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The BEST Ways To Earn MONEY - Kingdom Come Deliverance

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sharkie12354 (2 days ago)
Got 144k gr from looting houses / shops and killing bandits/cumans
Trevor Slinkard (8 days ago)
If one wants to stay the noble route, play chump over and over with the max bet. It’s sort of fun and really sharpens archery skill.
Troublesome '96 (18 days ago)
people do not watch these videos and experiance and figure out the game yo selves
funnyblog100 (25 days ago)
I just literally walked in somewhere stole all the shit that was not locked up so I didn't even bother having to pick a lock and sold it to the miller after walking back to the house. Funniest thing I did was steal a merchants gold and then use his own gold to buy his wares with him completely oblivious to this. XD
Dustin Powell (30 days ago)
Also, the apothecary in rattay likes you a lot, and will purchase meat from you, and most anything else. If you pay him back, he likes you a lot, and ive been able to haggle more out of him than any other merchant thus far. He also has a fair bit of coin to start.
Dustin Powell (30 days ago)
Hunting game during the day, and bandits/cuman at night has worked well enough for me. I dont see any need for having 50k+ in the game. Ive never had more than 6k on me at a time, and i have no problems. However i do plan to stack 10k~ to get a top tier horse soon.
Jay M (1 month ago)
Become sir divish’s master hunter then it’s not classed as poached meat
green house (1 month ago)
stealing? do you have no honor? is this what a really good christian does?
Fate Breaker (1 month ago)
Is your thumbnail a lie? Where in the fuck is that armor in your thumbnail?
Angela Foster (1 month ago)
I found that the hunter in Rattay bought my stolen meat.
MajorLeague Aussie (1 month ago)
Wait, what if no one sees me take out or kill guards dose my rep still go down?
Prevenge IX (1 month ago)
If you fast travel there is knights on the side of the road. You don't even have to fight them. Just go behind them and K them. They carry gear worth many ducats...errr groshen.
That Fuken Gypsy (1 month ago)
Are there any ways to make honest money? Like working in the mines or shoveling shit?
Nocure92 (2 months ago)
Guys, do this in a town where you don't care about your reputation, so do it in a town where you don't care about your reputation. Use this anywhere you don't care about your reputation. WTF man? You said the exact same thing 3 times in a row.
*() (2 months ago)
Talmberg is the best way to make money. Spend a few hours stealth killing guards. Also super fun.
Chunky Monky (2 months ago)
Reputation is never a problem for me, cause I never get caught. Stole over 100k worth of items from the stores in Rattay.
Erik Red (2 months ago)
There is a easy way you go to the sword store in rattay wait until about 18 he leaves and you can steal everything i did that two or three times and i had over 310k
Braeden Tiemann (3 months ago)
I just want everyone to know i just saw the weirdest panda express advertisement
Daniel Ortner (3 months ago)
Step one, sell everything...
Irfan Ahmed (3 months ago)
Playing with Patch 1.6.2, I have the Stealth Kill perk and Stealth level 5. I also have a dagger in the inventory. I still can stealth kill a guard. I can sneak up behind him and initiate the kill but he counters that and starts a fist fight with me.
Irfan Ahmed (3 months ago)
Ok, just stealth-killed a guard in Rattay. Previously I was trying to do it to one of the guards guarding the Neuhoff stables.
Yorgarazgreece (3 months ago)
I thought hunting was the best method and then i discovered alchemy. I can literally make about 25k per day and here's my method: For beginners: get alchemy to lvl 13 and unlock snakes oil salesman, routine i and routine ii to get to level 13, the best way is to craft the marigold potion. you'll find just about everywhere marigolds and nettles. Once you reach lvl 10 and unlock routine I, don't start autobrewing, since it doesn't rewards you with xp as much as manual brewing. It is important that you keep leveling until you reach lvl 13. Once you do the above, you essentially meet all requirements for the business. Now, I haven't got into the different potions and what they do, but i've put alot of search to find the most efficient one. And that is, the lazarus potion. Get the recipe book from the apothecary of rattay and learn it. The recipe requires 2 comfrey plants and 1 valerian. Comfrey can be found near lakes and rivers. Valerian is a very common flower. My herbalism goto location is the south side of the river of ledechko starting from the village, heading east, until you find a river that goes south to vranik. I usually collect about 350+ comfreys and 100 valerians. Once you get that amount go back to rattay and behind the rathaus there's an alchemy bench. Start autobrewing the lazarus potion. You'll make about 500 lazarus potions in the end. I sell those to the butcher trader, you can choose to sell them wherever you like. The first time you do this, it will be troublesome since traders won't have much wealth. The more you trade with them, the wealthier they become the next day. I specifically sell to the butcher trader woman because i've had some trading bussiness in the past with poached boars and cooked deers. Now her daily wealth is 21k, and karl right next to her has another 5k. Doing this 3 times, i was able to pay off all buildings of pribyslavitz and all their upgrades.
