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Asus Zenfone Max Screen Scratch Test Gorilla Glass 4

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The Smartphone screen Protections on Gorilla Glass 4.
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Text Comments (942)
Pahi Saikia (7 days ago)
Zc550kl me gorilla glass hain kya
Josna Johny (29 days ago)
Glass is super
Bhavesh Karn (1 month ago)
This phone isn't having any gorilla glass protection yet 😒
Dương Lê Hải (1 month ago)
I am using that phone in 2018 -_-
tips bangla BD (1 month ago)
Nyc brothers mera phone asus
ҡıм (2 months ago)
Não amigo, não é assim que se usa. Tente arrastar o dedo na tela, vai ver que funciona!
Rifat Aryaputra (2 months ago)
Dasar lu kasar
Kundan Kumar Sahani (2 months ago)
you are wrong
Chandan Kumar (2 months ago)
fake video
Lip4anin 48 (2 months ago)
Ridhun Murali (2 months ago)
My zenfone max dropped from a height of 2 meters...hitting the screen on the floor....even a single scratch was not on the screen...but the display got ruined...showing some greenish shade... Premium screen quality..
Ramesh Bakotra (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching
Oh Its Like I Felt The Pain Bro
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
कुता कैसा वीडियो बनता है ओभी फेक
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
मादर चोद
Amazias Pereira (3 months ago)
pior é com tudo isso o celular cai de tela no chão e trinca todinho.
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Mera 10, 000 rupay ritankar
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Tere Chalte Mere Khoon Pasina ki kamai 10, 000 rupay ka phone kharab ho gaya
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Teri maa chodu ab acche se video banana fake mat banana
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Mera 10, 000 rupay Wapas kar Warna Teri maachod dunga
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Mere Khoon Pasina ki kamai Thi madarchod
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Free mein aata hai kya 10, 000 rupay
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Fake video banane mein Mader chhod Maja aata he
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Teri maa Chodu banana hai toh achha video gana Hona Aap Ne Di Sada mat banana video
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Tere ko madarchod kuch aur video banane Ko Nahi Milta agni-i chudane Ke Liye Sab Dua Hai Kabhi
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Tumhare video Ke Chalte mera phone kharab ho gaya tumhari maa chodu
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Tere tayi Sada Mera 10, 000 rupay Wapas kar
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Teri Khandan ki madarchod laude ke baal achha video gana
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Tumhari maa chodo banana hai toh acchi video gana
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Tumhare fek video ke chalte mera 10000₹ ka phone kharab ho gya
Pramod Rajwade (3 months ago)
Mader chhod kuchh aaor video bnane nai mila
Amit Lattimarde (3 months ago)
This mobile got broken just In one fall...
tera bhai (3 months ago)
the wost glass Nd it is totaly fake
Nico Dela Cruz (3 months ago)
My asus zenfone max has no SIGNAL when I inserting A sim...Can one Fix My problem
Bala Majo (3 months ago)
But my zenfone max display is broken. ..
Real Tricks Ik (3 months ago)
Is phone me OTG support h..?
power of rajput (3 months ago)
kind maker sa ya vedio banya ha sala fake vedio
MIDHUN A V (3 months ago)
simi s (3 months ago)
shijith kj (4 months ago)
Just drop down from 50 CM height..It will break....All beats are adjustment beats....never believe....
Иван Коцко (4 months ago)
Ёбни молотком по низу либо возми перфоратор и узнаешь что экрану пздц
Adhun Shammy (4 months ago)
I just broke mine Stop lying
EGORN (4 months ago)
Ну нихуя
vilas tiple (4 months ago)
मेरा वाला तो टूट गया ।
Gabriel e Miguel gamer (4 months ago)
Eu não que minda não fica quebrando filha da pu#*
Gabriel e Miguel gamer (4 months ago)
Vou até se escreve
Gabriel e Miguel gamer (4 months ago)
Brincando e muito nassa
Nik Yabo (4 months ago)
Turn off the damn screen.
Fabio Giorgio (5 months ago)
Ma di che cazzo è fatto?
Janpaul Bustillo (5 months ago)
I can't watch this anymore!!! Aahhhh!!
