2nd gen mobile, i think its a low budget mobile with good feature, so what would you recommand......
AW Productions (3 years ago)
+Funnyman46873 okay thankz mann...
Funnyman46873 (3 years ago)
I believe in mid April it will be released in India.  
AW Productions (3 years ago)
+Funnyman46873 can u tel me the release date in india...
Funnyman46873 (3 years ago)
I would buy the new zenfone 2 that is coming out
Harry Tung (3 years ago)
What a Stupid guy,you do not know how to open zenfone 5 package.
Vivek Pandey (3 years ago)
You gave 4 points to motog and 3 to asus..but while comparing u didnt compared ram and processor.
Akshay Parkad (3 years ago)
Lolz...OTG supported in asus zenfone 5 and also external hard disk drive which is only supported in intel x86 architecture phones.
Sharan Kumar (3 years ago)
Kindly update asus to Kitkat and check the battery backup.... dont campare it before that,,.... 
Joshua Johnson Abraham (4 years ago)
guys im confused..which one to buy.moto g 2nd gen or asus zenphone 5?? i heard that in moto g 2nd gen the apps force closes due to less ram....nd also hw much ram does moto g 2nd gen has free initiially??
RegionalAtBest (3 years ago)
Just close the apps you aren't using. I do it on my iPhone 4 to save battery and there's no reason you should have open apps not in use.
Qilts (4 years ago)
I have tried both phones and what I can conclude is: 1. Audio: Zenfone loses in this category. Moto G 2nd Gen has double speakers, and are front facing stereo ones. Zenfone's audio is very low in my opinion. Really, really low. So Moto G 2nd Gen win this one. 2. Camera: I prefer Moto G 2nd Gen's camera, especially in HDR mode. You get saturated and bright colours from the photo compared to Zenfone which photos are quite flat and not good. Moto G's front camera are better in bright situation but in low light, both phone sucks. 3. Gaming: Zenfone is better as it has better processor and bigger RAM. I don't play game that much but my friend does. He totally agrees that Zenfone's gaming experience is better than Moto G 2nd Gen's. 4. Screen: Moto G's HD screen is brighter and clearer compare to Zenfone, in my opinion. The colour from the screen is brighter in Moto and more eye-catching. Plus, on-screen button for me looks more professional. 5. Storage: I have the 8GB Moto G 2nd Gen, Zenfone is 16Gb, so Zenfone win in this point. I can't even download a few games in my phone, the storage is already full. This is a really big drawback for 8GB phones. Thanks to SD Card, I can still save medias in it.  These are all based on my opinions and usage of both phones. Both are good phones in their price range. But, for me Moto G 2nd Gen wins over Zenfone. Besides, you get Android L for Moto G 2nd Gen, while stuck with Kit Kat in Zenfone. Hope this clears you up.
Rohit Srivastava (4 years ago)
Hi, I am looking for a phone with value for money and a good camera as well, I know i am buying a zenfone but the problem is which one should i buy? zenfone 5 or 6? i'v seen that the camera on 6 is 13 mp but does it make that much of a difference?
Pranav Dalvi (4 years ago)
what kind of sensors used in both of the device..
atul mane (4 years ago)
Please compare SAR values of both
Gabriel Correia (4 years ago)
tendi tudo
S.M. FARHADUZZAMAN (4 years ago)
Looks like everyone likes Intel.hyperthreading and true core there is lots of difference between this two.and ram is also does not a factor.iPhone has only 1 GB ram but sometime it runs faster then any android device that has more ram.and snapdragon is good for mobile.they are efficient and run faster with good graphics. Go for moto g.it will be a better choice. Zen phone is also good.it will be a good choice
Horrendously unprofessional video. And I could have taken all that stuttering and mumbling if you mentioned something a little more substantial about the CALL QUALITY on both. I believe the word 'phone' is hiding around somewhere in the term 'smartphone' isnt it? People use their phones to call is what Im assuming...so why skip over that point. Do us a favour and mention that in depth would you, so people can get a product through which they can hear the other person a little clearly.
adnan rahil (4 years ago)
Nice job....