Robin H (3 months ago)
There is another miller that you can fence stolen items through, and that is Miller Simon in Sasau. He is located almost due east of the Monastery on the far river shore.
Wojciech Puppel (3 months ago)
My reputation goes down even when I kill guards at night in stealth mode? How come they know it was me? This is stupid. This game has the same stupid NPC as Skyrim. I was robbing a guard on a balcony and a guard below me was saying Who goes there, what? Is someone there? hahahahaha
ILO THOMAS (4 months ago)
I found the best way is to not take part in major battles just take all the loot off the body’s instead
SilvaSnowWolf (4 months ago)
This video is insanely helpful and I needed something like this to help pay for the new DLC stuff so thank you! Dropping a sub
Scott Holt (4 months ago)
I have only come on this vid to help hat the time of this comment I have around 350k and I am typingbto tell people all u need to do is work on ur lockpicking
Roebuck Payne (4 months ago)
Just fast travel long distances and watch battles. Finish off whoever wins, loot everybody, sell it to armor and weapon smiths
Jonathan Spears (4 months ago)
I like knocking out guards then stealing all their stuff then watching them walking around later with just undergarments.
Eastern europe (4 months ago)
wealth simple ads
Ezra Kemp (4 months ago)
Wanna make more money then you need level up lockpicking and sneaking thats all you need.
Pillock (4 months ago)
I normally find a spot where roadside attacks spawn, and grind that, not only do you get the loot but also XP in combat. Also I repair the weapons on the grindstone before selling, it gets you a couple of extra coins, but mostly to level up maintenance.
Lucas Miranda (4 months ago)
Hunting pays off specially with all the side quests for it, everytown there is 1 or 2 hunting quest givers. Bandit and Cuman killing pays off better because of the bounty you get for Ears and Leader items.
Jiří Dušek (6 months ago)
I dont need guide to earn money I need guide to spend money. I have only 8K and I ran out of thinks to buy.
legaliseme (6 months ago)
im at like about 11k groshen now but basically i never felt the need for money beyond buying a horse which i got Al-Buraq for 2000 groshen. the game was great because of shit like when i fought those 2 guys hunting Ginger, maybe 30 times until i finally figured out their behaviour and started pushing the knight into the archer, wearing no armour but a padded jacket with the sword of the skalitz bailiff, after that fight take the loot to the blacksmith and your on your way to jumping into bandit/cuman fights and grabbing the gloves and boots if your short for cash haha
Vlad M. (7 months ago)
Cooked food increases in value. Also Miller's pay more for items then traders in towns
Vlad M. (7 months ago)
Also in Talmberg and in Rattay there is armory towers where you can stay endless supply of weapons. Sometimes, game can generate certain weapon in hundreds at value of 200-400 groshens. My current budget is over 2000000000.
edi (7 months ago)
How do you shoot boars and stags? They never stay still like rabbits. It's way easier to kill an entire Cuman squad as a noob than hitting even once a boar...