SBCJ Productions (5 months ago)
This Video Showz How To Torture Asus Zenfone 3 Max Xd
KRISHNA N (5 months ago)
Is the Asus zenfone max pro m1 display 2.5D is secure like gorilla glass or gets damage easily
Subhomoy Sj (5 months ago)
Bahi ak asus zenofore max pro m1 ke upar
top 10 { T 10 } (5 months ago)
Suman Boro (5 months ago)
ketan agrawal (5 months ago)
Its fake because I have Asus ZenFone max it has broken when that drop height of 2meters
Sharp edge kill this glass
Sarthak Dwivedi (5 months ago)
Make video on asus zenfone max pro m1
Aditya Singh (5 months ago)
sir what can I do for my problem. my touch screen of asus not working at some places
Shekhar Nandi (5 months ago)
Asus zenphone max pro m1 ka glass test kar do..
Zimidar Jatt (5 months ago)
Sir plzz make video on m1 pro of asus screen test plzz
Zimidar Jatt (5 months ago)
Sir plzz make video on m1 pro of asus screen test plzz
Zimidar Jatt (5 months ago)
Sir plzz make video on m1 pro of asus screen test plzz
Игруха (5 months ago)
Прикольно у меня тоже асус
pk presents (6 months ago)
Abe tere hath kyu kaap rahe h Girl friend ka h kya...😂😂😂
Amirtha Santhosh (6 months ago)
Best phone if u are playing flappy bird
GamingWithEnrique:D (6 months ago)
Guau entonces mi telefono es algo resistente!!!
Drive Mee 2 Life (6 months ago)
Oh please No no no! How many times you hurt that phone my heart gets hurt as well. Please love this like your gf. 😙
10હજાર ની મા ચૉદુ ના ખી આવીડી યૉ ફેકુ છે ટચ ગઈ મારી
no no no judh tiri vajasey mera 9999 gaya tach
mera m.tuta 1suisey
Ak k (6 months ago)
Actually, asus LCD display/folder is Worse than other
amith Nair (6 months ago)
Fake video ...
Ryuzaki I (6 months ago)
Idk if this is a scratch test or hammer test lol
joker lay (7 months ago)
verry good
Zuhri Fadil (7 months ago)
OtakU _Trafiic (7 months ago)
Esse Cu De Bosta Tem QUE Na Cabeça, Tem Merda E?
Muhammad 4training (7 months ago)
Can i slice potatos on it?
Rizalianmi Tambunan (7 months ago)
I think is not real live
ᴅɪᴇ ʙʀᴜᴛᴀʟ (7 months ago)
The cellphone got raped...
SETHURAJ PK (7 months ago)
This video is absolutely wrong b'ze iam also using the same smart phone (ASUS Zen fone max)and its glass already broken with a small shock.
Mateus Grossl (8 months ago)
Traga pra min que eu te mostro como quebra
Jinu Pj (8 months ago)
iank muin (8 months ago)
Gooo Hajaj (8 months ago)
This phone for playing flappybird
Nirmal kumar (8 months ago)
its reALLY appreciating
Eren Yeager (8 months ago)
I Have Zenfone Go
ichigo (8 months ago)
Just give me the phone instead
Khairysr (8 months ago)
Mendingan hp ny buat gw
А молотком слабо.
Izzat stata (9 months ago)
wong edan
Gerald MirandaTv (9 months ago)
,why my zenmax glass shattered when my son tap it using his robot tools
Аж сердечко кровью обливается
Francis Colney (9 months ago)
wou....its really so so great... i feel proud of my asus zenfone max z010d now!!
Brijbhushan Singh (9 months ago)
Video edited.sound enhanced. First keep on surface and do
Mirza Tabish (9 months ago)
Daniele Arcieri (9 months ago)
Se appoggialo sul tavolo e riprova
Nikolay 2005 (9 months ago)
Я что одинешенек российский что ли?
Suhrob Hodzhahonov (9 months ago)
Сука я бы тебя этак по башке отдал бы мазахист однако крутой обозрение
Sentilong Jamir (9 months ago)
fake mine didn't survive
Nikhil Prajapati (9 months ago)
Nikhil Prajapati (9 months ago)
Nikhil Prajapati (9 months ago)

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