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Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)

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Does legendary marketer work? My number one recommendation here: http://6figuresormore.com I had a comment below my video asking “ is this company working for anyone else besides Jay Brown” well in this video I'm going to answer that question for everyone who's watching because I get this accent quite often. Legendary marketer scam? No legendary marketer is far from being a scam, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of members making a income from this program. Results don't lie. Legendary marketer Review go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDdA2jFt21g Click here if you want to be a part of our team: http://6figuresormore.com
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Text Comments (90)
Clara Escalante (1 month ago)
Hi! Just joined today through your link.
EIStudent (2 months ago)
Hey Jay is this still a viable income method (Legendary Marketer)?
Wasanthe D (5 months ago)
Oct 15th . have I to pay before all ? how much?
Music Lover (5 months ago)
I'm so gonna do this! Thanks for posting the video!
Swizzle Stick (5 months ago)
Are you making commissions on the up sale or are you marketing other tangible products?
Fatboy's Hotwheels (6 months ago)
I’m tired of working a 9-5 I still want to work but like jay said I wanna put in 3+ hours extra to make more money to start my own business
Rosie Alcorn (6 months ago)
Jay I plan to join at $30 Level here shortly to learn more about Affiliate Legendary Marketer....
Hey there Big Jay! Dude you are an incredible inspiration and I just joined Legendary Marketer through your link and I can hardly wait to upgrade to the highest level as soon as possible... I will gladly put in the time and hard work, and I hope with your help with all these fantastic vids, I will get there! You Rock Big Jay!
Eternalistè (9 months ago)
I also was just wondering, does this program work for other people outside the US? like for example if I'm in the UK
Jay Brown (9 months ago)
Yes it does
Conversing with Kendra (10 months ago)
I have a question. Once you pay the thirty dollars is there an additional cost to "upgrade" the course? Everyone seems to dance around if there is an additional cost to the leader and builder courses. I want to join and I just want to make sure that I do not need an additional thousand dollars to really make money.
jennifer ejims (9 months ago)
Jay Brown I heard on a review today on legendary marketers,that U won't make money until you pay for an upgrade after paying d 30$
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
You are very welcome!
Conversing with Kendra (10 months ago)
Jay Brown OK. I'm willing to give it a shot. You have to start somewhere. Thanks for the videos. I'm about to get my at home business running again and you have been a great resource. Thanks for the information!
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
Yes there are other cost, but completely optional.. You will make more money and get more training at the high product levels, but you can always start low and work your way up, people do it all the time
Connie A (10 months ago)
can you start at $30 month to join and upgrade to the other levels at any time or do you have to do it within a time frame?
רן (10 months ago)
Hi, I’m interesting, can you send me a message in private?
feliciamk10 (10 months ago)
Would I have to do You Tube videos to promote Legendary Marketer products? What methods are used to market the products?
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
That's up to you
AS (11 months ago)
what's the difference between this and MLM pyramid marketing schemes? All of the videos on Legendary Marketer are fishy. No one seems to be able to explain in detail what all of this is about. What are the products that you're promoting. It seems like the only way people make money are from people joining. IT SEEMS LIKE THE PRODUCTS ARE THE PEOPLE. This is quite disappointing. I thought you were legitimate.
Ging Gia (2 months ago)
EXACTLY, Can anyone in this please explain WHAT YOU SELL ??
Enerel Bold (3 months ago)
Exactly, the membership is the product that they are selling
Sean Zimmerman (7 months ago)
Thats what I have always been thinking
Joe B (9 months ago)
AS drama queen
Williams John (11 months ago)
Can we do this business from south afric
Jay Brown (11 months ago)
Salman Salu (11 months ago)
Pls send you FB id
Saleem swag (11 months ago)
plz make a video like textbroker but its not worldwide plz do something beckz i need to earn money by typing plz plz plz
Pansy O'Connor (11 months ago)
Can I join if I live in Jamaica
Haniya Mohideen (11 months ago)
Hi Jay. Is this working for Sri Lanka? Can I join?
Volanka peiris (10 months ago)
thats what i wanna know is it working here?
J J (11 months ago)
Can I join this program at 16?
Mightybox (2 months ago)
i think only when you reach to get your own credit card.
aDm (1 year ago)
how does it feel to be #1 bruh
Toyia Henery (1 year ago)
Hi Jay, I just purchased.. what do I do next?
steve mothy (11 months ago)
Make between 2500 to 5000 ($/£/€) within an hour through Western union, money gram or paypal hack transfer, it is very safe and secure without no traces, contact Steve via email: [email protected] with 100% assurance and guarantee.