edi (7 months ago)
I discovered another easy way: horse archery It can be done as beginners more or less and doesn't harm your reputation. Preparation: 1) complete the archer and hunting quest 2) level up archery by poaching to get the first better bow and the accuracy to use it against Cumans; as an added bonus you get better at hunting and sell food and fur (and probably plants) 3) get the horse and quality arrows (my bow draw-weight is still 1/2 of that of my enemies, thus a good arrow is mandatory) Actual procedure: 4) sneak up to a Cuman camp and shoot the archer; best shoot one guard in the knee 5) run back and mount your horse 6) charge though your enemies and get enough distance that you can take aim 7) shoot a Cuman and charge through the enemies again... Further hints: Be aware of clipping: Use it as an advantage to keep Cumans from following you, and be careful that your horse doesn't get stuck... keep the weight of your armour down: a gambesson and helmet should suffice; if you can take a brigandine (Cumans have scale-version, but they are still pretty decent) Light armour helps carrying more and makes you faster than your enemy. Target archers first as they are the only ones that can realistically hit you. Crippling soldiers by shooting arms and legs helps a lot too. A bigger saddle bag and the two mule perks help carrying the loot. Dress up well; wash yourself and use the flower perk to get better prices. Just don't haggle too hard, or your reputation drops. Repair your stuff yourself before it gets too broken for you to fix
Jack Frost (7 months ago)
Get the trainer period to this fucked up game !
daddyleon (7 months ago)
Millers have a lot of coins?? I see them only having 500, not more. One trip might get me like 6000 coins worth of stolen gear with basically no-one to sell it to.What am I doing wrong??
seanfall (7 months ago)
Why does every money making guide for this game start with mass murder?
Yonnatan bar (3 months ago)
Hey , What works in life , works in Gaming
Trol Z (7 months ago)
you can always kill the guard from the armor smith when hes slepping
Theguyunderyourbed (7 months ago)
So what's the deal with reputation? How does it work exactly? I'm a few hours into the game and I'm going for a thief/stealth build cause that's what I do in most RPGs but I don't want my reputation to suffer. I have not stolen anything yet but I was planning on stealing the shops in Rattay. It was my understanding that if I go in and swipe everything and leave undetected there will be no penalty to my rep. Or will they just automatically know? Or does your rep plummet because you go to their homes and knock them unconscious so technically they've seen you. How does it work?
GitsU (7 months ago)
The best way if you don't have stealth five is to go to the rattay archery range and make as many contest as possible that you can win, u could do it for hours
chris hoskins (7 months ago)
Where is that at 3:42 you found the duelist sword hard to find I’ve looked for hours
BellowD Gaming (8 months ago)
I’m killing everyone and looting since this game is making me rage so much lol
Tomáš (8 months ago)
My millers don‘t have money
Zeba 055a (8 months ago)
The best way to earn money is to kill Shit and sell the loot. Saved yall 9 minutes of your life
HoboTango (8 months ago)
4"09 " does not rely on you being a criminal....hunting" Im sorry, but hunting is poaching, and its illegal. So yes, you are still a criminal.
cagdas güven (8 months ago)
1.train your lockpicking skill 2.wait untill everyone sleeps 3.empty all chests 4. travel another location 5.repeat 3 and 4 untill your conscience stop you. 6.... 7.profit.
cagdas güven (8 months ago)
Just lockpick every chest that your stats allows :)))
Serhat Tuğrul GERGİN (8 months ago)
Guys you can do the main quest until it leads you to Bernard and then he gives you side quests of bandit camps. At first few camps there are just shitty armored bandits but as you proceed, you get to fight with super hard armored ones and you get the best armor in the game from those guys. Armour merch in rattay mostly doesn't sell that good armor compared to what you get from the bandits !
HurriShane00 (8 months ago)
Guard he kills at 1:20 he didn't even take the guys money haha
HurriShane00 (8 months ago)
I'm stuck in a kingdom Come Deliverance vortex. This is my 5th KCD video in a row here..lol I subbed too
Lasse C. Larsen (8 months ago)
why break the game, to grind ? thats not the game I bought. Have fun playing. :)
norman Theiss (8 months ago)
Doing Ruin/Raider activity is pretty lucrative too. Great video thanks
- (8 months ago)
Get the keys to the rattay armory, get to level 15 lock picking or use a padfoot potion, open the very hard door, open all 4 very hard chests/wardrobes, wait a week, rinse and repeat until you get to 1000ish carry weight and store your items or sell them to Miller peshek.
JHNielson4851 (8 months ago)
Make sure you sell stolen goods separately from other goods. As the stolen goods will be at a lower price and if any non-stolen goods are mixed in they also go at a lower price.