talha shabbir (4 years ago)
this is a biased review
Harry Tung (4 years ago)
are you stupid,what a stupid way to open the package!
uMadBro (4 years ago)
water resistance rocks on the moto g2 the ram is not much of an issue you get lags on the both phones every now then even if the Z5 has 2gb of ram & fyi I own both phones the big factor is the battery if you play on both phones for 2 hrs straight with mobile data on I played summoners war on both of them after 2hrs Z5 was left with 5% of batt life while the motog2 still has 40% left & lasted me the whole day without charging
Fahim Dawan (4 years ago)
zenfone have 2GB ram and also otg support
Mr Benz (4 years ago)
Your wrong +GadgetsToUse you said that asus zenfone 5 with 1600MHZ is z2580...actually it is z2560 ;)
Aviral Gupta (4 years ago)
Gps performance comparison...
sims4683 (4 years ago)
According to you which are the top 3 phones below 10k?
SUBIDIT SDG (4 years ago)
Is it possible to buy zenfone 5 in India. Not from flipkart but any local stores in India?? Please reply
Piyush Bhan (4 years ago)
how is video calling on both the sets??
Daisy Tai (4 years ago)
lol no the zenfone 5 opening is not complex, you just dont know how to open them
Zelomara MTB (4 years ago)
lol ikr? it's like he did it on purpose just to shit on the Z5
manish kumar (4 years ago)
OTG cable is working fine with asus zenfone 5
vanam jyothis (4 years ago)
zenfone 5 now support otg.....
Zelomara MTB (4 years ago)
AND will have an update for android L 5.0 sometime in April
karan tripathi (4 years ago)
thanxs for helping to buy asus
Priyam Mehta (4 years ago)
dude,first learn how to get the box content Zenfone 5 out properly. there is proper cut provided below the handset location. It is not at all complex and second JUST DON'T BE PARTIAL,YOU ****  
Danny Lim (4 years ago)
If you compare ram alone it is very deceiving, it seems 2GB will blow 1GB away, however in reality the Moto G will blow the Asus away in day to day usage :- 1) UI is buttery smooth with stock android, which does not use much resources even with 1GB it is sufficient 2) It can handle all the latest games without any problems or noticeable lags 3) Battery life is much better than Asus ie. Average 4hrs SOT vs 2hrs+ SOT 4) Always the latest Android update which will improve all areas of the phone including post processing for the Camera, bug fixes, more efficient on power usage 5) Overall a better camera 6) Twin front facing speakers for the Moto G which is the ideal placement for speaker and does not muffle the sound when u place it on the table or hold it in your hands 7) Brighter screen 8) Better signal and GPS reception 9) Smaller footprint and easier to hold in one hand There you go. Don't assume 1GB is slower than 2GB, it is all due to how well the software is being optimised. Processor on both Moto G and Asus Zenfone is sufficiently fast to handle most software, main downfall for Asus is the terrible battery life. Many users complain of only 2hrs+ screen on time compared to 4hrs+ Sot on the Moto G.
Dr R RAJA MURUGAN (4 years ago)
My asus battery lasts 3 hours on 2G!
Zelomara MTB (4 years ago)
Then you have a defective battery
Maestro Makes (4 years ago)
So which one is the best in Camera,gaming,looks,display? i think Asus Zenfone is much better and much lesser cost.? i am going for asus today! thanks
Vijay Sharma (4 years ago)
Dear friends i am really confused between these two phones please suggest which one is best.
Chris Banez (4 years ago)
+Vijay Sharma yes! get zenfone 5, you will not regret!!
Zelomara MTB (4 years ago)
When it comes to price, quality, "good looks", better UI, and camera, I'd say Asus Z5. Honestly, I don't know jack about the Moto G so just get the Asus Z5.
