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iOS 12.1 Beta 3 - LTE Fix, Charge Gate Fix, And More!

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Short list of changes. But much needed fixes! 12.1 Beta 3 also contains the fixes seen in iOS 12.0.1! Shop Amazon http://amzn.to/2CZp1EG (Link Supports Channel At No Extra Cost To You) Visit Us at Techoutofficial.com! Follow Us On Twiiter @Techoutofficial Follow Us On Instagram @Techoutofficial Add Us On Snapchat @Techoutofficial
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Text Comments (16)
Dave Eastwood (1 month ago)
My LTE is permanently Switch to OFF no option to switch to on in settings anymore I’ve been on 3G since updating to this Beta . I’ve tried everything from restarting to taking off SIM card and re entering sim
Alrock (1 month ago)
So the LTE issue is fixed?
Alrock (1 month ago)
Awesome! Thanks !
TechOut (1 month ago)
Yes I haven't had any issues
The Trump Parody Guy (1 month ago)
Do you know how to fix the SMS issue? I cannot text a non iPhone user
TechOut (1 month ago)
Never had that issue. Have you tried doing a full reset?
The Trump Parody Guy (1 month ago)
TechOut a lot of people are experiencing this issue. So a person who doesn’t have an iPhone I can’t text. Message is undeliverable
TechOut (1 month ago)
The only other thing you can go to would be a beta. What do you mean you can't send SMS though? I've never heard of that being an issue
The Trump Parody Guy (1 month ago)
TechOut you’re lucky. This is awful. I’m on 12.0.1 on iPhone 8 Plus. Is there a way I can update to a different version? I’m really screwed with this
TechOut (1 month ago)
Haven't had any SMS issues
Nughman Dar (1 month ago)
Have they finally fixed WiFi & charging issue yet?? Apple is so expensive they letting the customers down with faulty devices! Ppl will end up switching to Android!☹️😩
Bill Bai (1 month ago)
With 12.1 beta 3 my iPhone X has become very unresponsive is that just me?
TechOut (1 month ago)
Just you
Ismael Sierra (1 month ago)
I couldn’t even watch this vid my self cause Of iOS 12.1 beta 3
Gregory Albert (2 months ago)
The charging and a few others were fixed in the first beta of 12.1, Apple added into a small patch in the meantime as 12.1 isn’t coming soon. The one fix I hear about (the iPad keyboard issue) is not changed with beta 3 but it is changed in 12.0.1 so it seems Apple didn’t include all of the 12.0.1 bug fixes in beta 3.
TechOut (2 months ago)
There where still some issues with charging the public release for the fix was 12.0.1 which came after beta 2 all the stuff in 12.0.1 is in beta 3

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