Reinhard Or Die Trying (8 months ago)
Is there a need to have lots of money later on in the game? I have recently killed runt and I have about 5k in money along with shit tonnes of treasure loot which I am just waiting for npc trader banks to refresh.
spets21 (8 months ago)
Farcry 5 when it comes out late march
Vesta (8 months ago)
jean charest (8 months ago)
why does it ruin your reputation if you don't get spotted? I thought this game was supposed to be realistic...
Chad Bentley (8 months ago)
Easy way, put a small piece of playdough on the TV where the cross hair is at, go to the archery range and compete with two others on master, place your playdough cross hair above the bullseye, pull the arrow all the way back, and release above the bull's-eye. Super easy and lots is coin.
Eric Kastell (8 months ago)
What armor / gambeson is he wearing in the thumbnail? looks pretty good..
Uncle Shifty (8 months ago)
I find prolonging the first spy mission when scouting the bandit fortress kite out a few bandits and Cumans then kill them fill up your horse and repeat also great way to level up your character. The bandits will respawn too like guards. It's a safer way to do your first option but not loose reputation.
Frog - Tech - Tips (8 months ago)
Some good tips here :-)
BigNick (8 months ago)
Instead of killing guards, patrol the forests and kill cumans. They have pretty expensive equipment. Most do anyway. And ur reputation skyrockets up.
Lukáš Nejezchleb (8 months ago)
if it helps, if you level up alchemy, you can collect flowers and brew potions (e.g. Vitality) I can get up to 30k/hour.
Mark Arroyo (8 months ago)
Doing the Bandit camp quests in Rattay, Talmberg and Sasau is a great way to earn gold. After you kill the bandits at each camp you have to grab their ears, and the leaders of each camp have their own special proof like spurs. When you return to the town to tell how you killed off the bandit camps, only prove that you killed the bandit leader, do NOT turn in any ears until you get to the quests in Sasau. The reason is because Sebastian pays you 625 groschen per ear, not including Cuman Ears. Along with selling all the expensive bandit gear and weapons, this is another way to add even more money to your pocket. To make this easier, invest in a better saddle for your horse (Gotta carry as much bandit gear as possible lol) and also once youve leveled up the sword skill you can learn Master Strikes from Berand in Rattay. This helps when youre fighting the bandits in Sasau Woods and around Skalitz.
chris kid (8 months ago)
My best way of earning money is pillaging bandit camps, I usually get 1k gold per camp, and it takes me about 5minutes to take them out. I'm like level 10 and have 18k gold...
Theodisker (8 months ago)
I have a problem hear. I stole about 10 of the best armour in the game from guards, but cant sell to peschek or the other millers, because they don't get more money after i sold them out.Did they patch the system?
Leto85 (8 months ago)
Can you invest in stores and other buildings to get yourself a steady income in this game?
Linda Kelly (8 months ago)
you could steal the weapons from the weaponsmith and sell to peshek for how much he has and then go back to the weaponsmith and steal again after 6 to 8 days and then peshek will have more money to buy your weapons at full price
1986tessie (8 months ago)
Lockpicking ftw. master thief says it is also vf.
adam (8 months ago)
if you really wanna sell anything to someone, go back to the same blacksmith time and time again. They seem to accrue coin the more you sell to them and i have gotten one black smith in sassau up to 10k and the armorer there and in rattay into the 20k's
Brandon Burt (8 months ago)
Keep up the kingdom come videos!
Upper Echelon Gamers (8 months ago)
There isnt all that much more for me to cover, it was a great spree of helpful content I think but thats about it.
DarkWorm Reaper (8 months ago)
I think you just gave me a good idea... I'll let you know what I find!
steven jones (8 months ago)
I got rich doing the ruin quests, you have to hunt down bandits, but when u go to sasar you get loads of money for each ear and finishing the quest
julzhickman (8 months ago)
best way is to kill bandits take their shit and sell it
Definitive Gaming (8 months ago)
Miller pehek doesn’t even talk to me, he just keeps on talking about pickpocketing
cappel (8 months ago)
For people watching this - there's a boar hunting spot just north of Neuhof, you can sell and cook the meat at the nearby horse merchant. If you get a spawn with 4 boars, you can quickly kill them, cook the meat at the horse merchant and sell it to her. It nets you around 4k groschen every run. At first you might have to sell all the meat to her and just take all the money she has, and then give her the rest of the meat for free. It seems like you just invest in her, and she will resell the meat or something - she quickly always had a pool of 14k groschen for me anyway. It really only takes 5-10 minutes and you can just keep doing it forever.