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Welcome to the team! follow the training steps in the back office then contact your coach
Jasmine Copé-Chisolm (1 year ago)
Thank you
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
You're welcome
Narkisho Nyonje (1 year ago)
Would like to join what are the steps to join and better promotion methods, does it work with solo ads
Narkisho Nyonje (1 year ago)
I have already joined Legendary under you as a paid member. Do you have a Facebook group for this
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Steve Ligon (1 year ago)
When people show the sales , I think that is great, but what is your ad spend , and your average profit ? :-)
Takoia Goodson (1 year ago)
I want to join but I have a ? Do you have to have a Facebook or Instagram to make money through the company? Also if I don’t make money within my first 30 days will I be able to get my $30 back?
Jelbert Masalansan (4 months ago)
It sounds great sir, May be some day i will joint your group as soon as i have money to invest.
Cerron Pritchett (7 months ago)
Well said with that thinking there would be no need to join any business!
Steve Ligon (1 year ago)
If you are going in with that thought in mind, then you are setting yourself up for failure. If you go through videos on youtube , and study people who have become successful , many will tell you that they had to overcome obstacles on their way to success, and it often took more than a month...
Christine Cierra (1 year ago)
I've recently just joined a few days ago through you. I am beyond excited to begin this journey. Thanks so much for posting these videos!
T Rafael (9 months ago)
Christine Cierra it’s been a few months how are things going for you?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching and welcome to the team!
Anton Villarina (1 year ago)
Can anyone do this in any country? tnx.
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Lakitty Williams (1 year ago)
Hey I'm trying to join with u
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Follow the link below the video
omorphos Inch (1 year ago)
Hay Jay I will like to know does legendary marketer only works if you are in the USA or is it world wide?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Abbas Ahamad (1 year ago)
Thanks chanal enjoy happy...
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Karagi Saul (1 year ago)
Is this global?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
howard thomasbey (1 year ago)
I need you to help me find a Skype group page so I can do my 2nd stage of 15 training course?
rocky bowens (1 year ago)
hi the video is great but, i am not getting it to work for me, one because i am not from the usa, i am from the Caribbean, so how can it work for me?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Yes... LM is worldwide
BigCountry (1 year ago)
Can I join this program at 19
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Yes you can
George Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Can I do it from my iPhone
George Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Jay Brown ok imma start Imma take ur word bro! Give it a chance plus 30$ ant gonna Brake me 😂
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Yes it's possible bro... I had crazy hours at my job as well but I made it work.. when I got off from work I worked the online biz for 1 to 3 hrs a day then was able to quit depends on how bad you want it.
George Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Jay Brown ok look I work 10:30 pm to 7:30am is it even possible for me todo this bro I sleep from like 9-6pm I know it’s confusing ash! But it’s what I have todo to pay these bills and rent
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Yes, although I recommend getting a computer once you make enough money using your phone. many members use their phone or tablet when they first start.
Mitekia Bonner (1 year ago)
George Rodriguez I want to know also
CHINA WHITE (1 year ago)
Thanks do U have a Mentor program
Steve Ligon (1 year ago)
They have coaches on board ...
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Not yet
Damon Wright (1 year ago)
Is the training free once I join?
Steve Ligon (1 year ago)
Yes , for the level that you joined. More advanced training comes with the higher ticket levels .
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
This is what you're paying for "training" to become an affiliate marketer
Anime Factory (1 year ago)
Thanks for the explanation
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
You're welcome thanks for watching!
Raymond (1 year ago)
good stuff Jay
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Thanks bro
Empreneur (1 year ago)
Hi Jay Legendary Fam! Great Video! Thank You for Sharing, and Congratulations You really deserved It.
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Thank you for that comment
Pheaon Prince Jr. (1 year ago)
I've never done affiliate marketing until about a month ago and I'm ALREADY getting results! Of course not as much as the Master Jay, haha but the point is, it works! As long as you put in the hard work and dedication and take action YOU will be successful!
Jessica Manigat (3 months ago)
What company are you working with?
T Rafael (9 months ago)
Pheaon Prince Jr. it been a few months how are things going for you?
Anime Factory (1 year ago)
About how much do you make every month?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
I will email you Kris

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