Yash Prajapati (4 years ago)
hang problem is there in moto  g 2 or not??? if more apps installed
Vijay Gaur (4 years ago)
I would like to point out that camera lens of zenfone is pretty outside so it can get scratches in day to day use if you dont put a cover on it, while this isnt the case on moto g2
Mahmudul Hasan Navil (4 years ago)
First of all, i bought Zenfone 5 from local market, not from Flipkart lol.... I don't have any idea about Moto G, Zenfone 5 is awesome, in single words my dream phone in my budget. I bought 100% original Zenfone 5, in BDT 14000, i m willing to give a review. Look: This phone have an awesome hot n sexy look! It will easily make your friends and colleagues jealous! For that reason im calling zenfone "My girl" ;) Application: Everything is awesome!!! No lagging!! im 1000% sure! Heating: Before brought it, in reviews i heard about heating problem.... after using several days, im saying "Who the fuck says so!" Battery: 2110mah, i was upset about it :( but with 100% charge, i passed 40+hours, i used camera for 40+ mins, listening to music for 5 hours and talked over phone (3G) 2 hours. For a movie of 1 and half hours, it spends only 25% charge! i use #Lux_Dash app for screen backlight. Touch: Smooth as silk, no complain Display: Screen density is 320dpi.... I can't move my eyes from her display ^_^ Headphone: Superbase n awesome! U will be unable to hear anything.... :v It feels like im carrying my home theater with me :D For farther info, u can comment below i will reply :)
Mahmudul Hasan Navil (3 years ago)
+enamul nasir Basundhora city theke. yes, eta 16 gb version :)
enamul nasir (3 years ago)
vaiya, kindly bole parben,apni kotha theke ZF 5 ta kinechen? r ata ki 16 gb version?
Mahmudul Hasan Navil (3 years ago)
Dear +Nani Sumanth , There are too many apps that save your battery juice. Use #greenify, it #Force_stop all unwanted apps everytime you lock it. Take care of your phone please. When you are using #youtube, your phone is using too much battery juice for background apps. Use greenify, it works on #root ed or #non_rooted phones.
Mahmudul Hasan Navil (3 years ago)
+Nani Sumanth Dear Nani Sumanth, You know what, if u search and scroll about iPhones, there you will find thousands of complains about iPhone.And im not owner of the ASUS. Im using it and i haven't faced any problem yet. That's why i told to buy this phone. ASUS doesn't pay me to tell you about their phone. So, i can't charge me for user's bad reviews.
Mahmudul Hasan Navil (4 years ago)
+Chris Banez Dear Chris, Thanks and congratulations :) i can suggest you some tricks ;) to enhance your battery life. 1st of all, use #LUX , its an apps that control your screen brightness. As zenfone 5 has IPS screen, you don't need to keep your screen brightness more than 4%. You can remain your phone's brightness near to 30% at day time. I swear, it will save your battery for real. 2nd of all, Don't use any battery saver, Anti virus or memory cleaner. cause they remain open at background and sucks all your battery's juice! But without memory cleaner, your phone may be run slow. So, i will suggest Clean_master, also use that built in ram cleaner every time when you unlock your phone. If you are afraid of malware, use CM browser, its life saver for your phone. But dont use battery saver or anti virus. 3rd of all, Use smart flip cover, that contains magnet and uses hall sensor. Don't use smart flip cover apps, cause they uses proximity sensor and it kills battery, damnly kills battery. 4th and last of all, Use deep sleep mode of asus. It helps to use less cpu energy at stand-by. It works for real. If you want to enable that, google about it. There are instructions and review about it in Asus comunity. Play less games... it burns battery most :P Keep using zenfone 5 and be happy with battery life. :)
karan satvase (4 years ago)
please compare gaming  which is better
AAlfa (4 years ago)
which should I buy between the two??..... moto g 2 or asus zenfone 5... please help me...really confused
Entertainment House (4 years ago)
Brother you have compared Every thing but, the difference between the sound quality and the backup, if you could explain them please do, as I would like to purchase the Asus zenfone 5
BAVANI BS (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot Abhishek. Your review helped me a lot. RAM  Asund Camera plus Intel Processor matters. So I will buy Asus Zenfone5. Good news is that, Now 16gb Variant is now available for 9999 in Flipcart. Thank you
Ashutosh Tiwari (3 years ago)
+BAVANI BS Did you buy it? How is battery review ?