Doryun (8 months ago)
Ahhh.... method 3 I use and I cook the meet. I thought that the meat being flagged as stolen was a bug. Thanks for clarifying.
Russell Miller (8 months ago)
Power gamers ruining the experience... losers.
Jesse H (8 months ago)
I have way too much money. 25k. Haven’t even found the counterfeiters yet
Slybby (8 months ago)
There are more than 2 Millers in the Game .
Mia zuki (8 months ago)
when you are decent enough equiped you could also go to skalitz and kill the bandits they have pretty good equipment as well and you wont screw up your reputation they also respawn every few days in game so by the time you hunted down a few spots of them and sold off your stuff they should be almost respawned a single bandit up there can have equipment in worth of over 1000 groschen and they are usually in groups of 5-7 in avarage you get like 3-4k per group i have 2 spots where they respawn just south and west of skalitz and i make about 8k per run (also alot more fun then hunting)
Stewart McGill (8 months ago)
Running around killing guards? Come on! Where is the fun in that? There is so much money to be made by questing and killing bandits
Marquis Vargo (8 months ago)
Not bad , but still inferior to what i do,i just go straight up to prybizlabits at the start of the game and i start shooting them on the horse and if they use a bow i just run away until they wont follow me anymore and they start going back to prybzlabits and then i use the dagger to stealth kill them as they are walking back,and i take their loot , i made 30k gold in around 2 hours,ez stuff.
bacon-chewtoy (8 months ago)
Watch a video on treasure hunting, get all the treasure, boom. Rich
Dark Howler (8 months ago)
I find poaching the most quick and reliable way to make money. It's just finding enough vendors who have enough coin to spend could be challenging. You get so good at hunting, you end up traveling around different towns just trying to get rid of all that meat. I also find myself enjoying spending the time in the forests. It's a bonus for me.
Leonion6 (8 months ago)
Srsly? Robbing and murdering innocent people as #1 when hunting and alchemy are insanely profitable? Plus there are plenty of bandits and cumans.
Carlos Suarez (8 months ago)
I just knock out the armorsmith in rattay and steal all the items on display every time they respawn. I stole his key because my lockpicking skill sucks
Goldblood 101 (8 months ago)
I think it's time to start murder
Secret (8 months ago)
Dont listen to this, just do the bandit/cuman camp activity, all the same result, you dont have to fence it and you gain good rep for doing it. pluss. on the travels while doing it, you will most likely meet mercs wanting to challenge you, just kill them and fence or wait for it to not be stolen goods anymore.
Joel lol (8 months ago)
Nice vid. My personal best is hunting 3-4 roe deer and cooking meat and going to letecheko or like you mentioned robbing hunter or traders chest and steal there inventory as it replineshes over night which is great though you still need few days for stolen tag to clear
Kleyten011 (8 months ago)
do people wake up when you go into the house with a torch? since some rooms are so damn dark that you cant see shit :D
JakesNation98 (8 months ago)
I just rob every ones house I come Into contact with ans that includes the politicians. Stolen shit sells for high ass prices no killing necessary I'm a total thief and everyone still adores me lol
Valmor Hack (8 months ago)
You must have a dagger in you inventory and the hability/perk to use the dagger to kill... only the dagger isn't enough!
Murder MaroSS (8 months ago)
I found hunting bandits is quite profitable. Turn in the trophies, and sell their loot
prasise72 (8 months ago)
Monster hunter world : pc review
Elliot Smith (8 months ago)
Best way to make money and become a hero at the same time: do all the side missions that involve destroying bandit and cuman camps. In total i must have made about 100k doing it. The last 3 missions in made 40k alone.
Rudrik Patel (8 months ago)
u can take missions from bernard and destroy bandit camp grap the ears and armour which is worth something and go sell it each bandit ear will give you 650 coins.I made 30k in 2 hours but thanks for this video :)

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