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HOW TO GET LOTS OF DIAMONDS SUPER FAST 💎 👑 // Roblox Royale High School

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❁Make sure to pop that like button ❁ We're back on Royale High School and in today's video I will be showing you some super easy and quick ways to get a lot of diamonds in Royale High School. You may already know some of these tricks but just using a few minutes of your day collecting diamonds can really pay off :) ... ❁ My Roblox Profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/225318874/profile ❁ My Roblox Group:https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=3384229 I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe for more 💕 ∙∙∙ Follow me on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/keisyooo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keisyoo/ Snapchat: kerstinh94 ∙∙∙ Production Music courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com ... HOW TO GET LOTS OF DIAMONDS SUPER FAST 💎 👑 // Roblox Royale High School
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Text Comments (4023)
Lovli (4 months ago)
Shine bright like a ROBLOX diamond 💎 😂
Noush'n'RoRox (1 day ago)
+Kookies 'N' cream i...
Noush'n'RoRox (1 day ago)
Uhh. UR videos R sick FAM 😉 plus lots of people don't have robux soooo... YEAH
Brigid Mc Dowell (4 days ago)
Sugar Kat (6 days ago)
Why you guys mean to her? If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it! GEEZ!
Zoe and Friends (17 days ago)
Marena yaqo yaqo (2 hours ago)
Hi i am a new subscriber
Itzjiselatho (11 hours ago)
how do you move you're camera like she does on Royale high ?
Erika Playz (13 hours ago)
Roses are red violets are blue people liked my comment and so will you!!!
LG070 (14 hours ago)
Oh and there is also a big massive diamond in the English class and it is pink and it gives you 300 diamonds
LG070 (14 hours ago)
There’s also another 20 dollar diamond in that hut
LG070 (14 hours ago)
Hai Keisyo so did you know that theres a free diamond on top of that red light house were they do P.E. Theres a free diamond and it is worth a lot it gives you 20 diamonds
Mahtava Gimli (19 hours ago)
Soonthorn Norach (22 hours ago)
You Wanna Know Who Is The Shiniest Roblox Diamond? Look on da first word ;)
••Mighty•• (1 day ago)
Keisyo your videos are not making sense at all on how to get the f****** gems not at all sorry just being honest
Lolo playz (1 day ago)
There is a diamond above the light house that gave me 20
You got 300 diamonds
Mystic Animates (1 day ago)
to glitch into the wall in the art room is to go in chill then go in first person then turn your angle .Then once you make it you will fall so you have to get ready.Then you fly back up then you can get the gems from the wall.I always do this
Jeffrey Relacion (1 day ago)
what game is that
Master Lay 0w0 (1 day ago)
Bruh it's just 10,000
Magda Milakovic (2 days ago)
1.U can go to the lecture hall and click chill and u will glitch in and u can pick up the diamonds 2.u can also go in the principals office and go to the fireplace and u will see a red jewel and it gives u 20 diamonds
unicorn lover (2 days ago)
i love it
unicorn lover (2 days ago)
there is a different version of royale high that is in earth and in it the is a school dance
Oof Master (2 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue i like keisyo and definitely, so do you <3
princess lilak (2 days ago)
I like u and you need to shine like sun and be kind like a diamond
Jerry III Bañez (3 days ago)
Ok this is just a joke I’m a liker not a hater for all the hater of keisyo Roses are red Violets are blue A face like Yours belong S to the zoo Don’t be worry I’ll be there To but not In the cage But laughing At you 100 dabs later Hehehe tried my best
Sima's World (3 days ago)
I have 52100 cuz there is full of diamonds in the baking place and there is one diamond in the prinpial office and u get 20 diamonds
Z'naria Lee (4 days ago)
I know all the secret places
memecutie Bendicio (4 days ago)
keisyo plsss read this the whole page cause you need to find a yellow glow diamond its bigger than you .find maybe in the pe bell and at the top maybe u see it or not and use the chill thats u see many diamonds in art class cause it helps u glitch and i got many diamonds
Melina Fass (4 days ago)
Green diamond=10 diamonds Red diamond=20 diamonds
della sanchez (4 days ago)
check in the waterfall
dogy lover (4 days ago)