Anirudh Hansaria (4 years ago)
Which phone is more preferable in terms of battery backup and both front and rear camera? And which will give me the most value of money??
ASHOK KUMAR (4 years ago)
give the review for iball slide octa a41 tab
VeraciousKP (4 years ago)
I disliked the video man.. Sorry to say this but you would need to do your groundwork more before you actually compare two devices. 
Piyush Agade (4 years ago)
did he just say MOTOLOLA Moto G? haha
ZAFAR IQBAL (4 years ago)
Sir I would like to know which one heat faster and higher
techstyle123 (4 years ago)
I've just bought moto g2 this thing is awsome...better than my Samsung s3
Khairudin Rahman (4 years ago)
how stupid..that not the way to open the zenfon5 packaging. .just open it just like the motorola packaging..LOL
Anand Subramanian (4 years ago)
Sir you don't mention about the RAM comparison else where MotoG got 1 GB and Zenfone has got 2GB
Rounak Roy (4 years ago)
Zenfone's can also be bought from Asus Exclusive Stores. Also the zenfone 5 has a Z2560(1.6Ghz) CPU for the one's shipped to india whereas the One's in china have a Z2580(2.0Ghz) CPU. Please do a good search before reviewing and also please speak a little slowly :)
Arindom Ray Chaudhury (4 years ago)
This pluckrr is Biased towards Moto G .... I have both, and am still still using them. Moto G is way slower than my Asus Zenfone 5... 
Avid Reader (4 years ago)
Pathetic english
Santhosh Venkateswaran (4 years ago)
hey Abishek....   thanks for the comparison....   am able to exchange my phone for 3k in flip kart in order to get Moto G for the same 10k as ASUS zenfone 5... so now money doesn't matter....   but am too confused between these ....  just suggest me the phone for a longer run and for more battery backup ....!
Pornesian Parapio (4 years ago)
I think the brightness is set higher on the Moto G. If you wanted to compare viewing angles, you should have set them both on highest and lowest. It's just quite biased.
Aryan Sharma (4 years ago)
what about the speed??? which is more fast?? plzzz reply +GadgetsToUse 
Debashis Pati (4 years ago)
can u tell me micromax 350 is bettee than zen 5 and moto g2,or htc 816g. can u suggest micromax is durability is good. can u suggest me whichi one is better, 1]moto 2nd gen 2]asus zen 5 16 gb 3]micromax a350 4]htc desire 816 g which one is perfect.
geni shitposts (3 years ago)
+Debashis Pati Desire 816g is better for durabillity and design. Zen 5 is for perfomance, it's x86 which makes it very very fast. Micromax is...okay. Moto G 2nd gen is for best updates, less lag and best price of all.
VeraciousKP (4 years ago)
I am not a reviewer but this is my opinion, Moto G 2nd gen - Has a good reputation in society since many are using it. ASUS Zen 5 - I have ordered it just now.  MMX A350 - My brother using it, performance is good but avg camera and GPS not very great. Also social reputation is bad,  HTC Desire 816 - This is a higher end device, so can't actually compare this with other ones.  IMO go for Moto G2 or Zen 5 if your budget is below 12K or go for desire 816 if u can afford more. Branded phones will be better, avoid micromax, I have used it. 
Soumya Prakash Rath (4 years ago)
Hi, What about the video call options without using skype/viber? Thanks
Chris Mendes (4 years ago)
Dislike, make the both screens on same brightness, not asus to be so dimmed...
Praveen Kumar (4 years ago)
moto  g  2nd   gen   or  asus  is  better   please  send  me   replay
Vikrant Gautam (4 years ago)
kindly comment regardin RAM, shall I be not able to install much more applications with 2GB ram then 1GB ram, as I have 1GB ram tablet with Mediatek processor where I can install only few apps & if I have to install more apps then I have to uninstall the installed ones, Kindly suggest about this RAM feature, whether more RAM means more apps on the device?
geni shitposts (3 years ago)
+Reaper GD RAM is not even close to how performance will be, RAM is Random Access Memory. Without RAM, there will be no memory where the OS will run. RAM is basically the main memory of your computer, phone or tablet.
Zelomara MTB (4 years ago)
I think your problem is the ROM not RAM. RAM tells you how well the performance would be on your phone (or some shit like that), while the ROM is where stuff are generally stored (e.g. OS, apps, other system crap).
Kumar Nitin (4 years ago)
which smartphones are best i.e(Asus Zenfone 5 or Motorola Moto g 2) For gaming
Adil Shahnawaz (4 years ago)
Asus zenfone is best , I am using zenfone 4 and its great
amber agrawal (4 years ago)
zenfone 5 definately support otg
Rahul Jadhav (4 years ago)
You can play MC3,MC4,MC5,N.O.V.A 3,NFC,etc I have tested you just wrong here.
dev samthar (4 years ago)
about battry is any problem ? shealed in phone
dev samthar (4 years ago)
plz tell me  
dev samthar (4 years ago)
some people say that zenfone5 flash is not work right in dark
Anil Yadav (4 years ago)
In plus point u never said anything abt ram and wifi card speed and lots of things u missed kindly study the products carefully
dev samthar (4 years ago)
call quailty  is good which phone?
dev samthar (4 years ago)
can we use both (motoG and Asus zenfone 5) phone 2G sim ?
dev samthar (4 years ago)
sir call qulity  which phone is good? moto G 2nd can we move internal memory to sd card easyly?
dev samthar (4 years ago)
sir i want buy a phone 13000 so which phone is good moto G 2nd vs Zenfone 5 who is best ?
PoL SaBoo (4 years ago)
What about the Ui in these both phone!!
Prathamesh Sawant (4 years ago)
I liked your review,however 2GB Ram comparatively to 1GB is a big markdown on Moto G.The graphic and antutu scores are far better than Moto G..and after all d price.So for 10 grands you get something which can beat d best out of a competitor.Moto G is a nice phone but 13k ..will need to think twice may be more times to invest. anyways Goodjob GadgetsToUse..Will look forward for more videos..keep up the goodwork sir..
Arup Kumar Gupta (4 years ago)
1.Asus Zenfone 5 is able to play heavy games easily (as u said MK4) but it is not the case in moto g 2. better file explorer 3. ASUS has 2Gb RAM whereas Moto G has 1GB ram HENCE MOTO G Vs, ASUS                  4                        6 
Arup Kumar Gupta (4 years ago)
SAR value in asus is 0.7 while in moto g it is 1.42!!!
Prateek Pandey (4 years ago)
Generally your reviews are good but this one was too biased... U directly skipped RAM comparison... Didn't mention expandable memory even once when comparing storage... Didn't tell tht benchmark is nt optimized for hyperthreading... Didn't tell tht Moto G is in league of MI3 and not Asus Zenfone... Didn't tell that the audio on headphones in moto has no enhancement and so it lags behind... There r only two areas where moto g scores is update and loudness of speaker...
Manu M L (4 years ago)
Asus Zenfone 5 has 2 gb RAM when compared to moto g2.. which has only 1 GB.. and Zenfone 5 supports OTG.. and one more thing... MOTO G2 has SAR value of approx. 1.54 ( at head) compared to 0.93 in zenfone 5... 
goodgreatlife (4 years ago)
चूतिया फिरंगियो की भाषा में रिव्यु कर रहा है मादरचोद
Vivek Chandra (4 years ago)
10:02 you said both have fixed focus camera??? I see in spec they say Auto focus.
Anindya Singh (4 years ago)
Ear phone quality of zenfone is better than moto g.
Shantanu Ghodgaonkar (4 years ago)
Thanks for making this video as I was confused between the zenfone 5 and moto g2 now I know what to buy Thanks a lot !  Please make more such detailed videos to help others like me 
Nikhil Sai (4 years ago)
keep same brightness in two phones and upload it
Nikhil Sai (4 years ago)
it is also available in snapdeal and amazon(http://www.snapdeal.com/product/asus-zenfone-5-a501cg-red/915533849#bcrumbSearch:|bcrumbLabelId:175

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