Gurl a fpund a secret place qith dimons: ok go tp the pool and the baking ther is a brice in the brice is a hole you kan youse the hole tow find more dimons, wen you are ther you go tow the grenn box below ther is all the dimonds. O btw you ned tow fly and plz but this in a video thz.😊
Neftali Garcia (4 days ago)
That wasn’t even fast
09265443622 Ash_2018 (4 days ago)
i think you forgot the left tower whot 4 diamonds and the right tower whit 4 diamons
Yuri Styles (4 days ago)
You look so cute
B Diddy (4 days ago)
I have another way. You go into the CLASSIC version of royale high which can be accessed through earth, and during the night, they always have a dance, and at the dance, you can do limbo to earn diamonds! I got over 200 diamonds from doing it! (you only get 25 diamonds at a time though)
Sana Mazhar (4 days ago)
this video was really helpful thanks
Unicorn Games (4 days ago)
Mine mine mine DOMOND like my song
Unicorn Games (4 days ago)
Mine diamond mine diamond mine mine mine
Rhymia Dowe-Sewell (4 days ago)
I love you vid friend me roblox(rhydow)💞
Banana Bear3000 (4 days ago)
You picked up about 1,000 diamonds :)
Gaochee (4 days ago)
This vid doesn’t even work
Brigid Mc Dowell (4 days ago)
How much
Brigid Mc Dowell (4 days ago)
Where heals
Brigid Mc Dowell (4 days ago)
Meg Sway (4 days ago)
I have been saving up for the train skirt in royal high for monthssssss
Brigid Mc Dowell (4 days ago)
It do not work
Savage Unicorn_ Gamer (5 days ago)
Don't mind me I'm just playing with putty (it's kinda addicting)
Gacha Paris (5 days ago)
:( I tried everything I could and I need at least 18,000 diamonds. And I didn’t even get half of that. :(
Sparkle Sisters (5 days ago)
The light house has some
Daisy Mangwayana (5 days ago)
I saw a diamond that's worth 2million! BTW its yellow
Cherry Puff (5 days ago)
Your voice is so cute :3
lila simon (5 days ago)
If you want diamonds go to royale high classic and wait the dance go to dance and do very much limbo Limbo=25diamonds
Pastel Unicorn (5 days ago)
go to the light house on the top and you see a red diamond that give you 20
Epic kawaii cat (5 days ago)
And thanks bec im saving up for the grand balcony bed\the rose dragging skirt
Epic kawaii cat (5 days ago)
I can get outta art class easy by doing the mood chill then full screen, and i use it to glitch outta dorms to 😏😜
Sumit Chopra (6 days ago)
shine as bright like a the most shiniest ROBLOX diamond love ya so much keep up the good work u are my inspiration love u
Bella Moreno (6 days ago)
There’s a second fire place but I don’t see it* Me:HINEY IT IS RIGHT THERE ARE YOU BLIND😂
Katrin Pr (6 days ago)
One time i glitched out in art class and i got those diamonds
Chloe The Unicorn Cat (6 days ago)
To get the diamonds on art class need to chill And move your character forward
mahmood albahrani (6 days ago)
do u onow the water fall at swimming class theres a secret behind it
Exotic Jade - (6 days ago)
It's also really easy to get a ton of diamonds in the art studio. Just go to any window, zoom in, and spam the chill and sleep button. I use this all the time, so I hope this could help other people too^
Dewi Elvia Hakim (7 days ago)
You have a lot of diamonds but i want robux bc i so sad i dot have robux please try me to give me robux!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
debbie lesser (7 days ago)
there is a 20 diamond by the white house
Delaney Bennett (7 days ago)
And you can get the diamonds outside the art classroom by chilling
Delaney Bennett (7 days ago)
Yes it works if you’re wondering not lying
Delaney Bennett (7 days ago)
There’s a diamond in principles office in the fire place it gives you 20 diamonds!! And there’s one on the light house it also gives you 20 diamonds!!💎 (also it’s red)
Delaney Bennett (7 days ago)
Oh ya the red diamond on the light house is on top of it
KAYLAN STEWARD (8 days ago)
Ok here is a tip for y’all the red diamonds cost $20
Hawaii Lover (8 days ago)
You can go to art studio and then go by the window then there is some diamonds GOTTA GLITCH INTO IT
Zeri’s MinMin’s (8 days ago)
*roses are red ,violets are blue, keep talking behind my back,and ima hit u WIT A SHOE*
ciaraleigh Humphreys (8 days ago)
ily keisyo!😘
Avery Lee (9 days ago)
You forgot about the lighthouse ;-;
Almost all the comments are the principal's office fireplace gem that gives you 20 diamonds
izz_cupcakes time (9 days ago)
there is one in th principle office
Charlene Wang (9 days ago)
There is a red diamond that gives you 20 diamonds in the tent on the mountain in front of the castle.
Adriana Peraic (9 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment because noone do
GamingWithKennzie (9 days ago)
You picked up 300 diamonds
jessy rattle (10 days ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, stop strolling throw the comments and watch the dam video
Yea swimming is rigged af
Unicorn Squad (10 days ago)
At the lighthouse there is a diamond that equals 20 diamonds
Terēze T (11 days ago)
A no a sicret how to get 10000000 daimonds but im not gona tel how two to it if tis coment gets 2000 likes den im gana tel you
GTPang (11 days ago)
There Is A Fire Pit In The Principals Office In The Fire Pit There Is A Red Ruby Diamond Witch Is Worth Of 20 Diamonds.
Grace Baek (11 days ago)
There is a 20 DOLLAR diamond in the fire in the principals iPad
B. J. (12 days ago)
It's a dog and cat
Sarah Florimo (12 days ago)
U picked up 10 000 diamond s
Isha Patel (12 days ago)
btw green diamonds r worth 10
Last year I got 1,000 and now I got 2,000 it worked but I want to save my diamonds every time I got disconnected ugh
Gamer Leslie (13 days ago)
Roses are red❤ Violets are blue💙 keyiso is the best and so are you💙💙💙❤❤❤❤
Kalena Delgado (13 days ago)
did you know there are diamond in Art studio
Kalena Delgado (13 days ago)
A's are better than A+
Ellie Smithers (13 days ago)
OMG thank goodness you I got 70000 Diamonds
Lian Layshan (13 days ago)
Same face as me in roblox royal high
Olivia Lowe (14 days ago)
You missed the diamond that gives you 20 in the Tp thing in the forest 🙃
littlekittysam inoue (14 days ago)
I know theres a diamonds in the tent and the Light house Like if you a gree
Emily Lim (15 days ago)
There are diamonds inside of the shall at the pe place
behind the steps to go to pool theres a beach and it has diamonds on some rocks
Lucy Hannah (15 days ago)
Roses are red and violets are blue I’m still por and Mabye you
Lucy Hannah (15 days ago)
Roses are red and violets are blue but I’m still and maybe you
Crystáál QwQ (15 days ago)
It sucks that in the new version of royale high school (what she played in the video) there is no prom! So no limbo and prom queen and king, which sucks cuz I get a lot of diamonds from the prom limbo and if I get to be kind or queen :( I rlly want the prom to be added in the new version too :(
itz_haifa (16 days ago)
You can also go to the principle's office , there is a red diomand in the fireplace and it costs 20 diomands
Wolfie Angel (16 days ago)
I have 3 million+ diamonds. If you want proof... Just reply.
Thank you Keisyo❤️
Lily/Erica White (16 days ago)
U can fly instead
K Bunnies (16 days ago)
I love your intro is super super cute !!!!
Kylee Dunn (16 days ago)
In the pool by the shells there is grass and there’s a diamond in it
yayaisdabest 4 (16 days ago)
The bright red diamonds are worth 20 and the bright green diamonds are worth 10

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